Using Google Tools to Personalize Learning #GoogleEduOnAir

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I also learned preparing for my own session - Personalized Learning With Google Tools. Those who know me probably are not surprised that I tried to squeeze in so many different ways that Google Tools could be used to personalize learning in this short time slot!

How Schools Can Bridge Mental Health Care Gaps with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Tools


percent in 2003 to 8.4 School counselors help guide students with academics, college applications and social matters with other students. Increasingly, however, they are also helping students deal with mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression.

Shifting from Passive to Active Learning

A Principal's Reflections

Today’s devices are powerful tools. 2003; Clark & Mayer, 2008; Mayer, 2011). The primary takeaway from research on active learning is that student learning success depends much less on what instructors do than what they ask their students to do (Halpern & Hakel, 2003).

Computer literacy: The invisible skills gap?


At the time computer literacy was in fact added to the “3 Rs”, as a required basic subject, more or less defined as : “To communicate, to locate and manage information, and to use these tools effectively to support learning the content of “the other basics.”.

How can teachers use VR in the classroom?


These days, using multimedia tools is a foregone conclusion for the well-resourced teacher; technology is enabling greater interactivity and engagement between students as well as with the information they are required to learn.

Indistar: Taking the Creativity Out of School Improvement Through Standardization and Imposed Conformity

The 21st Century Principal

This is truly a great tool to "manage from a distance!" 2003). "The problem with conformity in education is that people are not standardized to begin with."

A Paradigm Shift

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It all began around 2003 when the smartphone wars started with Blackberry, but was quickly taken over by the Apple iPhone in 2007. It is important to sift through the fluffy ideas that abound as well as the allure of the tools and begin to integrate technology with purpose when appropriate.

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EdSurge Article Recommends Edtech Efficacy Portfolios - Here's Ours

MIND Research Institute

Fuster, 2004; Schneider & Chein, 2003), schemas and heuristics (e.g., In a variety of ways, we continuously assess the usability and effectiveness of the ST Math program, and we provide educators, administrators and students with the tools to do so as well. 2003).

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Use Design Thinking to Develop Critical Skills for a Global Economy


During the first case study, I struggled to find a note taking strategy and furiously scribbled down ways that digital tools would have improved the learning experience. 2003). This post first appeared on EdTech Researcher.

What Can Traditional Higher Ed Learn From Hamburger U?


Kidwell: Back in 2003, real estate was a crazy market. Personal stories grounded in a real principle—something they could then take as a tool into their business and run with. As colleges move into online education, they’re finding themselves in learning mode.

Classroom prizes and grants available!

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One of last year’s winners reported back, “I have been participating in the Speak Up survey ever since it started [in 2003]. Even though the survey data is an invaluable tool at our school, getting the opportunity to purchase the latest in technology was icing on the cake!” Since 2003, more than 3.7

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Game-Based Learning Gains Steam in Higher Education: Triseum Raises $1.43 Million to Transform Educational Experiences for Students

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He worked on the 3D feature film Valiant in 2003, after which he worked on Ant Bully. Video games are inherently a learning tool. We passionately believe that tool can provide authentic and engaging experiences for students and educators.

How to Transform Teaching with Tablets – From Tom Daccord & Justin Reich


Over the past century, radio, television, video cassette recorders, desktop computers, laptop computers, handheld devices, tablets, and cell phones have all been heralded as potentially transformative classroom tools (Cuban, 1986, 2003). With every generation of computing technology, a small group of educators has been able to use new tools in transformative ways, but on the whole, classroom practices have proven stubbornly resistant to change.

A VR-based Approach to ADHD


By creating specially designed virtual environments for the detection, assessment and treatment of this disorder, Virtual Reality can serve both as a diagnostic tool and an effective therapeutic strategy in the rehabilitation of children with ADHD. 2,2, 2003, pp.104-13.

What hotels and higher education have in common

The Christensen Institute

Between 2003 and 2007, the percentage of students taking their entire graduate degree program online grew by half. To grapple with this new reality, institutional leaders should harness the tools of innovation in order to help their institutions respond effectively.

Parkinson’s and the power of business model innovation

The Christensen Institute

With that challenge in mind, a new tool called ParkinsonNet emerged, and after disrupting traditional care management of Parkinson’s Disease in the Netherlands, has recently made its way to the United States.

Know your own strength

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And the tools in front of me are giving me the feedback I need. You don't need high tech equipment either, as a Fitbit fitness tracker or other wearable personal metric tool would just as easily do the job. 2003) Assessment for Learning: Putting it into practice.

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Awesome Virtual Online Field Trips


Creating an online virtual experience for your students is easy with these great tools. Helens changed in the three-year span between 2003 and 2006 with these 360-degree panoramas.

How to take online mentoring to the bright side

The Christensen Institute

But our research into technology tools designed to connect students to online mentors tells a different story. Founded in 2003, Brightside is one of the largest online mentoring models, working with 10,000 young people across the UK every year. I’m delighted to announce that this August I’ll be releasing a book on a new wave of disruption in education: innovations that deepen and expand students’ access to relationships.

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Rethinking How Scholarship Works at MLA17


Micki Kaufman, “Quantifying Kissinger” investigates the use of new tools in archival work and their impact on transforming how we understand the history surrounding controversial Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.

4 Steps for Designing an Online Assessment for Flipped Classroom

Fractus Learning

First, consider whether the tool you are thinking about is the right tool for what you want to assess. Lastly, both during the semester and at the end of semester consider how will you evaluate this online assessment, including the online tool itself. 2003). The Process.

True pedagogy

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Pedagogy is about ensuring that students are motivated to succeed in their learning, and it is about providing them with the best possible tools, resources and contexts in which this can be realised. Students already carry the tools to be able to do this.

U.S. K-12 Educational Technology Policy: Historical Notes on the Federal Role

Doug Levin

FY 2003 $700,500,000. The Effectiveness of Educational Technology: Issues and Recommendations for the National Study (Mathematica Policy Research, 2003). On November 22, 1996, U.S. Secretary of Education Richard W.

Who Should Bear the Cost of Data Interoperability in K-12 Education?


And it’s scenarios like this that put pressure on edtech companies to make their tools more interoperable. Its tools aim to provide educators with insights into two core questions: What does the student know now and what does the student need to do next?

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Toca Life Apps and Contextual Therapy


Fey, Long, & Feinstack (2003) sought to outline "Ten Principles of Grammar Facilitation for Children With Specific Language Impairments" with research tie-ins relevant to all ages, but particularly for ages 3-8. This is where I think such apps provide a great tool. 2003).

Focusing on a Safe, Supportive School Climate

Formerly a district and school-level prevention coordinator, she has been with the nonprofit Committee for Children since 2003, where she is the implementation and training manager.

Colleges are using big data to track students in an effort to boost graduation rates, but it comes at a cost

The Hechinger Report

Companies like Amazon and Netflix have been using data tools like these for years to track our clicks and steer us to buy or watch more of their products. It’s grown into a $500 million market with more than 30 for-profit companies selling predictive analytics tools to colleges.

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The Benefits of Helping Teens Identify Their Purpose in Life


They are just tools. Bronk, meanwhile, has created online tools for teens to explore their purpose. Both Malin and Bronk are developing new survey tools for measuring purpose – tools that are needed for bigger, more rigorous studies. It’s 12:15 p.m.

Lenders: Segment your customers by context, not by data

The Christensen Institute

Unlike correlation, which measures a set of attributes related to an action, causality is a much more powerful tool as it explains why something happens in a given circumstance. By the time he found a job in 2003, his debt had reached a level where he could “barely keep his head above water”. Causality is a far more powerful tool than correlation, but it needs investment in terms of resources.

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Expert Tips to Make Educational Travel Attainable for All Students

Olson, PhD, Researcher and Teacher at West Leadership Academy, Denver Public Schools, presented with Carylann Assante, CAE, Executive Director of SYTA and the SYTA Youth Foundation, in “ How We Helped 800 Students Participate in Educational Travel: Proven Tools and Tips.”

Helping teens find their purpose

The Hechinger Report

They are just tools. Bronk, meanwhile, has created online tools for teens to explore their purpose. Both Malin and Bronk are developing new survey tools for measuring purpose – tools that are needed for bigger, more rigorous studies.

Helping Others Along – Motivation Theory and the SAMR Model


For example, we can take a paper worksheet-packet, make it digital, then use tools to annotate on it, then redesign the activity with a slide deck or video, and finally we create a brand new activity, different from where we started. 2003). New York: Free, 2003.

New Markets Venture Partners Adds $30 Million, Former Gates Foundation Executive to Edtech Fund


The four focus areas include career credentialing, digital and adaptive learning platforms, STEM and computer science instructional tools and data analytic services for schools. From this second fund New Markets has already made several investments: Practice (formerly ApprenNet), a mobile video-based learning tool; Credly , a digital credentialing platform; and Noodle Partners. New Markets is bringing back a familiar face to steer its next education investment fund.

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When school districts fall into debt and can’t get out

The Hechinger Report

In 2003, before the Great Recession, Whitmore Lake was like thousands of other school districts across the country. She was lured in part by the amenities and teaching tools that would come with the brand-new school.

The future of intelligence

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The argument is that we are becoming increasingly dependent on search engines and other tools, that trivialise knowledge and simplify what we learn. That's if we accept that ultimately, the success or failure of such tools is really down to us and us alone.

How School Districts Are Shaping the Edtech They Use


Successfully obtaining the resources and infrastructure needed to launch tech tools in a notoriously large and complex district, Dr. Hagstrom has exemplified the true meaning of grit and shown our team that no challenge is too great when student learning is on the line. Matt Akin was a visionary early adopter of classroom technology when he deployed iPads throughout his district in 2003, long before edtech was the norm.

America’s colleges struggle to envision the future of diversity on campus

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Krislov was vice president and general counsel at the University of Michigan in 2003 when the Supreme Court ruled in Gratz v. All of our traditional tools,” said Smith, “have to be reconsidered.”.

The survival of higher education (2): Changing times

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Personally, I find myself in agreement with Brian Winston (2003), preferring to view social applications as a facet of gradual evolution rather than symptoms of sudden revolution. One of the most popular and easy to use tools in the wiki – a shared website which anyone can edit. 2003).

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3 ways Fred Rogers (Mister Rogers) paved the way for edtech

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Many parents were worried about exposing their children to the emerging new technology, and definitely did not view it as an educational tool. “Every one of us—no matter how much money we have—needs to know that there’s something about us worth giving.” – Fred Rogers.

New Markets Venture Partner’s Latest Edtech Fund Closes at $68 Million


The partnership also helps surface new tools and services. To date, New Markets has invested nearly $30 million across 23 education technology companies since its founding in 2003. When New Markets Venture Partners first began fundraising for its second education technology investment fund, Barack Obama was in office, Brexit for up for debate and iPhones still had headphone jacks. Now, more than two years later, New Markets is finally calling it a wrap.

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