169 Tech Tip #37 — Basics of Internet Safety

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Today’s tip: Basics of Internet Safety. Category: Internet. Here are two posters to share with students about the basics of Internet safety: Click to view slideshow. Here’s a lesson plan on Internet Search/Research.

12 Great Lesson Plans for Internet Safety

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Educators' approach to internet safety in the classroom has changed as the technology and our use of it continues to evolve. Below are the best internet safety lesson plans for students in grades 3–8. 3rd Grade Internet Safety Lesson Plans Password Power-Up.

Free Webinar: Avatars & Internet Safety

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Join us for a free webinar on Avatars and Internet Safety to kickoff L iving in the US - Bring the Textbook to Life! There''s no better time than to focus on Internet safety then when introducing a collaborative project!

A Playlist: Avatars & Internet Safety

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For as long as I can remember I''ve been using avatars to teach Internet safety. I just collected some of the resources I regularly use and created a MentorMob playlist for teaching students about Avatars and Internet Safety.

Internet Safety and Information - what data do the big companies collect?

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It is a good resource to use when teaching digital literacy and internet safety. The Loss of Privacy from Google Apple and Facebook Compliments of BackgroundChecks.org More resources: 10 Tech Skills Every Student Should Have How to Evaluate Web Resources Internet Safety Resources: Internet Safety Resources - help students stay safe online Discovery Education Web 20.11 - great internet safety resources. digital literacy internet safety

Internet Safety: Hover Before you Click

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Tweet Recently I looked through my Spam folder in Gmail. So many of the messages were “spoofing.” ” This means the email LOOKED like it was from a legitimate company, but in reality it was someone trying to trick me into giving personal information or money.

How Gaggle Safety Management Fulfills Your Internet Safety Policy

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The Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) requires the adoption and enforcement of an Internet Safety Policy. What is an Internet Safety Policy? An Internet Safety Policy is a set of measures taken to ensure the protection of students using online resources.

A Common Sense Approach To Internet Safety

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As educators, no matter our title, we are all responsible for teaching kids about the right and wrong ways to use the vast resource known as The Internet. So the next time you do a parent meeting to talk about Internet Safety (you do do that, right?) internet safety

How to Teach Internet Safety to Younger Elementary Students


Photo credit: Amelia Wells via flickr (CC BY 2.0) Mary Beth Hertz Technology Integration Mary Beth Hertz shares some insights into adapting Stranger Danger lessons for the virtual world

4 Great Lesson Plans for Internet Safety

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With kids getting smartphones and other devices at younger and younger ages, it's more important than ever to teach them how to use the internet safely. Though teachers and parents are deeply concerned about kids' online safety, we often don't know the best ways to teach these skills. And explaining internet safety effectively will vary according to the age group you're talking to. The same is true when kids are using the internet.

Using Avatars to Teach Internet Safety

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Using educationally appropriate online tools with students opens up a world of possibilities, but it''s important to communicate a clear and consistent message about Internet safety every time you introduce a new tool.

Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship


In what ways have "personal safety" and "citizenship" changed? Expectations of conduct When I was growing up, there were expectations my parents had of me for my personal safety and development: Ask permission before going somewhere.

Blogging with Students: Internet Safety & Digital Citizenship


Wordle Today, we are focusing on introducing the students to why we are setting up a class blog, digital citizenship, and Internet safety. Through this project, students will practice the responsibilities of digital citizenship and Internet safety.

The Ultimate Parental Guide To Protecting Your Child On The Internet

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The Ultimate Parental Guide To Protecting Your Child On The Internet is a free resource I found out about this week. Related: More Internet Safety Resources Digital Citizenship Resources Online Safety Resources.

6 Smart Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

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It’s no secret that the internet has become a preying ground for traffickers. Shockingly, the average age of a human trafficking victim is 13, meaning it is extremely important to teach children online safety. internet safety online predators online safety

Check out this brilliant online safety website from Google


It is fun, interactive and covers everything involving internet safety! education e-safety edtech Google Interland internet safety online safety teachers teaching technologyGoogle has recently produced a fantastic website.

Article for TES: How to make sure your students stay safe online, whatever their age


education teachers edtech teaching technology cyberbullying e-safety internet safety online education technology in the classroomI recently wrote an article for The Times Educational Supplement (TES). The article features teaching ideas and tips for how to keep children safe online. Click this link to access the full article.

How To Protect Your Privacy As An Online Student.


You need to be carefully sharing any personal information over the Internet. Tagged: e-safety , e-safey , Internet , internet safety , online , online safety , privacy online , student safety , web. Technology has always been a driving force of change.

What a Teacher Can Do About Cyberbullying

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Ask a Tech Teacher contributor, Cassie Phillips, is a consultant and internet security expert. They can give recommendations for online safety that are tailored to a given situation. Ensure that the school has put in place an internet safety education program.

Cloud Security Infographic from NJIT - some great info here.

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Cloud Computing cloud storage internet safety online safety security This week is Computer Science Education Week. As part of this, cloud security is a topic that should be discussed among technical staff and students and teachers with their personal security.

ScanURL - check any web address to make sure it's safe

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free resources internet safety virus ScanURL is a site that will check a URL (web address or domain) and see if it has been reported for phishing, malware, viruses or a poor reputation.

5 Excellent Google Safety Tools for Parents and Teachers

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February 18, 2015 Below are some important resources from Google safety Centre to help parents keep their kids safe while browsing the online world. The resources include: online safety tips, how to.read more. internet safety tools

Internet Security and Antivirus Software

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Internet Security If you haven’t seen the Norse Global Real-Time Attack Map, I highly recommend it as both visually fascinating and informative. Internet Safety News Technology computer security DDOS DDOS attack map virus protection virus software

Discovery Kids Announces Puterbugs for Online Safety - ages 8 and under!


cyber safety digital citizenship Discoery Channel Discovery Education Discovery Kids kid cyber safety kids Internet safety online safety Puterbugs The first website to teach young children ages 8 and younger today''s most important computer skills!

Teach Students about Online Safety with These Excellent Video Tutorials from Google

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internet safety toolsApril 27, 2016 The web provides limitless opportunities for learning, creating, sharing, and exploring the depths of human knowledge. But it is also an unsafe arena where one needs to be equipped.read more.

Avatar Adventures: An Interactive Learning Opportunity

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avatar common core cool tools education free technology interactive internet safety multimedia research student tools technology thinglink tutorials web 2.0

4 fresh ideas for teaching digital citizenship sooner

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While at my former school district, I worked with colleagues to create a comprehensive Internet Safety Unit with a specific focus on digital citizenship. Next page: How to talk to young learners about online safety and more. Kids are immersed in technology from a very young age.

4 Digital Citizenship Week Resources

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Follow @VisionsbyVicki Netsmartz is an educational resource from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children dedicated primarily to Internet Safety and responsible web use. digcitwk avatars digital citizenship internet safety Click to to listen.

Creating Safe Schools: Theory vs. Reality


Schargel's guide to school safety addresses student drug abuse, teen driving accidents, pregnancies, truancy, gambling and more. Book Reviews School Safety drug abuse eye on education Franklin P. Franklin P.

Set up Anonymous Bully Reporting with Cel.ly

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bullying Internet Safety / Cyber Bullying Technology tools While innovative educators know that empowering students to use their own devices for learning is necessary for student success, the conversation of bullying often comes up as well.

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uKnow.com: Keep your Kids Safe Online


cyber safety cyberbullying digital citizenship internet safety keep kids safe online protect children online u know u know kids uknowkids Smart Tools. Safer Kids.

Cyberbullying Infographic

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This infographic captures some important points around the topics of safety, privacy, and cyberbullying. Internet Safety / Cyber Bullying social media in education Take a look. What do you think? Is there anything you would change? How do you think teens might react? Do you have any ideas for inspiring students to read this and/or classroom discussion?

Addressing the #bullying problem starts with adults

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bullying Internet Safety / Cyber Bullying Editor's note: October is National Bullying Prevention Month. It was created to raise awareness about bullying prevention. This post brings attention to a problem that we sometimes forget or are too uncomfortable to discuss.

ThingLink & Mentor Mob: Nice Integration Feature

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avatar common core cool tools education free technology interactive internet safety mentormob multimedia research student tools technology thinglink tutorials web 2.0

Be Internet Awesome: Tools to teach online safety

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What it is: Be Internet Awesome is a fantastic new way to help your students make the most of the Internet by being prepared to make wise decisions as they navigate and interact online. Be Internet Awesome helps teach students the basics of digital citizenship and safety online.