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Incorporating Monthly Giving Projects into STEM Curriculum: Inspiring the Next Generation of Philanthropists

Ask a Tech Teacher

Adding monthly giving projects to STEM classes helps students learn important skills like problem-solving and teamwork while also teaching them to care about their communities. But what if we could also use STEM to inspire the next generation of philanthropists? However, STEM’s lack of diversity is still a major concern.

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Getting started with STEM in your classroom!


There is a growing need for STEM skills in the workplace, as it has been reported that there will be 3.5 million jobs available by 2025 that require STEM skills. To best prepare students, we need to find opportunities for them to learn about STEM and can do so at any grade level or in any content area. Doing STEM Challenges.

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A New Initiative to Strengthen STEM Career Pathways in San Diego

Digital Promise

Digital Promise’s new STEM Pathways initiative, in collaboration with community partners, aims to reimagine the Pre-K to workforce pipeline

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STEM vs. STEAM: The importance of the Arts


As such, there is a great deal of focus on making certain students understand science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) subjects. Yet, there are some educators and STEM professionals who disagree with this largely technical focus. This has resulted in a movement for teachers to provide a STEAM education rather than STEM. .

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The Impact of Inclusive STEM Education


STEM identity can last a lifetime and help students thrive in school, future careers and life. Inclusive STEM programs widen job opportunities for the growing technology sector, support students in building digital literacy skills and empower young people to become creators — not just consumers — of technology.

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100s of Websites on STEM-STEAM

Ask a Tech Teacher

After you’ve checked out our favorite STEAM resources , here are some of those that teachers use to teach STEM and STEAM: Science. stem #steameducation #elemed. Technology. Engineering. Copyright ©2022 – All rights reserved. Jacqui Murray has been teaching K-18 technology for 30 years.

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Bringing STEM to Students with Mobile Technology

EdTech Magazine

Despite being one of the most in-demand sectors of the job market, STEM education is frequently subpar in districts serving minority students. Minority populations are consistently underrepresented in STEM fields, with Hispanic and Black employees making up only 8 and 9 percent of the STEM workforce,…

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