How to Manage Data During Distance Learning


Much of the focus on connectivity for education has been on the number of students without Internet access at home, but students also face other challenges with data. Here are a few of them: Digital Learning Technology Insight Data and TrendsAs distance learning becomes the de facto method of instruction in schools across the world for the next few months at least, connectivity has become a key topic of discussion.

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3 Considerations for Managing Remote Learning Data in Higher Education


Much of the focus on connectivity for education has been on the number of students without Internet access at home, but higher ed students also face other challenges with data. Here are a few of them: Digital Learning Technology Insight Data and Trends Higher EducationAs remote learning becomes a go-to method of instruction in colleges and institutions of higher education across the world for the foreseeable future, connectivity has become a key topic of discussion.

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Data, Data Everywhere and Not a Drop to Drink: The Importance of Researcher-Practitioner Partnerships


As the focus on evidence-based practices has increased in education, practitioners are increasingly using data to make decisions to improve learning. Analyzing these data to unearth accurate, relevant findings. Original Article Source: [link].

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Data Privacy in a Pandemic? Parents Are Concerned, But Still Welcome More Tech


Parents are concerned about their children’s online safety and data privacy, but not as much as other issues such as the quality of education their child receives, protection from violence and bullying, and ensuring their child doesn’t fall behind in school.

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Key Elements for Successful eLearning Projects

Discover how this rapid development process creates engaging, custom learning solutions on a timeline that works for you, why a strong learning culture is important, and how to showcase your Return on Learning (ROL) using data to tell the story.

Data isn’t a 4-letter word

eSchool News

In the midst of a deadly pandemic and a presidential election, both of which are generating conflicting claims that may or may not be based on real data, teaching students to analyze the sources and presentation of online information and understand data has never been more important or timely.

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Student Data Privacy: What’s Your Obligation?

Tom Murray

For over two centuries, student information and data was kept in paper form, often in filing cabinets in a school or district office. During this time, there was little concern over security breaches, improper data sharing, or student privacy issues. However, the misuse and breach of digital student information has brought data privacy to the forefront. A few months prior to the hearing, data breaches at both Home Depot and Target became national news.

Ed-Tech Companies: Big Data Analytics Must Result in Helpful Human Actions

Ed Tech from the Ground Up

School districts are using algorithms to analyze student data, but those metrics must be usable for educators to impact student learning. The post Ed-Tech Companies: Big Data Analytics Must Result in Helpful Human Actions appeared first on Market Brief. The Startup Blog ai Artificial Intelligence big data Data Privacy little data machine learning Startups

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How data-informed instruction impacts every lesson

eSchool News

Whether classroom resources are digital or not, educators can collect data every day to inform their instruction. Related content: 6 steps for using data to improve instruction. Teachers from previous decades may have focused on “What did I teach?,”

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How Safe Is Your Students’ Data? [Quiz]


Student data privacy has become one of the greatest educational concerns of our time. Knowing that student social security numbers and birthdates are 50 times more valuable than other pieces of personal information, data ransomers, hackers and cyberthieves have made this data a top target.

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Today’s Curriculum for the Higher Ed HR Leader

Speaker: Joseph Clay, Business Transformation Strategist at Oracle, and Jeffrey Haynes, Director with Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP

During this webinar we’ll provide insight from leading institutions and discuss trends that are top of mind for higher education HR leaders to help you: Gain greater insight from institutional data to forecast, plan and make better decisions.

Teach Math by Diving Deep Into Real Data


Middle grades educator and NBCT Kathleen Palmieri is learning how to incorporate data studies to help students relate math to the real world. Articles Mathematics collaboration creativity curiosity data science graphs Kathleen Palmieri math real world learning

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3 major ways to boost basic data literacy in K-6

eSchool News

A new report outlines the need for K-16 students to develop key data literacy skills. Focusing on three specific areas could be key to boosting K-16 students’ data literacy in a world where big data’s importance grows daily, according to a new report. The panelists’ recommendations are included in a new report, Building Global Interest in Data Literacy: A Dialogue. Next page: Why the need data know-how, and why now?

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Everything’s Bigger in Texas…Including (Maybe) the Data Breaches

Doug Levin

A data breach by the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) offers a cautionary tale about how K-12 school districts and their vendors should communicate the (bad) news to stakeholders. Blog Privacy Security data breach school data breach TASB teacher data breach Texas Texas Association of School Boards

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6 Principles Every K-12 Data Solution Should Follow

Ed Tech from the Ground Up

Ed-tech tools need to make it easier for teachers to collect, access and use student data. The post 6 Principles Every K-12 Data Solution Should Follow appeared first on Market Brief. The Startup Blog Big Data/Analytics Data Data-Driven Instruction Educational Technology/Ed-Tech Personalized Learning startupOtherwise districts are wasting their money.

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When Education Giants Stumbled and Data Ruled


Companies that aim to provide student data in a usable fashion, like Schoology , still provide value. Achieve3000 still helps high school students improve literacy, and products like Lexia have improved over time and made it easier for teachers to find and use data.

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How to Prevent Data Collection Disasters in Education

Digital Promise

How can educational researchers ensure continued data collection in the wake of COVID-19? Digital Promise’s Learning Sciences Research team is experiencing what many educational researchers are familiar with by now—an untimely intrusion by the COVID-19 pandemic that compromises data collection at the end of the school year. For most researchers, cancelling end-year data collection altogether would amount to scrapping a year’s worth of work and is simply not an option.

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Instant Access to Data Gives Schools New Power

eSchool News

Districts across the country have long struggled with the ways they extract and analyze data in PowerSchool. The needs of schools have changed dramatically in recent years”, said Matt Betts, President and founder of Level Data. “It’s We built this to make finding and using data easy.

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Data is a poor judge of opportunity

The Christensen Institute

Data myopia. From their perspective, it simply didn’t make sense to manufacture and sell personal computers when, up to that point, the data showed no trends suggesting that people would use computers in their homes. HP’s executives had a kind of data myopia. There wasn’t any hard data to back up just how many new consumers would exist in this new market for personal computers, making the investment seem risky. Looking beyond the data.

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Special Education Data Can Improve Learning For All Students

Ed Tech from the Ground Up

A tool for collecting data on special education student behavior can bring benefits to teachers and other students as well. The post Special Education Data Can Improve Learning For All Students appeared first on Market Brief. The Startup Blog Data Educational Technology/Ed-Tech IEP Schoolrunner special education

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Improving Frontline Workforce Talent Development with Data

Digital Promise

Adult education providers intend to deliver services to support adults in attaining the skills necessary to find and keep good jobs and sustain independent lives, but they worry a lack of data and data analysis capacity inhibits staff from evaluating and improving their services. A sneak peek at our Tapping Data for Frontline Development report. The post Improving Frontline Workforce Talent Development with Data appeared first on Digital Promise.

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Debunking Student Data Privacy


Navigating through the maze of student data privacy laws can be daunting. The post Debunking Student Data Privacy appeared first on OnCUE. Learn CETPA connected educator Partnerships Student Data PrivacyTeachers, administrators, and IT professionals should not have to spend their time researching whether or not an app complies with the law. They should be able to spend their time deciding whether or not the app is aligned with standards and curriculum goals. […].

Form+: A Data Collection Tool For Educators.


With an intuitive and user-friendly form builder, Form+ is a service that allows you collect data (including files) easily using web forms. Data is stored in your Google Drive and you always have access to it. You can also easily share this data with other collaborators easily. Upload Files : You can accept upload files of all sizes and the data is stored in your Google Drive account and is always accessible to you.

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Remote vs. In-person Classes: What the Data Shows


Although remote learning may not work well for every student, there’s a lot higher education can do to improve the numbers

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Communicating Student Data Privacy

Tom Murray

In recent years, student data privacy has emerged as a major education issue at federal, state and local levels. Recent news coverage and social media conversations about student data access, especially as it relates to outside service providers, have heightened the public’s overall interest in the use and security of student data. According to Future Ready partner Data Quality Campaign , there are currently over 100 privacy-related bills in 32 state legislatures.

Talking Data Interoperability with the League of Innovative Schools

Digital Promise

Data interoperability has been identified as an area of primary concern for leaders across the Digital Promise League of Innovative Schools – in districts small and large, rural and urban, and everywhere in between. What does data interoperability mean to you and your district?

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Data Driven Instruction: How Student Data Guides Formative Assessments

EdTech Magazine

Data Driven Instruction: How Student Data Guides Formative Assessments. When it comes to assessing student knowledge levels, data has empowered more schools to choose formative assessments versus summative assessments. .

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Data-informed instruction can affect every lesson; here’s how

eSchool News

Whether classroom resources are digital or not, educators can collect data every day to inform their instruction. Although the majority of teachers now use some form of data-driven learning, Haggen and Lucas reminded attendees that both formal and informal data are essential to informing instruction. Related: 6 steps for using data to improve instruction. A place for data-informed instruction.

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Smart City Data Helps Solve Education Challenges

EdTech Magazine

By Meghan Bogardus Cortez Data collected by Internet of Things devices and community programs can help schools resolve issues. Big Data Business Intelligence Data Governance Hardware Internet of Things Networking Sensors

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Embracing data-driven, tech-enabled learning through COVID-19–and beyond

eSchool News

Related content: Data vs. COVID-19: How one district runs the numbers. Like so many districts across the country, the Greenville Public School District (GPSD) in Mississippi faced the challenge this spring of quickly pivoting to online learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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3 ways our district avoids data overload

eSchool News

These tests generate a huge amount of data meant to guide instruction—but all of this information can be overwhelming if teachers don’t have an easy way to process it. There is such a thing as having too much data. We had a great data tool, but teachers weren’t using it. After making a few simple changes, however, we saw our teachers’ use of data begin to skyrocket. Collect student data in one simple place.

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How to Use the Google Data Studio


Google Data Studio is a free product that is part of the Google Marketing Platform. The program allows you to analyze any data from a range of sources, including Google Sheets, without needing to code. You have a range of options to add data from a number of sources.

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How Districts Can Unlock Actionable Data

In a recent edWebinar , Jena Draper, Founder and General Manager of CatchOn; Mike Schwab, Education Team at Google; and Suzy Brooks, Instructional Technology Director for Mashpee Public Schools, MA, point out that in order to combat this deluge of technology, it is imperative that school districts address the tech usage data that impacts and drive success in classrooms. Data Analytics. Data Privacy.

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3 things schools need in a data management system

eSchool News

K-12 school districts are already dealing with the exponential growth of the data they handle. They now face the added complexity of school closures and a rapid shift to online learning which has put them under even more pressure to manage and protect their data and data infrastructure.

How to Integrate Student Data Privacy Protection into District Data Governance Plans


Student data privacy policies implementation needs to be hard-wired for governance, discipline, purchasing, and communications processes —CoSN