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Using Vernier Data Tools on a Chromebook

Educational Technology Guy

You can even use them with Vernier Data Tools. Vernier is a huge name in data collection tools for science and math and they have been working to support Chromebooks for some time. Using Graphical Analysis for Chrome, students set experiment parameters and start data collection.

How to Really Use Data With Students

Brilliant or Insane

Several years ago I co-taught a reading class for students, who were three or more grade levels below their peers, based on some data. The post How to Really Use Data With Students appeared first on Brilliant or Insane. Brilliant or Insane.

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How Affective Data Could Change Learning Outcomes

EdTech Magazine

Big Data Business Intelligence Data AnalyticsBy Eric Patnoudes Reading and responding to students’ emotions could help boost engagement levels and academic performance.

What teachers want in a data dashboard

eSchool News

The data dashboard has become more sophisticated, but it is still only one lens through which educators should view their students. When Amber Teamann was a teacher in Garland, Texas, seven years ago, her use of data to help guide her instruction was fairly limited.

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K-12 data is failing students-here’s what education could look like

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education is not effectively leveraging data to increase student performance and close achievement gaps in the same way other sectors have used data to improve work processes, according to a new report from the Center for Data Innovation.

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Report: 4 security recommendations to keep student data safe

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Educators have relied on data to make informed decisions for as long as it’s been available (the foundations of standardized testing got its start in the 19th century ). For much of that time, the main worry was whether or not that data was being accurately interpreted.

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How One Simple Tool Makes Teachers Crave More Student Data

Brilliant or Insane

The post How One Simple Tool Makes Teachers Crave More Student Data appeared first on Brilliant or Insane. Brilliant or Insane.

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IO Education: Consolidating Student Data to Drive and Empower Student Success


Company is Helping Over 5,000 Schools Improve Outcomes by Making Better use of Five Million Student Records. Here’s How. EmergingEdTech recently spoke with IO Education’s CEO, Michael. Please click on the post title to continue reading the full post. Thanks (and thanks for subscribing)!].

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3 Ways to Use Data You Are Already Collecting

EdTech Magazine

By Meghan Bogardus Cortez Administrators and educators alike have access to data that can improve business practices and learning outcomes. Business Intelligence Data Analytics

Schools Tap Big Data To Understand Trends

EdTech Magazine

Big Data Business Intelligence Data Analytics NetworkingBy Wylie Wong New analytics tools help districts identify at-risk students and gauge college and career readiness.

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Data Security for Teachers: Know Your Data!

The Electric Educator

The first step in protecting your data and privacy is to know what data has been collected and is know about you. Most **good** data companies will give you full access to the data and information they have collected about you; that you are storing with them.

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Celebrate Student Success with Data Walls

Where Learning Clicks

While many educators are using data to drive instruction and influence decision making, some are also using it to drive student success. These data walls were constructed carefully to celebrate student success without embarrassing the students who are struggling.

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Do School Districts Need Their Own Data Centers Anymore?

Educational Technology Guy

Do school districts need their own data centers anymore? My school district has a multi-million dollar data center to support 41 buildings, 21,000 students and over 4,000 faculty and staff. Above is just two of the 10 racks in the data center. data internet technology

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How do parents really feel about data?

eSchool News

New survey reveals parents’ thoughts on student data use, privacy, protection. The survey asked parents to identify their goals and describe their concerns about technology use and student data. And parents want a commitment that their student data will never be exploited.

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Is Coaching About Data?

Where Learning Clicks

The post Is Coaching About Data? For the past few years I have been advocating for a coaching model of professional development for teachers. Recently, there has been increased awareness of the ineffectiveness of traditional professional development models.

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Four essential priorities for making sense of student data

eSchool News

A new report outlines how careful data use and policies can support elevated teaching and learning. Data News Policy

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4 tips for making your data usable

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K-12 and higher education institutions around the country have invested in data visualization software with the promise of better information and insights. Many education professionals are not savvy about data or analytics. Next page: Data visualization tips 3-4).

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MIDAS Data Analytics System


The MIDAS Data Analytics System, which saves and presents data in one place, is the kind of innovative product that many districts have been seeking.

Data Analytics, Blended Learning Methods Make Sure Students Are College Ready

EdTech Magazine

Blended Learning Business Intelligence Classroom Data AnalyticsBy Meghan Bogardus Cortez Technology can assist administrators with getting students prepared for the future.

Data Security and International Travel


We’ve written before here on ProfHacker on securing out data , but our most secure passwords won’t protect you if you are required to hand over said passwords when you’re crossing the border into the USA. Hardware Software Data international travel security

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The 2 dashboards that will get teachers to use data

eSchool News

How do you get teachers to use data? Every day, educators amass a tremendous amount of academic data. Many of that data ultimately gets entered into online systems and run through analysis software and teacher dashboards. One district zeroed in on what’s important.

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Make Classroom Data More Useful, Teachers Tell Ed-Tech Developers

Marketplace K-12

Much of the talk about student data these days focuses on worries about how to protect it, and safeguard privacy. The results on data use come from an online survey of 4,600 educators, which was supplemented with interviews. The Trouble With Data. Austin, Texas.

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When using data, remember monkey sex

eSchool News

Freakonomics co-author explains why using data to predict future trends is trickier than you may think. And this is what makes the use of data tricky whenever industry looks to it for answers in behavior.”.

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How do parents really feel about student data?

eSchool News

Ask many public school parents about student data use and privacy, and you’ll likely end up with a heated debate about protecting sensitive, personal information. But what do parents really understand about school technology use and student data privacy?

Teacher Lesson Planner + Personal Organizer + Data and Assessment Binder = Teacher Anchor (All in One Awesomeness!)


A huge bonus the Teacher Anchor offers is the entire data piece. I selected to give this product a try because I was sold on the fact that it included an additional teaching tool: the data/assessment section.

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Education Technology and Data Insecurity

Hack Education

Many students cannot afford the heavy data usage required by geofencing apps, for starters. Furthermore, at launch, Pokémon Go demanded users sign over a great deal of personal data and grant permissions to the app that, for a time , gave it access to a user’s entire Google account. Handing over data, often quite thoughtlessly, has become par for the course – in education and in society more generally. To data about students’ immigration status?

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Districts Shift to Manage Data Effectively

EdTech Magazine

By Alan Joch Schools use new strategies for data management, including solid-state storage and data deduplication. Backup Data Center Deduplication Digital Storage

New data supports disruption in law schools

The Christensen Institute

New polling data from Gallup shows that law students are increasingly dissatisfied with their law school experience and disillusioned by the job opportunities awaiting them post-graduation. Pistone and Horn have four suggestions for law schools that fall in line with the takeaways from the Gallup data: 1. But the Gallup data suggests that this objection is sadly irrelevant for law schools.

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From “Data Driven” to “Evidence Driven”

The Principal of Change

In one session, a participant discussed that we need to change the terminology from “Data Driven” to “Evidence Driven” The former term often is connected with numbers, where “evidence driven”, is much more open.

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Should You Be Thinking About a Student Data Cleanup?

Where Learning Clicks

Student data can be a powerful tool to measure progress and success, but only if the data is good. Find out the benefits of maintaining your student data. The post Should You Be Thinking About a Student Data Cleanup?

6 things schools can do to ensure student data privacy

eSchool News

Student data privacy is quite a different topic from the headlines most people read concerning data breaches. Student data privacy concerns, specifically, center on the misuse of personally identifiable information, known by its acronym PII. Manage data with precision.

City-School Data Sharing Improves Student Outcomes

EdTech Magazine

Business Intelligence Data Analytics Data GovernanceBy Meghan Bogardus Cortez, Juliet Van Wagenen Community partnerships can help schools make more informed and cost-effective decisions about the programs that will most benefit their children.

Informal survey suggests disconnect between teachers and data

eSchool News

Vendor’s poll hints at gaps in identifying and acting upon problems using data. According to the survey, only 35 percent of respondents felt that teachers at their schools had a high or very high level of comfort connecting data to instruction.

Who else is collecting data about your children?


Websites must (1) provide notice of what type of information is being collected and what it is being used for (2) obtain verifiable parental consent for collection/use of said information and (3) establish procedures to ensure confidentiality of data collected.

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What do teachers really think of data tools?

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Gates Foundation study aims to outline, assess teachers’ opinions on classroom data use and the tools to support it. In fact, 86 percent seek ways to engage students based on who student are, and 78 percent said they think data can help define where students are and where they can go.

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3 Steps for Optimizing Your School’s Closet-Sized Data Center

EdTech Magazine

By Joel Snyder Your data center may be confined to a small space, but that doesn’t mean it can’t operate at the highest level of efficiency. Data Center Data Center Optimization Storage Virtualization

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Student data mining is a problem, and states are trying to fix it

eSchool News

Privacy advocates worry about the impact students’ data could have on their lives decades later. And it has left some parents, administrators and privacy advocates worried that those companies might one day sell or mine the data for a profit. Data McClatchy News Policy

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