Swarming the Classroom


American poet and etymologist John Ciardi once remarked, “The classroom should be an entrance into the world.” Contemporary classrooms (from elementary school to graduate school) are structured similar to a manufacturing line and typically produce students who are full of information.

Google Classroom: How to differentiate like a ninja

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Guest Blog Teaching differentiate with google classroom differentiation educational technology google classroom small groups with google classroomTeacher confession: I have bored kids to tears in my class because they were not challenged. In fact, who needs Ambien when you have drill and kill homework assignments on material you have already mastered?! I felt my hands were tied with a textbook, overhead projector, and traditional worksheets.

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35 ways to get your classroom connected

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Our classrooms can be as big as we want them to be. If we can get our students connected then the world becomes their classroom. DitchBook Twitter chat classroom connection connected educator google hangouts google hangouts in the classroom gridpals skype skype in the classroomConnecting our students can be as simple as having a buddy class at your school. Or it can be as big as participating in the Global Read Aloud Project. By […].

20 virtual field trip ideas and activities for your classroom

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DitchBook Twitter chat Ed Tech google expeditions google tours gridpals HyperDocs skype skype education skype in the classroom virtual field trips virtual field trips in the classroomImagine your class traveling to see the Great Pyramid of Giza, touring the International Space Station, or having a face to face conversation with a beloved author. All of these experiences are possible through virtual field trips.

50 ideas for using video in the classroom

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DitchBook Twitter chat Ed Tech creative ways to use video in the classroom teaching with video using video in the classroom video video in the classroom videos in the classroom youtubeVideo is an incredibly effective medium for showcasing something that we want to share with others. We send videos we create or find to our friends and family through various social media platforms. Videos help us tell our story. They allow us to share our voice.

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6 ways to get your classroom groove on with Allihoopa

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Ed Tech Guest Blog Teaching allihoopa classroom songs making music in the classroom musicly in the classroomStart singing “Conjunction junction,” and you’ll likely hear someone continue singing, “what’s your function?” ” Many of us remember singing along to Schoolhouse Rock, Sesame Street, and Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.

10+ tips for ensuring success for your flipped classroom

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Starting to teach in a flipped classroom environment can be daunting. He uses flipped classroom instruction in his dual credit US History (affectionately nicknamed "DCUSH"). Ed Tech flipped classroom flipped classroom ideas flipped classroom tips how to flip my classroom

Consider a classroom ‘flip’


Teachers are very good at multi-tasking — responding to different needs of different educational levels and demands of a range of children in their classroom. One of the best ways to maximize the use of tablets is by flipping the classroom.

On paying for digital classroom tools

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For years in the classroom, I scoured the Internet for the best free digital tools and web apps. Ed Tech educational technology free digital classroom tools paying for classroom techI’m a huge fan of free.

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What is a digital classroom?


A digital classroom is one which mostly or indeed wholly relies on electronic devices and software. How digital is my classroom? We use Google Classroom as our core online communication tool. How digital is your classroom?

Music for the classroom


I can never find suitable music to play in the classroom. education classroom music classroom playlist music music in the classroom playlist songs for teachers teacher music teachingIt has to be calming, good for concentration, and contain no lyrics.

Minecraft in the Classroom

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Well, now we can all use Book Creator in our classrooms using the Chrome web browser. Now we can all use Book Creator in our classrooms, on any device, using the Chrome web browser. Minecraft in the Classroom. Minecraft in the classroom.

Thinking Routines in the Classroom

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Today Karen Voglesang @NBCTchr teaches children to use thinking routines in her classroom. After participating in Harvard’s Project Zero , she is applying and using the methods in classrooms and with teachers. How to Teach Thinking Routines in the Classroom.

10 tips for great classroom video calls

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Video calls can extend the walls of your classroom all over the world. Using them, I believe, is one of the most powerful ways we can leverage classroom technology to create amazing experiences for students. When you use Skype, Google Hangouts, FaceTime or others, you can … bring guest speakers to your classroom to share […]. Ed Tech classroom video calls skype in the classroom using hangouts in class using skype in class

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Classroom tech: Geekery not required

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Teaching classroom technology overwhelm edtech overload pedagogy before technology too much classroom technologyThere’s that teacher. Maybe she works in your building. Maybe she’s at another school in your district. And she plans and executes these amazingly complex techy lessons. So much so that you can’t fully wrap your brain around what she’s doing. She uses a buffet of websites, apps and digital tools. There are layers upon […].

The Google Infused Classroom (GTT041)

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How can we hear from every student in the classroom? These questions are at the core of the book, The Google-Infused Classroom, by Holly Clark and Tanya Avrith. How can we make learning stickier by helping students express it visually?

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Cultivating creativity in the classroom: Ideas for teachers by teachers

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DitchBook Twitter chat classroom creativity ideas creative classroom activities creative classroom assignmentsAs we move further and further into the digital age, creativity continues to surge to the top of skills students will need in the future.

Designing your Classroom Space!


Here is the piece they composed about my classroom space: To Foster Productivity and Creativity in Class, Ditch the Desks! When elementary school teacher Erin Klein sat in one of her students’ desks last year, she noticed a few things about her classroom space.

5 digital tools to save time in the classroom

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This post looks to share a few tools that can help increase efficiency and enhance productivity in the classroom while also integrating technology seamlessly into lesson plans. Classroom Screen My favorite tool that I have come across in 2018. Classroom Screen is a free website […]. Ed Tech classroom productivity classroom screen classroom time savers edtech tools to try noisli onetab yell key

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Grit in the Classroom

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Laila Sanguras, author of Grit in the Classroom , defines grit, shares the misinformation about grit, and talks about developing it in our students. Grit in the Classroom. So the two are really important to keep in mind and to focus on in the classroom.

150+ Digital Activities for the K-2 Classroom Inside One Simple App

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Digital Learning Collection has over 150 apps for kindergarten to second-grade classrooms. The Really Good Stuff team has curated the best apps in education for the K-2 to classroom — all in one place. Apps are organized in seven categories of classroom content.

Buncee in my classroom


I can use it for classroom lesson plans, creating questions, an introduction to a lesson, or an assignment as homework. I hope to learn more and more and to use it more in my classroom. In my classroom, I am a board teacher, meaning my students are not allowed to do many activities.

Create a digital classroom with Google Classroom and BookWidgets


The reasons why teachers use technology in their classroom are simple. However, it’s not easy to set up a digital classroom by yourself. In this post, I’ll show you how you can create a digital classroom, using Google Classroom and BookWidgets.

10 ways to make good Google Classroom assignments better

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If you’ve used Google Classroom for long (or even if you’re just beginning to use it), you’re likely to see that there’s not a lot to it. Google Classroom was created to help teachers teach and learners learn so that tech stays out of their way to do it. Ed Tech g suite Google Apps google apps for education google classroom googleedu

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Codemoji – Changing the Classroom Coding Landscape


If you would like more information, please contact livio@codemoji.com Tagged: classroom coding , Codemoji , coding , computing , edtech , education , programming , teaching. education classroom coding Codemoji coding computing edtech programming teaching

Google Classroom: Schedule Assignments

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Schedule Assignments in Google Classroom Plan out assignments in advance and schedule them to post when you’re ready. When creating a Google Classroom assignment there are 6 (7 if […]. The post Google Classroom: Schedule Assignments appeared first on Teacher Tech. Classroom Google Intermediate classroom G Suite googleTiny Triangle G Suite users should get excited about 3 dots and tiny triangles!

NEW! Google Classroom Comment Bank

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Google Classroom Improves Feedback Workflow Yesterday Google Classroom gave a pretty major update to the Google Classroom BETA. Google Classroom Comment Bank appeared first on Teacher Tech. Classroom Google Intermediate classroom G Suite google

Make easy-to-understand visualizations for your classroom in seconds


So, if you are looking to create an impact and even explain intricate matters in your classroom, visuals are the most effective tool to do so. education charts edtech graphing websites graphs teaching tech technology technology in the classroom visualisations

IT IS BACK!! To-Do in Google Classroom

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To Do List in Google Classroom is Back One thing that has been driving me bonkers about the new design in Google Classroom is the lack of ability to see if students have submitted work. To-Do in Google Classroom appeared first on Teacher Tech. Advanced Classroom Google classroom G Suite google

20 Google Apps activities for classroom innovation

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Google Apps for Education has made new ideas and activities possible in classrooms all over the world. Ed Tech creative teaching edtech educational technology gafe google apps for education google classroom

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Adding PhET Sims to Google Classroom

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Bring Digital Simulations Into Your Classroom PhET from the University of Colorado Boulder provides digital simulations for math and science concepts. No registration is required, you can easily push out these simulations to your students via Google Classroom. phet.colorado.edu Share to Classroom Be on the lookout when using non Google products for the opportunity to share directly […]. The post Adding PhET Sims to Google Classroom appeared first on Teacher Tech.

10 Google Classroom time savers for teachers

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If you and your students are using Google Apps in the classroom, Google Classroom can save you tons of time and effort. Ed Tech edtech educational technology efficiency gafe Google Apps google classroom time managementIt helps you assign, collect, grade and return work seamlessly. But, like anything else, there are tricks that can help you do the same work in less time. They make you more efficient [.].

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Amazon Alexa in the Classroom

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Bill Selak @ billselak shares how he’s using Amazon’s Alexa via the Echo and Dot in the classroom. The Amazon Echo in the classroom. How Bill Selak is Using the Amazon Echo in the Classroom. But Bill Selak @ billselak is using it in his classroom.

Flipped Classrooms


True to its name, flipped learning flips the praxis of traditional learning, where the first source of information comes from the classroom, and further pondering or analysis if needed, is left to be done after school, often as homework. What Are Flipped Classrooms?

Google Classroom: Pop Out Student Documents

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View Student Documents in Google Apps One of the best new features of Google Classroom is the new feedback tool. When you click on students work from Google Classroom it opens in the new feedback shell. A side panel lets you leave Private Comments in Google Classroom, assign a score, and return the document. The post Google Classroom: Pop Out Student Documents appeared first on Teacher Tech. Advanced Classroom Docs Google classroom G Suite google Google Apps

CK-12 and Google Classroom - great resources that are better together

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Assign CK-12 Content Direct to Google Classroom Did you know you can assign content from CK-12 directly to Google Classroom ? ck-12 free resources google classroom Google for Educators

How To Gamify Your Classroom.


Have you gamified your classroom? Gamification is the process of making learning into a game. It is made up of a number elements: Giving online badges to students. Setting goals and competitions. Giving instant feedback. Creating levels of learning which pupils must try and climb.

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5 ways to use Adobe Spark Video in your classroom

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Ed Tech Guest Blog Teaching adobe spark digital storytelling edtech ideas for using video in the classroom video ways to use adobe spark videoVideo is a powerful medium for storytelling. And creating videos has never been so simple. You and your students can easily put a story together on your mobile phone, laptop, PC, or Chromebook. With Adobe Spark Video, you and your students can create compelling videos in just a few minutes using professional looking themes […].

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A Case for Culturally Responsive Pedagogy in Classrooms

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Princesses and heroes that represent all races are important, but what does this discourse look like in the classroom? ClassroomsIf recent Halloweens have taught us anything aside from the absurd amount of money spent on candy for one day, it's that those involved in child rearing must address cultural sensitivity.

Buncee Classroom

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Educators have been using Buncee in a wide variety of ways through their educational portal "Buncee Classroom" to create virtual classrooms for students to complete assignments, take quizzes, etc. assessments digital storytelling flipped classroom presentations project based learning

How to Make Flipped Classroom Better

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Flipping your classroom (or in-flipping it as I do) can make a lot of sense if your conditions are right. Flipped classroom co-founder Jon Bergmann talks candidly about the flipped classroom model. I love using videos to teach the point and click software lessons in my classroom.

Google Classroom: Quickly Add Video Directions

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Use Webcam Record to Add Directions to Google Classroom The most influential element in a classroom: the teacher. When creating an assignment in Google Classroom […]. The post Google Classroom: Quickly Add Video Directions appeared first on Teacher Tech.

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Google Classroom: Email Selected Students

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Email Students in Google Classroom When checking an assignment I can see which students are “Assigned” (formerly designated “Not Done.” The post Google Classroom: Email Selected Students appeared first on Teacher Tech. Advanced Classroom Google” I sometimes want to send them a friendly reminder to get on it. Here are the steps.