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5 ideas for using Google Classroom’s new differentiation and grouping feature

Ditch That Textbook

Deliver assignments to small groups? Google announced a few changes to Google Classroom, and this one was the bombshell: assign activities to small groups [.]. Ed Tech differentiation edtech educational technology g suite for education gafe google apps for education google classroom grouping gsuiteeduOne huge drawback of using Google Classroom has beenthe inflexibility of creating assignments. Everything you assigned had to go to every student.

Google Classroom: Updated Group Docs Maker

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If you are having students do work in small groups the activity may require a collaborative document for the students to work on. Manually creating documents for each group can be challenging. The post Google Classroom: Updated Group Docs Maker appeared first on Teacher Tech.

Google Classroom: Create Group Documents

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One request I am often asked about Google Classroom is how to create documents for small groups. If you create a copy of a document for each student then each group member receives a copy, which can be confusing.

10 Dos & Don’ts For Group Work & Student Grouping

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10 Dos And Don’ts For Group Work & Student Grouping. However, the challenge facing many educators is not in wanting their students to work together, but in figuring out how to group students together in the most effective ways. 2) Do group students according to ability.

Gamify Your Writing Group


What do you get when you ask members of a Games Research Group to each commit to 30 minutes of scholarly writing a day? The ideas of daily writing goals and writing groups are not new. Productivity gamification summer writing writing writing groups

Google announces Google Educator Groups - great resource for educators

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Yesterday Google announced the launch of Google Educators Groups. See below for more information and to sign up for a group or even create your own (I signed up for the NYC one as there isn''t one in Connecticut, YET).

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Google Classroom: Assigning to Small Groups

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When assigning work to small groups of students instead of the whole class the trick is to include the audience in the description or document title. When creating small groups I will create […].

Google Classroom: Creating Collaboration Groups

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Using Google Classroom for a collaboration group helps to keep files neatly organized in Google Drive. If you are working with a group on creating and curating, where group members are […].

Get Students Working Effectively in Groups


Effective group work sparks student engagement and builds communication skills for the future. Articles Group Work Options Barbara Blackburn behavior circle of writers cooperative learning group work jigsaw roles rules selection structure

Google Forms & Group Discussion


to make a digital version and not fuss with a pile of paper and a clipboard as I walked around the room, or took notes during a Reading or Math group.

How To Take the "Guess Work" Out of "Group Work" to Encourage Project Based Learning


As my small groups rotate in stations during math, each group can work on problems together. I love this idea because even though I may not be with that group, I can still have insight into what they're working on and how they're processing the skill or concept.

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ClassDojo Groups

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ClassDojo the world famous behavior/positive reinforcement manage system for schools has just released their new "group" feature. This highly requested feature will allow teachers to award points to not only an individual but a group as well. This is ideal for educators who like to put their class into groups or teams to spark collaborative learning. Devices ClassDojo Groups will work and sync across any iOS/Android device and any computer.

Top Tips for Running an Awesome Group!


So here are a few tips to help speed up the process of putting together a Group that rocks! Getting users to interact with one another and feel comfortable doing so is an important part of creating a Group that other users will want to join. Explore Groups Now!

5 Tips for Making Group Work Manageable


Doubet & Jessica Hockett Classroom Management Encourage small-group effectiveness by clarifying the task, focusing on production, modeling successful behavior, monitoring progress, time, and noise, and building community Photo credit: VirginMoney via flickr (CC BY 2.0) Kristina J.

Collaborative Group Sessions with Hangouts

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Some ideas for peer collaboration projects, include peer editing, designing a group presentation, brainstorming about a topic or project, hosting a debate, or creating a collaborative story.

Book Study Group: #InnovatorsMindset


InnovatorsMindset book study group. Join us! New book each month for school yr P0uJsqFgnc #makered #growthmindset #edchat. Wanda Terral (@wterral) July 31, 2016. Mindset

Group Work That Doesn't Always End in Disappointment

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My most recent trip showed the beginnings of an Interest Group Research Project. Students chose their groups (with 2–4 members), chose their interest group, and then discussed how they would present their project (live action vs. animated).

Universities cut services for a big group of their students: those over 25

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But when we look outside that group (of traditional students), they’re not driving up the mountain.”. The post Universities cut services for a big group of their students: those over 25 appeared first on The Hechinger Report.

Amazon Joins With Purchasing Group to Give Schools Access to Online Marketplace

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The post Amazon Joins With Purchasing Group to Give Schools Access to Online Marketplace appeared first on Market Brief. Officials at the online retailer and U.S. Communities predict the arrangement will allow many schools and districts to avoid having to issue formal RFPs to purchase supplies, including some forms of technology. Marketplace K-12 Amazon Educational Technology/Ed-Tech procurement RFP

Google Classroom: Turn in Group Work with a Google Form

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Weirdly, Google Classroom is not designed for group work. The post Google Classroom: Turn in Group Work with a Google Form appeared first on Teacher Tech. Yes, students should be collaborating. G Suite is designed around collaboration so this makes students working together a lot easier. So we have to hack it. Students can not turn in work they do not own. Also, I don’t want the same thing submitted four times, […].

Google Groups - connect, share, communicate, discuss - great for education

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Google Groups has been around for a while, but sometimes gets overshadowed by things like Twitter, Facebook , Edmodo , and other social/learning networks. Google Groups is free, very easy to use and a great way to connect with people, access information and communicate.

Morganize - free organizational tool for groups

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Morganize is a free organizational tool that has features for groups to work together. You can find the best date and time for a meeting, take polls and surveys, and even work with a shared To-Do list. It''s free, no registration is required, and it''s easy to use.

App of the Week: A small group math experience

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note : App of the Week picks are now being curated by the editors of Common Sense Education , which helps educators find the best ed-tech tools, learn best practices for teaching with tech, and equip students with the skills they need to use technology safely and responsibly.

Join the Shake Up Learning Facebook Group!

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The post Join the Shake Up Learning Facebook Group! Join our Facebook Group! I created this group to fulfill a request from the Shake Up Learning readers, and to connect better with teachers and educators. I just joined the Shake Up Learning Facebook Group!

What Kind of Group Work Encourages the Most Original Thinking?


And he says, “Maybe we could get kids to listen to each other and respect each other if we gave them group projects where they had to put together pieces, just like a jigsaw puzzle.” That gets me thinking about group work in general.

Going Beyond Group Assessments for Learning


John McCarthy Assessment Student teamwork is integral to developing 21st-century skills, but group assessments can also serve as individual assessments by building checkpoints into collaborative activities Photo credit: U.S. Army RDECOM via flickr (CC BY 2.0)

BoomWriter Free Group-Writing Platform Promotes Collaboration

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BoomWriter is a free website for teachers that provides a platform for student group-writing. It offers three group-writing tools that let teachers conduct engaging activities focused on developing and enhancing their students’ skills in writing and vocabulary across all curriculum areas.

Group Photos from Hack Education - 10th Anniversary Unconference

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Group Work that Doesn’t Suck


Deep collaboration and group work can generate products and ideas that are at the height of our capabilities as a species, but highly functioning groups are rare. Social Emotional Learning

Google Released A New Interesting Group Sharing App

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This is basically a group sharing app that allows members to share, discuss and comment on topic-specific more. May 17, 2016 Google announced today the release of a new service called ‘Spaces’. Google Spaces

Digital rights group alleges Google invades student privacy

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The Electronic Frontier Foundation, a digital rights group, depicts Google as a two-faced opportunist in a complaint filed in early December with the Federal Trade Commission. Complaint alleges Google collected students’ internet search requests through Chromebooks.

New Open Ed. Group Vows to Battle Commercial Publishers for K-12 Contracts

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Jay Diskey, the executive director of the PreK-12 learning group for the Association of American Publishers, said he couldn’t say whether the Open Up Resources effort will take off or stall. Group Vows to Battle Commercial Publishers for K-12 Contracts appeared first on Market Brief.

This school groups students by ability, not grade level

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Students cluster around teachers in one of three small-group “seminars,” then scatter to work independently in the large room, which was once the library. Children here are grouped by ability rather than grade level.

Good Collaborative Tools to Help Students with Group Projects

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Working on a group project? Or organizing your students for group projects? July 4, 2015. Here are some tools that can manage the collaboration process for everyone. 1- GroupMap. more. collaborative tools Edshelf tools

“Know Thy Selfie”: A Selfie Group Discussion Assignment


Their popularity has even spurred the formation of an academic group, The Selfies Research Network. In this post, I detail my riff off Mark’s assignment, where I integrate Know Thy Selfie , an essay-based assignment, into one for a group discussion. Read your group’s reflections.

Groups partner to leverage open tech standards

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ClassLink, Mackin partnership aims to help students, teachers enjoy single sign-on to an industry provider of print and digital media. ClassLink announced a new single sign-on connection to Mackin Educational Resources , an adaptive learning platform for grades K-8.

Emailing Groups of People – Use BCC

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Tweet I just received an email that was sent out to at least 50 recipients. The problem with is that when someone replies to all it goes out to all 50+ people and quickly my inbox is blowing up with emails from people I do not know. Privacy Besides the excessive email that is generated […]. Digital Citizenship digital citizenship email