10 creative alternatives to research reports and papers

Ditch That Textbook

In high school and college, I suffered through quite a few research reports and papers. Ed Tech audioboom edtech educational technology gafe Google Apps piktochart research papers research reports thinglink

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Writing papers and research reports the Google way

Ditch That Textbook

We don’t use formal academic papers and reports that much in real life. Ed Tech digital writing edtech educational technology g suite Google Apps google keep research papers research reportsThe traditional research paper has been around a long time. We all likely have a memory of sweating over one at the last minute. They’re still a staple in K-12 schools and in universities. Often, they’re sources for more academic papers and [.].

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16 Ways the 2016 Horizon Report Indicates That Higher Ed is Undergoing a Seismic Shift


Education Technology Success Stories Future of Education Technology Making the case for Education Technologies 2016 horizon report for higher ed focus on change higher education undergoing major changes NMC Horizon report findings report details major changes for higher education

New Cyberlearning Community Report: Five Great Reasons to Read It

Digital Promise

We worked together intensively for over a year to write a “community report” in which the authors would help us to report on the designs, ideas and progress in the cyberlearning community. The result, called the “Cyberlearning Community Report: The State of Cyberlearning and the Future of Learning with Technology,” was released on October 2, 2017 and is free to download here. The community report is available at: [link].

Roving reporters #EduTECHAU

Learning with 'e's

One of the many, many highlights for me of my time at EduTech Australia this year in Brisbane, was an interview I did with some of Pearson's sponsored students roving reporters. EduTechAU Adam Ant Brisbane education learning reporters school Technology

2016 EdTechTeam Impact Report


View this Impact Report (and other years) at edtechteam.com/impact EdTechTeam, a California Benefit Corporation , is a global network of educational technologists dedicated to inspiring and empowering other educators.

Report: Is it Game Over for Gamification?

EdTech Magazine

Frank Smith A preview of the upcoming K–12 NMC Horizon report gives classroom gamification the axe. Classroom Game-based Learning

Elementary Book Report Machine

The Electric Educator

My first project of 2016 was to help Kingsley elementary school , a small school in northern Michigan, build an elementary book report machine. We quickly put together a Google form which contained all of the required elements of the book report. Book reports are meant to be read!

Iowa school poverty and report card rankings

Dangerously Irrelevant

Today the Iowa Department of Education issued its first-ever school report cards. Ames High School didn’t do as well this time, only managing an overall ranking of Commendable , which is the third-highest report card category.

Report: Last affordable options for college students are fast disappearing

The Hechinger Report

The converging trends of falling state investment, rising tuition, and stagnant incomes has finally pushed higher education out of the grasp of low- and middle-income Americans, even at community colleges, a new report contends.

Innovating Pedagogy Report released - some great information included

Educational Technology Guy

The Open University''s annual ''Innovating Pedagogy'' report has just been published. 2014 is the third year they have published the report, exploring innovations in teaching, learning and assessment. Take a look at here: [link] news/news/2014-innovating- pedagogy-report.


Report: Broadband access making ‘dramatic’ progress

eSchool News

The data comes from the second annual State of the States report from the nonprofit EducationSuperHighway , which analyzed 2016 FCC E-rate data representing 10,499 school districts and more than 38 million students. Eighty-eight percent of U.S.

3d printing and education: a workshop report

Bryan Alexander

Several institutions reported considering purchasing their first or second machine, while others described full-campus deployment under way (U Mass Amherst spoke of 48 devices). One campus reported assigning students to determine the best software for 3d production.

Personalized Learning Needed in Increasingly Diverse Classrooms, Report Says

Marketplace K-12

But a lack of high-quality curricula designed to support that personalized learning is stalling the effort, according to a new report. New technology is key to allowing educators to provide this personalized support, the report says. K-12 student population and highlights the underlying need to rethink the way classroom learning is approached, the report says. The post Personalized Learning Needed in Increasingly Diverse Classrooms, Report Says appeared first on Market Brief.

The Times’ Reporting on Google in Education: A False Choice for a Straw Man

Teacher Tech

The Times’ Reporting on Google in Education: A False Choice for a Straw Man Guest Blog Post by Andrew Stillman Maybe because of their universality and power in shaping our lives, K-12 schooling and large tech providers like Google have at least one thing in common: they are both a honey pot for poorly-informed and […]. The post The Times’ Reporting on Google in Education: A False Choice for a Straw Man appeared first on Teacher Tech.

Instead Of A Book Report, My Students ‘Wrote’ A Video

TeachThought - Learn better.

The post Instead Of A Book Report, My Students ‘Wrote’ A Video appeared first on TeachThought. Literacy Technology Elementary School New Teacher

Hidden Scholarship: Achievements Academics Don’t Report


Have you ever thought of all the really important effort and work we do as academics that we actually never get an opportunity to report on as achievements?

Game-Based Learning Thrives, Despite Report of its Decline

EdTech Magazine

By Tommy Peterson Many K–12 educators remain enthusiastic about game-based learning despite a report that adoption has stalled. Classroom Game-based Learning STEM

Cloud Computing Market Poised to Grow in Education Sector, Report Finds

Marketplace K-12

As more schools and universities embrace online learning, cloud computing’s popularity is on the rise, according to a new report by Technavio. The post Cloud Computing Market Poised to Grow in Education Sector, Report Finds appeared first on Market Brief. Marketplace K-12 Market Research Software / Hardware

Equity in #EdTech: A Report Review


Justin Reich and Mizuko (Mimi) Ito have recently published a report entitled From Good Intentions to Real Outcomes: Equity by Design in Learning Technologies. The report is available for download without monetary charge and without collection of your personal data.


Report: Gamifying computer science is an easy place to start

eSchool News

In fact, though interest in computer science education, and access to it, is growing, a recent report found that not enough students are taking high-quality computer science classes at the high school and university levels. The report found that just half of U.S.

Real-time Student Progress Reports: Simplicity with a Personalized Learning Platform


A teacher or administrator may need to prompt multiple teachers to provide the latest progress reports in order to put together a complete picture of a student’s performance at that point in time.

The ASCD 2012 Annual Report

The Web20Classroom

Here in Chicago at the 2013 Annual Conference, ASCD posted their Annual Report for 2012. The online report features association statistics, interviews with ASCD members, product previews, and success stories from across the organization.

Self-Paced E-Learning Market Evaporating, Report Finds

Marketplace K-12

Future revenue in the $33 billion e-learning market is expected to fall precipitously in the United States and internationally, but sales of other types of digital learning products are predicted to rise, according to a market research report released recently. By guest blogger Leo Doran.

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Four reasons why the Oxfam report on inequality in Nigeria missed the point

The Christensen Institute

Oxfam’s May 17th report titled Inequality in Nigeria: exploring the drivers , rightly identifies several factors impacting Nigeria’s state of poverty and economic inequality, some of which include the public sector’s misuse of resources and a widening gap between the rich and the poor. The report garnered much attention from Nigerian based news outlets, such as Punch and ThisDay , and international media houses, such as Newsweek and NPR.

Report: 4 security recommendations to keep student data safe

eSchool News

Chief among these concerns are breaches into school systems and accidental data leaks, according to a new report on data privacy from the Southern Regional Education Board , a collective that works with K-12 and higher ed policy leaders in 16 southern states.

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Report: Students’ tech use remains infrequent

eSchool News

Material from a press release was used in this report. Students’ use of digital tools and other learning technologies remains relatively sporadic, according to a new study.

States have cut money for higher education 17 percent since the recession, report finds

The Hechinger Report

In spite of a gradual economic recovery and improving revenues, most states are spending dramatically less on public higher education, a new report says. The report, issued Thursday, examines the published tuition fees, or “sticker prices.”

Fast, Safe Way For Kids to Report Bullying


Easy-to-use reporting tool helps kids report bullying, find adult help. Techlearning Resources App of the Day

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Internet trends: the latest Mary Meeker report

Bryan Alexander

Mary Meeker just shared her latest internet trends report , and, as ever, it’s essential reading. Let me share some highlights which impact the future of education and technology. The international big picture.

Report: Experienced Teachers Soar in Tech-Enabled Classrooms

EdTech Magazine

Frank Smith One finding from the SIIA Vision K-12 Survey could turn the tables on the perception of digital natives’ technological expertise. Business Intelligence Classroom Data Analytics Digital Content Leadership Management

Report: Which districts show a higher OER adoption-and why?

eSchool News

Only one-third of school districts said they are aware of both the term “open educational resources” (OER) and its licensing, according to a report from the Babson Survey Research Group.

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Startling: New report reveals 10 ways students are outpacing their schools

eSchool News

Although technology changes at a rapid pace, one thing is constant: today’s students have a deep desire to learn using digital tools and resources that engage them and help them develop real-world skills.

Sway- A Handy Tool for Creating Interactive Presentations and Reports

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

September 4, 2015 Sway is a great Microsoft app that allows you to easily create and share interactive reports, presentations, personal stories and many more. Using Sway’s web-based canvas,read more. Microsoft tools for teachers

Spending on Ed-Tech Hardware Hits $15B Worldwide, Report Finds

Marketplace K-12

Education Technology: “Personal Computing in K-12 Q4 2014 Market Track Report” Follow @EdWeekMMolnar and @EdMarketBrief for the latest news on industry and innovation in education.

‘What Kids Are Reading’ Report Details Vocabulary Exposure

K-12 Schools - Education News

A new report takes an in-depth look at what children are reading across all grade levels, finding that the average student has not met any college and career readiness reading standards.

Report: More states are taking steps to protect student privacy

eSchool News

Separately, a report on data privacy from the Southern Regional Education Board, found that 34 states (including 14 SREB member states, mostly located in the U.S.

The saga continues: Report finds ongoing iPad problems at LAUSD

eSchool News

What ensued instead was a costly debacle, and, in its wake, a fledgling, problematic recovery, described in a new report released September 2. That’s also what they said last year after the same researchers raised similar issues in their initial report.

Stanford Report Touts Benefits of Visual Element to Math Education

K-12 Schools - Education News

According to the report, the dorsal visual pathway in the brain is the core region for representing the knowledge of quantity. A section of the report is devoted to exploring finger-counting. The full report is available online. (Photo: Akash Kataruka, Creative Commons).

Introducing the new Horizon Report in February

Bryan Alexander

The new Horizon Report for technology and higher education is about to appear, freshly created for 2016, and I’m presenting on it twice. In the session, we’ll also be announcing the winners of the Horizon Report Video Competition. I hope readers who can will consider attending one or both of ’em. On February 4th I’ll help officially release the new Horizon at the EDUCAUSE ELI annual meeting.