Writing papers and research reports the Google way

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We don’t use formal academic papers and reports that much in real life. Ed Tech digital writing edtech educational technology g suite Google Apps google keep research papers research reportsThe traditional research paper has been around a long time. We all likely have a memory of sweating over one at the last minute. They’re still a staple in K-12 schools and in universities. Often, they’re sources for more academic papers and [.].

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10 creative alternatives to research reports and papers

Ditch That Textbook

In high school and college, I suffered through quite a few research reports and papers. Ed Tech audioboom edtech educational technology gafe Google Apps piktochart research papers research reports thinglink

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DEN Trend Report: 8/16/17

Discovery Education

Dive Brief: As personnel costs tend to increase when most school district budgets do not, administrators are looking for ways to reduce personnel without affecting educational quality, District Administration reports. Administration District Administrators DEN Trend Report

New Cyberlearning Community Report: Five Great Reasons to Read It

Digital Promise

We worked together intensively for over a year to write a “community report” in which the authors would help us to report on the designs, ideas and progress in the cyberlearning community. The result, called the “Cyberlearning Community Report: The State of Cyberlearning and the Future of Learning with Technology,” was released on October 2, 2017 and is free to download here. The community report is available at: [link].

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EdTechTeam Impact Report- Press


The post EdTechTeam Impact Report- Press appeared first on EdTechTeam. EdTechTeam Press Impact ReportEdTechTeam Press featured a catalog of 18 titles and sold 49,000 volumes in 2017. Press also introduced a Masterclass tour in Australia, the United States, and online, allowing almost 2000 participants to work directly with the authors, ask questions, discuss the book’s big ideas, and dig into content to make lasting change in a school.

EdTechTeam Impact Report: Programs


The post EdTechTeam Impact Report: Programs appeared first on EdTechTeam. Impact ReportA new division, EdTechTeam Programs , was launched in 2017 to manage EdTechTeam’s role in the Dynamic Learning Project in partnership with Digital Promise and Google. The Dynamic Learning Project (DLP) seeks to improve educational equity and student learning by supporting teachers with classroom coaching to better leverage technology in powerful and meaningful ways.

EdTechTeam 2017 Impact Report: Community


The post EdTechTeam 2017 Impact Report: Community appeared first on EdTechTeam. Impact ReportThe EdTechTeam Community connects educators on Twitter , Google Plus , Facebook , YouTube , Instagram , Pinterest , and anywhere the #EdTechTeam hashtag can be used, with over 100,000 followers across all platforms. EdTeachTeam also hosts a community blog , featuring a total of 160 posts from 120 different bloggers from the community.

EdTechTeam Impact Report-Mexico


The post EdTechTeam Impact Report-Mexico appeared first on EdTechTeam. Chromebooks EdTechTeam Mexico Impact ReportWith the return of the Mexico City Summit, EdTechTeam Mexico served 1,395 educators face-to-face in 2017.

Equity in #EdTech: A Report Review


Justin Reich and Mizuko (Mimi) Ito have recently published a report entitled From Good Intentions to Real Outcomes: Equity by Design in Learning Technologies. The report is available for download without monetary charge and without collection of your personal data.

EdTechTeam 2017 Impact Report


The post EdTechTeam 2017 Impact Report appeared first on EdTechTeam. Community Featured Impact Report Professional DevelopmentEdTechTeam, a California Benefit Corporation , is a global network of educational technologists dedicated to inspiring and empowering educators by exemplifying the team’s values in their work.

Roving reporters #EduTECHAU

Learning with 'e's

One of the many, many highlights for me of my time at EduTech Australia this year in Brisbane, was an interview I did with some of Pearson's sponsored students roving reporters. EduTechAU Adam Ant Brisbane education learning reporters school Technology

EdTechTeam Impact Report- South Africa


The post EdTechTeam Impact Report- South Africa appeared first on EdTechTeam. Google for Education Impact Report South Africa2017 was the first year EdTechTeam South Africa offered summits in three locations around the country, Cape Town, Johannesburg, and KwaZulu-Natal. Local Bootcamps are also available for Google Certification and Apple Teacher Certification. Additional custom local services are offered throughout the country via EdTechTeam’s partner Cloud Education Solutions.

Five EdTech Story Ideas for Education Reporters

Doug Levin

This week, education reporters from across the nation are gathering at the 2017 Education Writers Association National Seminar in Washington, DC. To that end, I suggest five story ideas for reporters interested in the topic. Among the topics they will focus on is technology in education (AKA "digital learning"). Blog In the News Trends #EWA17

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EdTechTeam Impact Report-EdTechTeam Canada


The post EdTechTeam Impact Report-EdTechTeam Canada appeared first on EdTechTeam. EdTechTeam Canada Impact ReportEdTechTeam Canada reached 7446 Canadian Educators in 68 events across the country in three different languages (English, French, and Ojibwe). In addition to focusing on Google for Education and Apple Teacher training, EdTechTeam Canada added a partnership with Microsoft for Education to the professional development opportunities schools can choose.

New Horizon Report K-12 2016

elearning, mobile learning, gamification and more

Educational Change Future Tech Online Learning Virtual Reality (VR) edtech Horizon ReportWhat’s on the five-year horizon for K-12 Educational Technology & which trends and technologies will drive educational change?

EdTechTeam Impact Report- Emerging Markets


The post EdTechTeam Impact Report- Emerging Markets appeared first on EdTechTeam. Google for Education Impact ReportThe Emerging Markets team served 3,061 educators in 22 countries in 2017. For the first time educators in Egypt, Lebanon, China, Finland, Iceland, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Taiwan were able to attend an EdTechTeam event in their own countries.

Reluctant writers in your class? Engage them with Pokemon character reports.


Here is an example: This inspired me to set a homework challenge for my students to create their own Pokemon character non-chronological reports. I recently came across this amazing art on BoredPanda. It is an artist’s vision of the anatomy of different Pokemon characters.

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EdTechTeam 2017 Impact Report: Student Voice


The post EdTechTeam 2017 Impact Report: Student Voice appeared first on EdTechTeam. Impact ReportIn November 2017 EdTechTeam spun off the new Student Voice Foundation as a California Nonprofit and launched the Global Student Voice Film Festival (similar to handing off Future Ready Schools to the nonprofit Alliance for Excellent Education in 2014).

GoConqr’s Online Learning Report 2017


Click the image to see the full infographic of the Online Learning Report 2017. Today Thursday 23 rd of February is Digital Learning Day , so to mark this we are releasing the Online Learning Report 2017 that the GoConqr team has been working on. Read the full Report 2017 here.

Report: States not making the grade on report cards

eSchool News

States are failing to effectively communicate essential information to families, educators, and communities about how their schools are doing, a new report finds. For example, across all states, report cards used more than five different terms to describe children from low-income families.

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MDR Releases Digital Marketing Trends in Education Report


March 20, 2018 – MDR, a division of Dun & Bradstreet, today released its 2018 Digital Marketing Trends in Education report, the most comprehensive study of the online habits of educators available. The report also provides insights into the best times to reach teachers online by device.

2016 EdTechTeam Impact Report


View this Impact Report (and other years) at edtechteam.com/impact EdTechTeam, a California Benefit Corporation , is a global network of educational technologists dedicated to inspiring and empowering other educators.

Just released: Horizon Report K12 (and how we’re leading these changes!)


As school leaders, you’ll want to dig into the NMC/CoSN Horizon Report: 2017 K-12 Edition. The annual K12 Horizon Report regularly identifies and profiles six key trends, six significant challenges, and six developments in educational technology likely to impact teaching and learning.

EdTechTeam Impact Report- Apple Professional Learning


The post EdTechTeam Impact Report- Apple Professional Learning appeared first on EdTechTeam. Apple Apple Teacher Impact ReportAs an Apple Professional Learning Provider , EdTechTeam offers professional development featuring Apple. These online courses, on-site workshops, and conference-style events are designed to celebrate educators and help them make the most of Mac, iPad, and built-in apps to enhance student learning.

EdTechTeam Impact Report- Google PD Partner


The post EdTechTeam Impact Report- Google PD Partner appeared first on EdTechTeam. Article Community Google for Education Impact Report #GoogleEdu #gsuiteedu #ImpactStoryEdTechTeam is a Google for Education Professional Development Partner and the global leader in Google for Education Certification.

EdTechTeam Impact Report-Custom Professional Development


The post EdTechTeam Impact Report-Custom Professional Development appeared first on EdTechTeam. Custom Professional Development EdTechTeam Google Certified Bootcamp EdTechTeam Online Impact Report

5 Common Challenges Of Analytics Reporting

TeachThought - Learn better.

5 Common Challenges Of Analytics Reporting contributed by Catherine Wilson The benefits of analytics are obvious and do not need to be stated yet again. The post 5 Common Challenges Of Analytics Reporting appeared first on TeachThought.

The ASCD 2012 Annual Report

The Web20Classroom

Here in Chicago at the 2013 Annual Conference, ASCD posted their Annual Report for 2012. The online report features association statistics, interviews with ASCD members, product previews, and success stories from across the organization.

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Iowa school poverty and report card rankings

Dangerously Irrelevant

Today the Iowa Department of Education issued its first-ever school report cards. Ames High School didn’t do as well this time, only managing an overall ranking of Commendable , which is the third-highest report card category.

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16 Ways the 2016 Horizon Report Indicates That Higher Ed is Undergoing a Seismic Shift


Education Technology Success Stories Future of Education Technology Making the case for Education Technologies 2016 horizon report for higher ed focus on change higher education undergoing major changes NMC Horizon report findings report details major changes for higher education

Elementary Book Report Machine

The Electric Educator

My first project of 2016 was to help Kingsley elementary school , a small school in northern Michigan, build an elementary book report machine. We quickly put together a Google form which contained all of the required elements of the book report. Book reports are meant to be read!

Report: MassNET Reports on ELA Edtech Tools


The report, Insights on Software Piloting in an Urban School District , released in December 2016, suggests key factors that influence successful adoption of edtech products. One observation from the report: “A key finding is that even among this group of volunteers, teachers’ actual usage of the software products carried greatly.” A fresh report is slated to be released in December 2017. Details on receiving the report are available here.

Adoption and implementation of K-12 core instructional materials – final report

K12 Open Ed

I’ve written about some of this work as it’s progressed, and now the final report on this is available.

Reflections on Being Part of the NMC HE Horizon Report Expert Panel


involved in putting together the New Media Consortium (NMC) Higher Education Horizon Report for 2018, and we would like to reflect on our experience. In it, Sam explains that anyone can nominate themselves to be on the panel, and she and Bryan talk about the process and the 2017 report.

Betsy DeVos' First Semester: A Status Report

NPR Learning and Tech

Charter schools, student loans, HBCUs, campus sexual assault: Here's what the education secretary has been up to. Image credit: Jacquelyn Martin/AP

November PD Partner Report


The post November PD Partner Report appeared first on EdTechTeam. We at EdTechTeam are very thankful to have worked with so many of you in November. You brought us to nine countries! We hosted summits featuring Google for Education in Cairo , Singapore , Beirut , and Yellowknife as well as Colorado and Cincinnati, Ohio. We brought keynote speakers and customized professional development to Arizona, Louisiana, and New Jersey.

February Google PD Partner Report


The post February Google PD Partner Report appeared first on EdTechTeam. Even though February was the shortest month of the year, EdTechTeam still packed in the professional learning! We produced events in Costa Rica , Columbia, Mexico and the UK along with many events in the US and Canada. We produced our largest custom summit to date. This one was for almost 2,000 educators in Irvine, CA.

Personalized Learning Needed in Increasingly Diverse Classrooms, Report Says

Marketplace K-12

But a lack of high-quality curricula designed to support that personalized learning is stalling the effort, according to a new report. New technology is key to allowing educators to provide this personalized support, the report says. K-12 student population and highlights the underlying need to rethink the way classroom learning is approached, the report says. The post Personalized Learning Needed in Increasingly Diverse Classrooms, Report Says appeared first on Market Brief.

Digital Alternatives to Traditional Book Reports | #EngChat #LitChat


In this episode of the Techeducator Podcast we share our digital alternatives to traditional book reports that will get your students thinking creatively and really passionate about their favorite characters.

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GAO Report Suggests US Schools Are Resegregating

K-12 Schools - Education News

The Government Accountability Office released a report that showed the number of schools that were segregated along racial and financial lines more than doubled over a 13 year period. To combat the problem, the report recommends that the U.S. (Photo: AP, Rudolph Faircloth).