The State Of E-Rate


An excerpt from COSN’s K12 Cybersecurity cost report, released in September, argues that E-rate funds should not only make the Internet accessible to all students, but also make it safe

Feds Change E-Rate Rules


On Monday, December 3, the FCC issued a Report and Order making significant changes to E-rate rules for Category 2* funding applications.

Funding Edtech with the E-Rate Program and Grants

During a recent edWebinar , edtech experts provided an overview of the E-Rate program, state matching funds, and ways to obtain grants for technological development. Accessing the E-Rate and Matching State Funds. edWeb Blog E-rate E-rate Funding education funding

Archived: E?rate Modernization Progress Report (Jan 2017)

Doug Levin

On February 3, 2017, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rescinded a report issued two weeks earlier that examined the progress of Erate since the modernization orders of 2014 were passed. To that end, and in the public interest, I am making the January 2017 E-rate Modernization Progress Report ( DOC-343099A1.pdf ) available on this site in its entirety. Blog Broadband Policy Research Insights ALA E-rate FCC

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On Altering the Public Record on E-Rate

Doug Levin

Under New Leadership, FCC Quashes Report on E-rate Program’s Success.” Blog News Policy Ajit Pai E-rate FCCAs quoted in: Herold, Benjamin. Education Week. 8 February 2017. It’s common for a federal agency to switch policy directions after a change in leadership, especially following a presidential election, said Douglas A. Levin, a consultant with EdTech Strategies and the former head of the State Educational Technology Directors Association.

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E-Rate Improvements Support Easier and Faster IT Upgrades

EdTech Magazine

E-Rate Improvements Support Easier and Faster IT Upgrades. With support from the Universal Service Schools and Libraries Program, commonly known as E-rate , TCSD was able to upgrade the entire district in two years — and with an 85 percent equipment discount. “We

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E–Rate Updates Free Up Resources for New Classroom Technology Projects

EdTech Magazine

ERate Updates Free Up Resources for New Classroom Technology Projects. Recent updates to E-rate, which put more focus on funding high-speed internet and network protection tools , have helped K–12 schools reallocate resources to improve other focus areas. . When E-rate 2.0

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Digital Promise Supports E-rate Modernization

Digital Promise

billion for the federal E-rate program that connects schools and libraries around the country. Digital Promise applauds the Federal Communications Commission's vote today to increase the funding cap by $1.5 Demand for these services far exceeds previous funding levels and approving this increase – which amounts to an additional $2 per year on Americans' phone bills – will help thousands of schools improve the opportunity to learn for students.

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The E-Rate Aftermath

Gaggle Speaks

What Good is E-Rate Modernization if Schools Can’t Pay for What’s Connected to Broadband? The dust is starting to settle from the recent changes to the federal E-Rate program.



Funds For Learning has released its 2016 E-Rate Trends Report. Notable findings include: Techlearning Resources

E-rate Window Closes with 'Vibrant’ Activity


“As the FY2019 E-rate application period closes, initial results show vibrant activity among schools and libraries seeking support,” said John Harrington, CEO of Funds For Learning

TCEA 2019: 5 Ways to Improve Your E-Rate Process

EdTech Magazine

TCEA 2019: 5 Ways to Improve Your E-Rate Process. Sovereign and Martinez presented several best practices that can guide districts to E-rate success. Build an E-Rate Team in Your District. MORE FROM EDTECH : E-rate applications slow despite available funds.

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Most districts say E-rate is critical for internet access

eSchool News

A large majority of E-rate applicants (87 percent) said the federally funded program is vital to their internet connectivity goals, according to an annual survey that tracks program applicants’ perspectives on the program. e-rate Featured on eSchool News IT Newsletter News

E-Rate Funding Will Continue During Government Shutdown

EdTech Magazine

E-Rate Funding Will Continue During Government Shutdown. The E-rate program will continue to run as scheduled regardless of whether parts or all of the Federal Communications Commission are shut down, Funds For Learning reports. .

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How E-Rate Benefits Schools [An Infographic]


With the education system in the U.S. facing a financial crisis, how can schools implement the required Wi-Fi infrastructure to support their digital transformation goals? Since many K-12 schools have little to no budget for Wi-Fi upgrades, it can be difficult to find an affordable solution.

Here’s a must-do for E-rate applicants

eSchool News

Calling all E-rate coordinators–there is one important step you can take now to ensure a smooth process when the E-rate filing window opens in 2019.

Innovative district expands access like never before using E-rate

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The FCC’s historic E-rate modernization in 2014 paved the way for districts to expand their high-speed broadband and wi-fi and increase digital learning opportunities for students. “We were able to do a lot of this because of E-rate funding,” Dickerson said.

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Funds For Learning Introduces "My E-rate Guides"


My E-rate Guides? brings monthly online learning events, a community Q&A forum, an on-demand archive and hourly consulting opportunities to applicants as they navigate the federal E-rate funding program. News E-rate Ed Tech Ticker Funding Policy

CoSN Issues Call to Action on E-Rate


The new cap proposed might cause recurring funding shortfalls for the E-rate program and disrupt long-term district broadband infrastructure planning

What You Need to Know About E-rate

Digital Promise

One of those programs is the Universal Service Program for Schools and Libraries, better known as E-rate. E-rate helps schools and libraries get affordable Internet access by discounting the cost of service based on the school’s location – urban or rural – and the percentage of low-income students served. Meanwhile, Riverside used their $9 million E-rate subsidy to purchase mobile learning devices equipped with 4G data connectivity.

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How is the E-rate impacting learning?

eSchool News

In the beginning, E-rate focused principally on telephone service, which was the most basic and universal way individuals communicated 20 years ago. It became clear that E-rate was in need of a refresh.

6 ways the E-rate supports digital and mobile learning

eSchool News

The ninth annual E-Rate Trends Report from Funds For Learning shows that the federal E-rate program is still critical in establishing broadband connectivity for schools and libraries. Related content: 5 school and library applicants weigh in on E-rate.

Streamlining the E-Rate 2.0 Application Process

EdTech Magazine

By EdTech Staff Recent changes to E-Rate help to speed your school’s review process. Classroom Digital Content Funding Internet Management Mobile Broadband Mobility Wi-Fi

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Getting started: Your E-rate cheat sheet

eSchool News

It’s that time of year again–the federal E-rate program is getting underway, and with program updates and refreshes in recent years, you might need a primer on this year’s program.

Making a Plan for E-Rate Funding

EdTech Magazine

By David Hutchins Technology creates increasing demands on networks, so districts should plan now for E-Rate help for the coming year. Compliance Funding Leadership Management

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E-Rate Survival FAQs

eSchool News

What (and who) is E-rate? E-rate is a US Federal Program for funding telecom and technology in K-12 schools and Libraries. A division of USAC responsible for the day-to-day implementation of the E-rate Program. Where do I go to apply for E-rate? Riverbed Xirrus provides a step-by-step guide to the E-rate funding process at [link] under the Start Here menu. Is my district or facility eligible for E-rate?

This E-rate trick can help schools combat net neutrality

eSchool News

With concerns about school internet access buzzing in the wake of the FCC’s vote to repeal net neutrality, anxiety over school internet access might transfer to the federal E-rate program–but there’s no need to worry, according to E-rate experts.

E-rate Sparks Low-Cost Connectivity, Better Digital Learning

EdTech Magazine

By EdTech Staff Once schools receive E-rate funding, innovating learning can develop. Access Points Classroom Digital Content Funding Management Networking Personalized Learning

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School Districts Take Advantage of E-Rate’s Category One Funding

EdTech Magazine

School Districts Take Advantage of E-Rate’s Category One Funding. E-rate paid for half the construction, the state paid another 10 percent and the district paid the balance. E-rate provides $3.9 E-rate Category One funding is invaluable.

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E-rate Category 2 NPRM Update

Education Superhighway

The E-rate Category 2 program has been a real game-changer for school districts across America looking to upgrade their internal networks. Since 2015, 83% of school districts nationwide have received federal E-rate Category 2 funding — a dramatic increase from 14% between 2011 and 2014.

4 Tips for Successful E-rate Planning

EdTech Magazine

By EdTech Staff By creating a plan, K–12 IT administrators can make the most of the federal funds. Access Points Funding Management Networking Wi-Fi

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K–12 E-Rate Requests Slow Even As Money Is Available

EdTech Magazine

K–12 E-Rate Requests Slow Even As Money Is Available. While E-rate offers $3.9 Unused funds are rolled over into the next year, so there is plenty of money available for districts that need it , says Brian Stephens, the E-rate consulting firm’s senior compliance analyst.

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How Do You E-Rate?

EdTech Magazine

By David Andrade With the application deadline looming, we take a look at the program and changes that could be confusing to some districts. Funding Management

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5 Questions to ask a Potential E-rate Consultant

Education Superhighway

Are you a first time applicant looking for help during the upcoming E-rate cycle? If you have a lot on your plate and need support filing or you’re overwhelmed with the complex E-rate application process, you might want to consider how an E-rate consultant can help.

E-rate Terminology for Educators

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One of the barriers to entry for the E-rate program is the difficulty in understanding the technical terminology required to file for data services. For a full list of the technical terminology required to file Forms 470 or 471, visit our E-rate terminology glossary.