Adobe Releases New Storytelling App for iPad

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Adobe recently released a new Storytelling App for iPad. Adobe Voice, a new animated video app for iPad, that gives anyone the ability to create and share engaging video stories. Adobe Voice is available as a free download in the App Store.

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Everyone Can Create Powerful,Visual Stories with Adobe Spark

Two Guys and Some iPads

In previous posts, I have highlighted the Adobe Post mobile app and the beta version of Adobe Post Web. Now, Adobe has announced the availability of Adobe Spark. previously Adobe Post) Spark Page : an iOS mobile app that helps users create beautiful web stories.

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Adobe Slate: Amazing Storytelling Tool

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I’m a big fan of the storytelling app Adobe Voice. Adobe has just released an amazing new storytelling tool that is just as exciting. Adobe Slate is an iPad app that […]. ELA - Reading/Writing iPad Apps adobe digital portfolio digital storytelling

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Adobe Spark: Easily create and share videos, images, and newsletters

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What it is: Adobe Spark is a collection of fantastic (free!) How to integrate Adobe Spark in the classroom: The collection of tools in Adobe Spark are perfect for students and teachers alike. creative tools available online or as an app download.

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3 Adobe Post Activities for Your Classroom

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Adobe Voice and Adobe Slate are two of my favorite creation tools to share when leading workshops of K-12 teachers. Post is the new addition to this trio of powerful Adobe apps. Adobe Post lets users add text to images and create posters straight from their iOS device.

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6 Ways to Use Adobe Spark with Google Classroom

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I shared stories from my time as a one-to-one iPad classroom teacher and my work with teachers across the country… The post 6 Ways to Use Adobe Spark with Google Classroom appeared first on Class Tech Tips.

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13 ways to create unforgettable multimedia with Adobe Spark

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Ed Tech adobe spark creation creativity edtech educational technology images multimedia slideshows videoMultimedia is one way that technology is impacting what we do in the classroom. Just look back 10 years. To create impressive video, audio and images in the past, it used to take expensive equipment. Video mixers. Audio boards. Design software. Now we have high-resolution (or high-definition) creation tools right in our pockets. Smart phones, [.].

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5 Ways to Use Adobe Spark to Share School Stories

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Last May I shared the fantastic creation tool Adobe Spark. I’m a huge fan of… The post 5 Ways to Use Adobe Spark to Share School Stories appeared first on Class Tech Tips. Telling your school’s story is a must for educators in any learning environment.

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An Excellent Free Tool from Adobe to Create Animated Stories and Educational Posters

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May 19, 2016 Spark Adobe is an excellent application with huge educational potential. Adobe toolsAs a teacher, you can use Spark to create a wide variety of multimedia materials to include in more.

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Aviary Photo Editor Acquired by Adobe

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Aviary, the popular web based (and mobile app) photo and imaging editor has been acquired by Adobe. Aviary''s site has the announcement front and center and there is a full press release from Adobe. The press release from Adobe says that they acquired Aviary to help them "Accelerates Delivery of Mobile Apps that Integrate with Adobe Creative Cloud". adobe aviary

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Adobe Education Exchange courses


The Adobe EdEx provides free courses that mix software skill training with strategies for using the products in the classroom. News Strategies

4 Ways to Teach Digital Citizenship with Adobe Spark

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When supporting students as they create a… The post 4 Ways to Teach Digital Citizenship with Adobe Spark appeared first on Class Tech Tips. Turning students into content creators gives them an opportunity to explore a range of transferrable skills.

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Adobe Slate on the Web: iPad & Browser Creation Tool

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I’m a big fan of Adobe Slate which is available on the web and on iOS devices. Adobe Slate creations are connected to a link making it easy to share a final project. Creation tools empower students to tell their own stories and demonstrate their understanding.

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Adobe Announces Updates to Creative Cloud

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Adobe Creative Cloud was launched last year as a cloud offering of many of it''s most popular applications. This month Adobe has announced a major update to it. adobe creative cloud

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Adobe Spark Publishing Tools for Web Browsers & iOS Apps

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Big news today from Adobe! This means you can now use Adobe Spark Post (formerly Post), Adobe Spark Page (formerly Slate), and Adobe Spark Video (formerly Voice) on Chromebooks and iPads.

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Adobe announces major updates to Creative Cloud, including 3D

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Adobe Creative Cloud is Adobe''s online suite of apps, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Also added, Adobe Muse Exchange, a community-based exchange where custom widgets and templates can be borrowed and shared. Related: Adobe Creative Cloud.

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Learn How Adobe Education Exchange (@AdobeEdu) Can Help You Engage Your Digital Classroom Today!


Jeff sits down with Matt Niemitz from Adobe Education to discuss Adobe Education Exchange, a free resource for teachers to learn how to enhance their curriculum using Adobe solutions. TeacherCast Podcast Adobe Education

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Create Elegant Webpages from Words and Images with Adobe Slate

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Adobe just released its newest free storytelling iPad app, Slate. Adobe Slate is simple software for creating and publishing webpages that look great. It’s a sister app to Adobe Voice , so if you’re familiar with Voice, you’ll feel right at home in Slate. Adobe Slate is free.

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Adobe Education Exchange educator community announces new features

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Adobe Education Exchange is an online community of educators who share resources, ideas, tips, and more. adobe Adobe Education Exchange community free resources It launched at ISTE 2010 and now has over 75,000 educators sharing over 4,000 resources. They just re-launched it with some new features which you can read about here: [link].

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Adobe Spark — All-purpose Desktop Publishing Tool for the Classroom

Ask a Tech Teacher

Adobe Spark is a free graphic design app that allows students and teachers with no design experience to create impactful graphics, web stories, and animated videos. Set up an Adobe account. Adobe accounts cannot be created by children under the age of 13. More on Adobe Spark.

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Storytelling with Adobe Slate and My Dad

I’ve been an Adobe Voice user and have used it countless times with students. A few weeks ago, I was able to get a peek inside Adobe Slate and I’ve been anticipating its release since. Adobe Slate was simple enough for him to use and we appreciated that.

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Adobe Voice: Easy Tool for Quick Presentations

Baker's B.Y.O.D.

I tried out the new Adobe Voice iPad app yesterday and made a video for my 9th grade students to view. Adobe Voice is easy to use. I would like the ability to add more text to the slides, but the app is called Adobe VOICE, so the obvious emphasis is on speaking rather than reading. As a workaround, I could save PPT slides as jpgs and upload the jpgs to Adobe Voice. Adobe Voice can be used by experienced and novice iPad users.

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Adobe Slate- A Great App for Creating Beautiful Visual Stories with Students

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

August 8, 2015 Adobe Slate is an excellent free iPad app for students to use in digital storytelling.The app allows you to animate and bring to life any type of document and turn it into a more. iPad digital storytelling apps

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Adobe announces Acrobat XI with some great new features

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Adobe has just announced the newest version of Acrobat, Adobe Acrobat XI , with some great new features. The Student and Teacher Edition of AXI is immediately available for $119 through the Adobe Education Store. Please check out the Adobe blog for more information. adob

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8 Adobe Spark Poetry Activities for Chromebook & iPad Classrooms

Class Tech Tips

I’m very excited to share the free Adobe Spark tools and eight poetry activities for students. Earlier this year I shared a super… The post 8 Adobe Spark Poetry Activities for Chromebook & iPad Classrooms appeared first on Class Tech Tips. Looking for poetry lesson ideas?

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Adobe Education Exchange - An Excellent Educational Platform for Teachers

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

May 12, 2015 Adobe Education Exchange is a great educational platform that hosts a wealth of resources for teachers and educators. You can use it to access a wide variety of teaching and more. educational web tools

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Adobe Educator's Choice Awards - honoring innovative educators - apply now

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Adobe Education Exchange is a great resource for educators, with resources, lesson ideas, lesson plans, and a place to collaborate with other educators. Prizes include laptop (Macbook Pro) Adobe software Digital Camera and iPads with prizes in each category. adobe Adobe Education Exchange The 2012 Educator''s Choice Awards is an awards program for educators. Any educator can enter.

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Adobe launches Document Cloud

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Adobe recently announced Adobe Document Cloud, a new way to manage critical documents at home, in the office and across devices. Adobe Document Cloud will address the waste and inefficiency associated with document processes.

3 Reasons to Start School Year Paperless with Adobe's Document Cloud

EdTech Magazine

Frank Smith Adobe's latest update to its Document Cloud can ease the stress of entering a world of paper. Classroom Cloud Cloud apps Cloud Storage Curriculum Data Center Digital Content Digital Storage Mobile Apps Mobile Operating Systems Mobility

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Adobe Foundation and Discovery Education partner for Digital Media Curriculum

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The Adobe Foundation and Discovery Education have partnered together to provide free curriculum and resources to help educators use digital media to improve teaching and learning in the classroom. It is part of the Adobe Youth Voice program which promotes technology based creative skills. adobe Discovery Education Discovery Educator Network free resources

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Adobe releases gorgeous free web publishing app

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Adobe Slate hopes to put professional web publishing tools within reach. Adobe’s new iPad app, Slate, lets students create custom stories using text, photos, and animations with a surprising amount of professional sheen.

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5 Things I Learned About the Future of Education at Adobe MAX

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At the beginning of this month I had the opportunity to attend Adobe MAX in San Diego. The breakout sessions I attended were all jam… The post 5 Things I Learned About the Future of Education at Adobe MAX appeared first on Class Tech Tips.

7 Must-Try Summer Projects with Adobe Spark

Class Tech Tips

Since the Adobe Spark tools are… The post 7 Must-Try Summer Projects with Adobe Spark appeared first on Class Tech Tips. Whether you’re winding down the school year, in the midst of summer planning, or counting down to fall, I have a list of must-try summer projects I can’t wait to share with you! On this list you’ll find classroom activities for students and summer projects for teachers to explore.


Adobe debuts learning management system

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Releases Adobe Captivate 9 with enhanced mobile authoring and more that 25,000 eLearning assets. A new self-service learning management system (LMS) from Adobe is intended to enable learning professionals to easily and efficiently setup, deliver and track any form of learning.


Presentation Tools that Ignite Student Creativity

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Adobe Spark Example of a Adobe Spark Web Story Spark offers 3 different presentation types: Social Media Posts, Web Stories (similar to a PowerPoint), and Videos. For students wanting a professional looking product, Adobe Spark is an amazing option.

3 Classroom Math Activities with Adobe Spark

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The post 3 Classroom Math Activities with Adobe Spark appeared first on Class Tech Tips. How do your students share their learning in the math classroom? When it comes to movie-making, designing a website, or creating a social media graphic, we don't often associate these activities with mathematics. But students of all ages can jump into open-ended creation tools to tell the story of their learning in any subject area.

Adobe Slate and other new storytelling platforms


I’ve been in love with the elegance and free-ness of the Adobe Voice app for nearly a year now. This week, Adobe introduced an equally elegant tool for digital publishing–for those times you want to tell a non-video story, largely based on images.

9 Back-To-School Ideas for Adobe Spark in the Classroom

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Have you tried out the awesome Adobe Spark tools? One of my favorite phrases to use is tasks before apps… The post 9 Back-To-School Ideas for Adobe Spark in the Classroom appeared first on Class Tech Tips. I love apps and websites that empower students as creators and I’ve shared lots of ideas on my site for how to turn students into movie-makers, website creators and designers using these totally free tools.


Adobe Educators' Choice Awards

A Principal's Reflections

The 2012 Educators’ Choice Awards will honor and reward Adobe Education Exchange members who submit the most innovative teaching and learning materials. Adobe educational technology Innovation

Teacher Play – 6 Apps to Explore This Summer

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Adobe Voice and Adobe Slate (iPad). Adobe’s Voice and Slate apps promise to help you create clean, elegant videos and documents with minimal fuss. Apps Resources Technology Tools adobe slate adobe voice blendspace canva google classroom versal zaption