Adobe Offers Free K-12 At-Home Access

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As an unprecedented back-to-school season rolls out across the United States, Adobe (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced expanded support and resources for students, educators and the broader education community. Adobe’s Education group recently surveyed more than 1,000 U.S. About Adobe.

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5 Ways Adobe Premiere Rush Encourages Creativity in the Classroom

The CoolCatTeacher

Product Review: Features, Lesson Plan Ideas, and Tips From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter Adobe Premiere Rush is a simple to use video creation tool that includes powerful camera features, video editing, and publishing features.

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BetterLesson and Adobe release 300+ strategies for creativity, student engagement

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To support educators with student-centered learning, BetterLesson and Adobe have teamed up to create 325 free instructional strategies that build creativity, collaboration, and communication skills using products in the Adobe Creative Cloud suite.

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Face Off - Microsoft or Adobe for #Accessibility


Creating accessible content is not only important because it is the right thing to do. It is also important because not doing so leaves institutions and businesses at risk for lawsuits and loss of funding

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Sharing Adobe Spark Creations with Google Slides


The first is Adobe Spark , a set of three powerful creation tools for students and users of any age. Here is a quick overview of Adobe Spark with links to several use cases: Post – a graphic design tool perfect for capturing book quotes and creating classroom posters. How will your students access the Google Slides presentation? Then teachers type in this link to access the editable slide deck where they can share their work. Creating with Adobe Spark.

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Next Generation Adobe Acrobat XI

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Adobe recently announced its next-generation Adobe Acrobat XI software, complete with cloud services to help K-12 and higher education teachers and administrators handle complex document challenges and alleviate productivity inefficiencies. For example, Dan Armstrong, a graphic arts teacher at Lake City High School said: “ Adobe Acrobat XI is a problem solver for educators –it’s simple to learn and easy to use. Acrobat XI Adobe educational technology

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Creativity, Adobe EDU, and You!


Online learning has never been as accessible as it is in 2018. If you are looking to be more creative with your curriculum and leverage the power of high-quality and simple tools, then check out the Adobe Education Exchange! The post Creativity, Adobe EDU, and You! We are excited to share information with our CUE community about 20+ professional classes available for FREE.

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ISTE 2019: Adobe Spark Makes It Easy to Create and Collaborate

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ISTE 2019: Adobe Spark Makes It Easy to Create and Collaborate. Adobe Spark gives students and teachers user-friendly tools to make and share videos, web pages and social media posts. Because it is web-based, students can access their work easily on any device. Check out @Adobe Spark, an easy way to make videos, web pages and social media posts @claudiozavalajr @tacytrow @TanyaAvrith show just how easy it is #ISTE2019.

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Adobe Creative Cloud launches today - CS6 apps, sync, storage system

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On Monday, April 23rd, Adobe announced Adobe Creative Cloud Student and Teacher Edition, and Creative Suite 6 Student and Teacher Edition for institutions, educators and students worldwide. In addition to 14 new CS6 point products and four Creative Suites, Adobe is now delivering its first cloud offering for students and educators. Adobe Creative Cloud membership delivers: Access to download and install all CS6 applications, new HTML5 desktop products – Adobe Muse™ 1.0

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Lack of Technology Can Impede Creative Skills, Adobe Research Finds

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Lack of Technology Can Impede Creative Skills, Adobe Research Finds. Creative problem-solving also is a major proficiency of a successful 21st-century employee, Adobe finds in a report titled, “ Creative Problem Solving in Schools: Essential Skills Today’s Students Need for Jobs in Tomorrow’s Age of Automation.”. Limited student access to software and other tech, at school and at home. Adobe Makes Tech More Accessible.

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Adobe Foundation and Discovery Education partner for Digital Media Curriculum

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The Adobe Foundation and Discovery Education have partnered together to provide free curriculum and resources to help educators use digital media to improve teaching and learning in the classroom. The curriculum will be provided through the Discovery Educator Network and includes access to professional development resources, webinars, video tutorials, community forums, classroom materials activities and online resources.

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Adobe's Project Rome

The Web20Classroom

On Sunday Adobe released Project Rome. The program runs on the Adobe Air platform so it will run on a PC, Mac or Linux with ease and it is a light install, about 20 mb. It can be accessed from the web as well. Adobe Project Rome I was able to get a sneak peak and let me tell you, this is a pretty cool program. Think of it as an interactive portfolio and project manager. Students (or teachers) can use the amazing features of Rome to create highly engaging presentations.

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App of the Week: Adobe Capture CC

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Adobe Capture CC. Use Adobe Capture CC to help students pick out (and use!) After that, have students export Capture’s asset library to other Adobe apps (like Photoshop) to create finalized projects such as composite posters for school events, custom composite images for a class YouTube channel, or a Facebook banner. Pros : Access to granular photo elements; ability to create and share photo element libraries; fully compatible with Adobe CC apps.

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Adobe Spark — All-purpose Desktop Publishing Tool for the Classroom

Ask a Tech Teacher

Adobe Spark is a free graphic design app that allows students and teachers with no design experience to create impactful graphics, web stories, and animated videos. With a goal of encouraging creativity and meaningful communication without requiring a degree in graphic design, Adobe Spark allows users to integrate text, photos, original fonts, video, audio, professional themes, and icons into simple but professional projects that communicate ideas cohesively and quickly.

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Adobe Announces New K12 Creative Cloud Offer


Today, Adobe announced a new Creative Cloud offer available exclusively to K-12 schools and districts: beginning May 15, 2018, Adobe Creative Cloud will be available to K-12 schools for $4.99 This license can be setup with single sign-on so that students and teachers can use their existing school ID to access Creative Cloud apps like Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, XD, and more, wherever they are and on any device. For more information, visit the Adobe blog post.

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5 Easy Ways To Make Your Digital Content Accessible To Everyone

The Web20Classroom

For others we need to differentiate and make the content more accessible to accommodate for a disability. As classrooms and digital spaces become more ubiquitous educators must understand how the content they create and put in these online spaces must be made accessible for all. is accessibility. Specifically website accessibility. Not everyone will access that content the same way or complete a task like a form fill the same way. accessibility

Adobe Spark: Easily create and share videos, images, and newsletters

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What it is: Adobe Spark is a collection of fantastic (free!) How to integrate Adobe Spark in the classroom: The collection of tools in Adobe Spark are perfect for students and teachers alike. Teachers, you can use Adobe Spark to create a weekly newsletter (SO easy to share home with parents!), If you have a class social media channel on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube- Adobe Spark is about to take it to the next level of awesomeness!

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Adobe Spark for Simple Multimedia Projects

The Electric Educator

One great option is Adobe Spark - a free tool from the creators of PhotoShop, InDesign, and many other professional design products. Adobe Spark has a few immediate things going for it: Simple log in / signup process (You can use your Google Account) Super simple interface with minimal buttons and clutter. There are three different project options in Adobe Spark - posts (still image), page (mini web-site) or Video (photo slide show).

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Class Tech Tips: Sharing Adobe Spark Creations with Google Slides


The first is Adobe Spark , a set of three powerful creation tools for students and users of any age. How will your students access the Google Slides presentation? Then teachers type in this link to access the editable slide deck where they can share their work. Creating with Adobe Spark In my book Tasks Before Apps: Designing Rigorous Learning in a Tech-Rich Classroom I talk about the importance of empowering students as creators.

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Can PDFs Be Made Accessible?

The Innovative Educator

PDFs are one of the biggest issues for website accessibility. of respondents indicated that PDF documents are very or somewhat likely to pose significant accessibility issues. That's because making PDFs accessible takes work, training, and includes a software purchase.

Adobe Launches Spark With Premium Features  Free of Charge


Adobe Releases US Results from Creative Problem Solving Study ] Details on how educators can get Spark for Education with premium features for free for their school, along with Spark training and professional development complete with a guide to using Spark in the classroom can be found on the Spark for Education website. Spark for Education with premium features and additional functionality is now available to K-12 and higher education students everywhere , free of charge.

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Adobe Flash End of Life & the Threat to Education


Adobe Flash end of life in 2020 is soon arriving. What does the Adobe Flash end of life mean for educators? For over 25 years, Adobe has been one of the largest and most diversified software companies in the world. If a teacher has ever done any photo editing, stream a video online, or played an internet game in the classroom, they have used Adobe. The beginning of the end started in 2017, Adobe fixed a date to retire one of the most used software in internet history.

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Adobe Education Exchange - An Excellent Educational Platform for Teachers

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

May 12, 2015 Adobe Education Exchange is a great educational platform that hosts a wealth of resources for teachers and educators. You can use it to access a wide variety of teaching and more. educational web tools

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EdisonLearning and Pointful Education Partner To Expand Access To Online Career and Technical Courses

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These CTE and elective courses add to the 150+ courses already available in the EdisonLearning library and expand schools’ access to well-rounded content to support students’ college, career, civic and life readiness. Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator. ?

Class Tech Tips: Adobe Spark and Nearpod: Tips for a Must-Try Combo


So I’ve put together a list of ways Adobe Spark and Nearpod are a fantastic pair of EdTech tools! Adobe Spark in the Classroom If you haven’t used the Spark tools before they are totally free, intuitive creation tools for students, professionals, and creatives in any industry. I’ve shared Adobe Spark a handful of times on my website because it is so student friendly. This year, the team at Adobe announced that K-12 schools could access all premium Spark features for free.

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Understanding, Teaching, and Reaching Digital Native Students—and Digital Native Caregivers


Teachers should remember that not every family may be able to afford Internet access, so old-fashioned printed notes and bulletins still have a place in the student’s backpack. Adobe Blog.

Exchange Ideas With a Growing Community

A Principal's Reflections

The Adobe Education Exchange is a central location for educators to meet, share, discuss, and collaborate on topics of interest to the Adobe education community. Educators can share best practices, discuss and collaborate around topics of interest, and gain inspiration for using Adobe software in the classroom in innovative ways. There are numerous benefits associated with becoming a member of the Adobe Education Exchange. Adobe digital media educational technology

A true gift from SHEG: DIY digital literacy assessments and tools for historical thinking


You may remember Stanford History Education Group (SHEG) for its groundbreaking and utterly depressing report, Evaluating Information: The Cornerstone of Online Civic Reasoning. In the November 2016 Executive Summary , the researchers shared: When thousands of students respond to dozens of tasks there are endless variations. That was certainly the case in our experience.

Read Works Provides Access to Handy Text Passages


I recently discovered ReadWorks - this website provides free access to reading passages and much more, with skill and strategy units on many topics in comprehension. an app such as Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to use highlighting and other annotation tools. Expository text passages are handy for language intervention. There's a lot you can teach with a passage as a context!

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16 Free Resources for Schools Who are Closing Due to Coronavirus

The CoolCatTeacher

Note: This doesn’t discuss the policy issues involving meals, access, and equity but is meant to get you started and prepared. If your school is closed due to the virus, you can apply for free access to the BrainPop videos to use at your school.

Google Offers Free Cloud Access to Colleges, Plays Catch Up to Amazon, Microsoft


education grant offering free credits for its cloud platform, with no credit card required, unlimited access to its suite of tools and training resources. Amazon Web Services has dominated the cloud service business by being around longest (2006) and nabbing corporate and governmental customers like Comcast, Adobe and the Department of Defense. now, but Google says it plans to extend access to other places in the future.

Animonths: Use Splashtop Remote to Access Flash Animation


There are a lot of great interactive animated activities online that were created using Adobe Flash, the multimedia platform that was once the medium of choice to add interactivity to webpages. Adobe eventually admitted to this when they stated they wouldn''t be developing Flash for even Android devices anymore. These Flash resources are still out there on the web and sure would be great to be able to access on your iPad.

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Highlight Incredible Learning with a Newsletter

Teacher Reboot Camp

You will have to sign up for a free account to access and edit the templates. Adobe Spark- click here to browse the templates. Part of the December 2020 STEM Resources Digital Calendar !

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Tons of Professional Development Resources for Teachers and Educators

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Adobe Education Exchange is a great educational platform that hosts a wealth of resources for teachers and educators. You can use it to access a wide variety of teaching and learning materials more

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How Digital Art Classes Are Blazing New Trails

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In a recent study on creative problem-solving , Adobe found 86 percent of educators and 85 percent of policymakers believe students who excel at problem-solving will have better-paying jobs in the future. . Authors of the study conclude that globally, 79 percent of educators say there’s a lack of time designated for creativity, and 73 percent say there’s a lack of access to software in classrooms. One solution: Adobe Creative Cloud.

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