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Unified Classroom Makes a Teacher’s Life Easier #iste17 @MyPowerSchool

The CoolCatTeacher

A conversation with Hardeep Gulati from PowerSchool in episode 106 of the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter.

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Knowledge vs. Access to Knowledge

The Principal of Change

I ask you a question. You are unsure of the answer, so you google it, tweet out if anyone has an answer, or use a plethora of resources that are at your fingertips. You find an answer and I call you resourceful. . I ask the student the same question, and they use your same approach you just did.

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How To Read A Book: 3 Strategies & Questions For Critical Reading

TeachThought - Learn better.

The post How To Read A Book: 3 Strategies & Questions For Critical Reading appeared first on TeachThought. Literacy General How-To Middle & High School terry heick

TEACHER VOICE: What if instead of the voucher battle, we gave all of the nation’s children a top STEM education

The Hechinger Report

Former Teacher of the Year Bob Goodman with students. Our students are slipping behind in global competition. This not only puts individual students at a severe disadvantage; it puts our country on a declining trajectory. This trend is particularly problematic in regard to STEM subjects.

5 Costly Inventory Management Mistakes Schools Should Avoid

If your school is like most, inventory and/or asset management plays a critical role in daily operations.

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Your legacy as an educator is always determined by what your students do. #EmpowerBook

The Principal of Change

I am extremely honoured to announce that in conjunction with Dave and Shelley Burgess , the creators of the DBC, Inc. line of books, we have formed a subsidiary publishing company, IMpress.

CoolCat Teacher’s ISTE 2017 Resources #iste17

The CoolCatTeacher

My slide shows and resources From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. It is ISTE17 time. I’ll keep this post updated with current information about ISTE. Here’s my schedule. Cool Cat Teacher’s Mega Share App Presentation. This will be at the Microsoft Partner Booth 1140 in the Exhibit Hall from 12:15 – 1 pm. Mega edtech tool Share – Vicki Davis #iste17 from Vicki Davis.

10 Books on Personalized Learning for School Leaders

Education Elements

If you’re like us, as you wind down another hectic school year, you’re imagining yourself on a beach with a few good reads. But what books will make the cut? Education Elements put together a few of our favorites on personalized and blended learning just for you. You’ll start the 2017-18 school year refreshed and full of great ideas to continue to move forward with personalized learning at your school and across your district. Personalized Learning Leaders

Mindsets for a Bold New World #LT8Keys

A Principal's Reflections

There are points in our professional lives that change us for the better. I vividly remember one such moment in 2009 when I took a device from a student as he had it out in the hallway.

Join SETDA: Affiliate Memberships Now Accepted

SETDA's Affiliate program connects non-profit education membership organizations with state leaders. SETDA's mission is to build the capacity of education leaders to improve learning through technology policy & practice. Benefits include: SETDA conferences, webinars and news feeds.

This Is What It’s Like To Work For A Chinese Company In America

EdNews Daily

51Talk is China’s leading online English education platform. Learn from James and Robyn. James is the North American Marketing Manager at 51Talk. Robyn is the Senior Editor at 51Talk, and a LinkedIn-Thought Leader featured with Influencers. This podcast originally appeared on the China Business Cast.

Savvy’s Interviews: EduMatch and Edtech with Kids

Teacher Reboot Camp

Today Savvy conducted her pre-ISTE interviews at the Badge Summit. Below, watch the live video interviews. Baby Savvy was excited to catch up with two of our favorite educators. Baby Savvy spoke to Sarah Thomas (@Sarahdateechur) about the newest EduMatch book launching tomorrow. Michelle Baldwin ( @MichelleK107 ) talked about integrating technology with children and why it is important they explore with technology. Baby Savvy will be conducting live interviews for the rest of ISTE.

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Bringing World Class Presentations Into The Classroom With Slidebot


For over 30 years, Microsoft PowerPoint has been the dominant tool of choice for lecturers and teachers wishing to engage their students and impart their knowledge. In recent years, however, this dynamic has started to change.

The Market in India: Surging Demand for English-Language Schools

Marketplace K-12

The number of private schools in India offering curriculum in English is likely to grow in the months ahead, according to ISC Research. The post The Market in India: Surging Demand for English-Language Schools appeared first on Market Brief.


Why Teaching Children To Read And Write Should Be Fun

Ask a Tech Teacher

Ask a Tech Teacher contributor, Sara Stringer, has a good article this month on literacy among children and how to improve the dismal statistics : In the Middle Ages, literacy was highly valued. People yearned for literacy then, the way an average American might yearn to win the lottery today.

Savvy’s Interviews: Student Voice, UDL, Makerspaces & More

Teacher Reboot Camp

Savvy conducted her pre-ISTE interviews at the Badge Summit and at the famous El Mercado shops at Market Square. Below, watch the live video interviews. Baby Savvy was excited to catch up with two of our favorite educators. Baby Savvy spoke to Rodney Turner (@TechyTurner) about student voice and pivot tables. Barbara Bray ( @BBray27 ) shared her work with Universal Design Learning, digital badges, and makerspaces. Baby Savvy will be conducting live interviews for the rest of ISTE.

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Top Ten Screencastify Tips


Extension for Chrome This chrome extension lets you create screencasts directly from your browser on your laptop or desktop. Capture audio and video easily. Learn More > 2. Install on your laptop or desktop > Go to myhWTh > Click on the blue button ‘Free’ > Accept the terms Install > myhWTh 3.

How To Pick Kids' Apps For The Backseat This Summer

NPR Learning and Tech

Screen time can be more than a distraction if you follow these principles. Image credit: Chelsea Beck/NPR

OneNote–the all-in-one digital notetaking, classroom app for educators

Ask a Tech Teacher

It used to be, every class I taught started with students scrambling for notepaper and sharpening their pencils. Everyone took notes and used those to study for exams. If students wanted to share notes, they had to find a copy machine.

Yikes! Education is the Number 1 Target for Ransomware Attacks


Here are 15+ Colleges, Universities, and K-12 Schools and Districts hit by Ransomware (and many more that have been hit have avoided ending up in the news). At the recent UBTech conference, I sat. Please click on the post title to continue reading the full post. Thanks (and thanks for subscribing)!].

Why education is really a relationship business

eSchool News

For all our conversations about edtech and curriculum and funding and unions and building schools and transportation and testing and every other thing, education is about people. More specifically, education is about relationships. Nothing happens in education without relationships.

Informal STEM Learning Has Big Positive Impact


Informal STEM learning – whether it's after school, in summer settings, or at home – is a major factor in getting adolescents on a path toward STEM careers. Anne Jolly describes the why, where and how, and shares online resources for program and curriculum planning.


​Updates, Upgrades and Overheard: What Was Unveiled at ISTE 2017


Flocks of educators and entrepreneurs have made their way down to San Antonio this week for the mecca of edtech conferences, hosted by the International Society for Technology in Education—better known as ISTE. The annual event brings together thousands of teachers all trying to find the latest news, gadgets and education tips (or in this year’s case, to hear a few words from podcast superstar Jad Abumrad ).

The Digital Skills Gap in Education and Beyond

Where Learning Clicks

Building digital literacy skills early on helps students curb the digital skills gap when it comes to online assessments, college, and careers. The post The Digital Skills Gap in Education and Beyond appeared first on Where Learning Clicks.

25 Focus Areas For Implementing Personalized Learning

Education Elements

In 2015 we published the first edition of our Personalized Learning Implementation Framework (aka PL Framework) based on lessons learned from working with schools and districts over the previous five years. At that time I shared how the PL Implementation Framework was inspired by my Grandma Rose’s love of bingo and the idea that, much like on a bingo board, there are many ways to “win” on the PL Framework.

7 Best Practices For Using Digital Manipulatives in the Classroom

MIND Research Institute

Try to think way back to when you first stopped using your fingers to count. (No, No, seriously. Take a second and try. Can you get back there?). Was it hard to stop your fingers from twitching? Did you find yourself imagining your fingers or another object in your head instead?

An interesting Visual on Project-based Learning for Teachers

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

June 24, 2017 For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, below is one of our popular infographics on project-based learning we published awhile ago. The visual features some useful resources to more. Repost

Savvy #ISTE17 Interviews: Engaging Students with Hip Hop and Edtech

Teacher Reboot Camp

Baby Savvy enjoyed speaking to our good friend, William Jeffery, @CoachJeffery. William has been one of the organizers and founders of Edspeakers , one of the most diverse databases of educational speakers, keynotes, and edupreneurs. We love the enthusiasm and energy he brings as a teacher, technology specialist, and digital innovator. In his interview, he speaks to Savvy about using Hip Hop and web tools to engage and inspire students.

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Communicate: Not Throw Words to the Universe

Teacher Tech

Be Smart About Your Communication You may have the best intentions and are feeling slammed for time, but if you are not communicating clearly aren’t you just wasting your time? When creating an email, newsletter or another form of communication take some time to consider if people will actually read it. Digital Communication is an […]. The post Communicate: Not Throw Words to the Universe appeared first on Teacher Tech. Blog Entries


What does your digital portfolio show?

The Principal of Change

I am past the seven-year mark of my digital portfolio (you are reading it right now), and I would say that both personally and professionally, nothing has made more of an impact on my career or learning.

T&L's ISTE 2017 Best of Show Awards Winners


Tech & Learning has announced the winners of the ISTE 2017 Best of Show Awards. Thanks to our team of advisors for sharing their time and expertise to explore the latest and greatest announcements f. Techlearning Resources Contests

Savvy #ISTE17 Interviews: The #PassthescopeEDU and #NotAtISTE17 Movements

Teacher Reboot Camp

Baby Savvy spoke to two awesome people who are bringing the ISTE 2017 experience to those who could not attend this year, Brian Romero Smith (@BrianRSmithSr) , part of the #PassTheScopeEDU crew, and Jamie Camp (@Connect2Jamie) , part of NotAtISTE. PassTheScopeEdu is a movement that allows viewers to connect with educators beyond the walls of the classroom using Periscope.

Follow #ISTE17 OR #ISTE2017 Hashtag

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Multiple Hashtags in Tweetdeck The official hashtag of the ISTE conference this year is #ISTE17. I am thrilled to have my 2 characters back, I needed them. A few people are inadvertently using the incorrect hashtag of #ISTE2017. If you use Tweetdeck you can follow both! Tweetdeck Start by going to and doing a search […]. The post Follow #ISTE17 OR #ISTE2017 Hashtag appeared first on Teacher Tech. Twitter

ISTE 2017: Google Introduces New Features for Classroom Exploration

EdTech Magazine

By Jena Passut The tech giant expands offerings that help teachers use tools like Google Earth Voyager in the classroom. 3D printing Classroom Curriculum Digital Content Hardware STEM Virtual Reality

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