10 Tools That Can Help Students With Case Study Analysis


Image Source A Range of Tools to Lend Efficiencies to Case Study Assignments Case study analysis is a serious work that often demands a lot of time and effort.

Case Study: A “mega” school district negotiates a better deal

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As is the case in many mega-districts, PWCPS already had access to high-speed broadband. The post Case Study: A “mega” school district negotiates a better deal appeared first on EducationSuperHighway. Prince William County Public Schools (PWCPS) is a massive district.

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9 case studies reveal secrets of successful blended, online learning programs

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Evergreen Education Group, in cooperation with FuelEd, has published an executive summary and nine full case studies, “ Outcomes of Blended and Online Learning Programs in Schools Using Fuel Education Curriculum.”

The Case for Case Studies: Success Stories for Continued Growth

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Case studies provide a glimpse into how vision, strategic planning, and implementation drive results-oriented change. Image credit: https://www.dynbiz.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/case_study.jpg No two schools or districts take on the same initiative in the same way.

Use of Case Studies as a Student-Centered Approach to Learning

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The use of case studies is a powerful pedagogical approach to incorporate student-centered learning activities into lessons. As a science teacher I routinely utilized case studies as they provided a relevant context to what I was teaching.

What K-12 School Leaders Look for in Ed-Tech Product Research

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An award-winning district leader focuses on products that help with personalization, and says companies can start the conversation with case studies.

Live Interview on Thursday, February 24th - Case Study on the North Carolina School Connectivity Initiative

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Case Studies, Videos & AUPs

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Case Studies St. AUPs Case Studies Videos Marys City Schools (Verizon) St. Marys City Schools (GoKnow) Inkster Public Schools (Michigan) Videos GoKnow Mobile Learning Videos AUPs MLD Acceptable Use Policy BYOT Acceptable Use Policy AUP and Fair Use Policy Resources.

A tale of two pilots

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Here are two case studies of how carefully planned and executed pilots helped districts make informed choices—and improve teaching and learning. Best Practices Digital Learning and Tools case study lightspeed myon pilots

Hiring the Best Staff for Your School


attitudes case studies dispositions educator recruitment eye on education guide hiring process narrative research Rick Jetter RoutledgeWhat makes an educator a good fit for a school?

Give me some credit, please! (Exploring plagiarism through a series of clever case studies by Jen)


Jen describes the thinking behind the workshop: As a social studies teacher, students’ plagiarism was always an issue for me. I am usually pretty darn proud of my MLIS students’ work.

How Adaptive Learning Technology Can Help Transform U.S. STEM Education


Featured Trends adaptive technology case study featured learning assessment resource This article was co-written by Dr. Nishikant Sonwalkar and Ben Owens Many of today’s classrooms look very much like they did 100 years ago: rows of desks, students passively listening to lecture-based instruction, and a one-size-fits all method of instruction. These classrooms look nothing like the real world’s fast-moving, tech-savvy global workplaces, and until […].

Good online teaching is often just plain good teaching

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Blended Learning eClassroom News Opinion Viewpoint best practice case study class classroom ELA online online courses Online Learning online teaching reading skills school student students teacher teaching

Case Study – Huntington Beach Schools Achieves New Networking Standards with Brocade

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Ancillary BroCade schools standards study

The Creation of a Picture Language

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Case Study Collaboration Family Language TechniquesDuring the 1990s, a most amazing collaboration arose in Lund, Sweden between a rehabilitation engineer from the University of Lund and an artist who ran a day program for adults with intellectual disabilities.

Miami-Dade (MDCPS) case study

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How to Simplify Your Printing Solution | A Case Study

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Date: Tuesday, September 29th. Time: 1:00 pm EST / 10:00 am PST. Here’s the Sitch. For any education institution (in Higher Ed & K-12), we seek to simplify administrative processes. In this webinar, learn how one community college streamlined its printing solution to empower all end users.

Top New Books for Educators

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Outside the Classroom Amy Saltzman Case Studies on Safety Bullying and Social Media in Schools Christopher Willard Donald McMahon education books Find Me Unafraid Gene B.

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Case Study: St. Thomas More Catholic High School


Case Study: St. Thomas More Catholic High School St. Thomas More Catholic High School’s objective was to refresh its existing estate of tablets with a more modern hybrid device that would allow for m. Techlearning Resources White Papers

Case Study: A “mega” school district negotiates a better deal

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As is the case in many mega-districts, PWCPS already had access to high-speed broadband. The post Case Study: A “mega” school district negotiates a better deal appeared first on EducationSuperHighway. Prince William County Public Schools (PWCPS) is a massive district. With 95 schools, over 10,000 employees and almost 90,000 students, it is the second largest school district in Virginia and the 36th largest in the nation.

5 Stories of Superintendent Leadership from AASA and Discovery Education

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Superintendents profiled in the AASA-Discovery Education Case Study Series include: Kristine Gilmore. District Administrators Education Featured Illinois Virginia Wisconsin AASA Case Studies professional learning communities Superintendent

Person County Schools video case study

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How One Teacher’s Simple Experiment Rekindled a Love of Learning


This is certainly the case when it comes to bridging the tech divide in the classroom, where on one side you have traditionalist teachers, on the other side the tech-savvy students. Students would make friends with one another and form online study groups within GoConqr.

How to Simplify Your Printing Solution | A Case Study

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You’re almost there! Help us out by answering these 3 quick questions to unlock the presentation. Retired Whitepapers

A Look Inside the Classroom of the Future


Photo Credit: Katie DelaVaughn Dana Mortenson Education Trends To educate students for 21st-century careers, educators should be using real-world case studies, embracing complexity, practicing empathy, integrating technology, and encouraging reflection

Blended Learning Success: Positively Impacting Every Student


We are pleased to share with you some highlights from the Crater Lake Charter Academy case study

100 Percent Graduation Rates for a Public Military Academy


We are pleased to share with you some highlights from the Carver Military Academy case study

Restorative Justice: Resources for Schools


Matt Davis School Climate Explore resources and case studies that demonstrate how to bring restorative justice to your school or classroom Photo credit: The Chapman Cultural Center via flickr (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Case Study: Chromebooks for Education: KIPP Academy of Opportunity, Los Angeles, CA

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Chromebooks for Education connect students and teachers at KIPP Academy of Opportunity with the power of the web. Best Practices for Chromebook Adoption

Google Updates and Improves its Learning Center for Teacher Training

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Google has updated and improved its Learning Center for Teacher Training with new use cases and best practices, making it even more useful and easier to learn about Google apps. There are lessons, case studies, examples and best practices, and ways to connect with other educators.

Technology’s Impact on Adult Learners and their Children

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Leveraging Technology for Even Greater Impact: Two Case Studies. In these two case studies, we explore technology’s impact by tracing the journeys of two family literacy programs as they used technology in transformative ways to meet their learners’ needs. Case Study #1: Briya Public Charter School, Washington, D.C. Case Study #2: The Students and Parents in Cooperative Education (SPICE) Family Literacy Program, Central Maine.

Saving Students’ Lives: All Part of a Day’s Work

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Our latest case study shares one of those stories. Other highlights in this case study include how: The district’s digital transformation includes devices and student access to email and online file storage.

"The Class" - A Film to Teach and Inspire


Photo credit: © Sony Pictures Classics, 2008 Mark Phillips Classroom Management Mark Phillips draws compelling case studies (for both students and teachers) from a masterful French film about the tensions and possibilities in a multicultural classroom

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New Website Bridges the Communication Divide

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In this new case study learn how Zumbrota-Mazeppa School District was able to: Use its new website as a recruitment tool.

Monitoring the Progress of School Initiatives


Valencic AMLE Association for Middle Level Education case study district framework improvement James W.

How One of the Most Recognized School Districts in the Country Keeps its Students Safe

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How Gaggle fits into the direct’s digital plan is described in a new case study.

The fascinating link between Minecraft and SEL

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The report is based on interviews, a global survey and case studies as it offers an overview of SEL, an insight on gaming in education, and advice from educators on how to support a school-based SEL program.

Do You Know the Edtech Adoption Rules in Your State? SETDA’s New Guide May Help.


All four are profiled in case studies that detail their policies, funding allotments, adoption processes and notable challenges. State Procurement Case Studies: Spotlight on Digital Materials Acquisition is available online. . What’s the difference between selling an education product to California versus Indiana—or any other state, for that matter?

Personalizing Student and Educator Learning through Micro-credentials

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Learn more about this micro-credential pilot at Baltimore County Public Schools by reading the complete case study in Micro-credentials: Igniting Impact in the Ecosystem.

A Recipe for Keeping Students Safe When Using Google Apps

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In this case study learn how Cincinnati Public Schools is able to: Provide safety controls that surpass those that come with Google Apps. Receive notifications from safety experts in cases of Possible Student Situations whenever there’s an imminent threat.