iPad Magic: 6 Ideas Every iPad Teacher Needs to Know

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Want to show your cursor on the iPad screen? There’s a trick for these things and more on the iPad. Today, Tony Vincent shares six ideas every iPad teacher needs to know. iPad Magic: 6 Ideas Every iPad Teacher Needs to Know. He is one of my Go To people for iPads.

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iPad Math Journals in Kindergarten

iTeach with iPads

To reinforce these iPad skills, we have pattern blocks in our math center and real geoboards. Beginning of the School Year In the Classroom beginning of the school year and ipads ipads in kindergarten math with ipads

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The Power of the iPad in Kindergarten

iTeach with iPads

Last week, our school iPads were replaced. We were very excited to exchange our iPad 2’s for the new iPad Air. Our old iPads served us well but were suffering from frequent app crashes. So, yes, I am thrilled to have our iPads back.

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Using the iPad for Writing in Kindergarten

iTeach with iPads

For those those that have difficulty finding inspiration, we utilize the camera app on the iPad. Anchor Charts In the Classroom Literacy Personalized Learning The Art of Teaching Writing ipads in kindergarten ipads in the classroom personalizing learning with ipads writing with ipads

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Touchscreen Chromebooks: the iPad killers in schools?

Ditch That Textbook

I have worked with all sorts of digital devices in my own classroom — desktop computers, laptops, Chromebooks, iPads, student cell phones and a variety of others.

Building Early Literacy Skills With iPads

iTeach with iPads

So, while this is all fresh on my mind, I am going to share a few work samples from some of our recent literacy activities on iPads. When we use the iPads to enhance literacy skills, we are synthesizing both tangible and intangible language.

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iPads and Science in Kindergarten

iTeach with iPads

We made a chart of describing words and then, we grabbed our iPads. Giving children a variety of experiences and enhancing those experiences with the iPads creates long-lasting connections with learning.

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iPads for Masterful Math: Randomizing Formative Math Assessment

The CoolCatTeacher

Dr. Sean Nank’s research shows that the single biggest method for improving learning with iPads is to use online formative assessments. You do not need iPads to implement and learn from this research. Vicki: So, what kind of formative assessments are you doing on the iPads?

BEST OF SEASON 1: iPads in Kindergarten

The CoolCatTeacher

Caitlin Arakawa tops the list with her show about how she uses iPads in Kindergarten. The post BEST OF SEASON 1: iPads in Kindergarten appeared first on Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis @coolcatteacher helping educators be excellent every day.

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Using iPads to Plan in Kindergarten

iTeach with iPads

They will open their notes app on their iPads and write out their plan for the day. Apps I Use In the Classroom Literacy Personalized Learning Writing ipads in education ipads in kindergarten personalized learning teaching and learning with iPads

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New tablets for Education - comparing the new Acer Chromebook Tab 10 and the new Apple iPad

Educational Technology Guy

Last week had two interesting announcements for EDU - a new iPad and the Acer Chromebook Tab 10 tablet. There have been a lot of different reactions from the two, but most reactions were very positive towards the Chromebook Tab and very "meh" to the new iPad.

iPad Mania: 20 ideas for sparking interest in class with iPads

Ditch That Textbook

When Steve Jobs introduced the world to the iPad, it was a marvel that had the potential to make big change. The iPad’s possibilities in education were seen quickly and have developed over time. Ed Tech app smashing apps creative teaching edtech educational technology ipad

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Using the iPad for Addition

iTeach with iPads

Apps I Use Personalized Learning iPads and math ipads in kindergarten personalizing learning with ipads teaching and learning with iPads The essence of mathematics is not to make simple things complicated, but to make complicated things simple. -S. Gudder.

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Engaging Kindergartners with Technology: Augmented Reality, Ipads, QR Codes and More

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Engaging Kindergartners with Technology: Augmented Reality, Ipads, QR Codes and More. Ipads and Augmented Reality. Greg: One way is iPads. Most of the kids are completely familiar with iPads and tablets and phones, so we have some iPads in the classroom with some folders.

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#01: Awesome Apps for iPads in the Elementary Classroom

The CoolCatTeacher

Karen Lirenman ( @ KLirenman ) and Kristen Wideen ( @ mrswideen ) have written the definitive book on using iPads in the elementary classroom, Innovate with iPad: Lessons to Transform Learning in the Classroom. The problem with iPads is there are so many apps and so many choices.

Mid-March Madness with iPads in Kindergarten

iTeach with iPads

Sometimes the kids choose paper, sometimes iPad. Apps I Use Literacy Personalized Learning Writing ipads in education ipads in kindergarten Personalized Learning with ipads teaching with iPads All the world is a laboratory to the inquiring mind. Martin H. Fischer.

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Creativity and Inspiration with iPads in Kindergarten

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Apps I Use In the Classroom Literacy Personalized Learning Writing ipads and personalized learning ipads in kindergarten teaching and learning with iPads A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning.-Brad Brad Henry.

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My favorite iPad case for kids!


One item I kept seeing everyone walk around with were these really cool iPad cases. The case is light weight, comfortable, and keeps the iPad safe - which is KEY for little ones (like Jacob)! they have cases for iPad minis , too! This way, the kids can stand their iPad up when working. They even have charging carts that allow you to keep your iPads safe in their cases without having to remove them each time. Durable. Portable. Colorful.

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Paper 53 Is The ‘Sketch-iPad’ You Always Wanted


Tagged: App , art , edtech , education , ipad , lessons , paper 53 , teaching. education App art edtech ipad lessons paper 53 teachingPaper 53 is a brilliant app which combines drawings, notes, photos and sketches. It is available on the Appstore.

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Honored to join EdTechTeacher's iPad Summit!

Two Guys and Some iPads

Brad and I are incredibly honored to be featured speakers for EdTechTeacher's iPad Summit in San Diego February 2-3, 2016. We plan to bring together thought leaders, iPad education experts, Google for Education Certified Trainers, and talented educators who are trailblazing in education.

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@Nearpod: Teaching Smarter with iPads


Nearpod: the iPad Teacher''s must have tool I''ve been meaning to post about Nearpod for a few weeks; however, with the ISTE conference and arranging my recent give-away (thanks Nearpod for supporting), I''ve been a bit swamped. Nearpod is a free app you can download to your iPad.

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Fostering Mathematical Mindsets with iPads in the Classroom from Mason


And when classrooms go one-to-one with iPads, this enhances opportunities to foster the mathematical mindsets of students in the classroom. Help students make relevant connections to mathematical concepts by photographically capturing the world around them using the iPad’s c amera.

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Building Vocabulary with iPads

iTeach with iPads

Using word walls, mentor texts, non-fiction texts across all subjects, and especially creation apps on the iPad give students many opportunities to interact with new vocabulary. Consider using creation apps on the iPad to help develop student vocabulary.

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Using the iPad Camera with Young Students

iTeach with iPads

One of the questions I get asked most often regarding the use of iPad devices in early childhood classrooms is “How do I get started?” ” If you’ve not used the iPad with young children before, it can seem a bit overwhelming.

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Turn your iPad into a Clicker for Students!


turning your iPad into a Clicker System A friend of mine, David ( @ dkapuler ), just sent me an email about a great new app that can offer teachers immediate feedback so that they can adjust their instruction in real time. The Answer Pad.

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Phonics Strategies for Young Learners Using the iPad

iTeach with iPads

Fortunately, I have iPads to assist in meeting the needs of all students, regardless of their skill level. Apps I Use Beginning of the School Year In the Classroom Literacy Personalized Learning early literacy strategies ipads in education ipads in kindergarten personalizing learning

An Australian Math Classroom with iPads

The CoolCatTeacher

Today Tom Davidson @trdvo shares how he uses iPads in his math classes to teach. If you’re using iPads or want to compare how math is being taught somewhere else, this is a wonderful classroom Wednesday that you don’t want to miss! An Australian math classroom with iPads.

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Saving Big Money with iPads and Google Classroom

The CoolCatTeacher

Today Kyle Taylor @kyletaylor13 and his school have implemented iPads with Google Classroom and are saving half (yes, I said half) of what it previously cost to set up a classroom with technology. Why iPads are well suited for creation.

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Using the iPad to Develop Student Agency

iTeach with iPads

In our kindergarten class, we have found using the iPad a great way to encourage student agency, particularly in literacy. The iPad provides students with opportunities to create learning, expand learning, and share learning with authentic audiences beyond the classroom.

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Using the iPad for Deeper Learning

iTeach with iPads

Next, students were able to work together on their iPad devices to compose numbers in a variety of ways. Deeper learning is the process of learning for transfer.

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What Should We Be Doing? Using iPads to Personalize Learning

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In our iPad math journals, students aren’t given a closed ended question that has one answer. In the Classroom Literacy Personalized Learning ipads in kindergarten ipads in the classroom Personalized Learning with ipads teaching with iPads

Win an iPad Mini from @MasteryConnect


Mastery Connect in a Nutshell Their current offer contest is pretty simple, to get started all you have to do is create a video or screencast sharing a MasteryConnect tip, trick, or experience, and you can be entered to win an iPad Mini.

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Teachers Favourite iPad Apps

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

In it you will find a number of key iPad apps popular among teachers and educators. iPad teacher apps my freebiesApril 27, 2017 Here is a handy visual we created based on iTunes collection 'Teachers' Favourites'. The apps.read more.

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7 iOS 11 Features for the iPad Classroom


iOS 11 has dropped and with it comes some amazing new features that will surely benefit you and your students in the iPad classroom. Just point your iPad camera at a QR code and it will automatically scan it and provide you with a notification to access it's content.

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30+ iPad Resources

The Mobile Native

Only One iPad in the Classroom? iPad Apps Separated by Subject Area 3. iPad and iPod Resources 4. The 55 Best Free Educational Apps for iPad 5. 15 Literacy Apps to Create Books on the iPad 6. 23 Ways to Use the iPad in a PBL Classroom 7. iPad Livebinder 21.

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iOS Magic: iPad and iPhone Tricks Revealed

Learning in Hand

Step right up to see impressive iPad and iPhone tips and tricks! Ways to Mirror Your iPad You've got some choices when it comes to screen mirroring your iPad or iPhone. If you're mirroring your iPad or iPhone, you might want to use it as a document camera.

Google Apps for the iPad and iOS (The COMPLETE list!)

Shake Up Learning

The post Google Apps for the iPad and iOS (The COMPLETE list!) This list is exhaustive and includes several apps that are not on the infographic Guide to Google Apps for the iPad. Some are optimized for both iPad and iPhone, some are only optimized for iPhone.

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