Interactive Exercises from @SnapLearning to Practice Close Reading


Close Reading is a series of interactive exercises that guides students in reflecting on the meaning of words and sentences, the sequence in which these sentences are arranged, and how ideas are developed over the course of the text. Product Review : Close Reading from Snap!

To Boost Mental Health, Try Team Sports or Group Exercise


He still struggles with depression and social anxiety, but says exercising helps him — especially when it’s with his teammates. ” Now, this study only shows an association between group exercise and improved mental health, and can’t prove that the one causes the other.

Starter Exercises for Interactive Storytelling


Here are a few exercises that provide playful starting points to making interactive narratives: Interactive Fiction Party Game: Emily Short recently shared the ruleset for a brilliant Interactive Fiction “party game” she created for a game designer picnic, LudoLunch.

Exercising with Anker’s Wireless Soundbuds


I still haven’t upgraded my phone since the company made this change, in part for these reasons, but I have since found a pair of affordable, wireless headphones I can recommend for users of any phone, particularly for use while exercising.

How a growing number of states are hoping to improve kids’ brains: exercise

The Hechinger Report

Students can also choose from two additional exercise-focused electives — dance and personal fitness — which for some students can mean a 40-minute exercise period every day. A row of exercise balls in a classroom at Kaleidoscope Academy. APPLETON, Wisc.

New Research Finds That Simple Writing Exercise About Personal Values Can Have A Big Impact

Larry Ferlazzo

This week, however, there’s some good news: a very simple exercise – one that I’ve used for years in my classroom – was tried on a larger scale and they found it “reduces the growth of the racial achievement gap by 50% across the high school transition.

John Hopkins: This Brain Exercise Improves Working Memory

Fractus Learning

Do you wish you had an easier time remembering facts and figures you just learned? Do you have trouble recalling the name of the colleague you were just introduced to? If you are like most people, […]. Educators Parents Resources

A Simple Exercise to Strengthen Emotional Intelligence in Teams


That’s where a simple team-building exercise, like the one below, that can help folks get started. Let them know that they’ll be talking about it later in the exercise, so that they select one they feel comfortable sharing. By Gayle Allen.

Serious Doodling: 5 Effective and Engaging Classroom Drawing Exercises

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Here are several ideas for quick, effective, and engaging classroom drawing exercises that can be used in a range of topics by anyone regardless of drawing talent. To the annoyance of many teachers, students cannot help but doodle in class.

Reflections on an Interest Mapping Exercise


According to Rockefeller Foundation’s useful guidebook “Gather: The Art and Science of Effective Convening” , you can design a more effective convening of people if you conduct some kind of “asset mapping” exercise at the beginning of the event. Have you conducted a mapping exercise before?

[PL Summit Series] Strengthen Your Core Four: Videos and Exercises from Middletown, NY

Education Elements

For anyone who attended the Education Elements Personalized Learning Summit this May, you had a chance to attend a workshop focusing on the Core Four. While districts across the country are using the Core Four of personalized learning to focus instructional habits as they make the shift to personalized learning, some of them are doing it with a bit more fidelity and spirit than others. So we wanted to share with you some of the passion that went into the Core Four session at the Summit.

Vegetarianism, Exercise, and 21st Century Leadership Thoughts On Being Healthy

The 21st Century Principal

In addition to becoming a vegetarian, I also have been walking over 4 miles per day for exercise. This all came about because I realized I was not being very good to myself with what I was eating and with what I was not doing with physical exercise. Still, I can''t help but wonder that we as school leaders, models of being good citizens, should also not be modeling making good choices about our eating and about exercising. We can also get some exercise.

Get Started Exercising on a Tight Schedule with the 7-Minute Workout


I had excuses every day—writing, teaching, grading, and family—all good priorities, to be sure, but none that truly took over my life so as to make exercise literally impossible. What worked to get me me exercising regularly was the 7-Minute Workout. Reviews Wellness exercise

North Dakota University System Participates in Cybersecurity Exercise.

Leadership Lounge

North Dakota University System Participates in Cybersecurity Exercise. The North Dakota University System recently participated in a pilot tabletop exercise with the department of Homeland Security and the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education. Decision on Grand Canyon University's status on converting to non-profit is expected soon.

A Look Back: Here’s A Reflection Exercise I Did With My Student Teacher

Larry Ferlazzo

I thought readers might be interested in a reflection exercise I did with one of my student teachers this year (I have two). Over the next few days, I’ll be taking a break now-and-then from blogging to both take some R & R and to finish-up some more extended writing projects.

Outdoor Mindfulness Exercises for Earth Day


Patrick Cook Deegan Student Engagement Guest blogger Patrick Cook Deegan, a mindfulness mentor and consultant, teaches students about Earth Day by bringing them outside and engaging their senses. He shares six easy steps to help your class appreciate their natural surroundings

Good News for Teachers: Exercise Builds Brain Power, Too


Dr. Donna Wilson and Marcus Conyers Teacher Burnout Strength training, regular exercise, better rest, and enjoying all of this activity makes you fit, alert, and positive for the physically demanding job of teaching. Photo credit: Tony Alter via flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Go Noodle is such a fun tech tool!


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Merit Pay in Education: An Exercise in Both Manipulation and Futility

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"In the workplace, there is no getting around the fact that "the basic purpose of merit pay is manipulative." Alfie Kohn, Punished by Rewards: The Trouble with Gold Stars, Incentive Plans, A''s, Praise, and Other Bribes Merit pay is one of those ideas in education that just won''t die. When budgets get tight, policymakers and politicians both look at the money being spent on educator salaries and the idea of paying educators based on performance starts looking attractive. "If

Exercise and Physical Activity Must Be Part of 21st Century Learning

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The first principle he discusses in the book is "Rule #1: Exercise boosts brain power." I know from a workshop I attended a few years ago on brain research that exercise has beneficial effects on cognitive functioning. He asks the question, "Is there a relationship between exercise and mental alertness? Medina writes, "A lifetime of exercise can result in a sometimes astonishing elevation in cognitive performance, compared to those who are sedentary.

The Fallacy of the “Either/Or” Scenario

The Principal of Change

For example, one of the routines I have been more focused on implementing in my daily life is more vigorous exercise. The routine of exercise is proven to be beneficial to moods and intelligence and is shown to improve learning : Being in good shape increases your ability to learn.

Exclusive Interview: Author Teresa Ann Power and The ABCs of Yoga For Kids Around the World

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Books Educators Parents Preschool Toys and Play exercise interview mindfulness yogaThe following is an exclusive interview with Teresa Anne Power, internationally acclaimed children’s yoga expert and bestselling author, yogi, and advocate for the health benefits of yoga for children.

GoNoodle Kids

Technology Tidbits

brain break exerciseGoNoodle Kids is the free iOS app for students to use GoNoodle at home. GoNoodle is the super popular app that educators everywhere are using to help give students much needed "brain breaks" during classroom time.

GoNoodle Kids

Technology Tidbits

brain break exerciseGoNoodle Kids is the free iOS app for students to use GoNoodle at home. GoNoodle is the super popular app that educators everywhere are using to help give students much needed "brain breaks" during classroom time.

Running Helps You Grow New Brain Cells


What’s your typical exercise routine? Wellness brain cells exercise neurogenesis

Wearable Wellness Tech (With Features That Help in Academia, Too)


It works as a pedometer, as you might expect, and it can associate your heart rate to levels of physical activity – which is nice because you don’t have to remember to turn it on and off as you start and end exercise.

iPhotography in the Classroom: Some Snappy Tips for Putting It Into Practice


Pairing photography lessons with writing exercises only deepens a student’s aesthetic appreciation, while adding another dimension to her cognitive processing. Articles creative photography tips for teachers writing exercisesThe marriage of images and words seems like a predestined love affair. Afterall, the secret wish of both writing and photography is to stop time and gain an audience.

New Teachers: Look for PD in Everyday Life


Articles Professional Learning airport comedy club crowd control exercise class furniture assembly hidden lessons PD professional development Roxanna Elden store designThe elements of good instruction can be found in many experiences that are already a part of daily life.

Engaging Students: From Seatwork to Feetwork


Book Reviews Engagement collaboration Corwin engagement exercise facilitator feedback Mary Langer Thompson physical movement Ron NashLearning needs to become active and stay that way.

Why Self-Publishing May Be the Best Writing Lesson Ever


Articles Featured featured kindle learning lesson ideas writing writing exercisesBrian South is an English teacher in Naperville, Illinois, a suburb 30 miles west of Chicago. He is also the faculty advisor of the literary magazine at Naperville North. When Brian began taking steps to self-publish his own novel, he did something few teachers feel totally comfortable doing—he invited his students to be part of […].

The Go-To Tablet Activity Starter Kit


How To digital tools ipad classroom lesson ideas tablets writing exercisesThis is a follow up to my previous tablet-focused article, which aimed to ease the nerves of our generation of teachers who were trained in classical classroom management and are now teaching in a very non-classical, pro-technology world. With your nerves eased, let’s get you started with an arsenal of specific tablet activities that can […].

How to Create a Student Storytelling Club


Book Reviews Storytelling clubs exercises festivals implementation Karen Chace Kevin Cordi Parkhurst Brothers storytelling troupes Karen Chace knows storytelling can build literacy as well as joy.

Alternative Classroom Seating Helps Students Concentrate

K-12 Schools - Education News

The Kokomo Tribune reports that Maconaquah School Corporation is using grant money to purchase exercise balls to replace traditional desk chairs in a Pipe Creek Elementary School kindergarten classroom. K-12 Schools exercise physical fitness

Ten Things to Do Instead of Checking Email


Productivity Wellness breathing email exercise priorities reading time management wellness writing So, let’s imagine that you’re in your office, and have about 15 minutes before you need to walk out of your building to get to a meeting. What do you do in those 15 minutes?

Simple Solution for Active Kids in the Classroom


Brief bursts of physical exercise add classroom fun, build brain power. Techlearning Resources App of the Day

How Digital Resources Transform Teaching and Learning


But on a daily basis, many said they’re still using digital programs to supplement traditional instruction strategies—drills, reviews, and practice exercises—while using it for interactive projects and collaboration only a few times a week, month, or year.

How I Used Technology In A ‘Healthy Bodies’ Science Lesson


This week, we looked at what happens to the heart during exercise. I started off by showing the students this excellent video as a reminder of last week’s learning: A group discussion followed about what happens to the heart when we exercise.

Introducing: The Google Teacher Tribe Podcast

Ditch That Textbook

I’ve listened to hours of them while driving, exercising or cutting the grass. I love listening to podcasts. They’re kind like personalized radio. I can pick shows that I like and listen to them whenever I want.

Google 214

Vulnerability Assessments Reveal Security Weaknesses

EdTech Magazine

By Mike Chapple Learn about tools used for these exercises and the insights they can provide. Data protection Security

Beginner’s Guide to Genius Hour: Developing Students’ Passions

Teacher Tech

I love to play sports, watch sports, coach sports, analyze sports, and learn new sports or exercises! Providing Opportunities for Students to Explore and Develop Their Passions Through Genius Hour A Guest Blog Post by Marcia Carrillo @marciamentor I am passionate about sports! At what age did I realize this? Probably in 6th grade, when […]. The post Beginner’s Guide to Genius Hour: Developing Students’ Passions appeared first on Teacher Tech. Google Genius Hour

20 Fun Math Activities for Your Classroom [+ Downloadable List]


There are approaches and exercises, with and without computers, that can enliven your math lessons. When students think “fun,” memories of math class likely won’t be the first to pop into their heads. But that doesn’t have to be the case.

ORIGO Education Announces New Program Adoption by Kennewick School District in Washington State


Cites hand-on exercises and language development. Kennewick School District in Washington adopts ORIGO Stepping Stones 2.0 Math program. Techlearning News

Create a digital classroom with Google Classroom and BookWidgets


It allows you to make announcements, add lesson materials, assign tests and exercises for your students. Choose from a library with more than 40 exercise templates you can adjust on your own. Students make the exercise then send their work back to you.