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Simple Exercise: Help Students Analyze Their Growth Over Time

Catlin Tucker

I encourage teachers to dedicate class time to an exercise that requires students to compare two pieces of work from two different moments in time using the Google Document below. When I have done this exercise in the past, many students exclaim, “Oh my gosh! AnalyzeGrowth. I cannot believe I wrote this!”

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Vision Boards: Start the Year with a Visual Goal Setting Exercise

Catlin Tucker

I found the exercise powerful. I remember laying my big piece of butcher paper on the floor and contemplating my future. The images on my vision board ranged from personal hopes to future professional aspirations. It required that I have complete clarity about my goals and what I actively wanted to work toward.

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SEL and Physical Exercise – 8 weeks of Free Lessons

The CoolCatTeacher

I believe that in order for students to truly succeed when they grow up, we need to teach them the subject of self in schools.” ~ Rupa The post SEL and Physical Exercise – 8 weeks of Free Lessons appeared first on Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis @coolcatteacher helping educators be excellent every day.

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Preventing School Violence is a Winnable Exercise

EdNews Daily

The post Preventing School Violence is a Winnable Exercise first appeared on EdNews Daily. This is having a profound and lasting impact on the school, the community, and our nation as a whole. Schools are dealing with growing numbers of angry, young people who […].

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Working memory exercises for students of all ages


A Johns Hopkins study into working memory has demonstrated that groups of college students who engage in regular working memory exercises show 30% better retention in working memory than those who engage in the exercises only once, or not at all. Working memory exercises for students. Working memory and school skills.

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NoRedInk- Enhance Students Writing Via Targeted Practice and Adaptive Exercises

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

It offers a wide variety of writing and grammar activities together with targeted exercises that help learners develop specific writing skills. NoRedInk online writing curriculum includes various types of adaptive exercises designed to enhance students writing style in terms of fluency, grammatical accuracy, and writing mechanics.

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2 Exercises to Cope with Uncertainty and Clarify Your Vision for This School Year

Education Elements

While I don’t have any answers to the and can’t assure you that this year will go fine and dandy, I can provide two exercises to help you envision and mentally prepare for the upcoming school year. This can be perceived as a loss of control over our schools and classrooms - and contribute to anxiety and fear.

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