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Tech Tip #169: What is Digital Literacy?

Ask a Tech Teacher

Here are the sixteen transformative tools, activities, and/or knowledge bases digitally-literate students should be comfortable using: annotation tool. sharing digitally to build knowledge. sharing digitally to build knowledge. Sounds simple. The difficult is in the implementation. backchannel device. cloud computing.

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The Siri and Alexa Test

A Principal's Reflections

The rub, however, comes in the form of the types of questions asked as the majority are simple recall or knowledge-based with stems such as who, what, where, and when. I often see these in action a great deal when coaching in schools. While this might be essential in the lower grades, it wanes in value as kids age.

STEM 478

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What is Constructivism and How Does it Fit Your Class?

Ask a Tech Teacher

Constructivism 1) encourages students to use active techniques (such as experimentation and problem solving) to build their knowledge base and then reflect on and/or talk about how that is changing; and 2) encourages teachers to guide activities that address and/or build on student conceptions. Guiding Principles of Constructivism.

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Why Computer Science Counts in Middle School


Learn how 7th and 8th grade CS teacher Crystal Kistler uses coding and project learning to broaden their knowledge base. Even if middle school students have no idea what careers they want to pursue, computer science helps them acquire skills they’ll need to be successful.

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Brainly Announces Beta Access to New AI Features, Developed with OpenAI’s GPT-4 for Personalized Learning

eSchool News

Guided by a friendly mascot named Ginny, students can benefit from the AI which operates on Brainly’s moderated Knowledge Base of over 250 million answers, ensuring the quality and accuracy of academic help. “Brainly has been focused on helping students achieve classroom success,” said Salak.

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Best Apps for College Students

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Integration with Google’s Knowledge Base: Being a Google product, Bard likely benefits from integration with Google’s vast knowledge base, making it a reliable tool for accurate and up-to-date information.

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How K–12 Classrooms Can Benefit from Robotics

EdTech Magazine

Here, social interaction and STEM education go hand in hand; kids experience robots at a personal, physical level and unwittingly expand their knowledge base. by Doug Bonderud.

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