Preventing Dropouts: An Impossible Dream?

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July 2, 2015, Volume 2, Issue 8, Number 3. Driving Question: What if we rethink teacher's professional preparation? In California, educators are facing a critical problem, an undiminished drop out rate. Every year, one-third of ninth-grade students drop out of California high schools, with a yearly total equating to approximately 98,000 students. These students face a future of marginal, low-paying jobs.

National Dropout Prevention Center Offers Resources

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School closures are traumatizing students, families, and educators, presenting a new dropout risk factor and requiring schools to develop immediate virtual solutions. The National Dropout Prevention Center (NDPC) has produced topical videos and virtual professional development to support schools and educators during current uncertain times. The second set of online courses includes 16 research-based effective dropout prevention strategies courses.


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3 Ways Big Data Can Soften the Campus Dropout Crisis

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And like any major problem, this mass exodus of dropouts must be addressed sooner rather than later through innovative interventions. The “soft” predictors, those subtle hints that are precursors to student dropout. Social media engagement data analysis can assist in targeting potential dropouts before they disappear from your rosters. Guest Article Written By: Bob La Loggia.

Teacher dropouts

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Editor''s note: This is a living post to which I will continue adding the stories of teacher dropouts as they are brought to my attention. The jobs these teacher dropouts are yearning for exists outside government schools. More than 20 years ago John Taylor Gatto wrote a letter announcing his departure from the teaching profession, titled I Quit, I Think.

How one district solved its special education dropout problem

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The district’s class of 2010 had a 73 percent graduation rate for students in special education and a 13 percent dropout rate — double the dropout rate for the student body overall. Teachers like Parry began pushing for changes, and over the last decade district officials have worked to improve the experience of students in special education — and thus reduce dropout rates — by reducing the stigma and challenging the students more.

5 Scary Things You Don’t Know About School Dropouts

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This good news often shields the public from the staggering facts and statistics about school dropouts. This infographic provides shocking details about the impact school dropouts have on the world. The post 5 Scary Things You Don’t Know About School Dropouts appeared first on Brilliant or Insane. Featured Infographics Issues school dropoutsBrilliant or Insane. School districts love to tout increasing graduation rates.

When Employment is the Goal, Should 'Student Success' Include Dropouts?


At the University of Alaska Anchorage’s Community & Technical College, Associate Dean Kim Griffis says dropouts aren’t considered a failure, if the student has landed a job in the technical field they were training for. Noticing the dropouts, advisors reached out to the students and discovered many had left for a job in computer technical service. If a student drops out of college to take a job they are training for, should that count as success or failure?

Now Millionaire High School Dropout: ‘School Doesn’t Work For Anyone’

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The post Now Millionaire High School Dropout: ‘School Doesn’t Work For Anyone’ appeared first on TeachThought.

Fewer teenage mothers, but they still present a dropout puzzle

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The post Fewer teenage mothers, but they still present a dropout puzzle appeared first on The Hechinger Report. An 18-year-old attended an online high school in Detroit for young mothers, in 2015. Photo: Erin Einhorn for The Hechinger Report. With U.S. high school graduation rates surpassing 84 percent and hitting record highs , year after year, it’s easy to forget that there are still pockets of people for whom graduating from high school is still a big challenge.

ReUp Education Raises $6 Million Series A to Help College Dropouts Return


Sarah Horn wants to correct a myth about students who stop college before graduating. Students don’t always leave college because they can’t handle the academic rigor. Often, she says, a life event usually interrupts their studies—starting a family or a parent becomes ill, for example—and the CEO of ReUp Education says students shouldn’t suffer for it. “It It becomes very hard for some learners, especially first-generation, to continue to stay in a traditional institution,” says Horn, 40.

OPINION: Misguided payment policies that fuel the college-dropout trap

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The post OPINION: Misguided payment policies that fuel the college-dropout trap appeared first on The Hechinger Report. Image: © Sascha Steinach/DPA via ZUMA Press). Students who have outstanding balances that prevent them from finishing college are often short just a few dollars and a couple of credits. Even unpaid library fines and balances on campus cards can trigger a windfall of consequences that push thousands of students into debt and degree-less purgatory every year.

A Test Worth Teaching To? How a College Dropout Plans to Replace the SAT and ACT


Rebecca Kantar is fighting an uphill battle. She says so herself. The 26-year-old entrepreneur has set out to replace the standardized tests that are deeply entrenched in K-12 and higher education, like the SAT and ACT, and she tells EdSurge her efforts to do so are sure to spark controversy. But if Kantar is fighting an uphill battle for Imbellus , the simulation-based assessment company she founded in 2016 and now manages, then a handful of venture capital firms are ready to fight it with her.

Edgenuity Joins On to Help Dropout Prevention Efforts

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Edgenuity, a supplier of online and blended learning solutions, has announced a partnership with the National Dropout Prevention Network (NDPN) in the hopes of increasing high school graduation rates. Edgenuity and NDPN plan to create a discussion concerning effective dropout prevention strategies while also offering stakeholders resources, research, and best practices. The network allows relationships to build between educators and organizations that work to prevent dropouts.

Poverty, Dropouts, Pregnancy, Suicide: What The Numbers Say About Fatherless Kids

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Data clearly show how many fatherless children there are and how their lives are affected, but one best-selling author says he rarely sees interventions happening in schools. Image credit: Eva Bee/Getty Images/Ikon Images

Delinquent. Dropout. At-Risk. What's In A Name?

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How we describe students affects how we approach them, whether as a risk or an opportunity. » » E-Mail This

3 ways to decrease the teacher dropout crisis

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In an ongoing blog post , Lisa Nielsen uses text and video to tell the story of teacher dropouts. The stories of teacher dropouts share a common theme, a concern for the impact of high stakes testing. Advocating for education reform is one way to decrease teacher dropouts.

Admitting Dropouts Were Miscounted, Chicago Lowers Graduation Rates

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The school district revised its numbers down 2 to 3 percentage points for every year dating back to 2011. » » E-Mail This

The Secret to Preventing Community College Dropouts? Start With Middle School


In Tennessee, the education system made headlines a few years back when the state announced the “ Tennessee Promise ”—an initiative granting thousands of high school students the opportunity to attend two years of free community college.

With the Help of Google and SF Muni, A Bus Sets Off to Serve City's High School Dropouts


Now, Good and his team are trying to solve a new problem: helping high school dropouts get their diplomas in the face of strict gang lines, rundown schools, and spotty internet. percent of which are high school dropouts. How many students can you fit onto a school bus? Legally—72. But what if those students weren’t heading to school, but already there—desks, computers, steering wheel and all?

Earlier Interventions Can Reduce Long-Term Effects for Dropouts

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Lansford went on to say that access to treatment for drug or mental health issues may result in a decrease in the negative outcomes for dropouts. Originally looking to determine what factors can help high school dropouts become successful later on in their lives, Lansford said her focus quickly changed after finding that not many people fell into that category. K-12 Schools Education Research High School Dropouts(Photo: Pexels, Creative Commons).

High School Dropouts Cost Nation $35 Billion, Study Says

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One example found that in California, the average high school dropout ends up costing the local, state, and federal governments $168,880 throughout the course of their lives. For the study, researchers controlled for factors such as family income, parental education, and test scores, still finding a 12 percentage point impact to the dropout rate just from suspensions. K-12 Schools High School Dropouts Restorative Justice Restorative Practices UCLA Civil Rights Project

How a dropout factory raised its graduation rate from 53 percent to 75 percent in three years

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Talent Development Secondary, a nonprofit that grew out of a Johns Hopkins University study on dropout rates, is the data-driven arm of the Diplomas Now model; it identifies kids at risk of dropping out and establishes a schoolwide process of intervention and support services to keep them on track to graduate. Related: How one district solved its special education dropout problem. Together they review a list of students for whom the data indicates a dropout risk.

Dropout Detective Offers Academic ‘Credit Scores’—But Is That a Good Thing?


That’s why it might come as surprise to hear AspirEDU , an educational analytics company, pitch their Dropout Detective software as an “academic credit score” for students. But whereas credit scores are designed to prevent risky buyers from getting approved on loans, Dropout Detective is meant to improve student success and lower dropout rates. But she says whether dropout rates have fallen remains to be seen.

America's High School Graduates Look Like Other Countries' High School Dropouts

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A new study looks at everyday skills and finds that, when it come to math, the U.S. is below average. And in computer skills, we're dreadful

High school dropout pursues passions and becomes a multimillionaire

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David Karp began learning HTML at 11 and soon after was designing websites for local businesses. Unlike Nick Perez who spent years being drugged and tortured in a school that didn’t understand his particular passion, Karp attended high school for one year before dropping out. This allowed him to focus on doing projects that enabled him to pursue his passions. He also knew this would be a good way to impress colleges.

Looking to Eliminate Dropouts? How Idaho Reached English Language Learners with a ‘Hybrid’ Course Experiment


In the past two academic years, Idaho Digital Learning Academy (IDLA), an online state school created by the Idaho Legislature, has taken proactive steps to fix a key problem: losing English Language Learner (ELL) students before high school graduation, and losing them from highly technical and content-driven courses like biology. Our solution came about in the form of hybrid courses for students—a mix of asynchronous curriculum and regular, scheduled synchronous sessions.

How To Fix A Graduation Rate Of 1 In 10? Ask The Dropouts

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Across the country, public universities are struggling with abysmal graduation rates. Here's one campus — San Jose State University — that's trying to do something about it

How one district went all-in on a tutoring program to catch kids up

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Coronavirus and Education Elementary to High School Future of Learning Race and Equity Solutions achievement gap Curriculum Data and research Graduation and dropouts Lessons Learned online learning Personalized Learning poverty Race standards

OPINION: Here’s why chronically underfunded HBCUs are needed now more than ever

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Coronavirus and Education Elementary to High School Guidance Gap Higher Education Opinion Curriculum Graduation and dropouts HBCUs and HSIs Higher education accessA recent online meme had a striking message: “A year at an HBCU can undo a K-12 experience.”.

STUDENT VOICE: Doubling the Pell Grant will make college a reality for more students like me

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Divided We Learn Higher Education News Opinion Solutions Student Voices Coronavirus and Education Graduation and dropouts Social emotionalFrom the moment I moved to the United States from Jamaica at the age of 12, going to college one day was a given.

How the pandemic has altered school discipline — perhaps forever

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Coronavirus and Education Elementary to High School News Civil rights Discipline Graduation and dropouts Mental health and trauma online learningOne Thursday this fall, a middle schooler in Florida’s Brevard Public Schools received an in-school suspension.

OPINION: Now is not the time to put college plans on hold

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Divided We Learn Higher Education Map to the Middle Class News Opinion Race and Equity community college Graduation and dropouts Higher education access Higher education affordability Higher education completion Race

While focus is on fall, students? choices about college will have a far longer impact

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Now, just as happened in the last recession, it is likely to take them even longer and cost more, while — after years of hard-won progress — dropout rates rise and graduation rates fall. “We’re Dropout rates rose and graduation rates fell. “It’s

They didn’t turn in their work for remote school. Their parents were threatened with courts and fines

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Coronavirus and Education Elementary to High School News Discipline Graduation and dropouts online learning Parents Social emotionalKandis, Cooper and Rob Seaver stand for a portrait at their apartment complex in Austin, Texas, on Dec. 8, 2020. Credit: Tamir Kalifa for HuffPost.

OPINION: Why Black student parents are at the epicenter of the student debt crisis — and what we can do about it

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Divided We Learn Higher Education Opinion Race and Equity Graduation and dropouts HBCUs and HSIs Higher education access Higher education affordability Higher education completion RaceWhen I graduated with a bachelor’s degree from William & Mary in 2003, I desperately needed a job.