Colleges’ new solution to enrollment declines: Reducing the number of dropouts

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Another reason it’s in public universities’ self-interest to deal with dropouts now: State budget allocations are increasingly tied to how many students graduate. The post Colleges’ new solution to enrollment declines: Reducing the number of dropouts appeared first on The Hechinger Report.

How one city closed the digital divide for nearly all its students

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It’s just been exacerbated by the pandemic,” said Rebeca Shackleford, the director of federal government relations at All4Ed, an education advocacy nonprofit. The Oakland Reach, a parent-led advocacy group that works with underserved communities, also joined the partnership.


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How one district went all-in on a tutoring program to catch kids up

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Frankly, students didn’t lose anything, they just never had the opportunity to learn it,” said Allison Socol, an assistant director at The Education Trust, a nonprofit education research and advocacy organization.

Report 111

While focus is on fall, students? choices about college will have a far longer impact

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Now, just as happened in the last recession, it is likely to take them even longer and cost more, while — after years of hard-won progress — dropout rates rise and graduation rates fall. “We’re Dropout rates rose and graduation rates fell. “It’s

They didn’t turn in their work for remote school. Their parents were threatened with courts and fines

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During a pandemic, when there’s no uniform way of counting attendance, Hedy Chang, director of the advocacy group Attendance Works, has seen districts rethinking some of these rules, with their ability to do so varying on state flexibility.

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OPINION: Why Black student parents are at the epicenter of the student debt crisis — and what we can do about it

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At Generation Hope, we are building a policy and advocacy agenda driven by student parents all over the country that will prioritize removing financial barriers to college completion for Black parents.

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Universities try to catch up to their growing Latinx populations

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She blamed the high dropout rates on the fact that many students have to juggle school with full- and part-time jobs, leaving little time for academics. based advocacy group Excelencia in Education, said universities need to go beyond that sort of passive outreach, especially for students who may be hesitant to seek out help. “We Hsiulien Perez, a senior at IU Northwest, jots down notes in Hawthorn Hall just before heading to an afternoon class.

More high school grads than ever are going to college, but 1 in 5 will quit

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After all, the plummeting number of prospects makes it much harder to replace dropouts than it was when there was a seemingly bottomless supply of freshmen. This aggressive response has helped lower the dropout rate at the Texarkana campus back to 44 percent, according to still-unreleased figures, the university says. Dropouts cost colleges a collective $16.5 The line between Texas and Arkansas in front of the bi-state federal building, which straddles both.

From foster care to college

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Jennifer Pokempner, director of child welfare policy at Juvenile Law Center, a legal advocacy group in Philadelphia, said the Seita program is “seen as a model.” Higher Ed K-12 News achievement gap Graduation and dropouts Higher education access Higher education affordability Higher education completion Mental health and trauma Parents poverty Race Social emotionalWestern Michigan sophomore Kayla Mayes has been in foster care for as long as she can remember.

Colleges and states turn their attention to slow-moving part-time students

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But not every student can make the leap to full-time status, said Karen Stout, president of the nonprofit advocacy group Achieving the Dream; many have neither the money nor the time. Higher Ed News community college Graduation and dropouts Higher education access Higher education affordability Higher education completionVictoria Dzindzichashvili attended college mostly part time and took 10 years to get her undergraduate degree. Now she is commuting to graduate school at Harvard.

STUDENT VOICES: Kids bring into school what they’re dealing with at home. Teachers don’t get that

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I also definitely want to be heavily involved in advocacy for young black youth, or, for youth in general, and just promoting student leadership. K-12 News Graduation and dropouts online learning Race Rural schools Solutions teachersStudent Voices. What do kids really think about school? How would they change it?

The community college “segregation machine”

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The California Acceleration Project, an advocacy group founded by faculty, reported that pass rates for underprepared students at Cuyamaca in college-level math jumped to 67 percent last year, up from 10 percent the year before. Higher Ed News achievement gap community college Graduation and dropouts Higher education access Higher education completion Race Testing

These students are finishing high school, but their degrees don’t help them go to college

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Candace Cortiella, the director of The Advocacy Institute. Related: How one district solved its special education dropout problem. And that’s not the case,” said Candace Cortiella, the director of The Advocacy Institute, a nonprofit based in Washington, D.C., How one district solved its special education dropout problem. K-12 News achievement gap Graduation and dropouts Higher education access Special education

The messy reality of personalized learning

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For decades, nonprofit advocacy groups and corporate donors have targeted K-12 education for intervention. K-12 News Data and research Graduation and dropouts online learning Personalized LearningIn tiny Foster, Rhode Island, teachers at Captain Isaac Paine Elementary School use high-tech methods to teach a largely rural, off-the-grid population. Photo: E. Tammy Kim, for The Hechinger Report. PROVIDENCE, R.I.

eSports: The Growing Extra-Curricular Activity NOW!

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Over the past 20 years, she has helped lead the CHSM team to state and national honors including a Crystal Star Award for Dropout Prevention Schools, Civic Advocacy Award, Promising Practice Award, and being named a National School of Character.

The vast majority of students with disabilities don’t get a college degree

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All students with disabilities need to develop strong self-advocacy and communication skills to make sure they’re getting the supports they’re due, especially in the sink-or-swim real world. It is a large task, and it is more of an ‘it takes a village’ approach,” said Janine Solomon, an attorney at Massachusetts Advocates for children, an advocacy group that works to promote rights for special education students. Adam Salomon at his high school graduation.

The ‘forgotten’ part of special education that could lead to better outcomes for students

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Kate worked with one local group to develop a career plan and spent three weeks in Minnesota at a life skills program which her parents hoped would introduce her to the idea of being away from home and improve her self-advocacy. K-12 News Graduation and dropouts Higher education access Special education

Improving reading skills and SEL through text-based discussions

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A recent edWebinar led by Bobbi Bear, director of customer advocacy for Achieve3000, identified effective ways to integrate SEL with reading instruction, through classroom conversations about nonfiction and fiction texts. SEL also decreases behavioral issues, dropout rates, drug use, and teen pregnancy, so the advantages of including it in elementary and secondary classes are clear.

Six reasons you may not graduate on time

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Colleges and universities usually require 120 credits for a bachelor’s degree but students graduate with about 135, on average, according to data compiled by Complete College America, a nonprofit research and advocacy group. Higher Ed News community college Graduation and dropouts Higher education completion Solutions

Tipping point: Can Summit put personalized learning over the top?

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Still, there are some stalwart critics, notably Benjamin Riley, who visited many personalized-learning classrooms from 2010 to 2014 as the policy and advocacy director for the NewSchools Venture Fund. K-12 News achievement gap Graduation and dropouts teachers

How are college campuses preparing for a post-Roe world?

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Beyond student advocacy networks, young people can also seek help through hotlines and abortion funds. The end of Yael Benvenuto Ladin’s senior year at Oberlin College in Ohio was in sight.

Edtech, Equity, and Innovation: A Critical Look in the Mirror

Digital Promise

When schools persistently graduate less than half of their students of color and students with disabilities, we call those schools dropout factories. While there are certainly exceptions, this human interaction standard can serve as a compass to guide our investments and advocacy. We are often reluctant to label anything facilitated through technology as a failure. Instead, we tend to excuse inadequate or unsavory outcomes as necessary growing pains in the pursuit of “innovation.”

EdTech 215

Segregated schools are still the norm. Howard Fuller is fine with that

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Fuller launched his chief advocacy arm for school choice, the Institute for the Transformation of Learning, housed at Marquette University, more than two decades ago. K-12 News achievement gap Betsy Devos Charters Graduation and dropouts Mental health and trauma Parents poverty RaceSchool founder Howard Fuller visits with students at the Milwaukee Collegiate Academy charter school. Photo: Amadou Diallo for The Hechinger Report. MILWAUKEE, Wis. —

STUDENT VOICE: Black boys need the guidance and mentorship of black male teachers

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Studies show that the effect of having a black male teacher, especially between grades 3 and 5, decreases the dropout rate among black male students by 30 percent and increases the likelihood of black students aspiring to higher education.

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As feds pull back, states step in to regulate for-profit colleges and universities

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Only about one in five of 2016 graduates got full-time jobs in legal offices, the advocacy organization Law School Transparency reported. Still, a study by the Children’s Advocacy Institute at the University of San Diego School of Law found, they could do much more than they are now. “We North Carolina’s attorney general shut down the Charlotte School of Law before it was scheduled to open this past fall. Photo by Ken Cedeno/Corbis via Getty Images.

Overdue tuition and fees — as little as $41 — derail hundreds of thousands of California community college students

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A report published Thursday by the Student Borrower Protection Center , a nonprofit advocacy group focused on student debt, attempts to quantify the scope of this problem.

Most college students don’t graduate in four years, so college and the government count six years as “success”

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They’re pulling a bait and switch on students,” said Yolanda Watson Spiva, president of the advocacy group Complete College America. Dropout rates rose in the fall of 2020 to their highest level since 2012, the Clearinghouse reports.

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A new test that no student would dread — one that leads to citizenship

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He is a member of the Latino education advocacy group Nuestra Voz and a student at Cohen College Prep in New Orleans. Andre Perry Columnists K-12 Graduation and dropouts Immigrants and Refugees PoliticsA 2014 protest for immigrant rights in New York. Photo: U. Roberto Romano, courtesy of Rural & Migrant Ministry. Can you imagine how much louder the families of undocumented students would cheer if their graduates became citizens at their graduation ceremonies?

OPINION: Fearful that they will be seen as ‘lazy’ or ‘unintelligent,’ most college students with disabilities don’t seek accommodation

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Related: How one district solved the special education dropout problem. Self-advocacy skills and a sense of ownership over the learning process should be developed early and regularly put into practice so students understand how they learn, where they struggle and how to advocate for the support they need. Yet even when students reach college prepared with the necessary self-advocacy skills, there are still barriers to success that policy can play an important role in removing.

Improving Social-Emotional and Reading Skills

A recent edWebinar led by Bobbi Bear, Director of Customer Advocacy for Achieve3000, identified effective ways to integrate SEL with reading instruction, through classroom conversations about nonfiction and fiction texts. SEL also decreases behavioral issues, dropout rates, drug use, and teen pregnancy, so the advantages of including it in elementary and secondary classes are clear.

In Puerto Rico, the odds are against high school grads who want to go to college

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Among the many other problems dragging down Puerto Rico’s stagnant economy, made worse by hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017, is a huge high school dropout rate and, among those students who do manage to graduate, a comparatively low trajectory to college — especially college on the mainland — and a high dropout rate there, too. Desirée Morales Díaz, who was accepted to American University but couldn’t afford to go there. “My My dad said, ‘I’ll just take two jobs.’

Arne Duncan Joins Board of Ed-Tech Company Pluralsight

Marketplace K-12

In March, the former secretary announced he was joining the Emerson Collective , a philanthropic and advocacy organization, as a managing partner, and would work in Chicago to help dropouts and young people with criminal records. By Guest Blogger Andrew Ujifusa. Cross-posted from the Politics K-12. Former U.S.

Change One Simple Thing to Start Your Journey to Remarkable Teaching

The CoolCatTeacher

” We have a significantly low dropout rate and high on-time graduation rate in Albemarle. Dr. Moran has appeared on the cover of Education Week’s Digital Directions magazine as a “National Mover and Shaker” for her advocacy of a curricular digital integration model, which will be featured in an upcoming profile by Edutopia. Pam Moran on episode 246 of the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter.

‘State-sanctioned violence:’ Inside one of the thousands of schools that still paddles students

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Longitudinal studies of corporal punishment in schools internationally, meanwhile, have found the practice is correlated with lower math scores , lower motivation and diminished academic progress , along with increased absenteeism and dropout rates. COLLINS, Miss. —

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Schools can’t afford to lose any more Black male educators

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” Eric Duncan, part of education advocacy organization Ed Trust’s policy team, said Thorne’s story is one echoed by Black male educators nationwide who feel perpetually overlooked. By second period, word had gotten around: Mr. Thorne wasn’t coming back to teach next year.

She has ‘the heart of a nurse,’ but can she overcome obstacles to her degree?

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Hernandez, a 33-year-old mother of four and high school dropout, had already overcome an array of obstacles on her nearly five-year journey. “No She also referred Hernandez to an advocacy center at BMCC where she could apply for food, counseling and emergency funds.

Why haven’t new federal rules unleashed more innovation in schools?

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The bad news is we’re not seeing a lot of innovation or discussion around personalized learning,” said Claire Voorhees, national policy director for the Tallahassee, Florida-based Foundation for Excellence in Education, an advocacy group for personalized learning. We’re not quite seeing the bold jump to innovation that we would like to see,” said Chip Slaven, a senior advocacy advisor for the Alliance for Excellent Education, which works to improve high schools.

5 Radical Schooling Ideas For An Uncertain Fall And Beyond


A national survey by the advocacy group ParentsTogether found big gaps by income in the ability to access emergency learning. South Fort Myers High School follows a dropout prevention program called BARR, which stands for Building Assets, Reducing Risks.

More students are graduating but that’s not the whole story

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Consider, for example, a recent report by The Education Trust, a research and advocacy group, which found: Forty-seven percent, or almost half, of American high school graduates complete neither a college- nor career-ready course of study — defined here as the standard 15-course sequence required for entry at many public colleges, along with three or more credits in a broad career field such as health science or business.

Celebrating “Community Ready”

Educator Innovator

By engaging in the local community through her research, she proposed a local way to address the problem of Latino dropout rates at her school, asking that the school offer translation support for parents to talk with teachers at the beginning of each semester to check in on a student’s progress. In each of the above examples, students’ passions led them to express themselves in some powerful way, whether that was video, blog, advocacy, or research.