Character Analysis with Book Creator

iTeach with iPads

A favorite activity was creating a character analysis book featuring a character in a recent story. For a different spin on book analysis, read my post here on Book Snaps.

DIY Video Lesson to Illustrate Process Analysis

Teacher Reboot Camp

First, we analyze the four basics of good process analysis and the organization details from the book, Real Essays Interactive, by Susan Anker. My students learn nine different types of essay forms in one semester.

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Vernier releases free Graphical Analysis app for Chromebooks

Educational Technology Guy

Vernier, makers of very popular sensors and data collection systems, have just released their free Graphical Analysis app for Chromebooks. The app can then be used to create graphs, create annotations, and perform analysis with statistics. Graphical Analysis for Chrome and its support of Vernier sensors provides schools with an easy-to-use and cost-effective way to further utilize Chromebooks and engage students in hands-on learning in science and STEM classrooms.”

Critical Analysis and Information Literacy


Judy Willis MD Brain-Based Learning Teach students to evaluate what data needs to be gathered, what characterizes fact versus opinion, and where to find the most current and useful information

Emerging technologies: a more detailed Gartner analysis

Bryan Alexander

Gartner focuses on the internet of things, security concerns, and information/data analysis. This month Gartner Research offered a top-level forecast of where technologies are going over the next five years. At the same time they explored technologies in greater detail with this report , which I’ll summarize here. It’s a pretty solid list, not offering any wild surprises. Much will be familiar to FTTE readers.

Good analysis of higher ed trends and strategy: Jon McGee’s _Breakpoint_

Bryan Alexander

Jon McGee’s Breakpoint (2015, Johns Hopkins) offers a very solid, useful, and accessible analysis of current trends in higher education. In the book’s first half McGee does a great job of exploring transformative forces in economics, demographics, and culture.

8 Excellent Books on Discourse Analysis for Research Sudents

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

August 13, 2015 In response to a request we received a few days ago from one of our readers, here is a collection of some of the best texts written on ‘Discourse Analysis’. These works more. Books for Teachers

10 Tools That Can Help Students With Case Study Analysis


Image Source A Range of Tools to Lend Efficiencies to Case Study Assignments Case study analysis is a serious work that often demands a lot of time and effort.

Good analysis of higher ed trends and strategy: Jon McGee’s _Breakpoint_

Bryan Alexander

Jon McGee’s Breakpoint (2015, Johns Hopkins) offers a very solid, useful, and accessible analysis of current trends in higher education. In the book’s first half McGee does a great job of exploring transformative forces in economics, demographics, and culture.

Engaging Students in Tobacco Ad Analysis


What works to discourage adolescents from smoking? Media literacy expert Frank Baker suggests taking on Big Tobacco's pervasive and persuasive marketing tactics, involving students in creating their own anti-tobacco ads. Baker provides the background and resources.

Three tools for “in-text” video analysis and why it matters


For content analysis of focus groups or exit interviews. For many of us, the go-to platform for learning and sharing is video. Our students increasingly consult YouTube to get up to speed on any topic.



Most high-school sophomores hope to score a job at Starbucks or the movie theatre. Techlearning Resources

Text Analysis With Voyant 2.0


A few weeks ago, coincidentally during Day of DH 2016 , it was brought to my attention that Voyant , a web-based text analysis tool, had upgraded to Version 2.0. It works great for getting students started in large-scale text analysis.

Basic Twitter Analysis With twXplorer


But, there may be a situation when you want a quick analysis of activity around a certain hashtag or term (trending or otherwise) without the trouble of setting up a permanent archive. Are there other Twitter analysis tools you’ve found helpful?

Fewer and richer high school grads heading to college: ACE analysis

Bryan Alexander

This information comes from Christopher Nellum and Terry Hartle of the American Council on Education ( ACE ), and is based on analysis of US Census data. Inside Higher Ed’s summary of ACE findings. Changes in higher education enrollment can sound very bland or abstract.

IO Education: Consolidating Student Data to Drive and Empower Student Success


Company is Helping Over 5,000 Schools Improve Outcomes by Making Better use of Five Million Student Records. Here’s How. EmergingEdTech recently spoke with IO Education’s CEO, Michael. Please click on the post title to continue reading the full post. Thanks (and thanks for subscribing)!].

K-12 District Spending Analysis Raises Red Flag About ESSA School Comparisons

Marketplace K-12

The post K-12 District Spending Analysis Raises Red Flag About ESSA School Comparisons appeared first on Market Brief. The study of how districts track spending for each school found that it is difficult to make "apples-to-apples" comparisons of expenditures among schools in a system.

How Does a Managed WiFi Subscription Work? Part 1: Analysis & Design

SecurEdge Networks Mobility Blog

We don’t like to brag, but at SecurEdge Networks, we really have thought of everything necessary to provide you with fast, reliable, secure wireless. Not only that, but we’ve bundled it all together into a comprehensive subscription package. Okay, maybe we do like to brag a little. Healthcare Hospitality K-12 Education Higher Education Retail Industrial Mobility SMB Wi-Fi as a Service

Read, Talk, Write: 35 Text Analysis Lessons


In "Read Talk Write" Laura Robb provides strategies that can grow students' ability to have rich, accountable conversations, leading to productive, engaging writing. Reviewer Linda Biondi especially appreciates the mentor texts, detailed lessons, and reproducibles.

Spatial Thinking & Critical Analysis: Teaching With Portal 2

TeachThought - Learn better.

Spatial Thinking & Critical Analysis: Teaching With Portal 2. Ideas & Resources For Teaching With Portal 2; Spatial Thinking & Critical Analysis: Teaching With Portal 2. by Michael Catelli.

App of the Week: Video analysis of performance

eSchool News

Coach’s Eye-Video Analysis. It allows detailed, visual feedback thanks to powerful analysis tools and superior playback ability. Find exact moments in a performance, tap Analyze to open a variety of analysis tools, and then tap Record to capture your analysis.

Media Literacy: How to Watch the Debates


Baker Karen Zill media literacy NAMLE Presidential Debates social studies student analysisThe presidential debates offer a unique portal to explore topics that are critically important in developing students' media literacy skills and preparing them for responsible citizenship.

Four Ways to Make NPS a More Actionable Metric


Data Driven Product Management Product Analytics Product Management Skills Analytics Data Data Analysis Data-Driven Product Management NPS product managementIt’s been nearly 15 years since Bain’s Fred Reichheld first introduced the Net Promoter System (NPS), a simple calculation of customers’ willingness to recommend a brand. By asking a single question, “How likely are you to recommend us to a friend?”, NPS distilled the complex topic of customer satisfaction into a single number.

The Happiness Achievement Paradox


Data Analysis research Social Emotional LearningDo our actions communicate more clearly than our words when it comes to expressing our wishes for our children?

Media Literacy in Today’s Social Studies Class


The NCSS revised Position Statement on Media Literacy supports engaging students in inquiry and analysis as well as developing their understanding of media and propaganda. Baker NCSS Position Statement on Media Literacy News Literacy Project photo analysis worksheet social studiesFrank W. Baker shows how students can evaluate the flood of fake news and the Fall election.

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Teaching Students to Set a Purpose for Reading


Articles Reading fiction genre graphic organizer informational texts narrative nonfiction reading purpose Sarah Tantillo text analysisMany students over-annotate text to the point where they are noticing everything but not determining what's MOST important.

Wordle for Visual Analysis & Prediction

Baker's B.Y.O.D.

Themes presented in Peck''s story are also found in Richard Connell''s "The Most Dangerous Game" and Edgar Allan Poe''s "The Cask of Amontillado" two texts that challenge the students'' comprehension and analysis skills.

Every Child a Super Reader with 7 Strengths


Book Reviews Reading 7 strengths belonging confidence courage craft curiosity Ernest Morrell friendship hope kindness Linda Biondi LitWorld Pam Allyn Scholastic Super Reader text analysisEvery Child a Super Reader can empower students to become lovers of reading who understand what they read.

Danger illustrated

Learning with 'e's

They are great at description, but ask them to move beyond this into critical analysis and they look at you and shrug. In essence the students were speculating based on their analysis of the bottle, and were also beginning to evaluate the worth of the bottle.

10 Techniques to Teach Whole Class Novels


It's Not Easy Being Tween Whole Novels Cheryl Mizerny framing Gradual Release of Responsibility literary analysis read like writers reflective writing Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry The Outsiders Ties That Bind Ties That Break Walk Two Moons whole class novel

Turnitin Encourages Writing Across Content Areas with Historical Analysis Resources in Revision Assistant


New features and prompts for Turnitin Revision Assistant. EdTech for writing instruction in social studies and other content areas beyond ELA. Techlearning News

Analysis: Trump’s Justice Dept moves to protect whites in college admissions

The Hechinger Report

The post Analysis: Trump’s Justice Dept moves to protect whites in college admissions appeared first on The Hechinger Report. Analysis Higher Ed Politics RaceFile photo: Abigail Fisher was back at the Supreme Court Dec.

Engaging Students in Critical Social Media Analysis Through Debate

Educator Innovator

As part of the national celebration of Digital Learning Day last month, I had the opportunity to moderate an online debate between two teams of high school students from opposite ends of California about the merits and risks of social media as a communication tool.

Open Source Tools for Learning Data Analysis, Continuous Improvement, and Machine Learning

iterating toward openness

I’m a huge fan of R and R Studio and use them regularly for data extraction, cleaning, and analysis. This image from the BBC is not subject to’s Creative Commons license.


4 Steps to Put School Data to Good Use


Articles Data Management analysis Barbara Blackburn data goals priorities purpose Ronald Williamson statistics surveysSchool and student data can be confusing and challenging to collect and use effectively.

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Examine Sports, Physics and More With Video Analysis App


Robust video analysis for sports, science, fine arts performances. Techlearning Resources App of the Day

The rural school district Obama fought to save

The Hechinger Report

Analysis K-12 NewsNow shuttered, this portion of J.V. Martin Middle School in Dillon dates to 1896 and was still in use when then-Senator Barack Obama visited in 2007 during his presidential campaign. Photo: Alan Richard. DILLON, S.C. — In 2007, when U.S.

Using Text Analysis to Discover Work in JSTOR


Software Teaching databases jstor research text analysis who knew JSTOR had a lab

I’m Not Sure This Big Meta-Analysis On Direct Instruction Says What Its Authors Think It Says

Larry Ferlazzo

A big new meta-analysis has just been released titled The Effectiveness of Direct Instruction Curricula: A Meta-Analysis of a Half Century of Research. In fact, one meta-analysis did just that (see Is This The Most Important Research Study Of The Year?

Education Research Meta Analysis from Hattie and Yates


The Hapara team is reading Visible Learning and the Science of How We Learn by John Hattie and Gregory Yates. The book is an easy to read distillation of Hattie’s work synthesizing the results from education research around the world. Edtech Blended Learning Hattie Edtech Update