9 Great Android Mind Mapping Apps

Educators Technology

Here is a collection featuring some of the best Android mind mapping apps. Android mind mapping appsYou can use them to capture your thoughts and organize your ideas into various visual modes. As I stated in a previous post.read more.

How To Become An Android Developer

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Join Android Developer Aida Issayeva, an app developer for a big tech company, for a conversation in how to become an Android Developer. … Read More » How To Become An Android Developer. The post How To Become An Android Developer appeared first on Teacher Tech.


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6 Benefits of an Android Tablet

Tom Murray

With such metrics and a myriad of innovative upgrades on the Android platform, the market seems to be shifting towards Chromebooks and Android tablets for what I believe to be aA recent article in Fortune entitled, “Ultra cheap Chromebooks are killing it this year”, highlights the explosive growth of mobile devices in schools, and specifically relays how 72% of Chromebooks sales were to schools.

4 of The Best Android Audio Recording Apps for Teachers

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Following our list of the best web tools for recording audio, we received a couple of requests for recommendations for Android apps. For those of you using Android-enabled devices, below are.read more. Android audio recording apps

Android Educational Apps for Teachers

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

If you are using Android devices in your instruction then you definitely need to consider the apps below. This is a collection of what we think are some of the essential Android apps to help you with.read more

Best Spelling Games for Kids and Students (Android & iPad)

Educators Technology

Here is a collection of some very good spelling games for both Android and iOS operated devices. You can use these games with your kids and/or students to help them develop their spelling skills and.read more. Spelling apps

My top Android Apps for Educators

Educational Technology Guy

I''m a huge Android user. It allows me to do anything on my Android device, including running Windows apps and accessing all of my files. Another feature of Android I love is the sharing. Related: Android for Education Resources My Favorite Resources for Teachers and Students Google for Education Resources Essential Apps and Installs for Windows, Chrome, Android Why I use Google''s Products as an Educator. Android google Google for Educators

In the News: Educational Android Apps Improperly Track Children

Doug Levin

Thousands of Android Mobile Apps Improperly Track Children, Study Says.” You can review the full list of Android apps examined by the researchers at this website: [link]. Blog In the News News ad tracking Android COPPA Education Week Federal Trade Commission privacy researchAs quoted in: Herold, Benjamin. Education Week. 13 April 2018. “This [“ ‘Won’t Somebody Think of the Children?’

Android Apps For Literacy

The Web20Classroom

There are lots of apps for books and reference for the Android user, some of which you might not find for you iPad. And you can save articles for offline viewing (handy for those times you have work to do but no connection) and can share articles with ease with the Android sharing menu. Those are my favorite apps for reading and reference on my Android tablet. android apps I love my tablets. I carry 2 pretty much where ever I go, especially when I travel.

Try an Android Emulator


There are several apps for iPad (also for Android) I love that are not approached by anything on the web: namely, the Toca Life app and Pic Collage (also available for Windows). Mobile apps offer something in interactivity that webtools (i.e.

Android Apps for Education - work on Chromebooks and Chrome OS Tablets too!

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Android Apps for Education Android is the most popular mobile operating system in the world, running on smartphones and tablets. But, you can also use Android Apps on Chromebooks , including the new Chromebook Tab 10 Chrome OS tablet. Chrome and Android all in one! Finding good apps can be hard, so here is a list of Android apps for Education to use on Chromebooks, Chromebook Tab and other Android devices.

Android Apps on Chromebooks

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One of the most significant announcements coming out of the Google I / O developers conference this past May was the launch of Android Apps for Chrome. Early Access to Android for Chrome An early release of the Google Play Store for Chrome was expected to come to three devices in June: the Asus Flip, Acer R11, and Chromebook Pixel. At this point, it is unknown if Android for Chrome will be released prior to the start of the 2016-17 school year. Android #chromebook

Google Kids Space, a new kids mode on select Android tablets that features apps, books and videos for your kids to explore, learn and have fun

Educational Technology Guy

Google just announced Google Kids Space , a new kids mode on select Android tablets that features apps, books and videos for your kids to explore, learn and have fun. This is one of the ways Google has been working to make Android more kid-friendly.

Lenovo 141

Android Apps Anyone?

A Principal's Reflections

I have become so reliant on Apple devices that I never saw or anticipated the need to learn anything about Android apps since I could never see myself making the switch. Well things recently changed as I got my hands on what I think might be the hottest and most exciting Android tablets to hit the market - the Sony Xperia Z. The only problem is that this is the first Android device that I have had in my possession for any extended time.

Android on Chromebooks! Here are some resources and apps to check out

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Android has come to Chromebooks and is available on EDU Domains! id=com.google.android.keep&hl=en take notes checklists annotate images handwriting speech to text iPad app equivalents on Android: [link] Android alternatives/equivalents for iPad apps https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qBmhx4jm4eJ7A8It9gz8PtOm164CO9tlvv46Mhv6uCs/edit#gid=640510231 GeoGebra has multiple apps Math Apps https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.geogebra&rdid=org.geogebra

Google Announces Android Apps for Chromebooks - Very Nice!!

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Yesterday, Google Announced the first 4 Android Apps that are available for Chromebooks. I installed it on my Chromebook (Acer C720) and loved it - looks and works like the Android app. That''s right, you can sync notebooks offline (premium users - well worth the $45 a year) just like in Android. In the meantime, please tell us which of your favorite Android apps you’d like to see on your Chromebook. Android chromebooks Evernote google google applications

Assignment Planner - free Android app for Students

Educational Technology Guy

Assignment Planner is a free app for Android that keeps track of assignments, homework, projects, course and class information, and grades. Android apps for education free resources free resources for students I just learned about Assignment Planner from Edudemic. It includes the ability to sort assignments by due date or course and set reminders for assignments. It''s easy to use and got excellent reviews.

Chrome Can: Integration with Android Phones

Dr. Shannon Doak

If you have a Chromebook and an Android phone many of these great features are also available! Unlocking your Chromebook with your Android phone. To unlock your Chromebook with your Android phone you need to set a few things up. You will need a phone with Android 5.0+, that has Smart Lock, and Bluetooth. This application works from within a browser on any device so it will work between your Chromebook and your Android Phone.

Reflector2 - Wireless mirroring and streaming for iOS, Android and Chromebooks

Educational Technology Guy

Reflector2 is a wireless streaming product that works with iOS, Android and even Chromebooks that allows teachers and students to share their iPads, Android tablets and Chromebooks to the big screen wirelessly, from anywhere in the room. Android chromebooks iOS presentation

Photomath math equation app now available for Android

Educational Technology Guy

It is now available for Android devices. Android math PhotoMath is a math solving app that was originally released as an iPhone app a few months ago. It is very simple to use - point your smartphone''s camera at a math equation and the app will solve it for you. It gives you the answer and all of the steps used to solve it. It supports all kinds of equations, including inequalities and quadratic equations. Related: Wolfram Education --.

100’s of Android App Recommendations for Teaching and Learning


We’ve combed and curated the Web to find collections of the best apps for students and for teaching and learning, specifically for Android-based tablets and smartphones. iPads and Other Tablet Devices iPhones and Smartphones Mobile Learning Resources best android applications for education classroom teaching best android smartphone apps for students teachers best student apps for android platform tablets samsung galaxy apps for education teaching learning

Android Classroom Management Apps for Teachers

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Below is a collection of some good Android apps to help you with your classroom management. Some of the things you can do with these apps include: control the noise level at your class, build a.read more

Journey - free Journal app for Chrome OS and Android

Educational Technology Guy

Journey is a journal app for Chrome OS and Android that is easy to use and nicely designed. Journal by Journey Chrome App Journal by Journey Android App --. Android chromebooks google Chrome OS Google for Educators It could be very useful for students to use for their journals for any class. Many English classes have students write journals, but a journal can be very useful for any class as a means to record what students are doing, thinking, and learning.

Android Apps to Help Students Speak English Fluently

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

2020 Android language learning appsOne of the major problems that faced us, the pre-Internet English learners, was the practice of English in real-life situations with native speakers. Practice is key in learning any language and more.read more.

List of 50 Free Android Apps Being Used in Education Right Now

Educational Technology Guy

I''m an Android user and my district uses Google Apps, Chromebooks, and Android tablets, so I''m always looking for great apps for Android. Edudemic has a great list of 50 Free Android Apps Being Used in Education Right Now. Related: Android for Education Resources -. Android Google for Educators I had bookmarked this site a while back and just found it again. The list is categorized by age/grade level, and type of app.

To Android or not to Android

There is no box

I’d seriously considered making the switch to Android when the Nexus 5 came out. But this time around I decided it was time to look at Android again. The three main sticking points last time are mostly gone with the camera being on par with the iPhone, the battery being better in Android (although I don’t think as good as in iOS) and iMessage no longer being an issue now that we have an SMS plan (yes, welcome us into the 21st century, thank you).

5 Great Educational Android Apps for Kids

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Below is a collection of 5 educational Android apps to enhance your kids learning. Some of the learning experiences offered by these apps include: problem solving and strategic thinking; learning.read more

Read & Write Text to Speech web app comes to iPad and Android

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They have just released a free iPad and Android app. Related: Google for Education Resources Google Accessibility Features in Chrome (OS and Browser) Android for Education Resources Evernote Clearly gets Text-to-Speech - premium only --. Android chromebooks Google for Educators iOS iPad text to speech Web Applications Read and Write for Google is an excellent Chrome app that provides text-to-speech functions from your browser.

Definitions of Vpn Android


The Way to Get Started with Vpn Android? The Android program isn’t difficult to use. Much like the remainder of the categories of Android programs, the sport programs open for the Android mobile are very diverse. Vpn Android Could Be Fun For everybody. You just have best vpns for windows 10 to be sure that are you really going to opt for a VPN that gives you a specific method pertaining to android os.

9 Fundamental Android Apps for Every Classroom

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

October 23, 2017 Here is a collection of some good educational Android apps we recommend for teachers using Android devices in their instruction. android apps for teachersThese are apps you can use for a variety of.read more.

The Education of an Android Teacher


When you meet an android, it’s important to follow etiquette. I'm the world's first android teaching assistant. This makes it difficult to discern whether the android is a sci-fi character come to life or mere parlor trick. Educating an android happens one conversation at a time.

Android Apps on My Acer R11 Chromebook

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Run Android Apps on an Acer R11 Chromebook The Acer R11 Chromebook is a touchscreen Chromebook that flips around into a tablet. Recently Google has enabled Android apps to run on Chromebooks. The post Android Apps on My Acer R11 Chromebook appeared first on Teacher Tech. Advanced Android Apps Chromebook Google android chromebook googleThis capability is not standard on Chromebooks yet and currently only available for selected models.

Android Video Editing Apps for Teachers

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

These are some of the most popular Android apps for creating and.read moreUpon the request of several of our readers here in EdTech and mLearning, we went ahead and curated for you the collection below.

12 Good Android Productivity Apps for Teachers

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

June 30, 2017 After writing about Mac productivity apps we received requests for similar list for Android users. The visual below features what we think are good Android apps to help you enhance your.read more. Android productivity apps

Some Good Educational Android Apps for Teachers

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

We receive a lot of emails from teachers using Android asking for app recommendations. It's true we do not cover Android apps as we do iPad apps but we do our best to strike a balance.read more

5 Ways to Become a Better Writer Using Android Apps and Tools

Ask a Tech Teacher

Luckily for us due to the evolution of technology, everyone with an Android device or access to the internet can get the help needed to write and polish a paper. Evernote is one of the most downloaded apps on the Android market. It offers Android users a special feature: combined handwriting and keyboard. The official Wikipedia Android app is designed to help users quickly find and explore information on Wikipedia. Android apps are easy-to-use and save time on editing.

Helpful Educational Android Apps to Use in Your Teaching

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

For those of you using Android in instruction, the collection below is definitely worth checking out. This is a list of some of the best educational Android apps out there based exclusively on our.read more

6 Android Apps to Try on a Chromebook

Shake Up Learning

The post 6 Android Apps to Try on a Chromebook appeared first on Shake Up Learning. Using Android Apps on a Chromebook. Google has been working to bridge the gap between the tablet and laptop by allowing us to use Android apps on a Chromebook. 6 Android Apps to Try on a #Chromebook #SUL #gttribe #gsuiteedu #edtech Click To Tweet. Why Android Apps on Chromebooks. You may be wondering why you would want to run Android apps on Chromebooks.

Educational Android Apps for Students with Special Needs

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Below is a collection of some good Android apps curated specifically for students with special needs. The apps cover different areas including dyslexia, autism, and visual impairment. We have only.read more

6 of The Best Android Video Making and Editing Apps for Teachers and Students

Educators Technology

These are some of the most popular Android apps for creating and.read more. Android video editing appsUpon the request of several of our readers here in EdTech and mLearning, we went ahead and curated for you the collection below.