3 Strategies for Impactful Communication

A Principal's Reflections

When it comes to crafting a strategy, it is always critical to think about the following prior to preparing any message or interaction: Why is this important to get across, and when? Below are the strategies that can harness these to ensure how you communicate has an impact.

Strategies for Trauma-Informed Care in School

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Simulations as a Teaching Strategy

Ask a Tech Teacher

The article’s about 1000 words and well worth the read: Simulations as a Teaching Strategy – Everything You Need to Know. This is why gamification and wider simulation strategies hold huge value in educational facilities across the globe.

Boost Morale with These Simple Strategies

A Principal's Reflections

Below are some simple strategies that you can use immediately and long-term, many of which are research-based. Morale can best be defined as the confidence, enthusiasm, and discipline of a person or group at a particular time.

6 Strategies for Using Actionable Data to Impact Student Success

Educators need effective tools to drive student success. The trend to use actionable, comprehensive data—like attendance, assessments, grades, and more—is an effective way to give teachers the visibility they need to make a difference. Videri gives teachers and administrators access to comprehensive, integrated data so they can easily filter, drill down, and analyze data—to get the information that they really need, when they need it, and improve student outcomes. Download the eBook today!

5 Time-saving strategies for busy teachers


To start this year off on the right foot, I scoured the internet for the best time-management strategies and picked the brains of my fellow teachers for their best tips that could make our lives easier. . The post 5 Time-saving strategies for busy teachers appeared first on NEO BLOG.

Hubs: A Digital Learning Research Strategy to Reach Millions

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The post Hubs: A Digital Learning Research Strategy to Reach Millions appeared first on Digital Promise. Blog CIRCLS Developers Educators Learning Sciences Research Researchers

7 strategies for students who struggle with executive functioning

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The post 7 strategies for students who struggle with executive functioning appeared first on Ditch That Textbook. Executive functioning helps students get tasks done and work through their day. Here's how you can support students who struggle.

Classroom Communication Strategy: A Guide for Modern Classrooms

EdNews Daily

The post Classroom Communication Strategy: A Guide for Modern Classrooms first appeared on EdNews Daily.

3 Strategies for Personalizing Feedback Online

Catlin Tucker

Below are three strategies teachers working online can use to give students more focused and personalized feedback. #1 Teachers working exclusively online can adapt this real-time feedback strategy for the online environment with video conferencing software.

A CHRO’s Perspective on Substance Use in the Workplace: Supportive Strategies to Help Your Workforce Thrive

Speaker: Smita Das, MD, PhD, MPH, Medical Director, Psychiatry and Naj Wright, MBA, C-Suite HR Executive

Through advances in technology and access to care, managers can be empowered to serve as the front line of defense to help identify employee AUD and SUD concerns before they escalate. Understanding AUD and SUD, and providing tools for your workforce to overcome the challenges that they pose, is key to fostering strong mental health at work. Join us for this important how-to discussion.

The Best Learning Strategies for Teaching Online


But what are the best learning strategies for teaching online? Increasingly, this learning strategy features so-called simulations, which are often based on real-world business scenarios and provide a practical learning experience.

3 Strategies for Ed. Companies to Reach Teachers Through Social Media

Ed Tech from the Ground Up

The post 3 Strategies for Ed. The Startup Blog Business Strategy Opinion Sales / MarketingCognitive ToyBox conducted an experiment to find out which forms of advertising via social media are most effective in reaching educators.

Back-to-school success strategies

eSchool News

In this week’s episode of Innovations in Education , hosted by Kevin Hogan: How to keep innovations discovered during the pandemic alive 3 simple things to start an esports program 5 classroom management strategies to try this year.

Five Strategies for Combating Learning Loss

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The post Five Strategies for Combating Learning Loss first appeared on EdNews Daily. By Dan Hoppie As an Executive Director of Curriculum for Pasadena Independent School District in the greater Houston area, I have wrestled with two seemingly opposite forces during the pandemic.

How Formative Assessment Supports the Learning Journey

Speaker: Todd Theobald, Noel Gomez, Marcus Painter

Join educators and assessment experts as they discuss the role of formative assessment in student learning, how formative practices can guide the teaching and learning cycle, and the positive impact assessment can make on your classroom.

5 Strategies to Engage Learners Around Flipped Instruction

Catlin Tucker

They relied on videos out of necessity to explain concepts and model strategies while students learned from home. Engagement Strategy #1 Pair the Video with Questions. Engagement Strategy #2 Pair the Video with a Guided Note Template, Concept Map, or Graphic Organizer.

An Active Reading Strategy for Any Learning Landscape

Catlin Tucker

We can apply strategies to help us think more deeply about what we are reading. Instead, this strategy presents students with an open-ended, debatable, or controversial statement to consider before they begin the reading. This strategy activates thinking throughout a reading task.

5 Strategies to make your classes more inclusive


Therefore, when implementing these strategies, you need to consider religion , low-income environments, developmental disabilities, English as a second language , not being able to learn for one reason or another, etc. 5 Strategies to make your classes more inclusive.

Six Strategies for Equitable Education Systems

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Leaders shared strategies and learned from the Toronto District School Board, where leadership has explicitly centered and invested in equity. They recently reflected on their learning, and six strategies for advancing educational equity emerged.

System 220

What’s Next for Teaching and Learning? 6 Key Trends in K-12 Education

Speaker: Trenton Goble, Chris Giles, and Cat Flippen

The last year and a half has challenged teachers, students, and families to adapt to unprecedented changes to teaching and learning. While we’ve examined the challenges of the pandemic, questions remain: What does the future of education look like? And, how will the last year impact teaching and learning moving forward?

 8 Strategies for increasing student self-efficacy in online education


As an educator, you need to find the best ways to increase student self-efficacy and implement those strategies in your classes. 8 strategies to improve student self-efficacy. There are a few strategies you can use in your online classes to improve students’ self-efficacy.

Computational Thinking Strategies to Support Young Children’s Learning

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The systematic strategies that computer scientists apply in their work can be really helpful to us in our day-to-day lives and it has potential applications for early learners as well.

Active Listening Strategies For Charismatic Student Conversations

TeachThought - Learn better.

The post Active Listening Strategies For Charismatic Student Conversations appeared first on TeachThought. Critical Thinking How-To Networking & Collaboration Social Emotional Strategies

365 Inclusive Learning Strategies to Help Every Child

The CoolCatTeacher

Karen Janowski and her coauthors have written a book Inclusive Learning 365: Edtech Strategies for Every Day of the Year. From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter.

13 Teaching Strategies to Shake up Your Remote Teaching

Ask a Tech Teacher

Here are thirteen accepted pedagogical teaching strategies with proven records of success. Students are responsible for setting the patterns and strategies that allow them to succeed, by evaluating what they can do at any given point and making a plan for learning everything else.

3 strategies to support youth mental health

eSchool News

Every year more than 1.2 million students drop out of high school in the United States–that breaks down to 7,000 students every day.

Pass That Test! 18 Test Taking Resources and Strategies!

Teacher Reboot Camp

Therefore, teachers need to help students learn strategies and tips to help them pass tests. The strategies below not only help students cope with the stress and inequality of standardized testing, these strategies also help students cope with stress in their lives. These strategies are also included in a slide presentation you can download as a pdf. Test Taking Strategies And Tips For All Learners from Shelly Sanchez Terrell. Strategies and Resources.

Strategies for Teaching Reading Comprehension in Your Classroom


Then, you’ll learn several practical and research-based strategies to help your students build reading comprehension skills. 7] General comprehension strategies can only complement these more essential building blocks. 6 Strategies to Improve Reading Comprehension.

The gains and pains of the think-pair-share strategy


As a collaborative teaching strategy, the think-pair-share approach has sparked controversy among teachers. Is it a valuable strategy you shouldn’t overlook or is it just not worth the time? What are the gains and pains of the think-pair-share strategy?

Station Rotation Model: Grouping Strategies

Catlin Tucker

I tell them that I use multiple grouping strategies. The grouping strategy should make sense for the specific lesson. I know that creating groups is time-consuming, so I wanted to share the strategy I use to organize my groups. I create a Google Sheet for the school year labeled “2018-2019 Grouping Strategies.” Each column after the students’ names becomes a grouping strategy. Instead, I use a strategy I call “stealth grouping.”

Groups 329

The DLP Strategy Menu

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So, we developed a first-of-its-kind coaching model, based on Jennie Magiera’s work in Courageous Edventures , aimed at helping teachers tackle their challenges with personalized strategies and innovative tools. And today, we’re sharing our Strategy Menu with educators across the globe and providing them with 150+ ready-to-use instructional strategies and tech tools. 3 Steps: How to Use the Strategy Menu. Step 2: Choose a Strategy.

Strategies to Foster Discourse and Collaboration in Remote Learning Environments

A Principal's Reflections

No matter the current focus, changes implemented today will pave the way for ushering in more personalized approaches that focus on high-agency strategies as schools settle into a new normal. The past couple of months have been challenging for educators, to say the least.

A Conferencing Strategy for Online, Blended, or Concurrent Classes

Catlin Tucker

In my latest book, Balance with Blended Learning , I write about strategies that turn everyday tasks, like giving feedback, assessing student work, and conferencing with students about progress into opportunities for connection.

10 Strategies Designed to Engage Elementary Students Online

Catlin Tucker

Below are ten strategies I hope will help elementary teachers to engage their young learners online. #1 ” Finally, teachers can project their screens, set a virtual timer, and ask students to try to apply the strategy on their own.

4 inclusive practice strategies for any classroom

Ditch That Textbook

The post 4 inclusive practice strategies for any classroom appeared first on Ditch That Textbook. Embrace the inclusive mindset to transform any environment to a place where every learner has the opportunity to be successful.

3 collaborative strategies to bolster cybersecurity

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In the fall of 2021, the Center for Internet Security’s Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center ( MS-ISAC ) reported an expected 86 percent increase in cybersecurity incidents targeting K-12 school systems over the course of one year.

How your communication strategies create safe schools

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School district leaders have no higher priority than to create secure and informed campus environments. Having a campus-wide communication ecosystem is imperative.

Strategies to Celebrate Virtual Teacher Appreciation Week

Education Elements

School and district leaders can use the strategies below as a starting point to plan meaningful ways to recognize all that they do, every day.

15 Activities, Teaching Strategies, and Resources for Teaching Children with Autism


1] Teaching young students with autism communication skills and learning strategies makes it all the more likely that they’ll reach their academic potential later on. Effective Teaching Strategies for Children with Autism. Self-Calming Strategies.