Strategies to Help Kids Love Reading

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Today she talks about strategies any teacher can use to help kids love reading. ” The post Strategies to Help Kids Love Reading appeared first on Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis @coolcatteacher helping educators be excellent every day.

4 Strategies Designed to Drive Metacognitive Thinking

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Here are 4 strategies teachers can use to encourage students to think about their learning: 1. What strategies did they use to complete the task? Metacognition is defined as thinking about one’s thinking or learning.

Station Rotation Model: Grouping Strategies

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I tell them that I use multiple grouping strategies. The grouping strategy should make sense for the specific lesson. I know that creating groups is time-consuming, so I wanted to share the strategy I use to organize my groups.

Groups 344

10 Strategies to Strengthen Instruction and Learning

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Modeling A pedagogical strategy where the teacher or student(s), demonstrates how to complete tasks and activities related to the learning target. For more strategies on how to improve feedback click HERE. Not all of these strategies will be implemented in every lesson nor should they.

Pass That Test! 18 Test Taking Resources and Strategies!

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Therefore, teachers need to help students learn strategies and tips to help them pass tests. The strategies below not only help students cope with the stress and inequality of standardized testing, these strategies also help students cope with stress in their lives.

Developing a BrandED Strategy

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Now more than ever educators, leaders, schools, and districts need to begin to think about a brand strategy. It requires a focus on strategies and ideas that are being successfully implemented to positively impact student learning.

Simple Articulation Strategy: 5 Ins and 5 Outs

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As I researched articulation strategies, I found “5 Ins and 5 Outs” mentioned in a Teaching Channel video. The ins and outs strategy is a manageable way for groups of teachers to identify the specific skills they want to emphasize and make sure students master.

High-Impact Instructional Strategies To Use Right Now

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What are high-impact, effective instructional strategies? Using these effect sizes as a guide we can find the most high-impact instructional strategies that are research proven to work and help students grow. High-Impact Instructional Strategies Research

Strategies That Can Take the Anxiety Out Of Math

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To improve these math mindsets, there are strategies for teachers to model growth mindset and give growth mindset feedback so students learn that struggle and mistakes are normal parts of the math learning process. Another clever strategy by Ms.

E-learning Engagement: Persuasive Design Strategies

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Elearning Engagement: Persuasive Design Strategies. Vicki: Today we’re talking with Dr. Laurie Korte about Persuasive Design, and these are strategies for eLearning engagement. I mean, is there a strategy or two you can share? Do you have another strategy for us?

Learning Strategies for your Classroom

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New teachers quickly realize that one size doesn’t fit all in the classroom. Students are wonderfully different in the way they learn, listen, and absorb. While teaching to the majority sounds good superficially, let’s look at the math: A majority is 51%.

5 Strategies to Help You Rethink Research

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Post a comment and share your favorite strategies for teaching research in your classroom! The word research appears 80 times in the English language arts section of the Common Core Standards. It’s clear the ability to find, evaluate and apply information is a crucial life skill.

8 strategies for reducing your reliance on homework

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Homework cognitive science compliance ditch that homework homework homework strategies parent/teacher relationshpIn the past, I’ve assigned homework when I’ve felt a lack of control, a sense of scrambling to cover everything. I would think, “These students just aren’t where they need to be.

10 Strategies to Improve Instructional Leadership

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Below I offer ten specific strategies implemented during my time as high school principal that you can begin to adopt now. Another successful strategy is to develop an informal walk-through schedule with your leadership team. Like all lists there are many great strategies that I missed.

Pass That Exam! 14 Test Prep Strategies

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Students who understand the format, take test prep courses, and understand the strategy needed to pass these tests will often outperform their peers. Test Prep Strategies & Resources from Shelly Sanchez Terrell.

30 Universal Strategies For Learning

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30 Universal Strategies For Learning by Terry Heick As teachers, we’re all trying to better understand how people learn–not now they’re taught in terms of teaching strategies, but more so learning strategies–only not really strategies.

5 Formative Assessment Strategies to Help with Classroom Management

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We need more strategies than fist to five or thumbs up thumbs down. Teacher Mike Roberts give five strategies that can help us with formative assessment AND classroom management.

5 Formative Assessment Strategies to Help with Classroom Management

The CoolCatTeacher

We need more strategies than fist to five or thumbs up thumbs down. Teacher Mike Roberts give five strategies that can help us with formative assessment AND classroom management. 5 Formative Assessment Strategies to Help with Classroom Management.

5 Strategies to Help Superintendents Lead Digital Transformation

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5 Strategies to Help Superintendents Lead Digital Transformation. eli.zimmerman_9856. Mon, 02/25/2019 - 11:12. David Schuler, superintendent of Township High School District 214 in Illinois and the 2018 Superintendent of the Year, joined Chris Gaines, Mehlville (Mo.)

6 Strategies For Teaching With Bloom’s Taxonomy

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6 Strategies For Teaching With Bloom’s Taxonomy by TeachThought Staff Bloom’s Taxonomy can be a powerful tool to transform teaching and learning. The post 6 Strategies For Teaching With Bloom’s Taxonomy appeared first on TeachThought.

Five Learning Strategies that Work

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As the amount of information available to us grows each day, many people turn to “curated” websites to find news and ideas that are are most relevant to them. The education research and cognitive science fields are no different.

Phonics Strategies for Young Learners Using the iPad

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Today’s post is to share some strategies I use with my most challenged learners in their endeavor to meet grade level goals in early literacy. Reading should not be presented to children as a chore or duty. It should be offered to them as a precious gift.-Kate Kate DiCamillo.

6 Practical strategies for teaching across the digital divide


Last week we discussed the digital divide , and today I thought we could explore some practical strategies that teachers, as individuals, can adopt in an effort to bridge the digital divide in their classrooms. 6 Practical strategies for teaching across the digital divide.

4 Reciprocal Teaching Strategies To Use


Reciprocal teaching strategies have been shown to increase student reading comprehension and improve overall literacy. The post 4 Reciprocal Teaching Strategies To Use appeared first on Prodigy Blog.

Retrieval Practice: A Strategy to Promote Successful Learning

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In this second Digital Promise Research@Work video , we share a learning strategy called retrieval practice , which is based on more than 100 years of cognitive science research.

35 Psychology-Based Critical Thinking Strategies

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35 Psychology-Based Critical Thinking Strategies by Sara Briggs, The post 35 Psychology-Based Critical Thinking Strategies appeared first on TeachThought. Critical Thinking Strategies Veteran Teacher

3 Strategies for Students Who Struggle with Reading and Writing

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Dr. Linda Mason helps us understand how to help students become better readers with goal setting, self-regulating, and self-assessment strategies. I find her revelation about students with ED and the impact these strategies have on their reading and writing very exciting.

5 Fantastic Peer Feedback Strategies for Your Classroom

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Today, Starr Sackstein @mssackstein shares 5 feedback strategies to supercharge your writing instruction and classroom culture. In today’s show, Starr Sackstein discusses 5 peer review strategies for the classroom including: Having a class culture for positive peer feedback.

The Ultimate Guide to Teaching Strategies


One of the best qualities a teacher can have is a willingness to try new teaching strategies. The post The Ultimate Guide to Teaching Strategies appeared first on Prodigy. Teaching Strategies teaching strategies

10 Top Cooperative Learning Strategies (and some tech tools that could come in handy)


He is mainly known for his work on cooperative learning strategies (often referred to as Kagan learning structures). Below are my favourite cooperative learning strategies: Some others I have used are: Pairs Squared (pair the learners, then pair up the pairs!).

UDL for Adult Learners: Guidelines and Strategies

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In this webinar, Jason and one of the YouthBuild USA Teaching Fellows, Jo Forman, talk about why UDL is important when working with adult learners, and they outline several UDL guidelines and give strategies for using UDL in the classroom.

UDL 179

Competency-Based Educational Strategies Enhanced by Technology

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Emerging technologies can help put strategies like standards-based grading and competency-based learning into context for parents, students and teachers. The post Competency-Based Educational Strategies Enhanced by Technology appeared first on Market Brief.

10 strategies for lightning-quick feedback students can REALLY use

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Using homework assignments to give feedback is pokey. Inefficient. Think about the length of the feedback loop for traditional homework assignments: Teacher assigns homework to students. Students take it home (maybe) and work on it (maybe). Students turn it in the next day.

Lower Test Anxiety and Improve Retention with These Strategies

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Try these simple strategies from Todd Finley. Plus, he has powerful year-end strategies that reduce test anxiety. Todd Finley shares research and best-practice from his classroom From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter.

Strategies for successful goal-setting

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Setting goals gives us focus as we move into a new school year. Goals give us direction as we find ourselves bombarded with tasks. In episode 91 Keven Rinaman, a technology director from Ohio, talks about the importance of setting goals for ourselves as well as our students. As we ask our students to set […]. DTT podcast #DitchPod educator goals goal-setting how to set goals

Teaching tricks: Better data strategies to ease teacher workload


Teaching tricks: Better data strategies. The post Teaching tricks: Better data strategies to ease teacher workload appeared first on NEO BLOG. We need to talk about teacher stress and workload.

Motivating Students: Focus on 6 Strategies

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Here’s a brief overview of each strategy. Building models and displays, fieldtrips and fieldwork, hands-on experiments, and craft activities are all strategies that help students learn. The trick then isn’t to give up, but rather to introduce more of the strategies.