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So, we developed a first-of-its-kind coaching model, based on Jennie Magiera’s work in Courageous Edventures , aimed at helping teachers tackle their challenges with personalized strategies and innovative tools. 3 Steps: How to Use the Strategy Menu. Step 2: Choose a Strategy.

Pass That Test! 18 Test Taking Resources and Strategies!

Teacher Reboot Camp

Therefore, teachers need to help students learn strategies and tips to help them pass tests. The strategies below not only help students cope with the stress and inequality of standardized testing, these strategies also help students cope with stress in their lives.

Powerful Learning is Personal and Accessible

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In this first post, we explore how Powerful Learning is personal and accessible, share research that grounds these two principles, and provide resources to support your own learning and teaching practices. The post Powerful Learning is Personal and Accessible appeared first on Digital Promise.

Access does not equal equity

The Hechinger Report

Related: Choosing personalized learning as a strategy for educational equity. The post Access does not equal equity appeared first on The Hechinger Report. Maker Academy teacher Gerry Irrizary assisting students in his Design Principles class. Amadou Diallo for The Hechinger Report.

“Free college:” Why offering access to something broken does not make it better

The Christensen Institute

But what the promise of free college fails to consider, as The Hechinger Report astutely notes , is not just whether it expands access to those who need it most, but also whether a narrow solution to tuition cost ignores the more critical question of value. Expanding access.

Pass That Exam! 14 Test Prep Strategies

Teacher Reboot Camp

Students who understand the format, take test prep courses, and understand the strategy needed to pass these tests will often outperform their peers. Scroll down to access the bookmarks. ​​. Test Prep Strategies & Resources from Shelly Sanchez Terrell.

6 Practical strategies for teaching across the digital divide


Last week we discussed the digital divide , and today I thought we could explore some practical strategies that teachers, as individuals, can adopt in an effort to bridge the digital divide in their classrooms. 6 Practical strategies for teaching across the digital divide.

Making Sure All Kids Can Access Books


Book Access for All Kids" is a must-read, writes principal, NBCT and veteran school librarian Rita Platt. Its 10 short chapters are power-packed with research, stories and strategies for building a strong reading culture. Donalyn Miller and Colby Sharp's "Game Changer!

Five Learning Strategies that Work

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” Also, research findings support two best practices for implementation: (1) make sure students do not have ready access to explanations, and (2) spend time up front teaching students how to ask good questions and construct thorough explanations.

Five Steps to Ensure Accessibility for All

While the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) was last reauthorized in 2004, with amendments in 2015, and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) were updated back in 2008, the demand for accessibility and equality in education continues to grow. Educators still need to constantly evaluate the effectiveness of accessibility initiatives, advocate for resources for their students, and anticipate where they need to go next.

The DLP Strategy Menu


So, we developed a first-of-its-kind coaching model, based on Jennie Magiera’s work in Courageous Edventures , aimed at helping teachers tackle their challenges with personalized strategies and innovative tools. 3 Steps: How to Use the Strategy Menu. Step 2: Choose a Strategy.

State Leadership Working Towards Broadband Access for All

If the workday of an adult typically requires seamless broadband access, then it’s reasonable that today’s students need the same access during their school day. The key is the state leadership to make broadband accessible to all.

10 Top Cooperative Learning Strategies (and some tech tools that could come in handy)


He is mainly known for his work on cooperative learning strategies (often referred to as Kagan learning structures). Below are my favourite cooperative learning strategies: Some others I have used are: Pairs Squared (pair the learners, then pair up the pairs!).

4 Brain-based Strategies to Help Struggling Readers

Brilliant or Insane

Sometimes kids just don’t like to read, because they’ve never had much access to books. This infographic examines struggling readers and brain-based issues and provides 4 strategies for helping struggling readers, while considering the neurology involved with reading. The post 4 Brain-based Strategies to Help Struggling Readers appeared first on Brilliant or Insane. Featured Strategy HackLearning readingBrilliant or Insane.

Unpaywall: Free, legal access to scholarly articles! (and a couple of other strategies)


Installed as a free browser extension for Firefox or Chrome , Unpaywall allows searchers to legally access full-text research papers from its index of ten million, legally loaded, open-access articles. Open Access Button is integrated with BASE , an index of more than 5.5

A Practical Way to Increase Access to Mobile Technology Regardless of Age

A Principal's Reflections

We still have a long way to go in many places, but the increase in access provides kids with an array of innovative learning opportunities that continue to evolve. Sites like Common Sense Education and edshelf make it easy to find the right alignment to the right instructional strategy.

5 Strategies to Help Superintendents Lead Digital Transformation

EdTech Magazine

5 Strategies to Help Superintendents Lead Digital Transformation. While a score on a standardized test can provide some access for students from a post-secondary perspective, it cannot be the only thing that defines a school and a school district,” said Schuler. .

Checklist for Accessible Teaching & Presenting

The Innovative Educator

If we really want to ensure we are including everyone in have access to what we are presenting, technology can take us even further. Here are some ideas based on recommendations from WC3 Website Accessibility Initiative to you get started.

The Challenges of Easy Data Access

should be asked by all CIO’s, teachers, administrators and policymakers in this changing landscape of data access, student privacy and interoperability. Fruth describes this new data access landscape as a teeter-totter effect.

Data 61

The triple threat: affordability, access, and alignment

The Christensen Institute

This can make it more likely that the institution will accept sustaining innovations, and it simplifies the strategy and tactics involved in implementing them. The post The triple threat: affordability, access, and alignment appeared first on Christensen Institute.

Open Access Week Roundup


Last week, George wrote about Open Access Week. Another great resources is the post How can Open Access work with Promotion and Tenure? I’ll be there presenting alongside a great list of Open Education and Open Access advocates, scholars, technologists, and educators.

Ensuring Access to Robust Broadband for ALL Students

Doug Levin

Benjamin Herold of Education Week has put together a real cracker of a series on the challenges of ensuring school broadband access in rural communities – and how E-rate (pre- and post-modernization) is helping to address the situation.

Today is Global Accessibility Awareness Day


As you may (or may not) already know, today is “Global Accessibility Awareness Day.” ” Here at ProfHacker, we’ve written often about the importance of accessibility. What is “Global Accessibility Awareness Day” about?

If We Talked About the Internet Like We Talk About OER: The Cost Trap and Inclusive Access

iterating toward openness

Yesterday IHE published an article about the “ inclusive access ” programs offered by most major textbook publishers. ” What problem does the inclusive access model purport to solve? And obviously, both inclusive access and OER are about solving the cost problem.

OER 243

Old teaching strategies and modern technologies: Could an LMS be part of Montessori?


But other than that, only the teachers and parents can access that space to give feedback, grade assignments, and make available content and resources for each student individually. The post Old teaching strategies and modern technologies: Could an LMS be part of Montessori?

LMS 296

Content Curation Strategies for Digital Learning

BYOT Network

Now, to better nurture digital learning ecosystems, this blog post contains an overview of some specific strategies that schools and districts can undertake to begin, execute, and sustain a successful plan for content curation. Develop a strategy for contextualizing curated content.

Why innovation must be the new development strategy

The Christensen Institute

There is no shortage of ideas and strategies that will lead a country from poverty to economic prosperity. With increasing populations in many of these regions, we must change our development strategy. They developed products that people had been unable to afford or access.

Some secret strategies for serious searchers


I also introduce a few classic strategies that have been around in the literature about online searching since the pre-web days. You can also personalize Google Scholar to link to articles to which the library has access.

Find Open Access Articles Faster with UnPayWall


It is a free Chrome/Firefox extension that helps you quickly find open access versions of articles you’re searching for. However, open access versions might exist on authors’ own websites, or institutional and subject respositories. Have you heard of Unpaywall?

Easy Intervention Strategies for Struggling Readers

Out of the many intervention strategies she provided, Cindy concluded with four important takeaways to keep in mind. Teach strategies and skills that can be widely applied, like phonics expectations, syllable types, roots, and affixes.

Compassion-Based Strategies for Managing Classroom Behavior


She shared her strategies with colleagues at school and then branched out to consulting other schools through Conscious Teaching. She shared some of her strategies at the Learning and the Brain conference in San Francisco last month. . 7 COMPASSIONATE BEHAVIOR MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES.

Cupper: A Tool for Creating Accessible Documentation


I recently stumbled across a tool for creating accessible documentation, and while I haven’t had a chance to experiment with it, I’ll be putting it on my list of things to test drive this summer. Got any advice about your favorite strategies for creating documentation?

Digital school strategies

Learning with 'e's

Schools need to plan their technology strategies very carefully. What do you think are the key elements schools need to address in a digital strategy? Every school seriously needs to formulate its own strategy for the appropriate procurement and purchase of new technologies.

3 Strategies to Combat Summer Learning Loss

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School district leaders are aware of this, and many are taking active steps in raising awareness and developing programs that are accessible to every student, no matter their income level. Piedmont City School District offered a Summer Virtual Academy, in which high school and middle students earned high school credits with online classes, made possible by universal home Internet access provided by the district.

Strategies for Supporting ELL Students in Math

Kelly and Michele discussed key instructional strategies that can support ELL students in achieving higher in math. The post Strategies for Supporting ELL Students in Math appeared first on edWeb. edWeb Blog access and equity ELL Students MathFor many of the 4.5

A few strategies to implement Bloom’s taxonomy in education

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However, before turning into the theories, we figured that it would be more helpful for teachers and educators to have some idea about some strategies on successfully implementing Bloom’s taxonomy in education. We saw some basics of Bloom’s taxonomy in the previous blog of this series.

Four Research-Based Strategies To Ignite Intrinsic Motivation In Students


In her classroom, a gifted boy is close friends with another boy who struggles to access a lot of the content. Kathy Digsby has been teaching elementary school for a long time. She taught kindergarten for many years, then transferred to first grade.

Six Strategies for Virtual Field Trips


And easier strategies for video conferencing, combined with new types of interactions, make virtual field trips even more affordable and engaging. To participate, classrooms need access to mobile phones and virtual reality viewers like Cardboard and a tablet for the teacher guide.

Choosing personalized learning as a strategy for educational equity

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Some use online programs or software to give students access to content at their individual level , allowing them to move through lessons at their own pace. It makes personalized learning a strategy for equity.

3 ways to help students access their knowledge

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The information goes in (encoding), the learner attempts to commit information to memory (storage), and then the learner tries to recall the lesson (access). Instead of cramming information in, students learn how to access and pull it out. 3 strategies to enhance retrieval.