4 tips to live by on Twitter

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Thousands and thousands of educators around the world have grown by leaps and bounds professionally by getting connected on Twitter. I very proudly claim that Twitter saved my teaching career.

Twitter For Little Folks

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Yep, another Twitter post. If Twitter says you have to be 13 to use Twitter, how do I use it in my elementary classroom?" (See Twitter''s Privacy Policy says each user has to be at least 13 in order to have a Twitter account. Twitter does not ask for age.

Why Twitter Chats Matter

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As a co-founder of #edchat and a life-long learner I''ve had the opportunity to be a part of 100''s of Twitter chats over the past 5 years. Twitter chats expose you to colleagues and friends you might not otherwise engage with. One-way conversations don''t really work on Twitter. I find engaging with new voices one of the reasons I keep coming back to Twitter chats. This is my favorite part of Twitter chats. What is your favorite Twitter chat(s)?

140 Twitter Tips for Educators

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Help for teachers curious or skeptical about Twitter From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. The curious teacher opened up Twitter. Rather than ask anyone, the curious teacher opened up Twitter (there was less pressure that way.)

Twitter Tips & Resources for Teachers


My Thoughts on Social Media - How I stay ''in the know'' - I was excited to wake up the other day and see that my Twitter video had been posted by my buddy, Jeff, on Edudemic. I also receive all of my news from Twitter. on Twitter.

50 people and hashtags you MUST check out on Twitter

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Getting connected professionally on Twitter was the single most important, most powerful thing I ever did as an educator. Ed Tech connected educator edtech educational technology hashtags social media twitter

Twitter EDU – The Twitter Guide

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Twitter EDU :: Your (FREE) One-Stop-All-You-Need-To-Know-Guide to Twitter. Here is a brief description of the book: Your One-Stop-All-You-Need-To-Know-Guide to Twitter. The hardest part of Twitter is that it does not have a friendly entry point.

10 Ways To Inspire Students Using Twitter


Twitter is a popular and useful social media tool. There are lots of ways in which Twitter can be used in the classroom. Here is an example my class did when learning about Charles Darwin in a Science lesson: Another example of a way to use Twitter in the classroom.

3 Twitter Tips for Interacting

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3 Tips for Interacting on Twitter 1. The post 3 Twitter Tips for Interacting appeared first on Teacher Tech. Advanced Twitter twitterDo Not Start a Tweet with @ When you start a tweet with @ it is semi-private. Rumor was they were going to eliminate the need to start a tweet with a period, but really they just made it harder to start your tweet with a period. Let […].

Twitter Hashtag Tips

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Intermediate Twitter twitterTweet I notice that some teachers I chat with are confused about how hashtags work. Here is my basic guide to hashtags. Hashtag A hashtag starts with the pounds symbol (#) followed by a single word (or words smashed together). No spaces.

26 Ways Educators Use Twitter

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Maybe you’ve heard about the power of Twitter for education, but you aren’t quite sure how it works. Fedena, a School Management Software company, shares 26 ways educators use Twitter, in this nifty, alphabetized infographic. Find more education infographics on e-Learning Infographics For more powerful Twitter strategies, check out our social media library. The post 26 Ways Educators Use Twitter appeared first on Brilliant or Insane. Brilliant or Insane.

Summer Learning Series-Twitter Chats For Learning

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Today we are diving deep into Twitter chats, looking at #edchat and other chats worth your time. That means there is an actual Twitter chat that goes along with that hashtag. What is a Twitter chat? You could spend just about every waking moment on Twitter engaged in a chat.

Why a Class Twitter Account

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MsKranenburgsClass (@MsKsGr3and4) September 16, 2015 An elementary class in Canada sent out a plea on Twitter to have people across Canada send them a cup of dirt. Twitter twitter@alicekeeler We are comparing soil across Canada.

Frozen yogurt, Twitter and innovative learning spaces

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Teaching cascade middle school classroom design classroom furniture moonshot thinking orange leaf pln twitterIf you visit a coffee shop, restaurant or ice cream shop that has a variety of furniture, what type of furniture draws you in most?

Twitter has changed everything!

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When I started my education career many educators I knew feared social media like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and others could only do harm to your career. I can now say that Twitter has changed everything! Thank you Twitter and all the "game changing" connections we have made!

Supermute Twitter


I’ve been talking a lot about Twitter lately here on ProfHacker, but it’s still one of my favorite places to be online. Certainly you can use the Mute function on Twitter , but why use a subtle, flexible, and complex tool when you can use a blunt instrument?

Summer Learning Series-Starting A Classroom or School Twitter Account

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We moved on to Twitter chats. Today we will examine the things to consider if you want to use Twitter in your classroom or your school in the coming school year. While Twitter is beginning to catch on with many educators, schools are still lagging in their adoption of the platform.

Some Helpful Twitter Tools for Teachers

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As a microblogging and social networking platform, Twitter provides endless possibilities for teachers' professional development. From attending world EdTech conferences through the use of hashtags.read more

Analog Twitter Wall to Build Relationships and Digital Citizenship

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My Analog Twitter Wall before the start of school. It was on May 2nd on this year I decided to create a professional Twitter handle to connect with educators around the world, as well as share stories from my classroom. Each student created a personal Twitter handle.

Twitter Resources via Smashing Apps


I''m often asked about Twitter resources, so when I ran across this post via Smashing Apps, I wanted to share it. They''ve created an extensive and well organized list of 50 Power Tools and Applications to make your life easier with Twitter. Smashing Apps Twitter Applications Twitter for Education Twitter for Teachers Twitter Resources Twitter Tools

Twitter Series-A New Kind Of Twitter PD

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This week I am going to do a series of posts on Twitter. Today I am starting with Twitter Professional Development. As many times as I have talked to folks, done workshops for and even preached about Twitter, there are some that just won''t (for whatever reason) jump in. It took me a while to realize that maybe, for some, the best way to use Twitter was not to use Twitter. I have taken a radically different approach to teaching educators about Twitter.

A New Year And A New Way To Twitter Chat

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After being involved with the creation, participation and evolution of one of the largest hashtags and Twitter chats around (#edchat) I always hear the same feedback wherever I go. Connect your Twitter account or use your free Participate Learning account and wham-o!

It’s Not About Twitter, It’s About Teacher Collaboration

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Well, it’s a little about Twitter. Twitter provides an amazing social media tool for teacher collaboration. Twitter provides an innovative platform for professional development. Twitter promotes an engaging forum that excites and drives teachers. 3 years ago we were inspired by Jimmy Fallon to launch discussions on Twitter around a hashtag. Our understandings about leading and participating in Twitter Chats have evolved into a practice that promo.

Mute Someone on Twitter

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Tweet Today I am hanging out at the Twitter HQ in San Francisco. During the presentation on Twitter I learned you can MUTE someone without unfollowing them. Twitter twitter

Managing a Twitter Chat

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Tweet This post is for people who run a Twitter Chat or are thinking of starting one up. I thought I would share the process I went through to organize and manage the weekly Twitter Chat #profchat. Intermediate Twitter chat moderator organizer twitter

Some More Twitter Chats Worth Checking Out

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It''s been almost 1 and half years since I last wrote about my favorite Twitter chats. First, to participate you don''t need a Twitter account. Of course if you want to interact and join the conversation, you are gonna need a Twitter account. edchat Twitter

Twitter: Find Your Favorite Tweets

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Tweet Favoriting tweets in Twitter is not the same as liking something on Facebook. Twitter twitterWhen you click on the star on a tweet you are saving the tweet for later. When you favorite a tweet the person who tweeted it is notified in their notifications.

The Most Common Questions (And Answers) I Get About Twitter

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A while back I wrote a 3 part series on Twitter. In Part One I shared how I do Twitter PD, which might not be the way you think. In Part Two , I crowdsourced what some folks on Twitter wish they had know before getting started. Twitter

Can Teachers Take the Monster Out of Twitter?

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Brilliant or Insane Twitter is an absolute monster. You don’t think Twitter is scary? Okay, maybe it isn’t frightening to you, but if you’ve tried to get your students to use Twitter, you know what I mean. Social Media Twitter

Effective Ways for Educators to Use Twitter

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I am a big fan of using Twitter to share, collaborate, and learn. This infographic highlights many ways that educators can use Twitter in their practice. Find more education infographics on e-Learning Infographics.

Effective Ways for Educators to Use Twitter

Indiana Jen

I am a big fan of using Twitter to share, collaborate, and learn. This infographic highlights many ways that educators can use Twitter in their practice. Find more education infographics on e-Learning Infographics.

Twitter in the classroom

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Today I had an interesting exchange of views on Twitter. about Twitter. I mentioned that I strongly encourage the use of Twitter in my classes. Secondly, students are going to use Twitter and other media anyway, regardless.

Some Guidelines for Using Twitter


Every year makes it a little clearer that Twitter and Facebook are probably a little more interested in advertising revenue than they are in shutting down–heck, even mildly alleviating–abuse. Do you have a favorite “getting started with academic Twitter” advice post?

Today’s #ETCoaches Twitter chat

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I had the pleasure of moderating the #ETCoaches Twitter chat today. Welcome to our #ETCoaches Twitter discussion. Here are the questions I asked… ( and here’s the archive ). Our topic today: Confronting some hard truths about our own #edtech coaching. After we do an #edtech PD session, what percentage of teachers actually implement what we showed them? ETCoaches. Should we judge our success as #ETCoaches by teacher #edtech use or student #edtech work products?

Using Twitter: A Plus for My Math Teaching


Many teachers use Twitter to some degree. Meaningful Math Social Media @fawpnguyen @jreulbach @saravdwerf #Iteachmath #MTBos Math Twitter Blogosphere #MTchat #MTMSchat #teach180 collaboration community mathequalslove Michelle Russell new teachers PD twitter

8 Cool Twitter Tools for the Wannabe Power User

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Twitter tools are popular and plentiful these days. If you’re using Twitter in the classroom, why not help your students become power users with help from some 3rd-party applications? 8 Twitter tools for […]. Featured Social Media Technology twitter #edtech

Is it Possible to Practice Active Listening on Twitter?

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The post Is it Possible to Practice Active Listening on Twitter? Issues Social Media edtech TwitterBrilliant or Insane.

Teaching Language Learners with Twitter

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Twitter has various updates, which have made it a wonderful app and web tool for learning a language. Below, is an infographic of 5 ways Twitter is a great education tool. Challenge: Use one of the ideas to teach with Twitter. “There’s an entire universe in every single tweet.”-

Twitter In Schools-A Getting Started Guide

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While Twitter is beginning to catch on with many educators, schools are lagging in their adoption of the platform. Twitter is a quick and easy tool to let the entire school community know whats going on with you and your students. Updates can come from anywhere and users don''t have to have a Twitter account to follow along. Here is my primer and some advice for schools (and districts) that want to start using Twitter. So, you are going to have a Twitter account.

6 Twitter Chats for Educators

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Besides various priorities, topics and levels of interest, it can be a challenge to dedicate time just to sift through which Twitter Chats to follow and participate in. We’ve done some of the work for you by identifying some Twitter Chats for you to consider.

3 Amazingly Simple Ways Twitter Helps You Reach Millions

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Not long ago, someone told me that, “Twitter is not all that.” If you want a juicy steak or a roller coaster ride, Twitter may not be the answer, although you could certainly find those yummy thrills on Twitter–at least pictures or videos of them. So why Twitter?

Travel, tracking and Twitter

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Within the hour, KLM were on Twitter, responding to my tweet. Twitter is quite a powerful communication tool, but don't just take it from me. An article on the BBC News site also shows why it pays to complain on Twitter.

The Educational Hashtag and Twitter Chat Database

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The post The Educational Hashtag and Twitter Chat Database appeared first on Shake Up Learning. Over the last few months, I’ve been collecting information about educational hashtags and related Twitter chats to create a searchable and filterable database. (