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Facebook creates free education tools

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Impressed by the learning environment at Summit Public Schools, Facebook said Thursday that the social network teamed up with the charter school network to revamp an online education tool. This isn’t the first time Facebook and its founder have supported education efforts.

A Must Read Facebook Guide for Educators

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

April 19, 2015 Admittedly, the use of Facebook in education is a contentious topic that raises a lot of controversy and debate among educators. facebook tips Some view it as irrelevant social media platform to more.

Fake Facebook Page


While we did come across some Google Slide templates using the simulated Facebook layout, I just couldn’t find one that incorporated the more recent updates to the look. Page one is a blank slide that uses the fake Facebook layout as the background of the slide. There are a number of services out these that allow students to simulate what historical figures or literary characters might post on social media. A popular one is Fakebook.

School Supplies, Facebook and the Common Core

Tom Murray

I was the fourth one in line. Standing directly in front of me were two moms that were obviously out shopping for school supplies. It is that time of year. Three-pronged folders, marble notebooks, some pens, a few book covers, a handful of binders, and some loose leaf paper was what I could see. What struck me most was how similar school shopping must have been twenty years earlier when that mom’s mother or father had taken her to the local store for back to school shopping. It struck me how as

Guidelines for Setting Up a Facebook Page for Your School

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Note: Following this process you will not need to set up a Facebook profile for the page you are administering

Join the Shake Up Learning Facebook Group!

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The post Join the Shake Up Learning Facebook Group! Join our Facebook Group! I just joined the Shake Up Learning Facebook Group! The post Join the Shake Up Learning Facebook Group! appeared first on Shake Up Learning. Ready to Shake Up Learning in 2017?

Facebook Moves Into K-12 Arena Through Partnership With Charter Network

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The giant social-media company Facebook is partnering with the Summit charter school network to refine a tech-based "personalized learning" platform.

Two Good Google Drive Templates to Create Fake Facebook Pages

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March 5, 2015 Today we are sharing with you two interesting Google Docs templates that students can use to create fake Facebook pages for a famous literary character or historical figure. facebook templates This is more.

Creative Lessons with Fake Texts, Tweets, Facebook Pages and More

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What would JFK have posted on Facebook? Facebook. I’ve found a number of Fake Facebook generators, but the most reliable and easiest to use is actually a “FakeBook” Google Slides template. Assessment Lessons Resources Tools facebook snapchat twitter

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Laurene Powell Jobs Invest in Company Focused on ELLs

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Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg and the widow of former Apple CEO Steve Jobs are among the investors providing $6.4 The Facebook co-founder has shown a particular interest in efforts to use technology aimed at cultivating “personalized learning,” a goal shared by many educators and ed-tech companies, even if their aspirations are often vaguely defined. See also: Facebook Moves Into K-12 Arena With Parntership With Charter Network.

100 Ways You Should Be Using Facebook in Your Classroom

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Facebook is one social network that schools and teachers use with their students, when it isn''t blocked by the school filtering software! Our school district has a Facebook page, but blocks Facebook on the school network. There are a lot of great ways to use Facebook in the classroom and here are 100 Ways Teachers Can Use Facebook in the Classroom. facebook social media social network

Microsoft, Facebook Join Coalition Pushing for Coding in Classrooms

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Frank Smith Hot on the heels of a nationwide plan to bring computer science to more schools, a coalition of more than 60 organizations has formed to lobby for funding and policies for the endeavor. Classroom STEM

Facebook, Farcebook, and Fakebook

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Thanks RiptideF for the link) Facebook, Farcebook, and Fakebook Templates Miss Wallen - one of our coolest teachers is using the iMac lab with her kids to do a mock Facebook page for Latin American Historical figures like Pizarro, Cortes, Bolivar, and Hidalgo with her 7th grade Social Studies kids!

5 Best Practices to Consider When Using Facebook with Students

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Facebook in education social media social media in education

Facebook Addiction and GPA

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Facebook is a tempting distraction. Facebook designed the site to make me feel that way. If professionals, and even some professors, have a hard time resisting the lure of Facebook, then what chance do 18-year-olds have? A study of Facebook activity and grade-point averages suggests that students may learn to regulate their use of Facebook, both as a distraction from coursework and in their free time, as they move through college.

Every Teacher’s Must Have Guide to Facebook


Consider bringing Facebook into your class as a collaborative tool. The post Every Teacher’s Must Have Guide to Facebook appeared first on Edudemic. Articles Popular classroom tools facebook Social Media teacher''s guide Web 2.0 Want to connect with your students in and out of the classroom? We all know that most kids, or at least those in the pre-teen and up category, are locked into many forms of social media. Instead of fighting it, why not meet them where […].

Professor Says Facebook Can Help Informal Learning

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Who says Facebook is always a distraction? Greenhow, very little has been studied about informal online contexts and social networks, like Facebook applications.

The drama of Facebook

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The world''s largest and most successful social network, Facebook - celebrated its tenth anniversary in February 2014. Facebook is a social phenomenon that cannot be ignored. One social anthropologist in particular might have had a great deal to say about the Facebook effect.

Dear Facebook, We Need to Talk

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For my web presence I felt that I had to be on FaceBook but I didn''t have to like it. I hope Facebook you don''t mind.but really? So what kind of relationship do you have with the Facebooks? dear facebook facebook fb google plus myspace privacy issues tom anderson twitter

The trick to making your Facebook group an overnight sensation

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Read on and you’ll earn how anyone can start a Facebook group and gain thousands of members overnight. Facebook in education

Trying to Ban Facebook is Not the Answer.


Image Source It is our professional opinion that you get your child off Facebook. But is asking parents to get their children off of Facebook the answer? At least most parents and school faculty/staff are on Facebook and have an awareness of how it works and what is going on there.

Facebook Donates $15M to to Diversify Computer Science Education


Looking to diversify its portfolio of charities and its workforce at the same time, Facebook has pledged $15 million over the next five years to , a nonprofit working to expand the availability of computer science (CS) education. While Partovi wouldn’t clarify if this donation was the largest had ever received, he did say that it “puts Facebook into a small circle of our largest donors.”

How to change your Facebook administrator from a personal to professional account

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Innovative educators know it''s not a great idea to use your personal account to administrate Facebook pages or groups that you are using for your school i.e. school page, library page, sports page. This person must currently "Like" the Facebook page to be added. Facebook in education

The Top 5 Ways to Use Facebook in Your Classroom


You will find most of today’s young generation on Facebook. Now…Let’s take a look at various effective ways you can use Facebook in your classroom: 1. Create a Facebook Group for Your Class. Social media is all about sharing… and videos are widely shared on Facebook.

How to Embed a Facebook Post Into Your Blog

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for embedding that Facebook post too good not to share on your blog. Check out the original Facebook post here and the final blog post here. blogging Embedding Facebook Quick Tech TipsHere's a quick demo (<1min.)

Facebook Released A New Feature Called Group Video Chat

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December 24, 2016 Facebook has recently released an interesting new feature called ‘group video chat’. facebook tipsIt works almost the same way as Skype’s video chat. With this new update, Messenger users more.

Don’t be fooled on Facebook

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This week a relative of mine, who is a senior citizen, friend-requested me on Facebook. Facebook in education Not only do I love to see more and more seniors connecting online, I also love that this provides further opportunity for generations to share their lives. Especially these days when families tend to have busy lives and be spread out. The relative was a cousin who I don’t see much beyond big family gatherings like weddings and funerals. The next day she messaged me.

How to set tagging permissions on Facebook

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Facebook in education social media in education When working with innovative educators, I advise them to set tagging permissions that require them to review photos and posts before they accept the tag.

10 ways to get more likes and engage members on your Facebook page

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So, you’ve started a Facebook page. However, Facebook is no fun unless there are others there with you. Here are ten things you can do to drive members to your Facebook page today. Facebook in education social media in education Congrats!

Can Facebook’s founder get full service education right?

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Late last year, Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, announced they are starting a private PK–8 school in East Palo Alto, Calif. Chan will serve as CEO of the new school, called The Primary School, set to open this coming fall. The effort builds on a number of investments that the couple has made to improve education in the Bay Area and beyond.

Facebook Commits $15 Million to

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By Meg Conlan The money will fund programs aimed at increasing gender and racial diversity in computer science education. Classroom Curriculum Funding Management

11 Crucial Steps to Facebook Living Your Next Presentation

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If you're planning to Facebook Live your next presentation at an event for others who can't be there to enjoy, you just need to follow these steps. More tips at Set Facebook Live up on the presenter phone a few minutes before the session starts.

What Does Facebook Think It Knows About You?


Audrey Watters shared this link to a ProPublica Series, Machine Bias , with a post on understanding Facebook and all that they know about us. I was particularly interested in the Chrome plugin that lets you know what Facebook thinks you like. Rub it in, Facebook.

Facebook helps makerspaces expand in the classroom

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Now with the help of Facebook and the Ravenswood Education Foundation, he’s come close to reaching that goal. “For all we know, the founder of the next Facebook is right here in the Ravenswood School District.”

How to Use Facebook Live for Learning: 5 Outcomes, 4 Things to Remember, 4 Mistakes to Avoid, 1 Great Video

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Facebook Live puts the simple into livestreaming. If you can write a Facebook post, you can "Go Live!" With just my phone, a Facebook post, and no preparation, I made a livestream that got this reaction.

3 Easy Things to Do with Your School or District's Facebook Page

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The negative press about educators'' indescretions in Facebook posting is enough to send the 21st century school leader running in the opposite direction when someone talks about engaging in the use that media for school communication. But once a school leader gets beyond the fear, there are three good reasons to use Facebook to communicate with the larger community and the world. Facebook is the perfect medium to announce what is happening in your school or district.

A Step by Step Guide to Help Teachers Create Facebook Pages for Their Classes

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facebook tipsMay 19, 2016 Creating a digital presence for your class does not have to be restricted to only standard platforms such as websites, blogs and wikis; social media platforms do offer more.

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