Can Companies Like Facebook Help Close the Access Gap?

Tom Murray

This past weekend I was searching for a particular feature inside the Facebook app while on my cell phone. Can Companies like Facebook Help Close the Access Gap? When districts design their plans for home access, and companies such as Facebook rise to the challenge, kids win.

Strengthening Digital Literacy Skills in Michigan with Facebook

Digital Promise

As the partnership manager of the Facebook Community Boost grant in Michigan, Celena serves as a thought partner and resource developer to partner organizations across the state. How did Grand Circus become involved with the Facebook Community Boost partnership?

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In the News: Schools Should Delete Facebook

Doug Levin

Schools Choose Not to Delete Facebook Despite Data-Privacy Worries.” A school district page or group gives Facebook “another data point” on the users who visit it, said Doug Levin, the founder and president of EdTech Strategies, LLC. Some districts also have Facebook trackers on their district sites, which could give Facebook further access to the online activities of people in the school community. As quoted in: Schwartz, Sarah.

The Top 5 Ways to Use Facebook in Your Classroom


You will find most of today’s young generation on Facebook. Now…Let’s take a look at various effective ways you can use Facebook in your classroom: 1. Create a Facebook Group for Your Class. Social media is all about sharing… and videos are widely shared on Facebook.

7 Ways to Close the Access Gap

Tom Murray

Over the past few years, districts have been working diligently to close the access gap (coined in D.C. The statistics regarding the need are clear and I believe that equity in access is one of the main issues facing school leaders today. Leverage Apps Such As Facebook.

Why I'm Not Leaving Facebook & You Shouldn't Either


You've seen the dramatic posts of friends who are bidding Facebook adieu because Facebook knows too much or it’s too depressing or, on and on. I won't be one of those leaving Facebook, unless something better comes along. My Facebook privacy settings Targeted ads Yes.

Facebook Launches Courses to Help Adult Learners Skill Up


In its latest move in the education space, Facebook has launched career development courses geared toward adult learners looking to get a foothold in the digital economy. The broader goal of this initiative is to give people access to economic opportunity, she adds. And in June 2018, Facebook announced plans to partner with 20 community colleges to offer training in digital marketing to students.

Using Facebook Stories in the Classroom

Gaggle Speaks

” This is certainly true of the Stories feature on social media—made popular by Snapchat—which has recently been implemented by Facebook. On Facebook, users now can post updates that are only visible to other users for 24 hours , at which point they’re gone forever (or so it seems).

The drama of Facebook

Learning with 'e's

The world''s largest and most successful social network, Facebook - celebrated its tenth anniversary in February 2014. Facebook is a social phenomenon that cannot be ignored. One social anthropologist in particular might have had a great deal to say about the Facebook effect.

Facebook Course Partner Raises $12 Million Series A


It was enough to support 300 students this summer, leading them toward certification in skills like Facebook’s digital marketing tools and designing virtual and augmented reality visualizations with Unity.

Google Accessibility Tools to Reach ALL Learners – SULS049

Shake Up Learning

The post Google Accessibility Tools to Reach ALL Learners – SULS049 appeared first on Shake Up Learning. Accessibility is and should be a huge topic of discussion across multiple industries but especially in learning. Reach all learners with Google’s accessibility tools on ep.

2 Tips to Connect with More Families on Facebook

The Innovative Educator

More and more educators and schools are using Facebook to connect with families. This is so the content can be more accessible for those with cognitive or neurological issues. 2) When you are in the inspect screen click accessibility and see what words come up for image.

Can Facebook’s founder get full service education right?

The Christensen Institute

Nor should it be about running parallel efforts to drive access to care and learning alongside one another. Late last year, Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, announced they are starting a private PK–8 school in East Palo Alto, Calif. Chan will serve as CEO of the new school, called The Primary School, set to open this coming fall. The effort builds on a number of investments that the couple has made to improve education in the Bay Area and beyond.

Status Update: Facebook as a Reflection Tool

Educator Innovator

So for the past two years, I have been posting some of the most indelible teachable moments from my gallery experiences on Facebook. The moments I capture tend to be funny, which is why they make good Facebook posts. This blog post is about listening and reflection.

6 Things Every High School Senior Should Have Access To Before Graduation

EdNews Daily

During senior year in high school, all students should have access, knowledge, and experience within these top six areas of education below. Before high school graduation, every senior should have access to financial education.

Why I'm Not Leaving Facebook & You Shouldn't Either

The Innovative Educator

You've seen the dramatic posts of friends who are bidding Facebook adieu because Facebook knows too much or it’s too depressing or, on and on. I won't be one of those leaving Facebook, unless something better comes along. Facebook knows about me and sells my data Yes.

Today is Global Accessibility Awareness Day


As you may (or may not) already know, today is “Global Accessibility Awareness Day.” ” Here at ProfHacker, we’ve written often about the importance of accessibility. What is “Global Accessibility Awareness Day” about?

Your Facebook Privacy is YOUR Responsibility, Not Your Friends'.


I post shots of my family that I don''t want strangers to have access to! Unfortunately, we can not change this setting by ourselves because Facebook has configured it this way. Scroll below for some links that will tell you more about your Facebook privacy.)

How Can Facebook Improve the Attendance at Your School’s Next Event?


Today we’ll teach you how to tackle Facebook, in particular, since it’s the most popular social media platform. Bonus: Download this free resource to receive a step-by-step guide for making your next event a success with Facebook Event Pages.

How to Keep Your Students (and Teachers) Safe on Facebook

Gaggle Speaks

Every day, students and teachers provide information to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram, whether they are chatting with friends or posting pictures from the classroom. To understand how this happens, consider how Facebook manages users’ content. According to an article on Gizmodo, Facebook doesn’t only collect data from users ; it monitors that data to make correlations about who those users are, creating a detailed profile for marketers.

6 Simple Resources to Integrate Equity, Access & Cultural Awareness into Student Learning 

Discovery Education

Find new ways to connect with students in or out of the classroom with easy-to-access resources from the six programs below: . Meet Students Where They Are with Versatile Discovery Education Resources .

How schools can keep students safe, and on Facebook

eSchool News

In a BYOD world, managing access to popular social media sites has become critical. As K-12 organizations embrace a more mobile environment, security necessarily becomes a top priority in keeping students and networks safe, while providing access to educational tools and resources online.

The Problem With Expecting Student Access


Birthplace of Apple, Facebook, and everyone’s favorite edtech company, Google. This wide variety of lifestyle, income, and infrastructure can get in the way of student access to learning or our assessment of our students.

CFP: ‘Accessible Future’ Workshop in Atlanta, GA


Regular readers will remember that back in September of 2013 we announced the first Accessible Future workshop , which took place at Northeastern University in Boston. If you are interested in digital environments and accessibility, please apply.

SMART Facebook Template

Hansen's Link to Tech

If you are an educator with a SMART Interactive Whiteboard, I''ve made a template that you can use to introduce a subject within your classroom that portrays the facade of Facebook and has already hyperlinked pages such as timeline, photos, videos, about page.

How Facebook Can Improve Privacy By Talking More With Academics


It has evolved into the most prominent data scandals in Facebook’s history, after personal information from some 87 million Facebook was passed along by Kogan to the political consulting company Cambridge Analytica. But plenty of other academics said they saw the potential for such abuse clearly, and that this could have been avoided if Facebook had spent more time consulting privacy experts and scholars. And Facebook had rules that Cambridge Analytica violated.

Do Tech Companies Need To Step Up Their Accessibility Game?

The Innovative Educator

Is accessibility baked into to the development process? Their site says: When you Tweet photos using the Twitter app for iOS or Android, or on, you have the option to compose a description of the images so the content is accessible to people who are visually impaired.

Why Facebook engineers helped this district build a personalized learning tool

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Volunteer Facebook engineers helped a district create something truly personal. Working with a small group of volunteer engineers from Facebook, headquartered only a few miles away, Summit became one of few U.S. Can you share an example of how Summit works with Facebook?

Awareness, Assessment, and Access: Improving Adult Digital Literacy

Digital Promise

To address these different learning levels, RIFLI uses the Northstar Digital Literacy assessment exam as the basis for a curriculum that teaches how to use a computer to using Microsoft Excel and Word as well as social media, specifically Facebook. Access. But lending the tablets is only part of the access puzzle. Awareness, assessment, and access: these are the three things that RIFLI have in mind at all times.

Facebook Donates $15M to to Diversify Computer Science Education


Looking to diversify its portfolio of charities and its workforce at the same time, Facebook has pledged $15 million over the next five years to , a nonprofit working to expand the availability of computer science (CS) education. Founded in 2013, aims to expand access to computer science in a number of ways. He also said that “Facebook has more than money to offer us,” though the company currently does not plan to provide support outside of the donation.

Arkansas is first to participate in Facebook virtual reality initiative

FETC Converge

Arkansas high schools will be the first in the nation to receive 500 Oculus Rift virtual reality systems as part of an initiative by Facebook. Under the Arkansas & Facebook Techstart Partnership, schools will receive 500 kits that include headsets, 360-degree cameras, and computers. The program also will provide professional development for teachers and access to computer science events. Uncategorized coding education computer science Facebook STEM virtual reality

Colleges Face Investigations Over Whether Their Use of Social Media Follows Accessibility Regulations


Nearly 200 colleges face federal civil rights investigations opened in 2019 about whether they are accessible and communicate effectively to people with disabilities. Courts are saying you need to procure digital goods and services that are accessible for everybody.”

GAAD 2016: Raising Awareness About Accessibility


Today is the 5th annual Global Awareness Accessibility Day. accessibility and users with different disabilities.” To learn more about Global Accessibility Awareness Day. Join their Facebook page , How about you? Profession a11y accessibility gaad

Facebook’s Teachable Moment: What Higher Ed Can Do to Improve User Behavior


Who among us didn’t review our Facebook privacy settings this past March? By Facebook’s full-page apology in the New York Times? That Facebook was sharing more data than it stated really shouldn’t come as a surprise. Many end users may have been caught off guard earlier this year with the news about Facebook and Cambridge Analytica. In most applications, passwords are coupled with an email address to grant you access to the application.

#OhMyGAAD - Are You Ready for Global #Accessibility Awareness Day? May 16, 2019

The Innovative Educator

Innovative educators can prepare for Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) which takes place on Thursday, May 16th. access/inclusion and people with different abilities. It is designed to help you learn, share, and act on digital accessibility and inclusion.