Alabama Expands Use of LETRS Professional Learning Course Statewide

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16, 2021) – Lexia® Learning, a Cambium Learning® Group company, announced today that all schools throughout Alabama can now boost literacy instruction via LETRS® (Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling) professional learning. About Lexia Learning.

Micro-credentials and COVID-19: Supporting Professional Learning When Schools are Closed

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In the last month, our teaching and learning environment has been upended. In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, districts and educators have been tasked with shifting teaching and learning online, and many are seeking resources to support learning in this new environment.


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Facebook for Professional Learning


Are you also leveraging Facebook for your professional learning? Many of the educators and educational organizations you follow through Twitter or on blogs are also maintaining pages on Facebook. If you log in to Facebook and "Like" their page, you can get their updates in your news feed, right along with all of the life updates your friends are posting. Frequently, there are also great conversations around their posts on Facebook which I learn from.

Creating A Professional Learning Collection With @appoLearning

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I've been working on a Professional Learning Collection. I get asked all the time about the best places for educators to learn from other educators on their own time. You sign in with your Google, Twitter or Facebook account. Oh and check out the Professional Learning Collection. appoLearning Professional DevelopmentLast time you read about this new site I had been checking out, appoLearning.

Building and Growing Your Professional Learning Network

Teachers can seek out experts via , Edmodo , Facebook , Twitter , Google+ , Skype , Pinterest , and other social media and educational websites. This new phenomenon has a name – a “Professional Learning Network” – and it is the greatest thing ever to happen to the educational profession! The post Building and Growing Your Professional Learning Network appeared first on edWeb.

Create an Interest List for Professional Learning on Facebook


In prep for the podcast, I created a little tutorial on how to create an interest list on Facebook to leverage Facebook for professional learning. I''ve blogged about Facebook for professional learning in the past, but I think the recent addition of interest lists to Facebook makes this endeavor even easier. I am also just learning to use Camtasia, so please excuse any blips! facebook pln professional development social media

EdTechTeam Impact Report- Apple Professional Learning


As an Apple Professional Learning Provider , EdTechTeam offers professional development featuring Apple. These online courses, on-site workshops, and conference-style events are designed to celebrate educators and help them make the most of Mac, iPad, and built-in apps to enhance student learning. The post EdTechTeam Impact Report- Apple Professional Learning appeared first on EdTechTeam. Your toolbelt for professional learning


The many, many years of formal professional development I’ve attended over many, many years in K12 education in no way equals the professional development opportunities I found for myself in the last few years across my online communities of practice and through open structure conferences that offered me choices and flexibility. allows us to pull all of this goodness together for ourselves and for the learning communities we serve.

15 Ways to Use Google Classroom in Professional Learning – SULS034

Shake Up Learning

The post 15 Ways to Use Google Classroom in Professional Learning – SULS034 appeared first on Shake Up Learning. But did you know, Google Classroom is also a great learning tool for adults, too? Today, I am going to share with you 15 Ways to Use Google Classroom in Professional Learning. If you are in a position where you deliver training and professional development to other educators, this episode is for you! Shake Up Learning 2019.

Taking your Professional Learning from 2D to 3D


Speaking on panel at the PBS Digital Innovators event, Brown talked up the rise of the online spaces for collaboration, also known as personal learning networks (PLN) as enabling anyone, even those who in remote areas or who feel more introverted, to come together to collaborate and share ideas. These networks, often found on Facebook or Twitter, are spaces where educators around the world can meet each other to share ideas and best practices.

Pilot Implementation Results Reveal creatED Professional Learning by Crayola Energizes Classroom Instruction


A year ago, Crayola®, the brand that inspires creativity in education, made a commitment to expand its role in education by introducing its comprehensive professional learning program for educators, creatED Professional Learning. The creatED program has enabled AEA to build capacity for teacher leadership and equip educators with skills and resources they can use to energize classrooms and spark students’ love of learning.”

3 unexpected ways online PD strengthened my teaching

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An important part of my job is modeling lifelong learning for my students—and one of my favorite ways to do that is by honing my skills in professional learning courses. Through this Facebook group, I met other educators from around the world.

Trying to Ban Facebook is Not the Answer.


Image Source It is our professional opinion that you get your child off Facebook. From Pinecrest Preparatory Middle-High Administration Letter to Parents , February 22, 2012 When I first read and watched a news story about this Florida charter school''s letter to parents encouraging them to get their kids off of Facebook because of the problems social media activities were causing during the school day, it got me thinking. Facebook and social media are not going away.

From PLN to Practice: Tips from 5 Educators on Personalizing Your Professional Learning

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Traditional professional development for teachers, while important, doesn't usually address every teacher's unique needs when it comes to professional learning. It's no wonder, then, that online PLNs -- professional (or sometimes "personal") learning networks -- have become so popular in recent years. While Twitter is probably the most widely used, teachers are finding personalized professional learning on plenty of other platforms.

10 reasons why you’ll love Edcamp as much as I do

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Have you ever been in a professional learning (PL) experience where you don’t keep looking at the time, checking Facebook, or texting people? I spend several Saturdays a year at an Edcamp , an unconference-style professional development (PD) for all educators. Rooms are buzzing with passionate people ready to learn to support students and make positive change in schools. It is the perfect place to build your professional learning network (PLN).

Join the New Facebook Education Group!

There's a brand spankin' new Facebook Education Group and a revitalized Facebook Education page! Learn what it's all about and how to join within. Join the new Facebook Education Group ! This new Facebook Education Group promises to be, " a professional learning community for educators to come together to share, learn and inspire one another." Join the Facebook Education Group and jump in to the conversations and sharing!

4 terrific teacher communities for summer PD

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The summer break is a great time for teachers to take advantage of those professional development (PD) opportunities that are hard to fit in during the school year. We put together a list of our favorite online professional learning networks (PLNs) for you to check out over the break. And if you’re looking to complete our recognition program to become a Common Sense Educator, membership in the Facebook group is the first step toward that goal!

Virginia Discovery Education Science Experience Wins Approval

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The State Board of Education’s adoption of Virginia Discovery Education Science Experience empowers the state’s school systems to purchase and integrate this innovative digital curriculum into teaching and learning. Discovery Education Professional Learning.

Computer Science Teachers Association Adds CoderZ’s Professional Development Program to Curated List of Quality Resources

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April 20, 2021 – After a rigorous evaluation, the Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) has added CoderZ to its online list of professional learning programs. Teachers receive a hands-on learning experience with guided practice. DERRY, N.H.

What Would Abe Lincoln’s Social Media Campaign Look Like? A New Classroom Use For Twitter and Facebook


sending out reminders and raising money on Twitter while interacting with people on Facebook was a huge deal. How might Stephen Douglas have used Facebook? How might Stephen Douglas have used Facebook? More specifically, can asking students to think about the fictional impact of social media on historical events such as the 1860 election improve learning? In my Professional Learning Community, we chatted about the instructional possibilities.

Gale Helps Charleston County School District Integrate Social Emotional Learning

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The district is using professional learning and student collections on Gale eBooks to help educators and learners strengthen their understanding and provide guidance for mental health and racial equity to create more supportive and inclusive learning environments. Facebook.

Why Connect?

A Principal's Reflections

I was honored to have been interviewed for Educational Leadership, ASCD's flagship magazine, on the power of Twitter as part of a Personal Learning Network (PLN). As you will see, the true power of connected learning is what you glean from the people you engage with. Once I made an initial connection to supporting and enhancing professional practice I later learned how social media tools could be used to improve other areas of leadership.

Oprah-fy Your PD


Hordes of teachers jumping around, crying tears of joy as you hand them little boxes with the keys to their professional development…You could even summon your own inner Oprah and run around the staff room shouting…. Even if you are not running out right now to buy a new red suit for your next staff meeting, the reality is, the way we do professional development has to change. …We could revamp our entire weekly staff meeting schedule to focus on professional development.

6 Edtech New Year’s Resolutions

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These concerns are real and often become roadblocks for student learning. As school leaders work to implement digital learning practices, they must commit to navigating roadblocks, problem solving, and planning for sustainable, systemic transformation. With school budgets being planned on a year over year basis, the concern over long-term sustainability for digital learning arises. Commit to Personalized Professional Learning. This post is sponsored by Samsung.

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Discovery Educator Network Announces 2018-2019 Leadership Council Members


Educators Around the World Leading the Growth and Development of Discovery Education’s Professional Learning Network– Silver Spring, Md. October 31, 2018) – The Discovery Educator Network today announced the members of the professional learning network’s 2018-2019 Leadership Council (LC). Most importantly, their efforts will continue to improve the teaching and learning experiences of students around the world.

Wisconsin’s School District of Brown Deer Launches New Professional Development Initiative in Partnership with Discovery Education


- Latest Phase of Four Year Partnership to Focus on Implementing New Professional Learning Model Driving Continuous Improvement and Transforming Education- Silver Spring, Md. September 11, 2018) – Wisconsin’s School District of Brown Deer (SDBD) announced today the launch of the latest phase of its four year partnership with Discovery Education , the leading provider of digital content and professional development for K-12 classrooms.

Discovery Educator Network Invites Educators Around the Globe to Attend the 2018 Fall VirtCon


-Virtual event provides teachers and administrators new, actionable strategies for creating dynamic digital learning environments- Silver Spring, Md. A virtual, professional learning conference, this peer-to-peer experience provides a unique, no-cost opportunity for teachers and administrators to learn new, actionable strategies for creating dynamic digital learning environments.

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Workplace, Teams, or Slack, Oh My! What's Right for You?


In the meantime, Facebook crept into the game as well offering a product called Workplace that looks, feels, and functions just like Facebook. No learning curve and it provides an intuitive ease of use. But, the problems Facebook is facing in the news, and the fact that they won't guarantee free forever for education, makes Workplace a less desirable choice for some. Administration Social Media Professional Learning Network TL Advisor Blog

Is Edu Connected Collaboration Just Whistling In The Wind?

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Like many people my first foray into the virtual world of connectedness was through Facebook. This led me to consider making some professional connections out of necessity. I realized as an adult learner that I learned best through collaboration and that collaboration could only take place if I was in some way connected with other educators. It was considered a social media application for professionals.


6 Ways to Learn Online with Kasey Bell this Summer!

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The post 6 Ways to Learn Online with Kasey Bell this Summer! appeared first on Shake Up Learning. Summer is a great time for professional learning! Today, I’m giving you 6 Ways to Learn Online with Kasey Bell this Summer! So today, I am sharing six ways we can learn together online this summer! A lot of these are free or very low-cost options to take your learning deeper during your summer break. 6 Ways to Learn with Kasey Bell this Summer.

Today's Newsletter: Refill Your Learning Toolbox This Summer


For those of us in education, summer is a time for relaxation, reflecting, and also new learning. Whether you are attending a conference like ISTE , or creating your own personalized learning experience, utilizing this “break” to explore new tools and strategies that help expand your teaching toolbox can be very rewarding. Instagram, Twitter, or personalized Facebook groups allow you to create your own learning opportunities, anywhere, and anytime.

10 Ways To Naturally Support Teacher Collaboration

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Belsheim makes me feel like I can do anything I set my mind to, but then unfortunately the rest of my classes convince me that school is a waste of my time and I probably won’t amount to anything,” said student Paul Whitaker, 15, adding that the brief glimmer of excitement he feels toward learning in his first period English class is quickly and permanently extinguished by his six other teachers’ apathetic and detached classroom behavior.”.

It Takes More Than Passion! Our Young Girls Need Resilience to Thrive!


Movements like #MeToo and groups like EVE , The Fair List , the Women in ELT Facebook group , and the Women in TESOL Facebook group are necessary. Instead, these women contacted me on their own through Facebook messenger and I’m so glad they did. I also learned this term from Sarah Thomas who does this with EduMatch. Professional Development Professional Learning Network Women News TL Advisor Blog“And though she be but little, she is fierce.”-

Let’s Show Our Work with the #PowerOfPublicSchools

Barrow Media Center: Expect the Miraculous

I share at least one thing every single day on Twitter, Instagram, and/or Facebook about the work that is going on in our public school library. When I did this, several people in my professional learning network started having a conversation around showing the great work of public schools. Hundreds of educators learning about making their schools #futureready #powerofpublicschools @BetsyDeVos #tcea17 Created by Kristina Holzweiss.

Is Edu Connected Collaboration Just Whistling In The Wind?

My Island View

Like many people my first foray into the virtual world of connectedness was through Facebook. This led me to consider making some professional connections out of necessity. I realized as an adult learner that I learned best through collaboration and that collaboration could only take place if I was in some way connected with other educators. It was considered a social media application for professionals.