Motivating Students with Digital Badges


Using digital badges to reward and engage students

Motivate Students with Digital Badges

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Part of the December 2019 STEM Resources Digital Calendar ! Motivate students with digital badges. The Mac Arthur Foundation defines a digital badge as “an assessment and credentialing mechanism that is housed and managed online.


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Interview with Noah Geisel, @SenorG: Motivate with Digital Badges!

Teacher Reboot Camp

Noah Geisel, @SenorG , is the first person who really taught me about the potential micro-credentials and digital badges have to motivate learners to achieve great things throughout their lives. Noah and I sat down at the Friendly Place in San Antonio a few years back and he began to passionately explain and sketch out his digital badging ideas for an entire district. I recently caught up with Noah and asked him to share his passion and expertise about digital badging.

Personalize Professional Learning with Digital Badges and Micro-credentials

Teacher Reboot Camp

You are invited to attend the ISTE panel discussion, Personalize Professional Learning with Digital Badges and Micro-credentials , which takes place today from 11:45am–12:45pm, in Room 301BC. I will be part of the panel along with digital badging gurus Rich Dixon (@RichEdtech ), Noah Geisel ( @SenorG ), and Cate Tolnai ( @CateTolnai ). We welcome you to post your digital badging questions and also share with us your experiences and resources.

Digital Badging and Being a Rock Star


The post Digital Badging and Being a Rock Star appeared first on OnCUE. Innovate badges connected educator Creativity and Imagination CUE Conference CUE Rock Star digital badging gamification Professional Development Rock Star TeacherFor all the time we spend learning and growing as educators, how do we tell our story? Some of us earn credentials, degrees, and certificates that cost us money and cause stress.

Here Is How to Use Google Drawings to Create Digital Badges

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

A few weeks ago I reviewed Magic Digital Badges which is a Google Drive add-on that enables you to easily design and assign digital badges to students.

Digital Badging Arrives at CUE


The post Digital Badging Arrives at CUE appeared first on OnCUE Part 3 of 4 in a series of Stephen Davis’ Guest Blog Posts By Lucy Gray, Friend of CUE Hello CUE folks! I am excited to be joining the CUE 2015 Conference team from afar! I am based just outside Chicago, Illinois and will be managing CUE’s micro credentialing efforts for CUE 2015. I will […].

6 things you need to know about digital badges

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Well, you can with a digital badge. Think of them like badges earned in scouting, demonstrating a unique skill or accomplishment. You can share digital badges on your LinkedIn profile, your website, and in your email signatures so that your learning is visible for others to see and acknowledge. The people who view your badge can also see the organization who awarded the badge and what you did to earn it. How does a digital badge work?

Integration of Digital Badges to Acknowledge Professional Learning

A Principal's Reflections

I am proud to announce Worlds of Learning @ New Milford High School , a digital badge professional learning platform. For some time now, we have been hearing about digital badges and how they can be used to guide, motivate, document and validate formal and informal learning. ?In In recent years, Digital Badges have evolved from what were originally static images, to a tool used for capturing and communicating knowledge.

Digital Badges: A Simple Way to Motivate

Class Tech Integrate

Digital Badges have started to become a big deal in the everyday classroom. Why do students care about badges? In all of the video games and apps that your students are playing, they earn badges. Kids (and adults) love collecting those badges in the games they play. In turn, they can quickly love collecting badges in your classroom. So after reading this, you may be thinking 2 things: 1) How do I create badges? Badge List

Easy to Use Tool For Digital Badges


Credly Great how-to content, flexible features boost digital badge tool Pros: Super-simple features and excellent how-to info make it easy to get started. Bottom Line: A useful tool for issuing digital badges. Nonprofit Will Award Digital Credentials to Recognize Tech Skills of Educators ] Read more. Digital Badges News App Digital Learning edtech Resources App of the Day

Digital Badges Continue to Grow – Are You Using Them at Your School Yet?


Digital Badges are gaining wider acceptance. I'm a fan of digital badges. Digital Badges Future of Education TechnologyThey are clearly here to stay. I believe they are going to become a widely accepted part of the educational landscape in both. Please click on the post title to continue reading the full post. Thanks (and thanks for subscribing)!].

Digital badges find their niche

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A community effort is making badges practical in one city this summer. This summer, as schools let out, thousands of Pittsburgh students streamed into digital media programs, drop-in maker spaces, and paid internships across the city. As they shuffle back to school, or even enter into the workforce, many will be adding shiny new digital badges to their online portfolios as a record of their hard work. And digital badges play a big part. “I

Digital Badges: Naming the Badge

Education with Technology

Once teachers have selected what learning and what digital badges (individual or category badges; see previous blog ), the teachers encounter another decision. What will they name each badge? For English, under “Speaking and Listening,”will they write out SL.2 “Integrate and evaluate information presented in diverse media and formats, including visually, quantitatively, and orally” as the badge name? Each badge name needs to be unique.

Digital Badges: A Simple Way to Motivate

Class Tech Integrate

Digital Badges have started to become a big deal in the everyday classroom. Why do students care about badges? In all of the video games and apps that your students are playing, they earn badges. Kids (and adults) love collecting those badges in the games they play. In turn, they can quickly love collecting badges in your classroom. So after reading this, you may be thinking 2 things: 1) How do I create badges? Badge List

Digital Badges Validate Skills for Special Needs Students

During the edWebinar “ Digital Badge Credentials: Preparing Students with Special Needs for Employment,” the presenters discussed how and why digital badges can help students validate their training and verify their credentials with prospective employers. If the badges are going to have meaning, the curriculum must have the same characteristics as other subjects. Adding a curriculum with digital badges isn’t an automatic fix, though, cautioned the presenters.

Digital Badges: Better Than Grades?

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Badges allow teachers to focus specifically on student standards or proficiencies. A writing teacher may want badges to represent the various phases in the writing process. For example, a teacher might award an “idea generation” badge that indicates that the students can use at least two different brainstorming techniques to generate ideas for their writing. These writing badges represent specific writing proficiencies.

The New Librarian: I started a digital badging movement for my students

eSchool News

to find gems; becoming global citizens; making informed actions; and exploring digital tools. Finally, we created paper and digital badges for students to earn to record their achievements. Some of the exciting benefits we have seen come out of this system are: Colchester Digital Learning Day: A community-wide event at which students become the teachers and host an “edCamp”-style evening for families from the entire district.

Digital Badges: Individual or Categorized Learning Badges?

Education with Technology

The idea of digital badges sounds appealing for the digital children in classes. As teachers start thinking about digital badges, they have to figure out what badges will be awarded. The teachers can award social or academic badges. If teachers decide to use academic badges, then the teachers may base their badges on the Common Core Standards or other international proficiencies. How many badges will be awarded during the course?

Digital Badges in the Classroom (What, When, & How) – SULS096

Shake Up Learning

The post Digital Badges in the Classroom (What, When, & How) – SULS096 appeared first on Shake Up Learning. Let’s talk digital badges with the experts: Cate Tolnai and Jen Gibson! Digital badges can help us engage students (even remote learners).

Students React to Digital Badges: Pros, Cons and Interesting

Education with Technology

Digital Badges – 52% Paper Certificates – 48%. World Language: Can-Do Digital Badges. Digital Badges Pro-. – Shows all badges at once. – Uses badge to cover each individual proficiency or to cover categories of proficiencies. – Makes badge names short but meaningful (not I.A.2). – Determines level of proficiency for badge (80%, 90%, 100%). – Needs time to award badge. ISTE 2016.

Digital Badges: credentialing the things that make us fully human

iLearn Technology

Two weeks ago, I attended the Digital Badge Summit in Denver, CO. I’ve been somewhat hesitant to jump into digital badges world (despite knowing the digital badge ninja, @senorg) because I feared that digital badges were just one more way to categorize and label kids, another carrot to dangle in the classroom. Toward the end of the school year, EPIC added digital badges. APS issues badges using Credly.

How digital badges are shaking up teacher PD

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Digital badging has arrived on the scene as a leading contender to close this gap and help provide teachers with a clear path to professional growth, and the micro-credentials to prove it. The Badging Benefit. Badges provide a unique opportunity to allow teachers to expand their professional knowledge in ways that are relevant, valuable and engaging. Badges are earned based on learning evidence rather than just seat time.

Can Digital Badges Help Encourage Professors to Take Teaching Workshops?

Wired Campus

A few colleges are trying a new incentive to get professors to participate in professional-development workshops: digital badges. The idea of offering badges has become popular in education-technology circles in the past few years, in most cases as an alternative to a traditional college diploma, or even as a different way of giving grades in courses. Among the most popular badge platforms are Credly and the Mozilla Open Badges project.

New Merger Wants to Create ‘WeWork for Education’ Via Digital Badges and Mini-Campuses


We think this will be the first real opportunity to build out fully robust pathways for young people into college and career, where the pathways begin with badges [from LRNG] and end with college credit [from SNHU],” predicts Connie Yowell, CEO of LRNG. LRNG is a nonprofit that lets students earn badges through partnerships with businesses and community organizations. Currently SNHU and LRNG are looking at how these digital badges can be applied toward an SNHU degree.

Who Owns Digital Badges? A Company's Patent on Credential System Raises Questions


Patent and Trademark Office granted two patents last year for creating, managing and tracking digital credentials, it raised new questions and concerns among a community of innovators who are trying to create an open platform for rethinking credentials. The fact that it got granted is shocking,” said Kerri Lemoie, principal at OpenWorks Group, who has been involved in the Open Badges effort pretty much from the start. When the U.S.

5 Reasons to Use Digital Badges in Your Classroom

Fractus Learning

Digital badges do just that: they show when students have learned a skill or met a goal. For teachers, badges make classroom goals visible to students. Badges show the criteria that students must meet to earn them. The value of digital badges goes beyond the classroom, as well. Currently, one out of five colleges use badges to display student skills, knowledge, and activities. The full potential of digital badges has yet to be explored.

Savvy’s Interviews: Badge Summit, Finland, & #PassTheScopeEDU

Teacher Reboot Camp

Today Savvy conducted her pre-ISTE interviews at the Badge Summit. Below, watch the live video interviews baby Savvy conducted with Noah Geisel and Derek Larson who talk about why digital badges and #PassTheScopeEDU. He talked about digital badging and the Finnish education system. Noah Geisel: Why Digital Badges? Derek Larson Interviews Eric Rousselle: Digital Badges and Finland.

4 Ways to Show Off Your Digital Badges

The Innovative Educator

More and more entities are helping people show what they know with micro-credentials and digital badging. Micro-credentials and certifications teach specific job skills and provide evidence indicating if these skills have been attained via a certificate or badge. The International Society for Technology Education (ISTE) recommends using a badging system built on Mozilla’s Open Badge Infrastructure.

Making Learning Meaningful with Badges and Missions

Teacher Reboot Camp

Below is the archive of the Twitter chat with our participants and experts sharing tips and resources about student motivation with digital badges and missions. Get your copy of Hacking Digital Learning , The 30 Goals Challenge , or Learning to Go. 30 Goals Events Holidays #EdugoalsMOOC Badges digital badges elearning free online courses MOOC moocs student motivation teacher professional development Twitter chat

Savvy’s Interviews: Student Voice, UDL, Makerspaces & More

Teacher Reboot Camp

Savvy conducted her pre-ISTE interviews at the Badge Summit and at the famous El Mercado shops at Market Square. Barbara Bray ( @BBray27 ) shared her work with Universal Design Learning, digital badges, and makerspaces. Conference Highlights #ISTE2017 #NOTATISTE digital badges ISTE makerspaces pivot tables student voice UDL universal designBelow, watch the live video interviews. Baby Savvy was excited to catch up with two of our favorite educators.

UDL 181

Recognize Students’ Achievements with New Digital Badges Resources

Educator Innovator

Afterschool Alliance’s new set of resources, “Digital Badges In Afterschool: Connecting Learning in a Connected World,” details digital badging efforts around the country. A promising new movement to address this problem is gaining traction around micro-credentials called digital badges. Digital badges provide afterschool and summer learning programs with unique opportunities to recognize students’ achievements outside of the classroom.”

In Support of Teachers: First State Micro-credential Initiative

More Verbs

They are working in partnership with Digital Promise , a national non-profit organization working to empower educators to use technology to engage, motivate, and personalize learning for all learners. iLearnMaine Micro-credentials will be a collection within the Digital Promise Educator Micro-credential Program. This is also the first formal partnership between a state and Digital Promise. The iLearnMaine Educator Micro-credential Program was announced Thursday, Oct.

A Comprehensive Guide to Badges and Portfolios


David Niguidula goes beyond theory and provides a multitude of authentic examples, practical applications, and thoughtful considerations for the development and use of digital badges and portfolios to boost student mastery, writes teacher leader Jennifer Savery. Book Reviews Portfolios ASCD David Niguidula digital badges Jennifer Savery portfolios schoolwide rubrics student mastery student presentations

9 Reasons You Should Join the Free Goal Minded Teacher Online Course!

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Get your copy of Hacking Digital Learning , The 30 Goals Challenge , or Learning to Go. Earn a badge for your efforts, which is backed by INTEF and the Ministry of Education in Spain! Keep a digital portfolio of your accomplishments and digital badges for current and future employment opportunities. Events Holidays PLNs Teacher Development Reflections 30 Goals digital badges elearning free online courses MOOC moocs teacher professional development

Course 175

Goal: Design a Badge

Teacher Reboot Camp

Goal: Design a badge for your students or another colleague. Accomplish this goal: For the past 4 years, I integrated badges into my courses and trainings to motivate, engage, add some fun to the curriculum, and build a community. Digital badges are having the same impact. When I started giving badges in my online conferences and in my online courses, I noticed teachers and learners posting all over Facebook and on Twitter. Digital badges , by shellyterrell.

Credential Engine is a Foundational Building Block for Expanded Recognition of Learning Credentials


Paving the Way for Enhanced Recognition of Microcredentials and More Learning credentials come in all shapes and sizes today, ranging from digital badges to doctoral degrees.

Gamify Your Professional Learning at the CUE 2016 Fall Conference!


We’ll be distributing physical stickers for each digital badge you earn throughout the conference. She loves to talk digital badges, personalized PD, web tools, and all things awesome. CUE Conference Personal Learning Network (PLN) Rock Star Teacher STEAMpunk badging digital badges Fall CUECovina-Valley Unified School District teachers having way too much fun learning about Quizizz at a CUE Launch event. Professional learning can and should be fun!

Making Time vs Finding Time

A Principal's Reflections

While online consider making some time to learn and then apply a new skill while earning a digital badge to acknowledge your informal learning. Change digital badges Innovation Personal Learning Network professional growth period time management One of the most utilized excuses in education when it comes to change is lack of time. At one point or another, we have all used the time excuse when it comes to our professional work.

The Growing Potential of Micro-Credentials

A Principal's Reflections

There is a great deal of talk these days about micro-credentials and digital badging as a means to acknowledge professional learning of educators. Check out what Mozilla has created with their Open Badges platform. She felt that a digital-badge-based system would allow participating educators to learn and earn badges anytime and anywhere. Educators should be comfortable teaching, working, and learning in an increasingly connected global digital society.