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Edcamp Finds a New Home at Digital Promise

Digital Promise

Digital Promise is incredibly excited to welcome the Edcamp Foundation to our family of projects and programs. By fully merging our operations, we believe we can do even more to support the community of educators who organize and attend Edcamps across the United States and around the world.

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Powerful Learning at Home with Edcamp

Digital Promise

In this post we highlight the power of Edcamps to support educators to learn from each other, and invite educators to participate in Edcamp: Powerful Learning at Home , an online professional learning event hosted by Digital Promise and Edcamp Foundation. Educators connect and collaborate at Edcamps.

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Edcamp Library Promise Goes Virtual

Digital Promise

The Edcamp model of professional development is unique in that the participants drive the learning. Participants decide what topics they would like to discuss and record them on sticky notes—or in case of a virtual Edcamp, topics can be recorded in a shared Google Doc, Padlet, or Jamboard.

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What We Learned from the Edcamp Design for Learning Series

Digital Promise

The post What We Learned from the Edcamp Design for Learning Series appeared first on Digital Promise.

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Digital Promise Brings Edcamps Into Its Tent


For years, organizers of “ Edcamps ,” a popular brand of informal professional development gatherings for teachers, received a resource kit sent by their host organization, the Edcamp Foundation. Last week, Digital Promise announced it had acquired the assets and operations of the Edcamp Foundation. It began with a box.

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What is an EdCamp?


Edcamps are organic, participant-driven professional learning experiences for educators across the country and worldwide! I would say the key difference between an Edcamp and a typical educational conference is that they are unstructured and the sessions are based on sharing expertise. Have you been to an Edcamp? How did it go?

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Why #Edcamp Is So Awesome

The Web20Classroom

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending another Edcamp. Don''t know what an Edcamp is or looks like? My experience with Edcamp has been that of a participant and an organizer (EdcampNC!). My experience with Edcamp has been that of a participant and an organizer (EdcampNC!). Edcamp EdcampElon EdcampNC'

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