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You Know You’re a Techy Teacher When…

Ask a Tech Teacher

Plurking, tweeting, and playing with your wiki in public are acceptable behaviors. Can you add to this list? You Know You’re a Techy Teacher When… You can’t remember the last time you printed a classroom document. Your Notebook isn’t spiral bound – it plugs into the wall.

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The Wiki that I Forgot

My Paperless Classroom

It seems like I am always creating something online: a blog post, a Google+ community, a Wiki, a Livebinder, an account on any number of websites. This morning as I added a pin to the PATUE pinboard I saw this pin and realized that I have at least one orphaned Wiki out there.

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Using a Wiki in Your Classroom for Teaching, Learning and Collaboration

Fractus Learning

Wikis are the workhorses of the web. If you have looked anything up on Wikipedia , you have used a wiki. Wikipedia is one of a group of education-related wikis. The spirit of a wiki is to provide information openly and freely, which aligns well with using wikis in the classroom. Wiki Functions.

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Project Pals: The Perfect PBL Software for Project Based Learning

The CoolCatTeacher

In the past, I’ve often used wikis to manage and track projects. The easiest way to explain the power of tracking is to compare the Project Pals workspace to a wiki. On a wiki, each page has a history and a teacher can see which student added or made changes to a wiki page. However, Project Pals is even more powerful.

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What to do with a good old wiki resource?

Bryan Alexander

Several years ago I launched a wiki for a desperate purpose. A wiki was the logical choice. And so it came to be , what is now the Restaurants in Airports Wiki. Over the years the wiki grew further. Content remained on the wiki, but some gradually outdated. And yet the wiki continued to exist.

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Curriculum Companions Start September 10th!

Ask a Tech Teacher

Curriculum Companion Wikis (K-5 only) follow a tech professional as s/he teaches each lesson in the SL K-5 curriculum textbooks. If you own any or all of K-5 Structured Learning technology curriculum (6th edition), you have free access to the grade-level wiki. Access: Yearly fee covers K-5 (no discount for single wiki).

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Silver Lining for Learning, Episode 05: Will Richardson

Dangerously Irrelevant

Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts, and Other Powerful Web Tools for Classrooms. @willrich45 on Twitter. willrichardsonspeaks on LinkedIn. Here are Will’s books. Happy reading! Why School? Freedom to Learn. From Master Teacher to Master Learner. Personal Learning Networks. Learning on the Blog. Related Posts. Education in a digital world [VIDEO].

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