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Secure Moodle-KITABOO Integration: DRM-Protected Digital Publishing

Kitaboo on EdTech

Teachers are now creating interactive academic course material with the help of learning management systems such as Moodle and distributing it to students at large. In this blog, we will explore the importance of Moodle integration with KITABOO and how it facilitates DRM-protected digital publishing and distribution. What is Moodle?

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Need to Learn Moodle? Start With VerveEd

Ask a Tech Teacher

Moodle is an open source free cloud-based learning platform used by over 96 million people to create over 11 million courses. The problem with Moodle and what stops many educators from using it has nothing to do with its flexible and scalable platform. All learning takes place within Moodle, not through videos or quizzes.

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ReadSpeaker Announces Text-to-Speech Integration and Certified Partnership with Moodle, the World’s Largest Learning Platform

eSchool News

ReadSpeaker , the most trusted, independent digital voice and text-to-speech provider for educational institutions and innovative brands worldwide today announced that it is now a Certified Integration Partner with the world’s largest learning platform, Moodle. Tweet this news.

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Unicheck: The Best Plagiarism Checker for Moodle LMS

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Moodle LMS is one of the dominating learning management systems at U.S. and Canadian higher educational institutions. It has many beneficial features in one place to cater to specific learning more.

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Moodle and the next LMS: reflections and more questions

Bryan Alexander

Last week Martin Dougiamas, the creator of Moodle, the world’s leading open source learning management system, joined our Future Trends Forum to discuss the future of that technology. What is the present and future direction by Moodle on this important topic? What are you wondering about Moodle and the LMS, looking ahead?

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Why do so many Moodle courses suck?

Nik Peachey

Moodle is a magnificent free product and has the potential to enable schools and teachers to build wonderfully unique interactive online learning courses in which learner interaction can be tracked, measured and responded to. And of course Moodle isn’t the only culprit.

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Towards the future of the LMS: to Moodle and beyond

Bryan Alexander

That is Martin Dougiamas , only the creator and global cat-herder of Moodle , the leading open source LMS and one of the world’s two leading such systems. I’d like to ask Martin about where he sees Moodle heading over the next decade.

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