How to create a self-paced course on Schoology?

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One of the features I love about learning-management systems (LMS) such as +Schoology is the ability to design self-paced courses. When you design a self-paced course in Schoology, kids have the ability to move at their own pace.

Why Schoology?

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I had tried Edmodo, but for several reasons, I switched to schoology this year. blended learning Edmodo facebook LMS Schoology YU 2.0 Facebook has its place. However, as an educator and parent, I''ve seen it misused by students and faculty alike. I do think privacy settings need to be tweaked by all who use it, and I think it is inappropriate to befriend a current student on facebook. My facebook page is always monitored closely by me.

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Facebook, Edmodo, & Schoology. Oh my! Choosing a social network platform for learning

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Below is a comparison of three platforms, Facebook, Schoology, and Edmodo. The competition: Facebook vs Edmodo or Schoology I want more ».

Some ideas for Course Management Systems and Apps

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Schoology -Schoology is a free course management system for educators that allows them to manage their lessons, post resources and assignments, create quizzes, link to additional resources, conduct online courses, provide one-on-one help sessions and host discussions. blogger classroom edmodo google applications google classroom Google for Educators google sites schoology

Sending & Receiving Messages in Schoology

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My Training Videos Schoology

Learning Management Systems: Who are they for?

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Google Classroom , Schoology and Edmodo fall into this category. Assessment data Learning qualitative data quantitative data Teaching Technology Amit K edmodo Epiphany Learning Google Classroom Ito LMS Project Foundry Schoology SingerA learning management system, or “LMS” is defined as “a digital learning system” that “manages all of the aspects of the learning process” (Amit K, 2015).

Students React to Digital Badges: Pros, Cons and Interesting

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– Is more appropriate since we use Schoology. – Can have it when the course / Schoology ends. digital badge ISTE Proficiency Standard student learning technology Uncategorized World Language badge learning proficiency SchoologyISTE 2016. By Harry Grover Tuttle, Ed. College World Language Students’ Preferences. Digital Badges – 52% Paper Certificates – 48%. World Language: Can-Do Digital Badges. Digital Badges Pro-.

Learning Management Systems: Who are they for?

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Google Classroom , Schoology and Edmodo fall into this category. Assessment data Learning qualitative data quantitative data Teaching Technology Amit K edmodo Epiphany Learning Google Classroom Ito LMS Project Foundry Schoology SingerA learning management system, or “LMS” is defined as “a digital learning system” that “manages all of the aspects of the learning process” (Amit K, 2015).

9 Best Apps for Better Student-Teacher Relationship

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Schoology If […]. Technology completely reshaped the way we work and live nowadays. Even in teaching which is not a very technical job, technology can bring great advantages.

Why one district gave students a virtual learning day

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” Teachers and students logged into the school’s Schoology platform for a day of at-home learning, and the day’s virtual classes followed a typical bell schedule to help students stay on track.

Discussion Board Rules

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In teaching English Barton Keeler started using Schoology for discussions after Catlin Tucker mentioned this is what she uses. Tweet Click Here to link to the Google Drawing of the poster.

5 Things Every Digital Citizen Should Know #digcit

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Schoology. A conversation with Alice Chen on Episode 55 of the 10-Minute Teacher Show From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. Today Alice Chen @wondertechedu teaches us about digital citizenship.

Evaluating Technology? Here's What To Look For.

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Are they using a social network like Edmodo or Schoology? In my former life as a Director of Instructional Technology I worked with school leaders to make the best choices when it came to technology.

This is how you make PD engaging for teachers

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Professional learning sessions ranged from “Becoming a Certified Digital Educator” and “Introduction to Schoology” for teachers new to technology, to “Breaking Down the Walls of Your Classroom with Blogging,” and “Launching 20% Time,” for those more seasoned.

Blended Learning - what is it, pros/cons, tips and resources

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students need to be self-directed to work at home Ways technology supports the strategy resources are posted online via class website, LMS (Edmodo, Google Classroom, Schoology, etc).

Finding and Creating Buy-In for a New LMS


The four finalist were Canvas , Schoology , JumpRope and My Big Campus. Teachers and students liked both Canvas and Schoology. However, what turned the tide in favor of Schoology was the company’s marketing. For a couple of years before we began to explore this topic, Schoology had allowed free access to teachers. This, in the end, made our decision to adopt Schoology easier. We are now in our second full year of Schoology, and we are chugging along.

Gear Up Your Year with Our Teacher Toolkit

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From multifunctional tools like Evernote and Twitter to more classroom-specific tools like Schoology and Edmodo , you can mix and match to meet your tech needs and ensure you'll hit the ground running this year. September is here! Many teachers are already off to the races, and many others are still gearing up. Wherever you are in the process, this week we're highlighting the best "gear" for your new year: our "Teacher Toolkit."

Why my students are real world-ready with nothing but a device

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Our LMS, Schoology, is as much of a hub as Google Drive, and it’s where students come to collaborate with each other when they’re not in the same room. The kids take it for granted that I’m always available and send me Schoology messages late into the evening.

How NEO helped me work my way into a blended learning environment


I tried several web-based learning management systems including Google Classroom and Schoology. Several years ago I decided to flip my classroom.

A Timeline of Google Classroom’s March to Replace Learning Management Systems


While many schools and districts continue to use existing learning management systems, such as Blackboard, Canvas , Moodle and Schoology , Google’s Classroom platform is increasingly catching teachers’ eyes. It is still not a threat to institutional LMSs in higher ed, and is not fully a threat to Schoology and Canvas in the K-12 institutional market,” Hill says. Over the last two years, Google has taken its popular applications and outfitted it for the classroom.

Haiku Deck Just Got Better: Welcome Haiku Deck Classroom

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Share to CMS: Students can easily share their Haiku Decks to Classroom Management Systems like Schoology, Edmodo, and more. . If you’re like me–and 20% of US schools–when you think of ‘online slideshow tool’, you think of Haiku Deck.

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Where Does Personalized Learning End and Special Education Begin?


There are two tools that have allowed me to scale differentiated supports for students: Google Apps and Schoology. Schoology has allowed me to experiment with pacing. But Google Read&Write helps make texts accessible, and Schoology lets me curate materials that are appropriate for each learner and present them all in one place so students don’t get lost in web surfing, which is enticing for teenage students. This means entering goals and assessment data on Schoology.

How One Teacher's Curiosity Led to Gamification in the Classroom

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I’ve organized my missions into folders in Schoology. Other photos from BrainPop and Schoology captured by the author Since moving toward a 1-to-1 iPad initiative, I have watched students spend every waking second of "down time" playing online games. As they clashed, boomed, and raced through levels, I couldn't help but wonder what held their interest and kept them coming back for more. I wished my class had the same hypnotic power.

High School ‘Work From Home Day’ Gives Students Taste of Independence


’ The school chose a software system called Schoology that allows students and teachers to communicate by text and video and post assignments. ” Nationwide, about 400,000 K-12 students are taking or have taken at least one fully online course , and far more schools are using platforms like Schoology to provide online assignments outside of traditional school hours.

Simplify with These 12 Lesson Planning Tools

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Specifically, these tools make it easier to: Collaborate with students, parents, and fellow teachers ( ChalkUp , Common Curriculum ) Differentiate learning ( Gooru , LearnZillion ) Develop lesson templates ( PlanbookEdu ) Align to Common Core State Standards ( BetterLesson , ReadWriteThink ) Invest in professional development ( Schoology ) Track student outcomes ( Goalbook Toolkit ) Click Here for Our Full List of Lesson Planning Tools. New year = new lesson planner.

Flip Your Back-to-School Night

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I record a screencast taking parents on a virtual tour of our class website, shared Google calendar, flipped YouTube videos , StudySync site, Google Classroom , and Schoology online discussions.

Setting The Stage For A Great School Year

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There are a wide variety of products out there (like Edmodo or Schoology ) to do this so spend some time finding one that suits your needs. Back when I was in the classroom this was the most exciting time of the year for me. I always enjoyed heading back to school more than any other time.

Global Ed-Tech Funding, Propelled by Big Deals, Reaches New Record

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Schoology Wins Contract for Ambitious Ed-Tech Project in Uruguay. Global funding for educational technology has risen to a record $2.98 billion, fueled by rapid growth in China, which accounted for 37 percent of recent deals, a new analysis shows.

The Best New iOS 9 Feature for Schools!

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Students can use the web versions of Edmodo, Schoology, Google Classroom, Moodle, and other online services to turn in PDFs, Office documents, Pages files, Keynote slideshows, or any other kind of file. Apple has released iOS 9 as a free update for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Paperless Please

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Start using an LMS (Learning Management System) such as Google Classroom , Schoology , Canvas , Edmodo , Moodle. Assistive Tech Chromebook Cloud Google Apps for Education Google Classroom Internet PD Schoology Social Networking Web 2.0

Battle of the Classrooms: Apple, Google, Microsoft Vie for K-12 Market


Google Classroom, which is a core app within G Suite for Education, is reminiscent of learning management systems like Schoology or Blackboard or Canvas—but is free for any educator and works on Chromebooks, iPads and other mobile devices. integrate with more than 30 different learning management systems such as Canvas, Schoology or even Google Classroom.

Scaling Flipped Learning: Part 1

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I have seen cases where one school has one teacher using Edmodo, another Schoology, another eChalk, another Google Classroom, and yet another Moodle. A 2014 study indicates that 46% of U.S.

A Guide to Picking a Learning Management System: The Right Questions to Ask


An example of a "narrative stream" on the Schoology LMS platform. Schoology) Lindsey Own, a STEM educator at the Evergreen School and lover of the Canvas LMS platform, agrees—though to her, the most important part of a simple design comes in the form of the long, narrative stream (like the one shown above). We use Schoology. Over the past 10 years, new learning management systems (LMSs) have sprung on the scene to rival the Blackboards and Moodles of old.

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Stop Fighting Social Media. Start Working with Students + Teachers to Integrate It Into Learning!

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This included making movies in MovieStar Planet, watching YouTube videos, and having discussions on learning platforms like Edmodo, Schoology, and Google Classroom.

How to Choose the Right EdTech Tools for Your Classroom

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However, tools like Google Hangout, Schoology, and HSTRY allow me to “techify” aspects of my curriculum, increasing student engagement in content like never before.

The Game-Changing Potential of Learning Management Systems

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Top-selling LMS vendors include Blackboard, Canvas and Schoology. In recent blog posts, I’ve been focusing on educational technology initiatives that I consider game changers for K-12 schools.

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Flip Grid: 6 Fun Ideas to Engage Learners in Conversation with Teryl Magee

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It could be Google Classroom, it could be Schoology, it could be Blackboard, it could also be Microsoft OneNote. Episode 117 of the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter.

Edublog Awards 2013 - Nominations

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This is my first time participating in the Edublog Awards. Because blogging has been an instrumental part of reflecting on and improving my teaching and coaching practices, I''m excited to nominate the following candidates for these awards.

Teacher Play – 6 Apps to Explore This Summer

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If you use course management software like Moodle, Schoology, Blackboard or Canvas, then the concept of Versal will be familiar to you: develop your content, add resources, integrate assessments and track student progress. Summer is a great time to play–but not just for kids!

Receive Files into Your Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive

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If your students have access to Google Apps for Education , Google Classroom , Edmodo , Schoology , AirDrop , Padlet , or Seesaw , then you may want to use that instead of Drop It To Me to collect student work. Drop It To Me at