How to use an LMS for teaching and professional learning

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Picture this: You roll out a new learning management system (LMS) for students, but all of your professional learning is either hosted on a different platform or conducted in person with notes shared via email afterward.

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PowerSchool Completes Schoology Purchase in March Toward ‘Unified’ K-12 Data Ecosystem


The newest addition comes courtesy of Schoology, a K-12 learning management system provider that PowerSchool announced it was buying last month. Neither Gulati nor Schoology CEO Jeremy Friedman commented on the transaction amount.


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Latest Updates to Discovery Education’s Flexible K-12 Platform Keeps All Learners Connected to Engaging Content, Instructional Strategies, and Professional Learning

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Discovery Education today announced a series of updates to its flexible, award-winning K-12 learning platform that will keep teachers and students connected to the service’s engaging content, instructional strategies, and professional learning resources wherever learning is taking place.

Using your LMS for teaching and professional learning

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Picture this: You roll out a new learning management system (LMS) for students, but all of your professional learning is either hosted on a different platform or conducted in person with notes shared via email afterward. It’s more common than you think, but separating the educator professional learning (PL) experience from the student learning experience can actually have a negative impact on both parties’ experiences in the long run.

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Schoology launches Assessment Management Platform

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Schoology Assessment Management Platform, or AMP, integrates learning management and assessment in one system, bringing together student learning experiences with comprehensive assessment and actionable reporting. Announced today at the ISTE 2016 conference, Schoology introduced AMP (Assessment Management Platform), a new solution integrating the Schoology learning management system (LMS) with embedded institution-wide assessment management functionality.

Important Lessons Learned During the Pandemic and How They Can Drive Needed Change

A Principal's Reflections

After some time, we have seen an initial move to all remote learning, depending on where you live, a shift to some sort of hybrid model. A spike in cases has led to buildings being closed again and a resumption of remote learning in some locations.

NASA and Discovery Education Invite Educators and Students Worldwide to Join the Exploration of Mars Through a Special Livestream of the Perseverance Rover’s Landing

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To commemorate this historic occasion, Discovery Education —the global leader in standards-aligned digital curriculum resources, engaging content, and professional learning for K-12 classrooms—is partnering with NASA to bring students worldwide a special no–cost livestream of this momentous event.

Virginia Discovery Education Science Experience Wins Approval

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The State Board of Education’s adoption of Virginia Discovery Education Science Experience empowers the state’s school systems to purchase and integrate this innovative digital curriculum into teaching and learning. Discovery Education Professional Learning.

Prioritizing Professional Development, During and After the Pandemic (eSchool News Podcast)


Vrain Valley Schools in Colorado became that much more important as professional development stayed a pandemic priority. Professional Development Should Stay a Pandemic Priority. As we talked before the recording, we want to focus a little bit on professional development.

Paperless Please

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Start using an LMS (Learning Management System) such as Google Classroom , Schoology , Canvas , Edmodo , Moodle. Using a web-based central location to communicate, collaborate, assign, assess, and create allows for great opportunities for teachers and students to efficiently learn especially in a real-wold context. Regardless if this is grade level, content area, or departmental it is crucial to learn, communicate, and collaborate together.

A Pedagogical Framework for Managing Face-to-Face and Remote Learners at the Same Time

A Principal's Reflections

Now don't get me wrong as this has been incredibly fulfilling and a great learning experience for me. However, you just can't replace face-to-face professional learning, in my opinion. Or you can plan for some sort of cooperative learning using virtual breakout rooms.

Choice Boards 101: Strategies to Ensure Classroom, Professional, and Virtual Learning Success

A Principal's Reflections

As of late, I have been working with quite a few districts on personalization through a variety of blended learning strategies. Ownership of learning shouldn’t just be for students. If you are leading professional learning, this frees up time to answer questions and provide feedback.

3 Ways to Streamline Expectations While Making Things Easier for Educators

A Principal's Reflections

The fact remains that there was no professional learning to prepare for the reality that everyone is facing nor a plan for something like COVID19. I always like to focus on the small wins when I am facilitating professional learning with schools and districts.

3 Key Findings on the State of Digital Learning in K–12

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3 Key Findings on the State of Digital Learning in K–12. But what is the actual state of digital learning when it comes to accessibility, implementation and effectiveness? . Schoology recently released a report on the 2018-2019 state of digital learning in K–12 schools. Using the responses from 9,279 teachers and administrators , Schoology identified three major steps for moving forward with digital learning.

Edtech Tools for SPED, Math, and Reading

A Principal's Reflections

One of the best parts about job-embedded, on-going work with school districts is facilitating a variety of professional learning opportunities. Over the past two years, I have been blessed to partner with District 205 in Elmhurst, IL.

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Creating Interactive Lessons Through App Smashing

A Principal's Reflections

Remote learning has been thrust upon school districts. Educators now shoulder the burden to create lessons and activities that will enable students to learn at home. Virtually none have received extensive professional learning in this area. COVID19 edtech remote learning

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Alaska’s Nome Public Schools and Discovery Education Launch New Partnership Bringing Dynamic Digital Content

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Through this new collaboration, NPS educators and students in all grades and all district locations are receiving access to dynamic K-12 digital resources that keep students connected to their natural curiosity at home, in school, or wherever learning is taking place.

Remote Learning Teaching Tips

A Principal's Reflections

With little to no training or preparation, they have stepped up to keep learning going. A recent eSchool News article highlighted that most teachers don’t feel fully prepared for remote learning. In the end, there is no one right way to go about implementing any type of remote learning.

Navigating Your Journey to Remote Learning

A Principal's Reflections

Prior to the virus turning into a pandemic, school districts began to prepare, and others are now following suit with ways to provide instruction and learning for who knows how long. However, it is essential to focus on remote versus distance or virtual learning.

Discovery Education Experience Updates Tailored to Support Students and Educators for Remote, Hybrid, or In-Person Learning

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Experience , Discovery Education’s flexible K-12 learning platform, connects educators to a vast collection of compelling high-quality, standards-aligned content, ready-to-use digital lessons, and professional learning resources vetted by Discovery Education’s expert content team.

South Dakota’s Pierre School District Selects Discovery Education to Support Its Mission to Inspire All Students to Achieve Their Potential

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Through this new collaboration, educators, and students across the school system will soon receive access to a suite of Discovery Education’s award-winning digital learning resources.

This is how you make PD engaging for teachers

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Organizing professional development days that meet the varying needs of every teacher has become increasingly difficult as the pace of change far exceeds the number of days allowed for PD. taken from Brad Currie (@bradmcurrie) and Jason Bretzmann’s (@jbretzmann) book, Personalized PD: Flipping Your Professional Development for its framework when designing professional learning days. How-to Personnel Professional Development

Missouri’s Kansas City Public Schools Selects Discovery Education to Support a Community-Wide Commitment to Student Learning and Success

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Missouri’s Kansas City Public Schools (KCPS) has selected Discovery Education to support the district’s community-wide commitment to student learning and success. The COVID-19 pandemic has served to reinforce KCPS’s deep, community-wide commitment to student learning and success.

Camden and Discovery Education Launch New PK-12 Partnership Supported by the Subaru

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Through this new collaboration, all CCSD educators and students will receive access to dynamic digital resources that keep students connected to learning at home, in school, or wherever learning is taking place.

As Districts Return to Remote Learning, Are They Any Better Prepared?


When educators describe their frenzied switch to remote learning in the spring, most talk about being caught off guard. Some mention how little they knew then—about virtual learning, as well as the virus that forced them out of their school buildings.

bulb Digital Portfolios Gives Premium Accounts To All Teachers!


Track professional development and display badges and credentials earned. Establish professional learning plans to meet goals and standards. “A We support teachers in all aspects – from the classroom to the work done to meet personal or professional development goals,” said Eric Goldreyer, chief executive officer at bulb Digital Portfolios. bulb integrates with most LMS or SIS systems, including Microsoft Office 365, Google, Canvas, Schoology and Blackboard.

Promote Executive Functioning within School Culture

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, schools across the country struggle to move their brick-and-mortar classrooms to remote online learning environments. WATCH THE EDLEADER PANEL RECORDING.

6 reasons we broke free from traditional PD

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For years, professional development (PD) has been out of touch with what we as educators already know to be best practice, and how we are asking teachers to think about their classrooms. As an instructional coach at Fairbanks Middle School in Milford Center, Ohio, I have been a core part of charting a new path for PD that uses a blended model of professional learning.

New Year, New Adventures

A Principal's Reflections

Many of the initiatives that I am about to pursue either came directly or indirectly from my Personal Learning Network (PLN). Professional Learning Communities (PLC''s): The district will be moving to this research-based model as our main means of professional development. The more I learn about the power of PLC''s the more excited I get! In another mobile device area I recently submitted a grant for a mobile iPad learning lab.

A Framework for Blended PD (Part 3) – SULS073

Shake Up Learning

The post A Framework for Blended PD (Part 3) – SULS073 appeared first on Shake Up Learning. Delivering virtual or blended professional learning can be challenging. Here’s a 2-minute video learn how! Evidence of Learning. Or, it could be Project Based Learning.

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The Makings (and Misgivings) of a Statewide Effort to Personalize Learning in Massachusetts


In Massachusetts, an emerging partnership between private funders and the state department of education aims to help teachers across the Commonwealth learn, share and spread best practices when it comes to leveraging new instructional models and technologies. LearnLaunch Institute , the Massachusetts Personalized Learning Edtech Consortium (MAPLE) functions as a professional learning community for 32 district members that aim to implement personalized learning.

Five ways to continue growing as a teacher

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The minute we stop learning, we begin dying. Never stop learning. Even if you think you’ve already earned a doctorate in your field, there’s always something to learn. If you’ve lost your appetite for learning and for doing things better and differently, chances are boredom and monotony will invade your classroom and will kill the learning process. Professional development is an active, dynamic process that can take place anywhere, anytime through the Internet.


techlearning ) Alma Technologies has announced it is allowing any SQL-based business intelligence tool, such as Tableau and Jaspersoft, to access data from its modern, student information system and learning management system. This follows the company’s recent integrations with Canvas and Schoology and its OneRoster alignment. Blackboard Ally is an accessibility solution that helps make digital class content in a learning management system (LMS) more accessible for all learners.

Google Classroom Tips

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Google Classroom may not have as many features as Edmodo or Schoology , but it does work incredibly well with the Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Drawings suite of free online software. You might be interested in my post Google Classroom for Professional Learning. I have learned a lot from teaching online classes for educators in Google Classroom. Learn more about Google Classroom.