The Great Learning Management System Debate: Featuring Canvas, Schoology and Google Classroom


With personalized learning at the forefront of many school initiatives, the use of learning management systems has become a hot commodity among schools. With so many choices on where to build your digital classroom, the questions often arise: “Why do I need a learning management system? Let’s examine three learning management systems aimed at personalizing learning and blended instruction. Schoology. Why consider Schoology?

PowerSchool Completes Schoology Purchase in March Toward ‘Unified’ K-12 Data Ecosystem


The newest addition comes courtesy of Schoology, a K-12 learning management system provider that PowerSchool announced it was buying last month. Neither Gulati nor Schoology CEO Jeremy Friedman commented on the transaction amount.


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Where Does Personalized Learning End and Special Education Begin?


I’ve committed to personalizing learning, but how can I do that for every student in my inclusion classroom when the range of abilities among them is so vast? Personalized learning doesn’t seem that far off—but meeting the needs of every student in an inclusion class when some have IEPs and some do not can get hairy. I’d like to see special education take a front seat in conversations about personalized learning.

The Makings (and Misgivings) of a Statewide Effort to Personalize Learning in Massachusetts


In Massachusetts, an emerging partnership between private funders and the state department of education aims to help teachers across the Commonwealth learn, share and spread best practices when it comes to leveraging new instructional models and technologies. LearnLaunch Institute , the Massachusetts Personalized Learning Edtech Consortium (MAPLE) functions as a professional learning community for 32 district members that aim to implement personalized learning.

Important Lessons Learned During the Pandemic and How They Can Drive Needed Change

A Principal's Reflections

After some time, we have seen an initial move to all remote learning, depending on where you live, a shift to some sort of hybrid model. A spike in cases has led to buildings being closed again and a resumption of remote learning in some locations.

Remote Learning Teaching Tips

A Principal's Reflections

With little to no training or preparation, they have stepped up to keep learning going. A recent eSchool News article highlighted that most teachers don’t feel fully prepared for remote learning. In the end, there is no one right way to go about implementing any type of remote learning.

Choice Boards 101: Strategies to Ensure Classroom, Professional, and Virtual Learning Success

A Principal's Reflections

As of late, I have been working with quite a few districts on personalization through a variety of blended learning strategies. Ownership of learning shouldn’t just be for students. Add links to your Learning Management System (Google Classroom, Canvas, Schoology, etc.)

Discovery Education Experience Updates Tailored to Support Students and Educators for Remote, Hybrid, or In-Person Learning

eSchool News

Th e updates focus on increasing functionality, capability, and personalization for all users. . Together, these resources give educators everything they need to facilitate instruction in any learning environment and create lasting educational impact. .

Learning Management Systems: Who are they for?

Reading By Example

A learning management system, or “LMS” is defined as “a digital learning system” that “manages all of the aspects of the learning process” (Amit K, 2015). An LMS can also help the learner track their own progress, identifying what they have learned already and what they need to learn (Amit K). This definition and description of your typical LMS leads to an important question: Who is the learning management system for? Media and Learning Research Hub.

Learning Management Systems: Who are they for?

Reading By Example

A learning management system, or “LMS” is defined as “a digital learning system” that “manages all of the aspects of the learning process” (Amit K, 2015). An LMS can also help the learner track their own progress, identifying what they have learned already and what they need to learn (Amit K). This definition and description of your typical LMS leads to an important question: Who is the learning management system for? Media and Learning Research Hub.

How Middle School Obsessions Can Shape Career Paths.


I never thought that what I was doing would be considered “techy” or that this passion project could be setting me up for a future career as a computer scientist, software engineer, learning designer, research associate or UX designer—all jobs that I learned about much later in life by reading Careers with Code magazine. I was picking up a lot of technical skills along the way but never thought of it as learning. Education Technology Personalized Learning Learning Strategie

Virtual Learning Done Right

A Principal's Reflections

So many important lessons were learned during the pandemic that can be used to not only improve our practice but also to pave the way for a brighter future. One important lesson learned was that face-to-face learning does not meet the needs of every child.

Don’t Use a Lot Where a Little Will Do

A Principal's Reflections

I don’t know of a single person who really wants to take on more work, especially during a pandemic. In Disruptive Thinking in Our Classrooms , I honed in on research-based strategies that have withstood the test of time in addition to emerging strategies such as personalized learning.

Edtech Tools for SPED, Math, and Reading

A Principal's Reflections

One of the best parts about job-embedded, on-going work with school districts is facilitating a variety of professional learning opportunities. Over the past two years, I have been blessed to partner with District 205 in Elmhurst, IL.

EdTech 372

How to Create Effective Learning Playlists

A Principal's Reflections

Educators have been working valiantly to make either remote or hybrid learning work. These represent new methodologies for some, while others are now applying what they had already been doing to the current situation in the form of blended learning.

How To 380

Navigating Your Journey to Remote Learning

A Principal's Reflections

Prior to the virus turning into a pandemic, school districts began to prepare, and others are now following suit with ways to provide instruction and learning for who knows how long. However, it is essential to focus on remote versus distance or virtual learning.

Data and analytics help make informed decisions

eSchool News

PowerSchool announced its new Unified Insights Student Learning release , a first – of – its – kind tool, giving educators a holistic view into data they’ll need to help ensure all students can stay on track following the shift to distance learning.

Data 52

Poll Finds High Level of Dissatisfaction with Many LMS Platforms in K–12 Education

eSchool News

July 27, 2021) – Edsby ® , a multi award-winning, next generation K–12 learning management system (LMS), today released results of a new, recent “Grade Your LMS” poll. ANDOVER, MASS.

LMS 52

Why It’s So Hard to Lower the Cost of Textbooks


This week’s podcast sponsor is PowerSchool, now with Schoology, a unified platform that brings SIS, LMS and assessment together for blended, distance and personalized learning. Learn more.

KITABOO facilitates key LMS integrations with advanced technological features

Kitaboo on EdTech

The COVID-19 pandemic has given a huge impetus to online learning and development, and even when it is showing signs of receding, online practices have become the new normal. The question then is, what does the ideal blend of teaching-learning methods for the current context look like?

LMS 52

Hardin County Schools is Leading Kentucky’s Transition to Dynamic Digital Learning Experiences for Science Instruction Through New Partnership with Discovery Education

eSchool News

With these resources, district educators are empowered to build real-world learning experiences that connect students to the world around them while preparing them for future success. .


Should Colleges Rethink Final Exams in the COVID Era? Some Profs Try 'Epic Finales'


The students were supposed to explain some of the concepts they had learned in class. This week’s podcast sponsor is PowerSchool, now with Schoology, a unified platform that brings SIS, LMS and assessment together for blended, distance and personalized learning.

When the Pandemic Hit, Edtech Companies Threw Out Their Roadmaps and Changed Course


In late April, more than a month into COVID-induced school closures, Matt Goodwin, senior director of product management at Instructure, the company behind the Canvas learning management system, explained how the pandemic was upending his company’s development process. “We

Resources for Teachers and Instructional Coaches – September 2021


From building relationships with parents to supporting students in the return to in-person teaching, we have highlights and article links for you. This shouldn’t fall to the wayside with the return to in-person teaching. Students need empathy to learn.

Videos: Why, How, Options

Ask a Tech Teacher

A lot has changed since then, most importantly, teachers now recognize that students learn in a variety of ways, only one of which is via text. Today’s videos are highly-effective learning tools, cerebral entertainment, and well-suited to visual and auditory learners. Once you accept the reality that learning can take place outside of a textbook, reading, or notetaking, it’s not hard to see the great value of videos.

Video 151

Kansas’ Shawnee Mission School District Initiates New Partnership with Discovery Education Supporting Elementary Science Instruction

eSchool News

Discovery Education’s digital resources connect students to their inner curiosity in new ways, and provide educators innovative opportunities to design and deliver engaging learning experiences every day. Learn more at

The Long-Term Effects Of Remote Learning May Not Be All Bad

TeachThought - Learn better.

The Long-Term Effects Of Remote Learning May Not Be All Bad. And in the hope that the pandemic does not squash the ability to learn and grow all together, educators are implementing an entirely new style of learning.

EdisonLearning and FocalPointK12 Announce Partnership to Provide Comprehensive Learning and Analytics Solution for Grades 6-12

eSchool News

EdisonLearning provides digital learning solutions, including core and elective eCourses for grades 6-12. This partnership expands its ability to support more schools and districts nationwide, increasing delivery of personalized learning and supporting equitable achievement for all students.

As Districts Return to Remote Learning, Are They Any Better Prepared?


When educators describe their frenzied switch to remote learning in the spring, most talk about being caught off guard. Some mention how little they knew then—about virtual learning, as well as the virus that forced them out of their school buildings.

What Does Effective Coaching Look Like in a Any Learning Environment?


What type of learning environment are you currently coaching in right now? As you read this, you might be in a remote learning environment, but that could change in the next 2-4 weeks. In this post, I’m sharing my top 6 tips for coaching effectively in any learning environment.

Delaware Department of Education, DuPont and Discovery Education Launch First-of-Its-Kind Partnership Supporting STEM, Career, and Technical Education Statewide

eSchool News

This partnership also builds on the company’s long-standing support of increasing access to STEM education programs that provide hands-on, inquiry-based learning in elementary to post-doctoral classrooms, and the professional learning needed for educators to make these efforts possible.

Add a Dash of Professional Development to Your Blended-Learning Program

EdTech Magazine

Add a Dash of Professional Development to Your Blended-Learning Program. When Cincinnati Public School teachers need extra training to help them better run their blended-learning classrooms , the ­professional development sometimes comes to them — rolling up in the ­district’s Tech Truck, a training center on wheels , outfitted with current and emerging classroom teaching tools and a one-on-one coach for the educators. Teachers Need Exposure to Technology to Learn the Ropes.

Adapting to the New Classroom


Adaptive learning technology is the new go-to for personalized learning. Diagnostic products and software systems that target specific areas of learning for improvement can help students find success, freeing educators to help every learner reach their personal best within one classroom. These out-of-the-box blended learning solutions can also help nontraditional students find their own paths. Learning Ally ? Imagine Learning ?

The Best Flipped Classroom Software Tools For Flipped Learning In 2021

Fractus Learning

What are the best-flipped learning apps for K-12 grades in flipped classrooms? The best-flipped classroom tools can transform and remodel classroom teaching, allowing in-depth learning and personalized attention that can help learners improve their grades. Docebo Learn LMS.

New Posted Resources 05/11/2012

The Web20Classroom

Download: "Own Your Space" was written by Linda McCarthy, for Internet savvy "tweens" & teens, and their parents or educators.

How SBG Led Us to Empower: The Tyranny of 82% (Part 1 of 2)

Adam Watson Edtech Elixirs

In this blog entry -- the first of a two part series -- I discuss how the limitations of a traditional grading system led us to SBG, and ultimately, Empower Learning. Personalized learning can be done well and help a teacher use their time more effectively.

How to Choose the Right EdTech Tools for Your Classroom

Fractus Learning

The right tools can elevate a student’s learning experience to levels unfathomable to teachers who were in the field even a short ten years ago. Perhaps you would like to create a more student centered learning environment by flipping your classroom. However, tools like Google Hangout, Schoology, and HSTRY allow me to “techify” aspects of my curriculum, increasing student engagement in content like never before. Blended Learning How To

Reform is Happening

A Principal's Reflections

The brainchild of Schoology and myself, we set out in mid-August to plan an unprecedented free conference that would provide educators of varying experience with practical strategies to successfully integrate technology in the classroom. The common theme of all of these informal discussions was the cultivation of student-centered learning opportunities. Shelly Terrell Skyped in from Germany and dazzled educators on how to effectively extend learning beyond classroom walls.

52 Ways to Go Back To School, From Educators Across the United States


How-To’s from Inside the Classroom : Step-by-step guides on everything from social-emotional learning to classroom management strategies in a tech-rich environment. For example, learn how a South Dakota district is getting rid of grade levels in favor of student-centered learning. Padlet, Voxer, and Schoology all made the list. Share more hopes and strategies for the new year, and widen personal learning networks. It's that time of year: back-to-school.

New Year, New Adventures

A Principal's Reflections

Many of the initiatives that I am about to pursue either came directly or indirectly from my Personal Learning Network (PLN). Professional Learning Communities (PLC''s): The district will be moving to this research-based model as our main means of professional development. The more I learn about the power of PLC''s the more excited I get! In another mobile device area I recently submitted a grant for a mobile iPad learning lab.