Free Resources From All My Books

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Every few months, I reprint this post so that new subscribers learn about these resources. I have many free resources, including excerpts and student hand-outs, available from all my books.

Three Good Resources For Infographics

Larry Ferlazzo

I have a ton of resources related to infographics, and you can see them all at “BEST” LISTS OF THE WEEK: INFOGRAPHICS. I’m adding these next three resources to The Best Resources For Creating Infographics : STEM Literacy Infographics has a ton of resources.

15+ must have resources for teaching digital citizenship

Ditch That Textbook

DitchBook Twitter chat Teaching digital citizenship digital citizenship ideas digital citizenship resources teaching digital citizenshipOur students are living their lives online. They can share everything and anything with the world with just a tap of a button. It seems like every day we are hearing about the latest popular app among teens and kids. And with it comes a new way to connect. It’s nearly impossible to keep up. With technology […].

New Resources On Race & Racism

Larry Ferlazzo

I’m adding these new resources to various “Best” lists. I’m adding it to New & Revised: The Best Resources I’ve Used In Lessons About Race & Racism , where I have other resources related to offensive mascots.

Today’s Curriculum for the Higher Ed HR Leader

Speaker: Joseph Clay, Business Transformation Strategist at Oracle, and Jeffrey Haynes, Director with Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP

While VPs of HR in higher education share many of the same challenges as their corporate peers, they are a “different animal”, with unique issues and far fewer resources.

Welcome Back to School - Great Resources for Teachers

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Here are some more tips, resources, and help to get your school year started on a positive note, and keep it that way. back to school effective teacher free resourcesWelcome back to school! I hope everyone had a great summer and was able to relax and recharge.

CK-12 and Google Classroom - great resources that are better together

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CK-12 has some amazing and diverse resources to help students learn and explore. It is one of my single most favorite resources to share with teachers and students. Related: CK-12 information and resources Google for Education Resources.

Blogging bootcamp: Top tools, tips, and resources for getting started

Ditch That Textbook

We can share ideas and resources with our professional learning network. DitchBook Twitter chat blogging in the classroom blogging resources blogging tips getting started with blogging tips for bloggersBlogging gives educators a way to share their voice. It allows us as professionals an opportunity to collaborate with others and write for our peers. Through blogging, we can give others a window into our classroom. We can write about our passions.

Character metaphors – an online resource.


It was an online resource which supports children when writing metaphors. Click here for the full resource. Tagged: education , English , literacy , metaphor , online resource , teachers , teaching , writing. I recently did some writing for Scholastic.

Prepositions – an online resource.


I recently did some writing for Scholastic – a resource supporting children with their understanding of prepositions. Click here to view the full piece. Tagged: education , English , ks1 , ks2 , prepositions , teachers. education English ks1 ks2 prepositions teachers

Contextualized Learning Resources for Adult Learners

Digital Promise

Resources to support contextualized learning are often difficult to find, however. In this webinar, Dr. Patricia Erwin from Kentucky Educational Television (KET) showcases a set of workplace resources developed by KET and available for free on PBS LearningMedia.

Resource Roundup: Digital Citizenship Lessons & Tips


Check out the resources below to educate yourself, and your students, on digital citizenship. Digital Citizenship Resources. On their resource page , you’ll find digital awareness articles surrounding: information literacy, communication, safety & health, and awareness.

Some more Forensics Science Resources

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This past September I posted some Forensic Science Resources for Teachers. Has lesson ideas, syllabus, resources and more. labs, syllabus, resources, and more [link] - high school forensics class site with assignments, projects, rubrics and more.

Google+ Resources for Educators

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10 Ways to Teach Using Google+ [link] A Must See Google+ Cheat sheet for Teachers [link] Using Google+ as an online study resource: use to create online study groups.

Two New Resources On Information Literacy

Larry Ferlazzo

Mind Over Media – New Resource for Teaching Propaganda and Media Literacy is a blog post appearing in Richard Byrne’s blog, and shares a new and useful resource. teacher resourcespixel2013 / Pixabay.

#EduGoalsMOOC resources

Learning with 'e's

Image from Wikimedia Commons For the # EduGoalsMOOC Twitter chat today, I have compiled a short list of useful resources that relate to the use of technology in education, and specifically technology integration. The second useful resource is TeachThought which is run by Terry Heick.

Resources from #MACUL15

Two Guys and Some iPads

Find the resources from our sessions below. This past week was the annual MACUL Conference at Cobo Hall in Detroit, MI.

Why Open Education Resources Matter #GoOpen

The Web20Classroom

We rarely have anyone knocking on our doors but the fact is there is a lot of money in a closed system of education resources. Educators face, on a daily basis, the fact that many of the resources they use are expensive, can't be posted publically, can't be remixed and can't be shared.

New Resources On Race & Racism

Larry Ferlazzo

I’m adding these new resources to various “Best” lists. You can find links to all of those many lists that relate to race and racism at “Best” Lists Of The Week: Resources For Teaching & Learning About Race & Racism: What Is White Privilege, Really?

The Physics Front - teaching resources for Physics

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The Physics Front is a free site that contains teaching resources on Physics and Physical Science. The resources are searchable and are arranged by level: K-8 Physical Science, Physics First, Conceptual Physics, Algebra Based, and AP / Calculus. Resources are then organized by topic.

New Resources On Teaching About Sexual Harassment & Assault

Larry Ferlazzo

Here are new additions to THE BEST RESOURCES FOR TEACHING ABOUT SEXUAL HARASSMENT & ASSAULT: Breathe: Caring for Students and Ourselves in the Time of Kavanaugh is by Christina Torres. teacher resources3dman_eu / Pixabay.

The Best Resources For Teaching About The Mid-Term Elections

Larry Ferlazzo

I thought it would be useful to share related teaching resources. Here are more resources from the NewsHour. I’ve used these two videos as part of a lesson I did recently : best of the year social studies teacher resourcesOpenClipart-Vectors / Pixabay.

October Is National Bullying Prevention Month – Here Are Related Resources

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You might be interested in A Very, Very Beginning List Of The Best Resources On Bullying — Please Suggest More and The Best Resources For Teaching About Sexual Harassment & Assault johnhain / Pixabay. October is National Bullying Prevention Month.

Guest post: 15 EdTech Resources to Use in Classroom


So what are the best resources to use? The first resource we suggest is pretty simple, and all your students are aware of it. This is another one of your favorite TV channels offering educational resources. This is a great resource to explore in the classroom, but you can also suggest it to parents who want to motivate the development of learning habits at home. No; you don’t have to organize a field trip if your school doesn’t give you the resources for that.

EdTech 189

Google Accessibility Features and Resources

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Last month, I posted an article about some of Google Chrome''s accessibility features and resources. Google has a great site with resources about all of the accessibility features in all of their products.

More resources for blended teachers

The Christensen Institute

As teachers move into blended-learning environments, there is a dearth of resources to support them in the transition. Fortunately, resources are beginning to emerge to fill the void. This week I wanted to highlight one such resource, the Blended Master Teacher Project by Better Lesson. Together, these resources provide practical guidance on strategies that these teachers use to help them advance their students’ learning.

Weekly Resources for Halloween


. Blog Weekly Resources #ettgoogle #ettipad weekly resources

Great Resource for Long Term Planning, Last Minute Lessons


App App of the Day Resources News Lesson Plans[ Top Timeline Creator Engages Students with Images, Videos ] Classroom Ideas to Go!

Quick List of Classroom Blogging Resources

The Web20Classroom

Since then a few resources have changed and I've come across some different ones. I can use this space to share resources with you, reflect on my own practice and try to figure out how to be a better educator. Lets take a look at some classroom blogging resources to get started with.

35 Google Classroom Resources That Will Make Your Day

Shake Up Learning

The post 35 Google Classroom Resources That Will Make Your Day appeared first on Shake Up Learning. Here are 35 Google Classroom Resources That Will Make Your Day! There is even a special resource page on this site that you can visit at any time to see the latest resources.

8 Math and Science Simulation Resources For Any Classroom

The Web20Classroom

The great thing is no matter how old students are there are tons and tons of great sites, apps and resources to choose from to help complex math and science more understandable, and frankly, more fun. You can create your own textbooks and resources or use what they have as a framework.

‘Really Tricky’ Online Maths Resources


Well done to the winners: Now that it is finished, I thought I would share some of the resources I created/used. I recently organised and ran the Federation of British Schools In Asia (FOBISIA) maths tournament. It was successful and I got positive feedback from both teachers and students. They were described by my students as ‘really tricky’! Click here to access 20 maths problems I made for the group challenge. Click here for the online maths test.

Google Classroom resources for Educators

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Google Classroom new resource for teachers to manage classes, assignments, student work, and to communicate with students. link] (sign in with your account)(you must request an invite first - see above link) Open to all soon.

Google 227

50 Exciting Story Starters – An Online Resource


It was an online resource, featuring 50 story starters to encourage exciting writing. Tagged: education , story starters , teachers , teaching , teaching ideas , teaching resources , writing , writing prompts. I recently did some writing for Scholastic.

40 Free Resources To Learn Music Online

TeachThought - Learn better.

40 Free Resources To Learn Music Online by Ashley McCann Music has a powerful effect on people young and old — just listening can affect mood, memory, sleep, and can inspire a sense of belonging or feeling understood. Education Resources

Weekly Resources for Mid October


Blog Weekly Resources edtechteacher news weekly resources

How Digital Resources Transform Teaching and Learning


Devices in the K-12 classroom are becoming as common as chalk and chalkboards once were, but how do teachers use those devices? Teachers, those on the front lines of this ed tech revolution, see the direct impact of technology on how their students learn.

Interactive Presidential Debate Resource

Indiana Jen

” This is a great resource to help students (and adults) learn how Presidential debates are structured and impact the electorate during an election year. Our amazing librarian informed me of a great tool launched by PBS and Microsoft

Chromebook Deployment Help Resources

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Here are some tips and resources: Read through the Official Chromebook Deployment Guide from Google first. There are also other links from there that are essential Check out these resources on using Chromebooks Google and Chromebooks Resources for Education Resources to get Started With Google Apps and Chromebooks Chromebook Help Center from Google Google Apps Training Center from Google Get on Google+ and join the Chromebooks EDU community.

Excellent Online Professional Development Resources for Teachers

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Social media provides a great resource for educators, especially Twitter, to connect, share and learn with other educators. Check out some more great information and resources on educator professional development. free resources professional development

Interactive Presidential Debate Resource

Indiana Jen

” This is a great resource to help students (and adults) learn how Presidential debates are structured and impact the electorate during an election year. Our amazing librarian informed me of a great tool launched by PBS and Microsoft

Weekly Resources for Mid September


Weekly Resources #ettipad september weekly resources

Three New Resources On Teaching About Sexual Harassment & Assault

Larry Ferlazzo

Here are new additions to The Best Resources For Teaching About Sexual Harassment & Assault (these are in addition to TEACHING ABOUT CHRISTINE BLASEY FORD & JUDGE BRETT KAVANAUGH ): When Students Say #MeToo, Schools May Be Unprepared to Help is from Ed Week. teacher resources