8 Common Core Math Standards, Explained [+ Examples]


The dust has finally settled, and it looks like Common Core math is here to stay. Beginning in 2010, the Common […]. The post 8 Common Core Math Standards, Explained [+ Examples] appeared first on Prodigy Blog.

K-6 Reading Lessons: Common Core Aligned


Step 2 : Browse lessons by Programs, Standards by State or Common Core, & Grade Levels You can do this part without even registering - yes, all for free. My main objective was to collect resources that were aligned to the Common Core.

Scholastic: Common Core Fact vs. Fiction


My Interview with Scholastic Common Core: Fact vs. Fiction Scholastic is the home to some of my favorite teaching resources, and I''m honored to be included in their most recent edition of Scholastic Instructor.

The Not-So-Common Common Core

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The Common Core State Standards would eliminate the evils of individual curricula across state lines, giving every teacher the same set of objectives to teach their students. The post The Not-So-Common Common Core appeared first on Brilliant or Insane.

Adequate vs Suitable and the Common Core War

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This is honorable–even […] The post Adequate vs Suitable and the Common Core War appeared first on Brilliant or Insane. Featured Opinion Common Core edchatBrilliant or Insane When we commit to improving, we often make adequate our priority.

Dear Parents: Should We Stop Mocking the Common Core?

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The post Dear Parents: Should We Stop Mocking the Common Core? Issues Opinion You Vote: B or I Common Core mathBrilliant or Insane. Dear Parents, I get it. You’re frustrated. You want to help your child with his or her school work. It’s supposed to make sense.

Write! Camera! Common Core Math!

Battelle for Kids

Driving Question: Can Writing and Film Making Enrich Students'' Common Core Math Learning? April 23, 2015, Volume 2, Issue 5, Number 12. I remember early in my teaching career William Zinnser''s Writing to Learn: How to Write-and Think-Clearly about Any Subject at All. I remember distinctly the section encouraging teachers to encourage students to write about math. What I didn''t know then as where his ideas would take me over an 18 year teaching career. P21 Blogazine

Join the @MasteryConnect Community and Connect with A World of Common Core!


Mastery Connect = Your Home for Common Core Mastery Connect was putting together resources for the Common Core before the Common Core was even adopted by many of the states. They truly are the leader in all things Common Core!

What are your favorite Common Core resources?


I first started using the Common Core App by Mastery Connect. Above, you can see a screenshot of the Common Core App. Teachers are collaborating and sharing across the country to help all students grow as we incorporate the Common Core into our daily practice.

Common Core Standards for Second Grade


Common Core Teaching Packets from Charity Preston I''d like to introduce a new product from my good friend, Charity at The Organized Classroom Blog. This lesson pack contains everything you will need to teach, track, and display the Common Core State Standards for Grade Two!

Free Common Core Professional Development from @TenMarks


Presenters will also introduce participants to new resources and collaboration tools to help demystify the Common Core State Standards. In these trying economic times, we''ve seen many schools going through difficult budget issues.

Responding To Criticisms Of The Common Core

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Responding To Criticisms Of The Common Core. Ed note: Supporting “commonness” or standardization isn’t a part of our mission at TeachThought, but we are interested in giving equal voice to diverse voices across education.

Teach the Common Core with Mastery Connect!


Mastery Connect: Teaching the Common Core just got a whole lot easier! This is so cool because now I can sign up (for free - or upgrade) and start immediaely connecting with teachers around the country to find ''just-right'' activities and assessments that are already aligned to the common core. Access the Common Core Standards Anywhere!

Find and Pin All of Your Favorite Common Core Activities with @MasteryConnect!


Easily Find, Pin, and Save All of Your Common Core Resources One of the most popular ways in which educators collaborate using social media is through pinning. Mastery Connect is my favorite resource for all things Common Core.

Fun Math Practice For Grades 1 - 5 from @SplashMath that is Common Core Aligned!


app giveaway Common Core App common core math app fifth grade math app first grade math app fourth grade math app math app second grade math app splash math third grade math app

Interactive Math Practice with @IXLLearning that is Common Core Aligned!


common core math education IXL IXL Learning IXLLearning math enrichment math games for kids math intervention math practice math software online math program online math programs teaching technology

Dropbox + Pinterest + SMART Exchange for Teachers + Common Core = ClassConnect


Flip your Classroom, Just Store your Favorites , Find Common Core Content, and Share your Lessons “ ClassConnect saves me time building lessons so I can focus on engaging & inspiring my students. Then, start searching for content you can use by the Common Core!

Prodigy Math Game: Game-Based Learning for the Common Core


Prodigy’s math content is completely curriculum-aligned and covers standards from the Common Core, MAFs, and TEKS curricula depending on your location. Game-based learning is a topic we have revisited numerous times on this blog.

50 Common Core Resources For Teachers

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Five years after Common Core, a mysterious spike in failure rate among NY high school students

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Back in 2013, when New York was one of the first states in the nation to adopt Common Core standards and administer tougher tests, children’s test scores initially plummeted. “Common Core is more conceptual with math.

Add the Common Core to your Blog:


Now, your readers can access the Common Core from your very own site. Be sure to sign up for a free account so that you can gain additional access to the many lessons already created and aligned to the Common Core Standards. Common Core App common core for blogs common core standards Mastery Connect Mastery Connect widget MasteryConnect MasteryConnect App Mastery Connect has created a great new widget for your blog!

Cross Curricular Maker Education Activity That Addresses Common Core Standards

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It combines geometry concepts with a language arts activity while addressing several common core standards. Common Core State Standards Addressed. My primary job is that of educating pre and in-service teachers with a bit of teaching elementary students along the way.

TPACK And The Common Core Webinar

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Show where I will be talking about the relationship between the Common Core and TPACK. Common Core TPACK webinar This Saturday at Noon EST, I will be a guest of the Classroom 2.0 If you haven''t heard a lot about TPACK or you want to learn more about it, this is a very fun format to join in the learning. It will take place online, in a Blackboard Collaborate room. It''s totally free and if you can''t make it, it will be archived. To join go here on Saturday morning.

Common Core Quest

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Common Core Quest is an excellent free Android app for Math & LA grades 6th on up, and aligned to Common Core Standards. Students can then earn badges/ribbons for learning a Common Core Standard and teachers/parents can get detailed reports.

Tech Ed Resources for Class–Common Core

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Today: Common Core Bundle. In this bundle, you get 20 tech ed resources on how to use technology to achieve Common Core Standards–presented in a variety of ways including Lesson plans, webinars, and short but pithy articles.

Julia Steiny: Common Core Badly Disrespects Literature

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Last week I had kind words for the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The post Julia Steiny: Common Core Badly Disrespects Literature appeared first on Education News. K-12 Schools Common Core English Literature Julia Steiny Literacy Education

Free Common Core Aligned Lessons and Web 2.0 Games to Play on your SMART Board!


When you click on Common Core State Standards. videos, websites, files - no upload/download time ) Utah Education Network put together a fabulous selection Common Core lessons! Attention: FREE Lessons and Interactive Resources!

Using Technology to Teach Common Core

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By Catlin Tucker Getting students to engage with common core doesn't have to be such a challenge. Technology can light the path. Classroom Curriculum Digital Content

Coding for the Common Core – Apps for Integrating Coding With Math and ELA


She present the session “Coding for the Core: [Please click on the post title to continue reading the full post. Image Source Dr. Leslie Suters is a faculty member in the College of Education’s Curriculum & Instruction Department at Tennessee Tech University.

Common Core Connections: Halloween Writing

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The Common Core Standards identify six instructional shifts necessary for effective implementation of the ELA/Literacy strand. collaboration common core google docs halloween inquiry multimedia padlet research writing

109 Common Core Resources For Teachers By Content Area

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13 Common Core facts for parents

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As Common Core implementation continues in adopting states, parents say they often feel uninformed. By now, many parents have heard of the Common Core State Standards. But media coverage doesn’t always outline what parents should know about the Common Core.

Publishers' Group Examines Common-Core 'Conundrum'

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An industry needs a scorecard to adapt to the of the common core standards' changing political environment. Common Core Pearson Publishing commoncore k12 pearson publishing

Common Core Driving Schools’ Technology Needs

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Frank Smith Most principals surveyed say they are increasing bandwidth, acquiring mobile devices to meet Common Core demands. Bandwidth Management Budgeting Classroom Curriculum Digital Content Management Networking

Instructional Shifts to Support the Common Core

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Are you looking for ways to effectively implement and manage the Common Core aligned classroom? Take a look at the Common Core Standards and identify several standards that can be woven into the learning process.