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Deeper Dialogue around Digital Distractions

Where Learning Clicks

Digital distractions are happening more and more in classrooms around the country, so we discuss ways to work to prevent them with your students. The post Deeper Dialogue around Digital Distractions appeared first on Where Learning Clicks.

A Clever Way to Measure How Students Actually Use Edtech (and Whether It Works)


If you buy it, you better use it. That especially holds true for K-12 school officials who altogether spend more than $8.3 billion on education software each year, according to estimates from the Software and Information Industry Association. Yet it can be tedious to manually keep track of how students interact with different pieces of software—or whether these tools are even being used.

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5 Ways to Amplify Student Voice Using Technology


Post by Instructor: Mason Mason. Follow him on Twitter @EdTechMason.

OPINION: In higher ed, lower enrollment isn’t the only sign of trouble

The Hechinger Report

. With a doctoral degree in chemical engineering in hand, I decided to immigrate to the United States in the late 1960s from the United Kingdom because of three key attributes about America: Its top university system, its moon-reaching technological prowess and its booming, low-unemployment economy.

5 Costly Inventory Management Mistakes Schools Should Avoid

If your school is like most, inventory and/or asset management plays a critical role in daily operations.

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Are You A Whole Teacher? A Self-Assessment To Understand

TeachThought - Learn better.

Are You A Whole Teacher? A Self-Assessment To Understand by TeachThought Staff Whole Child Learning is a thing; Whole Teaching should be a thing too, no? Here at TeachThought, Jackie Gerstein’s usergeneratededucation is at the top of our reading list, in large part for her thinking about the human side of formal education. Much of our […]. The post Are You A Whole Teacher? A Self-Assessment To Understand appeared first on TeachThought. Teaching Experienced Teacher


Diversity at the front of the classroom could mean more diversity among future scientists

The Hechinger Report

Woodrow Wilson High School students in Camden, N.J., see a rich orange flame in a chemistry lab that digs into atomic structure of elements. Photo: Tara García Mathewson/The Hechinger Report.

February Is Black History Month – Here Are A Ton Of Related Resources

Larry Ferlazzo

February is Black History Month in the United States. I’ve just updated and revised The Best Sites To Teach About African-American History. monthly updated lists

Blockchain Essentials – A 25-Year Reflection Through the Internet and Digital Age

Leadership Lounge

During the mid-1990s, the world of education was introduced to the Internet. The early World-Wide-Web browsers for the Internet were Mosaic and Netscape. Most educators were focused on discussing the potential impact of the Internet, computer-based training (CBT) and object-oriented learning.

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9 issues about homework and teacher thoughts on each (#LeadLAP)

Ditch That Textbook

Homework is such a difficult topic to discuss. Everyone seems to have an opinion on it. Sometimes, we think we disagree on something and it turns out we’re talking about completely different things.

How about a little of both?

Kyle Pace

I still see the debating on social media, in news articles, blog posts, and the like. Some healthy debate is good. It creates learning, it broadens horizons, it gives us those, “Oh I hadn’t thought of that” moments.

Eclipsed by urban counterparts, rural nonwhites go to college at equally low rates

The Hechinger Report

High school students sit in a rural Mississippi school classroom.

Ed Tech Digest

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© 2009 Niyam Bhushan , Flickr | CC-BY | via Wylio.

3 often overlooked, but completely logical, ways to effectively engage parents

eSchool News

Research clearly shows that students perform better academically when schools build positive relationships with their families. That’s why parent engagement is a key part of our strategic plan in Florida’s Hillsborough County Public Schools.

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The Power of Adaptive Learning

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To help personalize instruction so students master standards, we leveraged the power of adaptive learning and formative assessment to create UpSmart. The post The Power of Adaptive Learning appeared first on Where Learning Clicks.

Relationships Are the Foundation of Great Schools (But They Aren’t Enough)

The Principal of Change

Speaking with two very close friends who happen to be fantastic school leaders, we started talking about how essential relationships are in education, but how relationships in education alone are not enough.

New, MIT-based program proposes transforming physicists, engineers into teachers

The Hechinger Report

The “Great Dome” on the campus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which is hosting an experimental program to recruit physicists, engineers, chemists, linguists, biologists, neuroscientists and other experts and train them to be primary and secondary school teachers.

World Read Aloud Day Is On Feb. 1st – Here Are Related Resources

Larry Ferlazzo

February 1st is World Read Aloud Day in 2018. You might be interested in The Best Resources For World Read Aloud Day

This Standing-Room-Only Class Features Music Videos, a Gaming App and. Breathalyzers


If organic chemistry were easy, an old joke goes, it would be called biology. Getting a seat in Garg’s Chemistry 14D class—even one on the floor in the aisle—is for many undergraduates a cause for a victory dance. For some, O-chem is where med school dreams go to die. Many see it as an impossible maze of ceaseless memorization. But Professor Neil Garg looks at organic chemistry and sees a delightful puzzle, an engaging problem to be solved.

Google Classroom: Edit Class Name

Teacher Tech

Edit Class Name in Google Classroom You created your Google Classroom and possibly created a title that is way too long. The class title can be truncated in the header image. This can make your Google Classroom class look cluttered. Naming Tip Keep it short. Consider what do students see first when looking at the menu […]. The post Google Classroom: Edit Class Name appeared first on Teacher Tech. Classroom Google Intermediate classroom G Suite google

3 Steps to Embed Your Twitter Feed in New Google Sites!

Hansen's Link to Tech

Embedding in Google Sites has evolved within the past few months to allow full websites displays as well as embedding media feeds such as your Twitter. Here are a few steps on getting your Twitter feed embedded on your new Google Site! Step 1: Accessing your Twitter Settings.

5 Ideas for Writing with Technology

The CoolCatTeacher

Jacqui Murray on episode 235 of the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. Jacqui Murray shares how we can encourage an improvement in writing using technology.

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Finding a class to partner with virtually AND activities to do together

Ditch That Textbook

Video calls can get your students connected to others just like them around the country and world! Here's how to do it using Skype, Google Hangouts and others. Graphic by Matt Miller with )It's a big, big world out there, and it's easier than ever to reach out to someone.Does your class reflect that?We We have […].

Digital goes horizontal: challenges in the cultural sector

Perry Hewitt

Loic Tallon, Chief Digital Officer at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, makes a compelling case that digital is a horizontal function — a collective responsibility that transcends the work of any single, dedicated department.

Traditional Practice Versus Bad Practice

The Principal of Change

A “traditional” practice in education is not necessarily bad. A “bad” practice is bad. There are some things that teachers have done year after year that have worked for students.

Feds Searching for Partner to Support Open Educational Resources Project

Marketplace K-12

The U.S. Department of Education is seeking an outside, nonprofit organization to help it support and build the #GoOpen Network. The post Feds Searching for Partner to Support Open Educational Resources Project appeared first on Market Brief. Marketplace K-12 Curriculum / Digital Curriculum Federal / State Policy Open Educational Resources

Share a Copy of a Google Form

Teacher Tech

Copy and Share a Google Form It can be a little tricky to share a Google Form without making your data vulnerable to who you want to share with. I have coded an Add-on for Google Forms that creates a copy of the Form you are using and asks who you want to share the […]. The post Share a Copy of a Google Form appeared first on Teacher Tech. Advanced Forms Google G Suite google

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Consolidation, Collaboration or Closure? How Colleges Stay Alive in 2018


The last year certainly turned in its share of surprises. Prominent full-time MBA and law programs folded. Whole colleges closed, as did well-known bootcamps. Purdue and Kaplan University stunned the higher education world. Strayer and Capella entered into a mega-merger. And oh yeah—the federal government decided to tax wealthy college endowments. So what will 2018 bring?

A Writing Strategy That Works For Every Student, Every Time

TeachThought - Learn better.

A Writing Strategy That Works For Every Student, Every Time by Terry Heick Writing is difficult to teach, if for no other reason than it is also difficult to do. Put simply, writing is the documentation of thinking. Because it’s been done in so many different format for so many different reasons for so many years, […]. The post A Writing Strategy That Works For Every Student, Every Time appeared first on TeachThought. Literacy

Pass That Test! 18 Test Taking Resources and Strategies!

Teacher Reboot Camp

“… these tests are unable to measure all of what it is that makes you the valued person who you are.” – Principal Len Christie.

Innovations for Educators: IBM’s Teacher Advisor

The Christensen Institute

Welcome to the first entry in our “Innovations for Educators” series, spotlighting interesting technologies that have the potential to amplify and complement the work done by educators. Artificial intelligence (AI) is all around us. From self-driving cars to voice and facial recognition technologies to computers that can compose music, AI stands to offer unprecedented convenience in our personal lives. At the same time, AI is also transforming the world of work.

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Setting School Culture With Social And Emotional Learning Routines


Over the past several decades public education has shifted to focus on literacy and math learning, largely due to high stakes tests measuring those two elements of school.

Smithsonian Forms ‘Strategic Alliance’ With Carnegie Learning to Build New STEM Products


Carnegie Learning , a Pittsburgh-based provider of math curriculum and training resources, is teaming up with the Smithsonian Institution on a “strategic alliance” to “develop new product solutions to help address the growing need for improved and expanded STEM education,” wrote Barry Malkin, Carnegie’s CEO, in an email. Neither party divulged specifics about what’s in the works, or the financial terms of the partnership.

Engaging Kindergartners with Technology: Augmented Reality, Ipads, QR Codes and More

The CoolCatTeacher

Greg Smedley on episode 232 of the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. Greg Smedley Warren @kindersmorgie shares his tips and tricks for using technology in kindergarten. It should be simple.