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How We Hire Employees Who Embody 21st Century Skills

Education Elements

At Education Elements, we are proud that our team members model the 21st Century skills we encourage in the classrooms we serve. Our consultants think big, seek collaboration, and enjoy solving the unique challenges each of our districts face. As we continue to see the positive impact of our work, school and district leaders commonly ask us one thing about our team - what does Education Elements look for in a hire? Personalized Learning

CBE + Stackable Credentials + Blockchain Transcripts = Higher Ed Flexibility


… And Taking it a Step Further, How About the Custom Degree? It's been a lot of fun these past 8+ years researching, learning, and writing about the ever changing world of “edtech” [Please click on the post title to continue reading the full post.

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OPINION: Stop driving kids crazy — A four-year college degree isn’t the only answer

The Hechinger Report

A California high school student practices welding during a class on advanced agricultural mechanics. California is spending $6 million on a campaign to revive and improve vocational education. Wire photo: © The Bakersfield Californian/


Achieving a Balance

A Principal's Reflections

When it comes to work, I have had to battle some internal conflicts over the years. Early on in my career as a school administrator, and then again in my work in my current position as an ICLE Senior Fellow , I had to be put in place, thankfully, by those who care a great deal about me.

5 Costly Inventory Management Mistakes Schools Should Avoid

If your school is like most, inventory and/or asset management plays a critical role in daily operations.

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Teacher: These are “My Tech Essentials” for a 1:1 Classroom

eSchool News

Technology is an incredible resource for learning. It connects us to people all over the world, it enables us to find answers to our questions with the click of a button, and it is versatile enough to be used by students of varying skill levels.

Spooktacular STEM Activities & Apps for Halloween!

Teacher Reboot Camp

“As astronauts and space travelers children puzzle over the future; as dinosaurs and princesses they unearth the past … as monsters and gremlins they make sense of the unreal.”- ”- Gretchen Owocki. Halloween, All Saints Day, All Souls’ Day and Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) are around the corner. It’s the season where all are encouraged to let their imaginations run wild and dress up!

IDEAL & Involved Instruction: Implementing Technology in Blended Learning

Digital Promise

As most of us know, effective distance and blended learning requires more than assigning an online curriculum and handing out log-in information; it requires teacher involvement.

3 Google Docs Tools

Teacher Tech

The Google Docs Tools Menu When using any program explore the menus to find those extra features that increase your productivity. Take a look at the Tools menu in Google Docs. Here are 3 noteworthy items in the Tools menu. Document Outline To the left of the document, the Document Outline should be visible. […]. The post 3 Google Docs Tools appeared first on Teacher Tech. Docs Google Intermediate google

Join SETDA: Affiliate Memberships Now Accepted

SETDA's Affiliate program connects non-profit education membership organizations with state leaders. SETDA's mission is to build the capacity of education leaders to improve learning through technology policy & practice. Benefits include: SETDA conferences, webinars and news feeds.

When The Focus Is On The Student, Not The Class

NPR Learning and Tech

One small school district in New Hampshire was performing at the bottom of the state when it came to standardized tests and graduation rates. Then, leaders totally changed the way teachers taught. Image credit: Richie Pope for NPR


Email Challenge Half-Way Mark: Taking Control of my Inbox #Productivity


I have hit the half-way mark in my email challenge. I will start by saying that one of the strongest takeaways from this experience has been the importance of setting a daily intention. I am no yogi, but I do incorporate yoga into my regular routine.

States connect students with degrees they don’t know they’ve earned

The Hechinger Report

A student at Guttman Community College in New York City reads before the start of a class. Momentum is building to give associate degrees to students who have left community colleges but earned enough credits to get one. Jackie Mader/The Hechinger Report.

Lessons from a Global Design-Centered Learning Network

Digital Promise

What happens when students and teachers are invited to define the problems they want to solve and design solutions to address them, using powerful technology for creation and collaboration? Digital Promise Global set out to answer this question through a year-long research study in collaboration with Designs for Learning.

Should You Unschool?

Ask a Tech Teacher

The first time I read about Unschooling, I ignored it. Surely, it was a fad that would go away. When that didn’t happen and I read about it a thousand more times, I dug into it.

Bullying and Cyberbullying: The Things You Need to Know

The CoolCatTeacher

Anne Collier on episode 169 of the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. Anne Collier helps us understand the statistics on bullying and cyberbullying.

What is the Missing Step in Your District’s Strategic Plan?

Education Elements

All districts have strategic plans. For many districts, they are the most expensive document created in a given year. Getting to a final draft usually takes several months or more and requires the time of many staff and community members. There are committees, meetings, surveys, reviews, discussions and multiple rounds of revision. Personalized Learning School Districts School Leaders

16 Helpful Differentiated Instruction Strategies to Use in Your Class

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

October 15, 2017 Here is an interesting visual we designed based on Marcus Guido’s article “20 Differentiated Instruction Strategies and Examples”. The visual contains ideas and tips on how more. Repost

10 Strategies for Creating a Better IT Culture

Leadership Lounge

When CIOs and IT managers are challenged with unmotivated employees, dysfunctional work environments, lack of teamwork and high employee turnover, it may be an opportune time to create an intervention plan.

Teaching Email Signatures by @dyerksjr1

Teacher Tech

Teach Students to Create Gmail Signatures Guest Blog Post by Don Yerks On October 1, 2017, I received an email from a student asking me to check on an assignment. To my amazement, she had placed a “Signature” in the message area of the email. When I saw her in class the next day, I […]. The post Teaching Email Signatures by @dyerksjr1 appeared first on Teacher Tech. Advanced Gmail Google gmail google

Tips for a Purpose-Full Education #MotivationMonday

The CoolCatTeacher

Amy Fast on episode 171 of the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. Vice Principal Dr. Amy Fast helps schools how to move their mission from the letterhead to what people do every day. A must-listen for school leaders.

Udacity Official Declares MOOCs ‘Dead’ (Though the Company Still Offers Them)


Udacity helped popularize the idea of offering college-level courses online to anyone for free, a format known as MOOCs (for Massive Open Online Courses). But this week a Udacity official called MOOCs “dead,” leading to questions about what that means for one of the company’s offerings (which still include free MOOCs). It was Udacity vice president Clarissa Shen who this week said “they are dead,” when talking about MOOCs in an interview with The Economic Times in India.


What is Wi-Fi as a Service?

SecurEdge Networks Mobility Blog

Nowadays, people just expect Wi-Fi to work—period. They don’t really care how it works, but they do expect it to always be available, fast, and secure. Healthcare Hospitality K-12 Education Higher Education Retail Industrial Strategy SMB Wi-Fi as a Service

Teaching Adult Learners: 5 Things Teachers Need to Know

EdNews Daily

Online courses have become very popular over the course of five short years. According to an article on Imo Education , they predict that by 2019, 50% of classes will be taken online.

Colleges and universities join together to survive enrollment and financial problems

The Hechinger Report

Clark Atlanta University students Destiny Rudolph, Delaina Mims, Charles Finch and Jewel Cannon meet on the steps of the Joseph W. Woodruff Library, which is shared among four Atlanta colleges and universities. Higher-education institutions increasingly are pooling their resources to cut costs.

The WGU audit: The fine print

The Christensen Institute

The Department of Education’s audit of Western Governors University (WGU) has grabbed lots of headlines. The audit’s methodology calls into question the nature of what it means to be an educator , its conclusions forestall the potential of technology to improve higher education outcomes, and it ludicrously recommends that WGU receive the biggest fine in the history of the Department. Secretary DeVos will likely reject the Office of the Inspector General’s (OIG) recommendations.

Hundreds Of Thousands Of 'Missing' Educators; A Hundred Thousand Homeless Students

NPR Learning and Tech

Plus, a 48 percent graduation rate at some of the for-profit and virtual schools often touted by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos

How Snapchat and Instagram are Influencing Teacher Training at Washburn


Today’s learners—and tomorrow’s teachers—use video throughout their everyday lives on platforms like Snapchat and Instagram. Cherry Steffen says video should be used throughout a teacher candidate’s university experience, too.

Change the World or Simply Maintain It?

The Principal of Change

Image via Chris Bick (chrisbick1963) Two things stuck out to me this week… One was that I had the opportunity to work with students on how they use social media and tried to help them focus on “what’s possible,” not on what you shouldn’t do.

TEACHER VOICE: In Finland, it’s easier to become a doctor or lawyer than a teacher — Here’s why

The Hechinger Report

Children at school in Eastern Finland. Photo: William Doyle. In Finland, teachers are trusted, appreciated and educated in advanced degree programs. Becoming and being a teacher starts with earning a placement at one of the country’s highly selective teacher education programs.

Study 13

So It’s Goodbye for Now, Edtech


My edtech career began in a summer school Algebra class at Envision Academy for Arts and Technology in Oakland, where we piloted Khan Academy on Google CR-47s , the technology that would become the now-ubiquitous Chromebook. I went on to EdSurge, helping to found the first online community connecting educators, entrepreneurs and funders, and learning a thing or two about edtech marketplaces along the way.

Developing Students’ Ability to Give and Take Effective Feedback


When Emerie Lukas was hired to develop and teach a STEM Foundations course to middle school students at the Dayton Regional STEM School , she was starting from scratch.


10 Dos & Don’ts For Group Work & Student Grouping

TeachThought - Learn better.

10 Dos And Don’ts For Group Work & Student Grouping by Jennifer Rita Nichols Educators have learned much about the benefits of using projects for learning, and collaboration is easily recognized as an important skill for students to build. There are very few arguments against having students work together in class and on assignments. However, […]. The post 10 Dos & Don’ts For Group Work & Student Grouping appeared first on TeachThought. Teaching New Teacher

How Important Is the “Why” in Math Class?


Math students retain more and gain confidence when they understand why a process works. But some are more interested than others in learning about the Why. Michelle Russell considers how she can best include the Why as students learn the How of problem solving. Math Talk Meaningful Math Keep-Change-Flip memorization Michelle Russell problem solving retention student confidence understanding