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Education for the 4th Industrial Revolution

A Principal's Reflections

Little did we know that we were in the midst of the 3rd Industrial Revolution and the dawn of the computer age was upon us. Whether you like it or not, we are in the midst of the 4th Industrial Revolution and have been so for many years. Rotary phones and face-to-face were the main, and really only viable, options available.

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Preparing Learners for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

A Principal's Reflections

Welcome to the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We believe that we are in the first few days of the next Industrial Revolution and that the coming age will systematically shift the way we live, work, and connect to and with one another. Advances in technology are disrupting almost every industry and in almost every country.

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Helping Diverse Communities Create a Relationship with the Maritime Industry

Digital Promise

The first of its kind in Puget Sound, this high school engages students interested in pursuing a career in the maritime industry, the third largest economic driver in the state. In fact, the maritime industry is projecting a shortage of more than 150,000 mariners by 2025. They require very particular career development.”.

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The Edtech Industry Has An Oversaturation Problem


There are always new products coming out in the edtech landscape, but somehow a couple software platforms monopolize the industry and are used by teachers everywhere, leaving smaller companies and edtech startups facing an uphill battle. For the time being, though, marketers in the industry need to chill.

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Educating Students for the New Industrial Revolution

Ultimately, the goal is to create lifelong learners who continue to contribute to their industry. But according to Auchincloss, schools need to start making changes now, because, “We are in a new industrial revolution.” Moreover, educational systems are slow to change, and while these changes are necessary now, they will take time.

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Survey: Education Among Top Industries for AR/VR Investments

EdTech Magazine

Survey: Education Among Top Industries for AR/VR Investments. When asked which industries these immersive technologies are most applicable to, 41 percent said education. phil.goldstein_6191. Thu, 08/08/2019 - 13:09. They can dissect frogs or assist a world-famous surgeon in the operating room.

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Industry Has an Important Role in Teaching for Racial Equity

EdNews Daily

The post Industry Has an Important Role in Teaching for Racial Equity first appeared on EdNews Daily. Many of us across the U.S. have made significant progress in our understanding of the causes and damages of systemic biases, but there’s still a long way to go with respect to scaling that knowledge and pairing it with the […].

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