Innovation at the Secondary Level: 5 Misconceptions

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Sometimes, misconceptions represent more than small gaps in knowledge--they can be ingrained into industry-wide best practices, with disastrous results. Personalized Learning SecondaryTime and again we have seen that assumptions or misconceptions can get in the way of progress and success. Personalized learning is no exception; misconceptions about it often lead educators away from strategies and practices that could help students succeed.

6 Principals of Secondary Education

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Alexander Inglis's 1918 book, Principles of Secondary Education makes it clear that compulsory schooling in America was intended to be what it had been for Prussia in the 1820s.

The development industry has the development equation backwards

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A few weeks ago, I wrote a piece in the Guardian that discussed the development community’s obsession with ending poverty, and why that’s the biggest problem with the industry. The industry’s continuous focus on trying to end poverty limits its ability to develop and foster innovative solutions that are so desperately needed if poor countries are to achieve prosperity. More than 70% of America was also rural with fewer than 10% of the population attending secondary school.

Verizon Innovative App Challenge for Secondary Students

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The Challenge is a collaborative competition that offers $10,000 grants and Samsung Galaxy Tabs for winning secondary schools and students. One middle school and one high school team from each state will be judged “Best in State” and team members will be invited to participate in a live webinar hosted by Verizon Foundation featuring industry experts who will share how they use STEM skills in their own careers.

Inside the oil industry’s not-so-subtle push into K-12 education

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The board has spent upwards of $40 million over the past two decades on K-12 education with a pro-industry bent, including hundreds of pages of curricula, a speaker series and an afterschool program — all at no cost to educators.

The Edtech Industry Has 'Created a Mess'—Q&A with Mike Dorsey and Alan November


EdSurge caught up briefly with November and Mike Dorsey, Director of Secondary Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment for the Houston Independent School District, at ISTE for this week's podcast. Alan November is a big-name educational consultant who was once a champion of technology in the classroom. But after EdSurge talked to him at ISTE, it seems that his message has slightly changed: technology isn’t having the impact we hoped for in schools. Expectations were high for edtech.

A Common Language: 30 Public Education Terms Defined

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Industry public educationA Common Language: 30 Public Education Terms Defined . by TeachThought Staff. Communication depends on a common language. In any field, knowing what a colleague means when they use a term or phrase is the difference between talking about ideas and exchanging ideas.

Apex Learning Acquires Youth Digital Project-Based Technology Courses


Apex Learning, provider of online learning for secondary education announces the acquisition of Youth Digital’s library of project-based technology courses.

StackUp: track self-directed learning online

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His traditional resume failed to document the thousands of hours that he spent online in self-taught learning about the automotive industry. Similarly, my graphic artist husband has realized that he has a love for industrial design and machining.

Looking Down Our Noses At The Community College Experience

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When an individual asks my advice about the next step towards post-secondary education, I almost always advise community college first. One of the most significant challenges students face when entering any post-secondary institution is time management. Industry college university

How a Chinese Public School Promotes Global Social Justice

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For-profit private primary and secondary schools have proliferated in the major cities throughout China since the 1990s. The rapid expansion of the test preparation industry has been even more intense.

Introducing Encyclopedia Britannica Noet Edition: A Researcher’s Best Friend

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One of the biggest hurdles in student research is empowering them to dig into primary and secondary resources. Industry research Introducing Encyclopedia Britannica Noet Edition: A Researcher’s Best Friend. by Encyclopedia Britannica Noet Edition Staff.

PoPPCon is Coming!


PoPPCon, The Power of Pathways and Partnerships Conference, is an “un-conventional” experience for educators, administrators, and partners from community, post-secondary, and industry where participants can take a deep dive into a specific problem of practice within their work.

Partnerships with Promise

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Driving Question: How can secondary school leaders bring relevancy to schools through workplace learning? Secondary school leaders will do well to build workplace learning on the Career Pathways model as we did in Wheeling High School (Illinois), a P21 Exemplar.

Refugee girls want to improve the world. Will we let them do so?

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Forty percent of primary school students in Kakuma are girls, but they make up less than a quarter of all secondary school enrollments. Windle Trust Kenya, the nonprofit that runs the camp’s secondary schools in partnership with UNHCR, lacks the funding to do more than triage the situation.

edWeb Named SIIA CODiE Award Finalist for “Best Professional Learning Solution for Faculty and Administrators”

” The SIIA CODiE Awards are the premier awards for the software and information industries, and have been recognizing product excellence for over 30 years. The awards offer 93 categories that are organized by industry focus for education technology and business technology.

OPINION: Five ways to build stronger, more inclusive work opportunities for students

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One way to achieve this is to award additional funds to districts that build industry partnerships, keep training relevant or offer programming consistent with local labor-market needs. Ensure a seamless transition to post-secondary education. . Career readiness.

Businesses say students aren’t mastering basic workplace skills. Are they right?

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It was incredibly intimidating at first,” Campbell recalled of the boot camp and its various challenges, such as attending a networking lunch with local heads of industry.

MeTEOR Webinar Alert: Classroom Design for Barrier-Free Collaboration


29, 2018 – Classroom design hasn’t changed much since the industrial revolution. WHAT: HIGH IMPACT LEARNING ENVIRONMENT™ Webinar – Classroom Design for Barrier-Free Collaboration WHEN: Thursday, Nov. 1, 7:00 – 8:00 PM EST REGISTER: Gainesville, FL, Oct.

Innovation & tech: Africa’s only hope in educating hundreds of millions of children

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The telecommunications industry generated more than $150 billion in revenue in 2015 and accounted for over 3.8 But even then, only one in three children will have access to secondary school. . This does not include secondary schools or universities. In addition to all this, over the past few years just around 50% of students pass the secondary school exit exam. Today, there are more than 750 million mobile phones in operation in Africa.

OPINION: States hold the keys to career education

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In their plans under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), 36 states have included college and career accountability indicators, with 29 of those states identifying industry-recognized credentials (earned predominantly through career-education programs) as an indicator.

Amazon unveils online education service for teachers

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By introducing its new education site, Amazon joins other tech industry giants in an enormous push to expand the use of technology in public schools. Just ahead of the back-to-school season, Amazon plans to make a major foray into the education technology market for primary and secondary schools, a territory that Apple, Google and Microsoft have heavily staked out.

HE Challenges: Fast changing digital teaching methods


There is evidence that universities have a slow-changing culture , when compared to for instance high- or secondary-schools. In Ontario, Canada, for instance, the somewhat shocking facts are: 99% of all Ontario elementary and secondary students have access to computers at school.

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"Ideas spread because they are good at spreading, not because they are inherently valuable." - Me

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Those things are really secondary to its ability to spread fast before the long-term results kick in, whatever they may be. Come to think of it, they are the stock and trade of modern industrial culture. The mark of a mature society is the ability to demand more than superficial thinking, to build deep and powerful secondary narratives. Ideas, or " memes ," spread because they are good at spreading.

Groundbreaking school blends high school and college together

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The Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce published a report stating that by 2020, 65 percent of our economy’s jobs will require post-secondary education or training beyond high school.

OPINION: College or technical ed? Here’s why students need both

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million students participated in secondary-level CTE nationwide in 2016-17, and more than 61,000 of them were in Massachusetts. College faculty, alumni and industry partners are often practitioners and experts in the fields that technical college students are pursuing.

Innovators Worth Watching: Reliance Jio

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Our “Innovators Worth Watching” series spotlights interesting and potentially disruptive players across a spectrum of industries. Reliance Jio’s entry into India’s telecommunication industry has grabbed the attention of industry leaders and analysts alike. A subsidiary of Reliance Industries Ltd., Unlike its competitors, all voice calls offered through Jio are made through data pipes, and industry experts agree that demand for data always outstrips supply.

Men behaving badly

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Shortly after that, two other women who wrote about Quinn and Sarkeesian — Jenn Frank, a gaming journalist, and Mattie Brice, a game designer — announced that they would withdraw from the industry over the resulting harassment they received. Lindy West reports : .

CA Computer Science Legislation with CUE Support Approved by Gov Brown


Ensure all pupils have access to computer science from K-post secondary education. Present computer science at the secondary school level in a way that can fulfill a computer science, math, or science graduation credit. CUE Advocacy Update.

How Teens are Learning Crucial ‘Soft Skills’ Before Their Internships Start


It was incredibly intimidating at first,” Campbell recalled of the boot camp and its various challenges, such as attending a networking lunch with local heads of industry.

New report gives Mississippi an F in regulatory oversight of for-profit colleges

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A 2012 report by the federal Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee found “state oversight of for-profit education companies has eroded over time due to a variety of factors, including State budget cuts and the influence of the for-profit college industry with State policymakers.”.

High schools push few students with disabilities to consider college

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When his school suggested he go into a cooking program for jobs in the food industry, she pushed back. “He’s Under federal law, schools have to help students with disabilities create a transition plan for life after high school.

School Counselors Helping More Women Go Into Computer Science: Tips and Advice to Find the Fit

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It would be as simple as just having more representation in the classroom that shows women that there are people who are doing this job, and they’re in this industry, and they’re just like you. But really, the jobs that are coming up in the STEM fields are in the computing industry.

App of the Week: Troves of data for back-to-school

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They can find information organized by location, industry, occupation, and post-secondary school. Cons : While extensive, there are still limitations — you won’t find data for all industries, occupations, cities, schools, or other countries.

Federal financial aid could kill alternative credentials—Here’s why

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Amidst rapidly expanding options for post-secondary training, some have even gone so far as to advocate that students be able to use Title IV funds—federal financial aid—to enroll in these programs. Course Report found that by 2017 bootcamps were a $260 million industry, graduating nearly 23,000 students. We are beginning to see some consolidation in the industry, a number of bootcamp acquisitions , and more pressure around regulation and quality control.

The school that connects STEM, badging, and life beyond the classroom

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To make Competency X a success, it was vital that we know which foundational science-based skills industry partners seek in employees and interns.

STEM 114

US Edtech Investments Peak Again With $1.45 Billion Raised in 2018


There was also plenty of rain in the education technology industry, where venture capitalists and private-equity investors unleashed a deluge of cash. And that dip in dealflow has been happening in recent years: Investors are pouring more money into the edtech industry, but across fewer companies. Source: EdSurge One trend is clear: The dollars invested in the US edtech industry has ticked up steadily since 2011 (considering 2015 as an aberration). For many U.S.

Lack of Technology Can Impede Creative Skills, Adobe Research Finds

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Yet, 69 percent of these educators also say today’s primary and secondary curricula doesn’t emphasize creative problem-solving enough. Adobe hopes this research — and these actions — might drive changes from policymakers and tech industry leaders. Educators, policymakers and industry — technology in particular — need to come together to improve opportunities for students,” says Tacy Trowbridge, global lead for Adobe’s education programs, in the press release.

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Massachusetts Community Foundation Awards $22,500 Grant to The Virtual High School For Student Access to Online Summer Courses


a non-profit empowering schools with the industry’s best online learning programs. The Virtual High School is accredited by both Middle States Association Commission on Elementary and Secondary Schools (MSA-CESS), and AdvancED.

ISTE 2018: Excite Students and Save Money with Tech Repair Programs

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Simonson, Secondary Technology Integration and Learning Specialist Kristin Wallace and four WTI students presented a poster Monday at ISTE’s 2018 Conference & Expo in Chicago about how to start a similar program. Reach out to industry. ISTE 2018: Excite Students and Save Money with Tech Repair Programs. eli.zimmerman_9856. Tue, 06/26/2018 - 09:01.