Helping Diverse Communities Create a Relationship with the Maritime Industry

Digital Promise

The first of its kind in Puget Sound, this high school engages students interested in pursuing a career in the maritime industry, the third largest economic driver in the state. In fact, the maritime industry is projecting a shortage of more than 150,000 mariners by 2025.

How STEM is preparing students for future careers


There are few areas of our lives in which science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) don’t play a key role. As this continues, it is important to introduce children to STEM concepts from an early age. Read more: 3D printing, drones, and AI — The future of STEM education?

STEM 200

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STEM education and hands-on learning

eSchool News

The critical need for STEM education was apparent before our world experienced the COVID-19 outbreak, and now, STEM skills are more important than ever as we navigate through a pandemic. Coronavirus Update Featured on eSchool News STEM Teaching & Learning

STEM 113

STEAM: STEM plus Arts, for a more enriching learning experience


As the acronym suggests, STEAM is a curriculum approach; it’s the integration of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) with Arts (humanities, language arts, dance, drama, music, visual arts, design, and new media).

STEM 296

Ward’s Science–So Many STEM Resources

Ask a Tech Teacher

Basically, it’s because there aren’t enough education opportunities that require that sort of skill and those there are, usually rhyme with ‘math’ or ‘science’ which to many kids are “just too complicated” Enter STEM–Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. “I I don’t think schools can manage without coding and STEM. Nothing promotes these better than STEM. I found a partner in my STEM projects.

STEM 197

4 Skills Tech Industry Employees Say Today’s Students Need to Succeed

EdTech Magazine

By Meghan Bogardus Cortez From communication to STEM experience, these experts offer tips on future readiness. Classroom Curriculum Leadership Management STEM

The STEM Careers Coalition Celebrates Black Leaders in STEM with Dynamic Digital Careers Content and Exclusive Virtual Events

eSchool News

The array of new on-demand resources leverages the power of digital content to connect all learners to their innate curiosity by bringing real-world STEM to life in the classroom. Designing the Future for Black Engineers: Diversity in STEM Discussion. About STEM Careers Coalition.



Battelle for Kids

Driving Question: What makes a STEM School? What makes a STEM school? I have literally sat on so many panels (K12,Higher Ed, political, policy, and industry), participated in meetings from the White House to the schoolhouse, been active in research think tanks and included in numerous case studies to define what STEM is and what makes a STEM school and we are still asking this question. Volume 3, Issue 3, Number 1. That is the question that is most often asked.

STEM 142

3D printing, drones, and AI — The future of STEM education?


STEM education is an interdisciplinary and practical teaching method of four specific disciplines: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Read more: STEM for kids: Online classes teach Science, Technology, Engineering and Math skills. The future of STEM education.

STEM 292

Product Design Can Enrich STEM Projects


What if a STEM project became a product kids make for actual use? Anne Jolly shows how industry’s Product Design Process (PDP) expands upon the familiar engineering design popular in STEM classes, giving students new skills as they move from prototypes to the marketplace.


Explore STEM Digital Learning Resources in Recognition of National STEM Day, November 8th

Discovery Education

Discovery Education and leading corporate and community partners offer engaging, no – cost digital learning resources to students, teachers, and families to help recognize National STEM Day. Held annually on November 8 th , National STEM Day unit e s communities around the importance of teaching science, technology, engineering, and math to students in gr ades K-12. . Inspire and equip the next generation of STEM professional s , FUTURE U.


6 things to know about STEM education today

eSchool News

We hear it time and again, but the truth of the statement cannot be emphasized more: STEM education is vital to our nation’s success as a productive leader in the global economy. is lagging behind other countries when it comes to STEM in public education and careers.

STEM 109

Bringing Equity to STEM Education

Discovery Education

Progress for the STEM education movement must continue to improve, especially for students in underrepresented communities hard hit by COVID-19. We know that STEM-related education holds opportunities for students, but STEM learning must become more evenly distributed. It’s imperative that we address barriers to STEM education now so that students won’t suffer later. Here’s how TGR EDU: Explore is working to bring equity to STEM education.


5 reasons your classroom needs an industry expert

eSchool News

Connecting them with an industry expert who works in that field and can answer students’ questions and help them gain an in-depth look at where a future in math or physics might take them. The single biggest factor in enhancing career development is having students engage with business and industry while they’re in the classroom,” Raja said during a TCEA session focusing on connecting classrooms to business and industry.

Team Building Activities That Support Maker Education, STEM, and STEAM

User Generated Education

Working as a productive and sensitive member of a team is looked upon by STEM-based companies as being a requirement to being an effective and contributing employee: As technology takes over more of the fact-based, rules-based, left-brain skills—knowledge-worker skills—employees who excel at human relationships are emerging as the new “it” men and women. Thus, students who are interested in both academia and industry will benefit from learning how to successfully work in a diverse team.

STEM 263

New Partners Join the STEM Careers Coalition to Support STEM Teaching & Learning

Discovery Education

The array of dynamic resources leverage the power of digital content to connect all learners to their innate curiosity by bringing STEM to life. With a wealth of careers content in advanced manufacturing, Arconic helps inspire a love of STEM in new, and lesser-known, pathways.


STEM Careers Coalition Video Series Demonstrates the Impact of STEM Skills in Innovation

Discovery Education

The dynamic new COVID-19 Solution Seekers video series features an array of real-world content demonstrating the flexibility of STEM and amplifying how diverse STEM professionals across a variety of industries transform their work in response to COVID-19.


Closing the Gender Gap In STEM

MIND Research Institute

Their discussion centered on gender gaps in STEM education and the workforce, and what individuals and organizations can do to drive the cultural changes that need to occur in order to make STEM more inclusive.


15 Questions to Ask when Creating a STEM Culture in Education

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

As you might know, I am very excited about STEM education! In fact, get ready even more STEM posts. For consultations and presentations at schools across the country I have developed these 15 questions you may want to ask as you develop or assess STEM possibilities for students.

STEM 112

How STEM learning invigorates classrooms

eSchool News

eSchool News (eSN) recently spoke with Vince Bertram, the chief executive officer of Project Lead The Way (PLTW), which has been bringing real-world and hands-on STEM learning into the classroom for 22 years, about the importance of STEM education. A look at how STEM learning invigorates classrooms. eSN: How do you look at STEM ed? STEM isn’t just for kids going into STEM careers; STEM skills can be applied across the curriculum.


Coding and Programming a GoPiGo from Dexter Industries

My Paperless Classroom

In this episode of the TeacherCast Podcast, we welcome Dexter Industries on the program to showcase their new robot called GoPiGo, the world's best-selling Raspberry Pi Robot. Learn how you can take advantage of a free 45-day trial of the new GoPiGo robot as well as use our coupon code at checkout when purchasing your next kit from Dexter Industries. The post Dexter Industries (GoPiGo Podcast) appeared first on TeacherCast Educational Broadcasting Network.

STEM Careers Coalition Partner Spotlight: Chevron

Discovery Education

In addition to providing no-cost STEM experiences and career resources to schools nationwide, Coalition members also underwrite Discovery Education STEM Connect in local communities. . Introducing students to the power of STEM learning is more important now than ever!?


Enhancing STEM Learning Using Virtual Reality

My Paperless Classroom

By now, you’ve probably heard a lot about STEM education (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). Careers in STEM are the next best thing: as a matter of fact, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor, jobs in STEM will increase by up to 30 percent by 2022, a dramatic increase over the average industry projection […]. The post Enhancing STEM Learning Using Virtual Reality appeared first on TeacherCast Educational Broadcasting Network.


Got humor? It might be the key to STEM engagement

eSchool News

Real-world relevance and a little dash of humor are two ingredients that might increase STEM engagement and make learning fun for high school students, according to a new survey. The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) surveyed 1,100 high school students from across the U.S. on how to increase student interest, understanding, and performance in math and STEM subjects. Related: How to get students interested in STEM.


STEM Careers Coalition Marks First Anniversary and New, No-Cost Digital Resources

eSchool News

The array of dynamic resources leverages the power of digital content to connect all learners to their innate curiosity by bringing STEM to life. With a wealth of careers content in advanced manufacturing, Arconic helps inspire a love of STEM in new, and lesser-known, pathways.


Registration Opens for 2020-21 Conrad Challenge STEM competition

eSchool News

Registration has officially opened for the 2020-2021 Conrad Challenge , now celebrating its 15 th year of driving student entrepreneurship across a variety of STEM fields. Ancillary Newsline best business challenges global Research solutions STEM student students world


February 2020 Guide: Stem, Steam & Makerspaces

eSchool News

We are excited to bring you the fourth in a series of eSchool News Guides, which are full of resources, tips, trends, and insight from industry experts on a variety of topics that are essential to the classroom, school, and district.


mindSpark Learning Expands Grad-level STEM Certification Program to Educators Nationally

eSchool News

2021 marks STEMpath’s third year of providing K-12 educators with a 24 credit graduate-level STEM certification course, which gives them the skills to better prepare the future workforce.


Tech Domains Partners with & Domain Industry Giants to Bridge the Widening Gender & Race Gap in Computer Science

eSchool News

The campaign comes as the rapid acceleration of digitization compels all industries to embrace innovation, increasing the importance of coding skills and overall investment in STEM. About.Tech Domains Launched in 2015,TECH is a leading new domain extension for the tech industry.

Discovery Education and Industry Leaders Launch Social-Emotional Learning Coalition to Address Critical Educator and Student Needs with No-Cost Resources

eSchool News

In this unprecedented time of the student-educator experience, The Social-Emotional Learning Coalition brings together industry leaders to step-up for the K-12 community by helping ensure equity of access to critical SEL content. Silver Spring, Md.

Survey Reveals How To Get Kids Interested in STEM

Fractus Learning

According to a survey of 1,100 high school students, humor, relevancy, technology, and busting myths may be the four ingredients necessary to get kids interested in STEM careers. SIAM (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics in […]. Educators STEM

6 steps to strengthen early STEM learning

eSchool News

Although STEM education is inarguably essential in today’s economy, it is not always seamlessly incorporated into early childhood education–and the barriers to inclusion are more pervasive than many educators might realize. “Just as the industrial revolution made it necessary for all children to learn to read, the technology revolution has made it critical for all children to understand STEM,” according to the report.


The Most Important Skills for the 4th Industrial Revolution? Try Ethics and Philosophy.


For those keeping count, the world is now entering the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The popular response, among some education pundits, policymakers and professionals, has been to increase access to STEM and computer science skills. When we educate people in AI and the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, should those engineers and scientists be designing machines specifically to replace human work?”


Educational Technology Guy

Designed to encourage the next generation of leaders to consider STEM careers while promoting diversity and inclusion. Science has been the driving force in the modernization of the world as we know it, yet science as an industry has failed to adequately diversify with the times.

STEM 143

Discovery Education and Social Impact Partners Support Families with New No-Cost Resources to Ignite Student Interest in STEM

eSchool News

Thursday, September 16, 2021) — To accelerate student learning and ignite student curiosity in STEM, Discovery Education presents parents and guardians an array of no-cost dynamic digital resources. Hands on STEM and Manufacturing Explorations with the STEM Careers Coalition.