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American Consortium for Equity in Education

SETDA presents NEW RESOURCES FOR COMPETENCY BASED LEARNING Dr. Jason Bailey of The State Ed Tech Directors Association is joined by Dr. Tara Natrass of Dell Technologies and Donna Murray, Ed tech consultant to the North Carolina Dept of Education. Keep Reading SETDA presents NEW RESOURCES FOR COMPETENCY BASED LEARNING.

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American Consortium for Equity in Education

COMPETENCY BASED LEARNING A favorite returning guest and a true leader in the field trying to bring about great changes in assessment and student preparation for careers, from New Hampshire, Fred Bramante.


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Competency-Based Learning Puts Students at the Center. It’s Perfect for Now.


One solution my district is beginning to explore is a competency-based learning system, and I am on a team of teachers and administrators working for the change. I fully support the model and know it works after piloting a competency based learning program for the past few years.

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Competency-based learning: the ultimate student-centered education


Competency-based education might be the best solution in these circumstances. On top of this, more and more universities offer competency-based learning programs to address the needs of all their students. What is competency-based learning? Time is not the best measurement for learning.

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What Is Competency-Based Learning, Why Does It Matter?

The CoolCatTeacher

New Hampshire and educator John Martin are at the forefront of the competency-based learning movement. In today’s show, we’ll give you an overview of competency-based learning including some of the benefits and the problems. Even assessment changes with competency-based learning.

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How to start a Mastery/Competency-Based Learning Class

Turning Learning On Its Head

Mastery Learning is hard work - really hard work! I believe that the most important part of having a successful Mastery Learning class is how it is structured and communicated to students. Students need to be bought into the idea, and they need to take ownership of their learning.

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4 important lessons our school learned about competency-based learning

eSchool News

So what school-wide practices support true competency-based education? Competency-based learning requires a much closer relationship between student and teachers. Human-to-human relationships.