Education Elements Gets Results

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As Education Elements moves into its sixth year supporting schools and districts, its latest impact report builds the case that personalizing learning for students isn’t just a one-hit wonder but a sound strategy for boosting outcomes for all students. Personalized Learning Education K-12 Educators Leaders

Making Pay Parity Non-Negotiable at Education Elements

Education Elements

So then when, a few months ago, a teammate shared an article about the pay inequities that often exist for both women and people of color, it gave me an opportunity to reflect, think, and discuss with others how we, at Education Elements, might need to change. We all experience the world in different ways.


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10 Most Popular Personalized Learning Blog Posts of 2017 from Education Elements

Education Elements

We are continually inspired and encouraged by the leadership and innovation we see from administrators and educators everywhere, and make an ongoing effort to honor and reflect this on the B.Y.O.T. Personalized Learning Blended Learning Education Elements CBEWhen we started the Bring Your Own Thoughts blog our goal was simple: write good stuff to help good people do good things for kids. And so far, it's been working.

Seven Things Education Elements Does to Support School Districts

Education Elements

One of the most common questions I answer about Education Elements is, “So what do you guys do?” Personalized Learning Competency-Based Education School Districts ClassroomsIf we have an elevator ride that goes to, say, the top of the world’s tallest building, I can give a fairly satisfying and comprehensive answer.

What We Believe In at Education Elements

Education Elements

The end of one year and the beginning of a new year is frequently a time of reflection and introspection, writing lists, and making resolutions. Personalized Learning School Districts Leaders

7 Things We're Grateful For at Education Elements

Education Elements

I recently read Chip and Dan Heath’s new book, The Power of Moments: Why Certain Experiences Have Extraordinary Impact and was struck by the impact that expressing gratitude and appreciation has on both the receiver of the message, as well as on the giver. According to research, the feel-good benefits of sending or saying a sincere thank you can last up to a month.

An Open Letter to the K-12 Community and a Love Letter for Education Elements

Education Elements

Dear K-12 Education Community, Leadership

Why I Joined the Ed Elements Team

Education Elements

In my 22 years in the K-12 education profession, I have worked for, and led organizations that run the gamut - from those that are very process and compliance driven, to those that multiply and engage creativity. Education Elements Equity Teams & Culture

Education Elements Integrations - Simple, Scalable, Successful!

Education Elements

We spend a lot of time on our blog talking about personalized learning and how we work with districts and schools to create new, student-centered learning environments. And while much of this work is focused on systems-level change and shifts in teaching practice, an absolutely critical component (in fact, it’s one of our Core Four ) is the use of digital content in the classroom. Personalized Learning Highlight Personalized Learning Platform PLP EdTech

Education Elements’ Responsive Playbook: How We Built a Thriving, Learning Organization

Education Elements

As an education consulting organization we work with hundreds of schools and districts to improve the way teaching, learning, work, and collaboration happen. In fact, when Anthony Kim and Alexis Gonzales Black published The NEW School Rules: 6 Vital Practices for Thriving and Responsive Schools , many of the lessons included in the book were drawn from our own teams at Education Elements.

Personalized Learning Requires Flexibility: An Update to Education Elements’ Core 4

Education Elements

When I was in high school I had a fantastic U.S. history teacher who demanded that we each complete an independent research paper on the 1960’s at the end of the year.

What We Talked About in 2018 - The Top 10 Blog Posts from Education Elements

Education Elements

Here at the Bring Your Own Thoughts blog, it’s always been our goal to create space for a wide range of perspectives and experiences so that as many educators as possible can find content which is useful and relatable to their own challenges and goals. Over the past year, we published 71 posts, and we’ll probably manage to sneak in a couple more before the year is done!

What Type of Facilitator Are You? Understanding Your Strengths to Improve Professional Development

Education Elements

If you’re an educator, September makes you think of new backpacks, colorful pens, clean lunch boxes. Education Elements Professional Development

Education Elements Announces Grant to Help Implement Personalized Learning


“By providing recipients with the tools and support they need, we can help drive positive change for schools, teachers, and students,” said Anthony Kim, CEO of Education Elements

Where Change Begins

Education Elements

Education Elements Equity Organizational Leadership & Change ManagementI was recently struck by a piece by Elena Aguilar , the “coach’s coach,” about acting in one’s sphere of influence to create change.

How Responsiveness Led Us Through 2020 - and the Past Decade

Education Elements

Education Elements2020. I became a mom this year. My daughter Emily Ruth was born on April 1, 2020. My husband and I knew immediately that she was going to be a mix of wicked and wise, given the birthday she chose: April Fools Day - so perfect for 2020.

What I Learned About Teams from Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

Education Elements

And, leaders right here at Education Elements have compiled some of their learnings in The New Team Habits. Education Elements Innovative Leadership Teams & Culture School LeadershipThere has been a lot of research done on what makes teams great.

How Education Elements Guides Districts in Creating Environments that Personalize Learning


Education Elements provides support for schools and districts as they transform their school models to personalize learning. Kim had previously been an Executive Vice President at Edison Learning, a for-profit education management organization. He founded Education Elements to meet that need. Who They Work With Education Elements typically works with district and school leaders to redesign school models in cohorts or across entire districts.

Finding Reasons To Be Thankful

Education Elements

Education Elements Education Elements TeamNormally, this is the time of year when people write lists about what makes them thankful. In the wake of the election I have seen less of those and more lists about what is making people feel scared. And that makes sense -- I’m scared too. I am pretty sure for many of us 2016 will go down as a pretty bad year, full of numerous high-profile shootings, deaths of some pretty awesome people , and a divisive election.

The Tale of Two Suns

Education Elements

Education Elements Organizational Leadership & Change Management Teams & CultureThe pitter-patter of toes on our wooden floors, reminiscent of a spring rain pinging against a tin roof, grow louder as they approach our bedroom door.

Put on Your Cowboy Boots, You’re Going on a Personalized Learning Field Trip

Education Elements

After an inspirational tour of personalized learning hotspots in Music City, your friends at Education Elements have put together the ultimate PL day-trip. Personalized Learning Education Elements Education Elements Team EdTechPut on your cowboy boots, it's about to get personalized in Nashville, TN.

How to Create a Vision

Education Elements

As Education Elements has worked with districts across the country, we’ve found a few simple guidelines can help make the visioning process invigorating and inspiring rather than routine or frustrating. Personalized Learning Blended Learning Education Education Elements School Districts communicationsVision-setting can be a painful process. Hours may be spent on one twisting sentence. Long, awkward silences may follow periods of disagreement.

How To 190

7 Step Diet Plan and Personalized Learning

Education Elements

Does this sound familiar for education? Personalized Learning Education Elements Education Elements Team EdTechI lost 50 lbs in one year following this diet plan, utilizing this personalized learning framework I developed. It works for diets, but it also works for learning. I didn’t know where to start with my diet. I’d never done one before. So I spent a lot of time reading everything I could about diets.

Personalized Learning Journey Begins with a Vision

Education Elements

Personalized Learning Blended Learning Education Education Elements School Districts communicationsHave you ever stopped and looked around your school, your classroom, and asked yourself: “How did this all happen? Where did it all begin? How did we get to this point? When did the transformation occur?”. In year one of being a personalized learning school, I have had many reflective moments like this at Trailside Middle School.

Reflections on our Epic Personalized Learning Summit

Education Elements

I almost feel like I could both start and end this post with just those 4 words and a short description of what it was like to be in a room full of educators singing and dancing their hearts out (some in costume!) on Thursday night of Education Elements' 3rd Annual Personalized Learning Summit. Personalized Learning Blended Learning Education Education Elements School Districts communicationsEpic Lip Sync Battle.

Personalized Learning and CBE: A Partnership and a Toolkit

Education Elements

When I’m on the road working with school districts across the country on everything from personalized learning to competency-based education (CBE), I often hear the same question: “Well how do other districts approach these issues?”. Thankfully, this year Education Elements partnered with Digital Promise , a national non-profit authorized by Congress, to document and share lessons learned on CBE from school districts across the country.

Keeping Personalized Learning (the Main Thing) the Main Thing

Education Elements

Personalized Learning Blended Learning Education Education Elements School Districts communicationsWhen I reflect on how far we have come since last summer I am impressed by how much hard work everyone has done to begin to make personalized learning a reality. Our district PL council engaged in serious debate over our vision of PL, our roll out plan (cohort vs. all-in), and our areas of priority and focus.

Personalized Learning Summit is Bigger and Better than Ever

Education Elements

Personalized Learning Blended Learning Education Education Elements School Districts communicationsFour years ago the team at EE had an idea.what if we brought together groups of personalized learning leaders in regional Blended Learning Leadership Academies (BLLA) to help spread innovation and best practices? We hosted these BLLAs for two years across the country, from Chicago to Washington DC and San Francisco.

PL Summit: Making it Safe to Try

Education Elements

Last week, 225 personalized learning leaders descended on Silicon Valley for the Education Elements PL Summit, which included visits to schools and businesses, and dynamic discussions about personalized learning at the San Jose TECH museum. Personalized Learning Education Education Elements Personalized Classroom #plearning #plearningframework PL Summit EdTech LELA

Choose your partners wisely. And treat them well!

Education Elements

This is also the time of year when we at Education Elements focus on our blooming partner catalog - on building relationships with new partners, and cultivating and growing our relationships with old ones. Personalized Learning Education Education Technology Education Elements Digital Content Digital Learning Solutions Personalized Classroom #plearning Partners #plearningframework EdTech Digital content framework Digital content selection

Jarvis Middle School Student for a Day

Education Elements

Personalized Learning Blended Learning Education Education Elements School Districts communicationsIt’s been awhile since my last blog post as I try to document many of the great things going on at Central Valley on my twitter account, @CVThunderSuper. A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to live the life of a typical 8 th grade student during the school day.

Meditations on Thankfulness

Education Elements

Education Elements LeadersLately I have been meditating. It is only somewhat by choice – we are doing a company-wide meditation challenge and I am usually up for competitions, especially when they get me out of my comfort zone. Within the course of a few days of the challenge I discovered that just sitting and breathing doesn’t work for me – I have one of those brains that doesn’t turn off.

E = MC2: A 2017 Personalized Learning Summit Workshop

Education Elements

When Keith Wilson and Monte Westfall, successful administrators of the Lawrence Virtual School, and I began working on our workshop about equity for Education Elements’ Personalized Learning Summit (May 10-12, 2017), we chose this very equation as the title but added a new twist. Personalized Learning Blended Learning Education Education Elements School Districts communications

A Year of Personalized Learning: 3 Things You Need to Know

Education Elements

Personalized Learning Education Elements ImpactLast week, we released our third annual Impact Report, “The Positive Power of Personalized Learning.” In the report, we share the incredible work and positive outcomes of districts we work with across the nation, from those that are just launching personalized learning to those that are embarking on their fourth year of implementation.

New resource: Personalized Learning Playbook

The Christensen Institute

Education Elements, an education consulting company, is one of the pioneers in blended learning. It directs educators and schools leaders to focus not on technology, but on the creation of student learning experiences that engage students and honor their individual needs and interests. The book also does a nice job articulating the point that technology has its limitations and that, contrary to the worries of some educators, technology is not a replacement of teachers.