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New to Competency-Based Learning? Here're Five Ways to Assess It


According to a 2016 report by iNACOL, 36 states are currently investigating policy surrounding competency-based education. And as interest in this approach to teaching and learning increases, so does the need for assessments to support it. Below are five ways to approach competency-based learning assessment.

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How online learning contributes to a more inclusive HE experience


As an educator and Executive Director at the Inclusive Higher Education Certificate Program ( IHECP ), I can honestly say that my students have experienced a smooth transition to the online learning environment. As schools and universities reopen their gates, there’s great hope that there will soon be more in-person learning.


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#inacol15 Session 1 – Personalizing PD: Creating a Competency-based Learning System for Teachers @LearningAccel


Some major resources shared: iNACOL Blended Learning Teacher Competency Framework. Making Competency-Based Learning Real for Educators. Full session notes storified here…

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7 must-knows from blended learning’s early adopters

eSchool News

Earlier this year, the Highlander Institute, The Learning Accelerator and The Christensen Institute teamed up to bring together a conference on blended and personalized learning in Providence, R.I. 2 Go Slow to Go Fast When Implementing Competency-Based Models. 3 Make Students Agents of Their Learning.

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K–12 Departments Work Collaboratively to Support New Pedagogies

EdTech Magazine

A 2017 Medium post from the Office of Educational Technology laments the lack of clarity about the term “personalized learning”: “The lack of a consistent definition and language for a relatively complex idea has hampered both understanding and effective ­implementation,” the article states.

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Finding ‘Personalized Learning’ and Other Edtech Buzzwords on the Gartner Hype Cycle


Today’s most hyped phrase, personalized learning, is nearing Gartner’s peak of inflated expectations among the chattering class of education thought leaders and philanthropists. What is personalized learning? Slope of Enlightenment: Competency-Based Learning. Competency-based learning is one of these.

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What is Mastery Learning and How Do You Implement It Effectively?

The CoolCatTeacher

Mastery learning (also called competency-based learning) is being used in some classes and schools. Jon Bergmann, author of the Mastery Learning Handbook talks about how he uses mastery learning in his chemistry and physics classrooms. is whatever and they think we need to completely rethink how we do.

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