Competency Based Learning: How Flipped Mastery Makes CBL Possible

Turning Learning On Its Head

During the 2007-2008 school year, Aaron Sams and I pioneered the flipped class model of education. Though the flipped class model proved to be an effective strategy in which we saw increases in student achievement and engagement, we only did the traditional flipped classroom for one year. Prior to our second semester of our first year flipping our class, a counselor approached to ask about enrolling a new student into my Chemistry class.

Moving from the Flipped Classroom to Flipped Mastery

Turning Learning On Its Head

John who has made the transition from the flipped classroom to the Flipped-Mastery classroom. FLIPPED MASTERY FLIPPED MATH RADIO SHOW competency based learning flipped mastery mathJon interviews Michelle St. What is amazing is how well this has worked with her ADHD students. link].


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How to Bring ‘Mastery Learning’ to the Classroom


One of the most popular topics these days in education is mastery learning—the idea that the pace of a class should match what each student is ready to learn, as a way to ensure they’re really grasping material. But it can be hard to show educators what mastery learning looks like in practice since it doesn’t follow a traditional pacing schedule. EdSurge: When you were teaching, you were known for this mastery-based, flipped learning approach.

Why Middle Schoolers Thrive in a Self-Paced Classroom


When we decided that we’d be giving our sixth-grade students control over their own learning this year, our colleagues told us we were crazy. It turns out young adolescents are extremely capable of engaging in self-paced, blended learning.

Why a K-12 Operating System is the Next Step in the Evolution of Edtech


Yes, this was before Google Classroom existed!) This competency-based system made sense; if students were chronically absent, holding them accountable to a pacing calendar would prove futile. Abbas Manjee's standards-based Algebra 1 scope and sequence. At the time, I had no idea this system was called “standards-based grading.” I was so green at this point in my career that I probably assumed every classroom in the 21st century operated this way.

6 Ways Technology Can Reinvent Parent-Teacher Conferences


And it lacks the enthusiasm—as well as the desire to help kids own and engage in their learning—that defines us as innovative educators. With transformative digital changes happening in classrooms today, basic learning management systems now deliver the answers to most of those well worn questions on parent portals. Give parents resources that will help them support the process of learning and motivation. Understanding the school’s learning management system (LMS).

Mastery Simplified: Five Tips to Make Mastery a Reality

Turning Learning On Its Head

Recently I have been helping a number of teachers move from a flipped classroom to the Flipped Mastery classroom. A mastery classroom is difficult to implement because students are not all learning the same thing at the same time. What is a Flipped Mastery Classroom? In a Flipped Mastery classroom students are expected to master concepts before moving on. Five Tips For Successful Flipped Mastery Implementation.

Why Flipped Learning Is Still Going Strong 10 Years Later


It became know as the flipped classroom—a modern, video-based version of a model pioneered by a handful of higher ed professors during the 1990s. Of course, the flipped movement still has its critics. But notably, a cohesive opposition movement has failed to materialize, in part because research on its impact in the classroom has generally been positive (or at least neutral ). Flipped OS. Think of flipped as the operating system of education.

8 LMS features that support student autonomy in the classroom and beyond


Student autonomy in the classroom is essential for efficient learning. Student autonomy in the classroom is important both for learners and teachers. Today’s educational technology makes it easier to support student autonomy in the classroom and beyond it. Flipped classes.

LMS 324

Are Your Students as Far Behind as Mine?


Guest Post by Jon Bergmann (Keynote of the Mastery Learning Summit on Oct. In 2007 I helped pioneer the flipped classroom model and that model laid the groundwork for what I am doing now in my classroom. Challenges to Mastery Learning. Benefits of Mastery Learning.

Are Your Students as Far Behind as Mine?

Turning Learning On Its Head

In 2007 I helped pioneer the flipped classroom model and that model laid the groundwork for what I am doing now in my classroom. I am not flipping my class per se anymore, but rather I am teaching using Mastery/Competency-Based Learning in my class.

Why Flipped Learning should be standard for Higher Education


Flipped Learning and Higher Education are rarely found together in the same sentence. Perhaps that is the case because the idea of flipped learning is attributed to two high school teachers and is a rather new concept, while stakeholders of Higher Education prefer to refer to it as “ reverse instruction ”. While not exactly the same, both concepts shift the focus towards students and their learning needs rather than the instructor. Flipping tradition.

LMS 255

14 Examples Of Innovation In Higher Education

TeachThought - Learn better.

Competency-Based Learning. Competency-Based Education is something I’m hearing more and more about, which is neither bad nor good, but worth understanding more carefully. Video Streaming/ Flipped Classroom/eLearning Trends.

50 Alternatives To Lecturing

TeachThought - Learn better.

Ed note: This post is promoted by SEU’s Master of Education program, who asked to write about how learning is changing, and let you know about their Master of Education and Educational Leadership program, which can you read more about here. In the background knowledge-building phase of learning, for example. Learning Models. Self-directed learning. Learning through play. Scenario-based learning. Game-based learning.


The 100 Worst Ed-Tech Debacles of the Decade

Hack Education

In 2012, Pearson, Cengage Learning, and Macmillan Higher Education sued Boundless Learning, claiming that the open education textbook startup had “stolen the creative expression of their authors and editors, violating their intellectual-property rights.” The Flipped Classroom".