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Khan Academy Wants to Make 'Mastery Learning' Mainstream. Will Partnering With Schools Help?


A big idea driving Khan Academy is a belief in “mastery learning”—that students should show proficiency in one set of materials before moving on to the next. The nonprofit’s latest push to make mastery learning mainstream involves partnering with school districts who adopt Khan Academy’s materials and platform.

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Khan Academy redux

Robert Talbert, Ph.D.

The last thing I expected to encounter this week was a resurgence in the Khan Academy Debates of this past summer. But honestly, I hadn’t thought much about Khan Academy since then — until Monday afternoon. I picked this one today for a reason; go to the end to find out.


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Khan Academy: Friend or Foe?

A Principal's Reflections

Khan is the creator of Khan Academy. He began his keynote by sharing a video montage of Khan Academy highlights and then presenting some impressive statistics on usage. The catalyst for Khan Academy began some years ago with a Yahoo doodle Sal developed to help a family member with her struggles in math.

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Khan Academy: How to Change Your Role From Learner to Teacher

Teacher Tech with Alice Keeler

Are you struggling with How to Change Your Role From Learner to Teacher in Khan Academy? The post Khan Academy: How to Change Your Role From Learner to Teacher appeared first on Teacher Tech. I had my account set up as a student but needed to assign to my students.

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What is Khan Academy?


Free online courses from Khan Academy aim to advance knowledge and enhance students.

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Big Deals—Khan Academy Boosts National Civics Bee, AI Tackles Campus Safety, and Stanford Offers Online Math

eSchool News

” National Civics Bee Teams Up With Khan Academy This year, for the first time, students who advance to the local competitions will receive free tutoring support through Khan Academy’s new AI-powered tutor and teaching assistant, Khanmigo. Let’s work together to address this crisis in civics education.”

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Khan Academy plunged into classrooms, then classrooms went online

The Hechinger Report

Although Khan Academy was one of the first online learning organizations to promote the idea that kids could learn at home at their own pace, Khan denied the suggestion that working with traditional schools was a significant change in direction, instead calling it “a natural evolution of our work.”. Published with permission.