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Smartphones in Education: Redirecting Distraction with Mobile Learning

ViewSonic Education

With so many captivating apps and games, it is easy to see how students would have a hard time putting their smartphones and other mobile devices away. Smartphones have always been associated with leisure and entertainment more than education and learning, and teachers are inclined toward blanket bans in the classroom.

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What If Banning Smartphones in Schools Is Just the Beginning?


The movement to keep smartphones out of schools is gaining momentum. Just last week, the nation’s second-largest public school system, Los Angeles Unified School District, voted to ban smartphones starting in January, citing adverse health risks of social media for kids. And the U.S. We don't let kids smoke in school,” he points out.


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Smartphones in the classroom

Ask a Tech Teacher

Luckily, Ask a Tech Teacher contributor, Andrew Carroll, former High School teacher, has a great analysis of the problem and discussion of solutions below: How to control smartphone usage in classroom? It’s a smartphone that your students are using. We are all aware of the negative impacts of smartphones.

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Are Smartphones in the Classroom a Smart Move?

The CoolCatTeacher

Are Smartphones a good idea? The post Are Smartphones in the Classroom a Smart Move? Liz Kolb in episode 387 of the 10-Minute Teacher From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. We discuss the pro’s and cons. Listen to the Show. Listen to the show on iTunes or Stitcher.

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OPINION: There are lessons to be learned from Finland, but giving smartphones to young children isn’t one of them

The Hechinger Report

Across wealthy countries, academic achievement has taken a nosedive as children’s smartphone ownership has surged. Research has also indicated that excessive cellphone use is associated with adverse effects on student well-being, texting in class is linked to lower grades and just having one’s smartphone nearby decreases cognitive capacity.

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No Child Left Offline: Confronting the Mental Health Crisis in the Smartphone Era

Shake Up Learning

The post No Child Left Offline: Confronting the Mental Health Crisis in the Smartphone Era appeared first on Shake Up Learning. Instead of a learning aid, smartphones turned into the most pervasive distraction we’ve ever encountered in classrooms. It’s no secret that I love technology. But my bottom line has always been learning.

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Unpacked 2024 Preview: Top Samsung Smartphones Revealed

Mark Smithers

As the technology world eagerly awaits the unveiling of Samsung's top smartphones at the upcoming Unpacked 2024 event, anticipation is building for what the tech giant has in store. Looking ahead, Samsung's commitment to innovation, connectivity, and sustainability is sure to shape the future of smartphones.