Smartphones-in-School, Brain Mush, Teaching Deep Reading…and Apples & Bicycles!

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Audiobooks, social media and smartphone newsfeeds are what Americans are doing. On smartphones. It’s considered by pundits that the shift in access via smartphones has caused a mutation in content consumption away from only books and long-form reading. By LeiLani Cauthen.

4 Reasons You Need a Mobile Reading App on Your Smartphone


Not only are we graced with libraries and bookstores full of all kinds of stories and information, but we also have the vast catalogues of online info and eBooks. These apps are available on many devices, including smartphones. It’s a great time to be a book lover.

Library in Your Pocket

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The Library in Your Pocket: Mobile Trends for Libraries View more presentations from Meredith Farkas. 32% of Americans have used a cell phone or Smartphone to access the internet this year (source: Pew, April 2009). Mobile Libraries!

HOT QR Codes in the Classroom & Library

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On the back of my Sephora catalog, windows of shops, and in my library! QR Codes in the Classroom - and the Library! QR codes can also be used to conduct a treasure hunt of information in the school library. QR Codes are popping up everywhere!

November 2015 App Ed Review Roundup – Apps for Research


Rubric-Assessed Article Library Apps for Research Projects At App Ed Review, we’ve been thinking about research and the ways apps can be used to support students conducting research.

Learning Revolution Free PD - 100+ Library Sessions This Week - GlobalEdCon Deadline - Membership Milestones

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

The Learning Revolution Weekly Update October 7, 2014 A university is just a group of buildings gathered around a library. We also highlight good conversations about learning taking place between educators, learners, leaders, and others from the school, library, museum, work, adult, online, non-traditional and home learning worlds. Today kicks off Connected Librarian Day , our special Library 2.014 preconference event for K-12 teacher librarians (and their fans).

How to Make Short-Form Videos as Tutorials, and Why You Might Want To


Craig has a splendid new essay up in In the Library with the Lead Pipe , called “Modular Short Form Video for Library Instruction” ; although it’s pitched at librarians, it’s useful for anyone interested in teaching multi-step processes.

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Why Gen Z needs librarians now more than ever

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Today’s students have never known a world without the smartphone or tablet, and many of them have been using these devices independently since infancy. Featured on eSchool News School Libraries Thought Leadership

The current ways m-learning is making online education better


Smartphone users do much more than that — mainly accessing whatever piece of information they want within seconds and connecting to other people anywhere on the planet without taking one single step. Smartphones and tablets have become useful extensions to people’s hands.

Students ask for more video with their learning

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The service integrates with our campus portal and the Lakeland Library to permit faculty the means of integrating educational video into their course materials. E-Learning / Distance Learning Educational Techology - EdTech Emerging Technologies Blackboard emerging technologies mobile Online Rich Media smartphone tablets video A few years back we invested in the streaming video service – Films on Demand.

Power Up Your Spaces

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If you were to go back in time and pinpoint when disruption began to take off, I would wager that it correlates with the proliferation of the smartphone. Had it not been for the smartphone their innovative apps might never have come to fruition or experienced immense scalability as they have.

How m-learning is transforming online education


Defined as a way to facilitate education through the use of devices like smartphones and tablets, m-learning is also a lot more than that. billion smartphones worldwide as of 2016 – a number that is expected to climb to 2.5

3DBear Review: The Augmented Reality Classroom Pro

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First, 3D bear is a free download for smartphones and tablets. I’ve found it works better if you have some flat surfaces around, but it will work anywhere Start designing Inside 3D bear are a variety of libraries that you can use. But you’re not limited by these libraries.

On information privilege and information equity


Access to an effective school library program is one example of information privilege. Beyond access to a robust and effective library program, some students come to school with knapsacks fully packed. If you have a smartphone with data plan now, take one step forward.

Debunking 3 myths about BYOD in the classroom


At the same time, smartphones, tablets and laptops can be used to access the school LMS , with the corresponding courses and learning materials, conduct research online for a school paper, check facts fast, make use of productivity tools, and even access educational apps.

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Closing the Digital Learning Gap

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Technology, and especially the internet and mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, has become ubiquitous in our daily lives and affordable even to our public schools. school and library to the internet. Most Americans agree that education is a national priority.

Mozilla Foundation announces some new, free educational resources

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Webmaker Beta is a free, open source Android app that allows smartphone users of any skill level to create original content online. It's very much a networked initiative: individuals and organizations (schools, libraries, etc.)

Subscriber Special: April

Ask a Tech Teacher

A School License is a multi-user PDF of most books (or videos where available) we offer–textbooks, curricula, lesson plans, student workbooks, and more–that can be used on every digital device in your school–iPads, Macs, PCs, Chromebooks, laptops, netbooks, smartphones, iPods.

Information Sharing at the 2019 Nonprofit Technology Conference

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Like many folks in today’s workforce, I spend a significant amount of time in front of a computer screen with my smartphone close by, responding to a flurry of emails, calls, texts, and calendar invitations.

How to Keep Kids Safe

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If you’ve ever taught kids who have their own smartphones, you know how quickly social media problems can escalate at school. In 2014, Shannon was named a Library Journal Mover & Shaker.

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6 Practical strategies for teaching across the digital divide


Your matrix may reveal that many of your students have passable hand-held devices like smartphones that could assist with their homework assignments.

5 Resources to Gamify Student Writing

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If you’re planning to start using tablets and smartphones in the classroom or you’re already doing that, then you should pay attention to every update at this website. As a bonus, there’s an integrated digital library of 600+ books.

How a school LMS goes beyond surface learning for students


She had such a gift for storytelling that we wouldn’t just remember the author for years, but we just felt the need to go to the library and find that book and read it. This is easier than ever, they are just a smartphone away. Surface learners are not a new species.

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Technology in Schools – Future Changes in the Classroom.


With most students having access to a smartphone, the ability for students to collaborate and produce short films is effortless.

5 Ideas for Friday: Ideas for Teachers In and Out of School to Try Today

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Lots of resources are out there — at your local library, museum, art council or an online or face to face conference. (I 2 – Wander Through a Library (or Amazon free titles). I read all of James Michener’s books because I liked how one of them looked in the library.

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Edmodo - first year using it with my students - so far, AWESOME!

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I had students sign up the 1st day of class right in my room, either on the 8 student computers I have, or on their own devices, mainly smartphones. Library. I can get notifications through the mobile app on my smartphone when a student messages me or completes an assignment.

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How to Enhance Any Curriculum With Short, Engaging, Accurate Videos


Jadrian Wooten remembers professors instructing him to check out DVD clips from the library when he was an undergrad. Creating content alongside our community members is yet another way we are working to grow our teaching resource library.”

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Are Digital Textbooks More Effective for K-12 Curriculum

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There are K-12 content libraries which consists of thousands of titles for students to choose from. Always Accessible: Students access smartphones for around five hours a day. By creating digital textbooks for K-12 students, you can ensure that they access their course materials anytime during the day, just like their smartphone content. The familiarity of students with smartphones has led to the rampant increase in digital textbook consumption.

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K–12 Schools Find Educational Benefits in Cloud-Based Gaming

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Cloud technology allows video game streaming on nearly any device , from smartphones to traditional game consoles. You have access to a limited library of games.”. K–12 Schools Find Educational Benefits in Cloud-Based Gaming. eli.zimmerman_9856. Wed, 05/15/2019 - 09:59.

Clouds Over Cuba - intense interactive history lesson about Cuban Missile Crisis

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The project was developed by the Martin Agency for the JFK Presidential Library and Museum. The really interesting parts of this project include a digital dossier that will save any material you view so that you can access it at any time, including via smartphone.

Tech That Won’t Survive 2018

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Today, smartphones and tablets are cheaper than ever; moreover, their prices are going to decrease which means that desktop computers, as well as computer labs, are about to become extinct in schools. Here’s an interesting article on what tech may go away by 2019.

Learning Upgrade Debuts GED® Math and HiSET® Math Test Prep Courses


Learners can complete lessons on their own smartphones using the Learning Upgrade App, or use tablets and computers. After successful pilots, Learning Upgrade has expanded deployments at Queens Public Library in New York, Bunker Hill Community College Boston, and READ/San Diego Public Library.

Storyboard That–Digital Storyteller, Graphic Oranizer, and more

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Students can map out ideas, write stories, or relay events in a comic format using Storyboard That’s huge library of backgrounds, characters, text boxes, shapes, and images.

Virtual Reality Headsets in the Classroom – All-In-One or Mobile?


This simply is not the case, and if it were, as parents and teachers we know that those phones are undoubtedly filled with much more important things such as Instagram images and a music library which would be the envy of industry professionals, as recent as two decades ago.

How to Teach With Videos

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The days of checking books out of the library, traditional style lecturing, and writing papers with a pen are continuously becoming pastimes. A topic I get a lot of questions on lately is videos.

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Can Technology in the Classroom Replace Expensive Textbooks

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Smartphones, tablets, and laptops had become a permanent requirement along with using technology in the classrooms by this time. Provide Access to K-12 Libraries. Instead of buying ten different supplementary learning materials for different subjects, students can make use of K-12 libraries, where all learning resources are stored. K-12 content libraries usually contain thousands of learning resources like videos, short knowledge nuggets etc.

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19 Ways Students Keep Learning Fresh Over the Summer

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Kids will love having a valid reason to use Mom’s smartphone camera. This doesn’t require a library. Teachers have known for decades that ‘summer learning loss’ is a reality.

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5 Ideas for Friday: Ideas for Teachers In and Out of School to Try Today

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Lots of resources are out there — at your local library, museum, art council or an online or face to face conference. (I 2 – Wander Through a Library (or Amazon free titles). I read all of James Michener’s books because I liked how one of them looked in the library.

Providing free wireless hotspots helps this district close the equity gap

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In rural schools, the availability of internet access beyond school and home can be difficult to obtain, while students in urban areas often can poach access from libraries, open networks in the community, or nearby fast food restaurants.

How to Grow Global Digital Citizens

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With the rise of online games, web-based education, and smartphones that access everything from house lights to security systems, it’s not surprising to read these statistics: In 2013, 71 percent of the U.S. It should be part of every teacher’s library.

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