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Today’s Innovations are Tomorrow’s Practices: Adapting Learning to Meet Students

Digital Promise

Jean Tower, Director of Media and Digital Learning at Needham Public Schools, Massachusetts. The post Today’s Innovations are Tomorrow’s Practices: Adapting Learning to Meet Students appeared first on Digital Promise. Nick Williams, CTO, Bartholomew School District, Indiana.

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How does an intelligent learning platform help teachers create a truly personalized learning environment?


Instead of a one-size-fits-all curriculum, a personalized learning environment emphasizes: Each student’s skills and interests . Students’ individual learning goals. Flexible teaching strategies and adaptive learning. Personalized learning puts students at the center of the educational experience.


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INTERVIEW: Digital learning trends that are reshaping EdTech


Without further ado, here are the general directions in which the industry of educational technologies is growing: Adaptive learning and learner-centric education. Phill: The first question is about adaptive personalized learning. As far as adaptive learning goes, it is an approach to provide personalized learning.

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Meet NEO at FETC 2022!


Of course, we’re also ready to take a deep dive into more advanced features such as competency-based learning, adaptive learning, automation and gamification, among others! Speaking session: Driving Innovative Instruction. And this is not all!

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K–12 Departments Work Collaboratively to Support New Pedagogies

EdTech Magazine

A 2017 Medium post from the Office of Educational Technology laments the lack of clarity about the term “personalized learning”: “The lack of a consistent definition and language for a relatively complex idea has hampered both understanding and effective ­implementation,” the article states.

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The Self-Aware Educator -- Developing systems for the educator’s mind

Education Elements

From competency-based learning ( I just gave a presentation at Keene State’s Education Summit ) to personalized learning, Stemscopes (hands on science curriculum) to Dreambox (adaptive math), and Edusight (robust gradebook) to Fishtree (adaptive learning system), we have a lot of choices.

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New Report Sheds Light on Higher Ed’s Innovation Challenges


He tells EdSurge that he doesn’t think innovation takes place only within online learning at his institution, but online learning has enabled his institution to do things “at a high quality at scale” that it couldn’t do otherwise.

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