Lenovo EdTech Council


I am really excited to be part of the Lenovo EdTech Council! education edtech Lenovo teaching VRJust been sent my first goodie box full of tech to try out. I will keep you posted on how I use it in the classroom.

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The Lenovo K-12 Education Portfolio


The Lenovo K-12 Education Portfolio Sponsored by Lenovo and Microsoft Solutions BUILT to serve education. The Lenovo purpose-built portfolio of education products meets the needs of every digital lea. Techlearning Resources White Papers

Lenovo Launches Cloud-Based Classroom Orchestration Platform


Lenovo today launched LanSchool Air, a cloud-based classroom orchestration platform that aims to help teachers keep students engaged in a safe online environment.

Designed to Deliver: Lenovo® ThinkPad® 11e Chromebook™ Series

eSchool News

The Lenovo® ThinkPad® 11e Chromebook™ Series was designed to deliver Chrome OS innovation backed by rugged Lenovo reliability. Retired Whitepapers Lenovo

Review: Lenovo’s LanSchool Eases Monitoring Students

EdTech Magazine

By Buzz Garwood Software allows teachers to keep a keen eye on students while also collaborating with them. Desktop Software

Lenovo launches two new K-12 laptops

eSchool News

At its annual Accelerate Partner Forum , Lenovo announced two new N-series laptops designed specifically for K-12 institutions. The Lenovo N23 with Microsoft Windows 10 offers students an 11.6-inch multimode form-factor with four unique positions including laptop, tablet, tent and stand.

Lenovo, Google launch Project Tango device

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At the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Lenovo announced the development of the first consumer mobile device with Project Tango in collaboration with Google. Project Tango technology gives a mobile device the ability to navigate the physical world similar to how we do as humans.

L.A. District Weighs $6.4M Settlement With Apple, Lenovo Over Tech Woes

Marketplace K-12

The nation's second-largest district is poised to settle a dispute with Apple and Lenovo stemming from the system's problematic 1:1 technology rollout.

Lenovo Chromebox 10H3 Eases Desktop Management in Classroom

EdTech Magazine

By John Breeden II The Chrome OS, combined with a small footprint, makes this ThinkCentre a worthwhile (and secure) option for K–12. Desktops Hardware

Review: The Slim, Secure Lenovo ThinkPad T550 Ultrabook

EdTech Magazine

By John Breeden II This Ultrabook delivers the power of a desktop in a condensed form factor. . Hardware Ultrabooks

Apple iPad vs.the Lenovo U1 Hybrid

The Daring Librarian

Anyone who knows me knows i''m a Mac grrl. from way back. From my first apple classic, apple IIe, apple IIgs,my first Internet computer Apple LC3 with a 14.4k

Increase Technology Without Increasing Your Budget

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Lenovo® offers some answers in our new guide, Eight Big 1:1 Computing Challenges, One Chromebook Solution. Sponsored by Lenovo® & Intel ®. Retired Whitepapers Lenovo

Apps Are Essential To The Digital District

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Sponsored by Lenovo® & Intel ®. Retired Whitepapers LenovoApps can help young students learn the alphabet and high school seniors master calculus. Whatever the grade or subject, teachers can find apps to help their students learn.

Be Ready for Digital Learning Today, And Tomorrow

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Download the Cross-Platform Transformation eGuide by Lenovo® and Intel® to read more. You can rely on Lenovo and our education-built products, like the ThinkPad® Yoga™ Ultrabook™ with an Intel Core™ i7 processor, to support the learning needs of your students today and tomorrow.

Transform Classroom Computing. Reduce Total Cost of Ownership.

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Sponsored by Lenovo® & Intel ®. Retired Whitepapers LenovoYou want to get devices into the hands of your students and teachers but budget, resource constraints, and existing infrastructure can be stumbling blocks.

Strengthen Your Digital District Infrastructure


Strengthen Your Digital District Infrastructure Sponsored by Lenovo and Intel Lenovo builds technology products for the specific needs of education. Rugged devices that reliably perform, whenever a. Techlearning Resources White Papers

Boys & Girls Clubs of America Prepares Kids for a Tech-Driven Future

EdTech Magazine

By Ricky Ribeiro Armed with a generous technology gift from CDW, Lenovo and the Chris Paul Family Foundation, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Los Angeles embraces its future.

Udonis Haslem Gives the Gift of Tech to a Miami School

EdTech Magazine

By Ricky Ribeiro The Miami Heat player and three-time NBA champion partners with CDW and Lenovo to give back to his community and put technology in kids’ hands.

Is This the Education of Tomorrow?

Brilliant or Insane

This powerful infographic, reveals some remarkable statistics about the role of technology in what the company Lenovo calls the education of tomorrow. Brilliant or Insane. The 21st-century is creating a global workforce, but are today’s classrooms preparing students to be part of that workforce? Take a look at what one company contends is indicative of tomorrow’s education, and share what […]. The post Is This the Education of Tomorrow? appeared first on Brilliant or Insane.

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Open Thread Wednesday: Revisiting Travel Computing


My current solution is the Yoga 2 Pro , Lenovo’s version of the hybrid tablet / PC. Hardware lenovo microsoft open thread travel Windows Several years ago, I started my quest for the perfect travel computing solution.

U.S. Personal Computer Market Grows Despite International Decline

Marketplace K-12

and Lenovo led the U.S. While both agreed that Lenovo dominated global shipments and was third in American market share, there was a 5.5 On the international stage, both Dell and Lenovo fared worse than in the U.S. percent and Lenovo’s dropped by at least 2.3 Marketplace K-12 Dell HP Lenovo personal computers

Podcasting Equipment Setup and Software I use on the 10-Minute Teacher

The CoolCatTeacher

I use a Macbook Pro for recording and my husband has a Lenovo PC for editing. Kip then edits in Adobe Audition on his Lenovo Laptop. A Behind the scenes peek at the 10-Minute Teacher From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter.

Google Supports Ed Tech Research into Modern Classrooms

EdTech Magazine

The Lenovo 500e Chromebook and the Dell Chromebook 5190 have cameras on two sides, stylus capabilities, large screens and a flexible design. The tech giant also announced that more Chromebooks from brands such as Acer , HP , Dell, Asus and Lenovo are coming later this year. Google Supports Ed Tech Research into Modern Classrooms. meghan.bogardu…. Thu, 02/22/2018 - 11:36.

What's In Your Elementary STEM Lab?

Tech Helpful

5 Lenovo Laptops. Often when people come to visit our lower school STEM lab they ask "how did you know what to put it in?" The truth is, we didn't, but we learned along the way.

Wanna Win A Computer?

The Web20Classroom

Thanks everyone who entered! __ Over the past few months I have been testing and using a Lenovo M90z Desktop Computer. UPDATE: We have a winner! Congratulations to Derek Braman. He comment was chosen at random from almost 200 entries. Congratulations to him and his 5th Graders.

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‘Collaboration Nation’ offers $50K to one tech-savvy district

eSchool News

CDW-G will share the winning school and district’s keys to success and will award that school or district a grand prize of $50,000 to spend with CDW-G on products and services from partners such as HP, Lenovo and Meraki.

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Companies Invest in Preparing K–12 Students as Older Sectors Become Tech Integrated

EdTech Magazine

Companies Invest in Preparing K–12 Students as Older Sectors Become Tech Integrated. eli.zimmerman_9856. Mon, 09/10/2018 - 13:50.

John's Summer 2016 Chromebook Picks

The Electric Educator

The Budget Machine Pick : Lenovo N21 Cost : $180 A solid, durable device for an amazing price. Looking to purchase a new Chromebook before the back to school season? Here are my summer Chromebook picks! New models come out regularly, so I reserve the right to make adjustment!

Education Technology Trends for 2017: An Interview With Martin McKay.


So for example, you can now get a Lenovo Tango device which will sense the room in 3D and create a 3D map of the same room. Martin McKay is the Chief Technology officer and one of the founders of Texthelp Inc.

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TCO Certified, a Sustainability Cheat Sheet


Lenovo, NEC, Philips, HP and ASUS offer TCO Certified display options. When it comes to buying AV tech, the myriad options can make the task daunting.

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Add a Dash of Professional Development to Your Blended-Learning Program

EdTech Magazine

That technology includes HP and Lenovo laptops, tablets, G Suite for Education, NEC projectors , eBeam , Schoology learning management system, LanSchool classroom management software and Kajeet hotspots (for students to use at home).

How to help students become digital creators

eSchool News

A new report examines how giving students the power to explore digital technology improves learning. Today’s students are creating learning cultures in which they are digital creators, and this transformation is benefiting districts across the nation, according to a new report.

Chrome Can: Linux

Dr. Shannon Doak's Blog

Lenovo Chromebook 500e. Google has done some amazing work recently with Chrome OS. It has added the ability to run Android apps. This means you can install and run Android apps just like you would on an Android tablet.

Don't Disregard Displays


Troxell integrated a Lenovo Tiny onto the back of each screen, providing teachers with a seamless and rich interactive experience that opened additional learning opportunities. Technology transforms the way students learn and how educators teach.

Discover Linux for Classroom Computing by @SamPatue


I installed it on my Lenovo Thinkpad x140e. The educational market is a challenging sales target because the users are not the buyers. School administrators make decisions about which checks get cut to whom. This is where the Apple versus PC debate happens.

Google I/O 2018 - big announcements from the opening keynote - very cool stuff!

Educational Technology Guy

Google kicked off Google I/O 2018 , their developer conference, yesterday, 5/8/18, with a keynote that had some amazing announcements in it. Here is a summary of them with links to more info on each one. I'm pretty excited for these. Many will be great for education, including news, accessibility and more. Google for Education Resources) Google AI is the big topic of the day. AI is being implemented in pretty much everything Google does and there are some really amazing things being accomplished.

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Report warns of need for identity, access management tech

eSchool News

Cisco, Dell, ENA, Filewave, Fortinet, Google, HP, iBoss Security, Identity Automation, Ipswitch, itslearning, JAMF Software, Juniper Networks, Lenovo, Lightspeed Systems, McGraw Hill, Microsoft, Pearson, Presidio, Promethean, Qualcomm, Safari Montage, SchoolDude, Sprint, and Verizon.

Why collaboration is a bad idea for developing personalized learning teachers

The Christensen Institute

No one company had enough scale across PC components to make a complete touch screen device, so companies like HP and Lenovo worked on the overall hardware architecture; Microsoft made the operating system; and a host of other companies supplied the central processors, hard drives, etc. There’s growing recognition today of a huge problem slowing innovation in personalized learning: we don’t have a clear pipeline for preparing and developing personalized learning teachers.

Web Filters Help Keep Students Safe

EdTech Magazine

Last year, the district began rolling out a one-to-one computing program for grades two through 12 using Google Chromebooks from HP, Lenovo and Samsung. Web Filters Help Keep Students Safe. jena.passut_7651. Fri, 04/06/2018 - 12:01. Given the recent tragic events in Parkland, Fla., as well as similar events at schools around the country, student safety is foremost on every educator’s mind. Morgan County R-1 School District in Stover, Mo.,

How to Roll Out Chromebooks for Your District in a Jiffy

EdTech Magazine

Clinton Public Schools in Oklahoma has rolled out 200 brand-new Lenovo Chromebooks every winter for the past few years in preparation for spring testing, adding nearly 1,200 devices for its 2,300 students. How to Roll Out Chromebooks for Your District in a Jiffy. eli.zimmerman_9856. Mon, 07/02/2018 - 11:51.

Google Maps vs. Apple Maps—important lessons for edtech

The Christensen Institute

This is why companies such as Samsung, Dell, and Lenovo can all build hardware for Windows machines.

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K–12 Districts Prepare Students for Careers in the Tech-Dominated Economy

EdTech Magazine

The district has mobile ­computer labs in all schools and provides Samsung Chromebooks and Lenovo ThinkPads loaded with Google Apps for Education. Beyond that preparation for the digital world, the BPS CTE department operates 40 training programs out of 170 labs , most of which are equipped with high-end Lenovo computers loaded with enough RAM to handle computer-aided design software. K–12 Districts Prepare Students for Careers in the Tech-Dominated Economy. juliet.vanwage….

Why #PiZero the $5 Computer Matters to Education by @SamPatue


The Mac cart is 24 Mac Book Airs, the PC cart has 24 Lenovo Thinkpads. Even if you have always looked past Raspberry Pi microcomputers as too complex or too geeky, yesterday’s announcement of a $5 Raspberry Pi Zero is worth investigating.