Learning to learn: A skill set for the 21st century student


The 21st century student and learning to learn. I think that schools should rephrase their purpose statement and include “learning to learn” in it. Learning doesn’t stop when we finish school.

Why Flipped Learning should be standard for Higher Education


Flipped Learning and Higher Education are rarely found together in the same sentence. While not exactly the same, both concepts shift the focus towards students and their learning needs rather than the instructor. Instead, teachers take on the role of a facilitator of learning.

How Can School Leaders Personalize Learning? New Book Offers a Guide


Personalized learning has been an education buzzword for several years. A recent survey of by the state education technology directors association, or SETDA, put personalized learning at the top of the list of state priorities. So did they learn?

How to Engage Students and Support Learning in Large Classes


Dear Bonni, You have shared often about active learning strategies and the impact they have on student learning. When we teach large classes, what approaches can we employ that will have a greater opportunity to engage students and help students learn more?

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Digital Learning Day: Social Media PD Best Practices #DLDay

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Today is Digital Learning Day. This is a day for leaders and learners to level up digital learning. Best practices for hashtag maintenance and open learning. The lessons learned from effective social media PD. ” Want to hear more about digital learning?

Educators as Learning Catalyst Facilitators

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Facilitator- Educators facilitate learning with technology to support student achievement of the ISTE Standards for Students. Educators: Foster a culture where students take ownership of their learning goals and outcomes in both independent and group settings.

Pre-K Learning: Enhancing Education with Digital Technology

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Although this isn’t really a game, but rather, it’s a digital learning session. The child smiles and moves to the next learning chapter. Research confirms that the quality of education and learning received by children in their early years of childhood is essential for their overall development. Children who received high-quality, practical knowledge-based learning in their formative years are less likely to fail in high-school. This is the digital age.

Technology’s Role in Putting Learning Science Research To Work

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Since the days of writing on wooden shingles with charcoal in one-room school houses, an increasing array of objects – pencils, paper, scissors, paste, books, and microscopes, to name a few – have been routinely used in classrooms to help students deepen understanding and record and communicate what they learned. Today’s technology allows teachers to generate and monitor personalized learning plans for their students. Supporting authentic, real-world learning.

5 Digital Tools That can Help Educators Manage the Workload


Guest writer Nancy Lin offers 5 free web apps with phone based counterparts, that can be a huge help in classroom. Not so long ago, teachers had to rely largely on an extensive knowledge base, [Please click on the post title to continue reading the full post.

4 Tips for Facilitating Powerful Student Collaboration

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Below, Melissa shares advice for how teachers can facilitate these kinds of powerful collaborative learning experiences with their students. Students have opportunities to work on smaller projects to familiarize themselves with collaborative learning and integrated projects.

Good, Bad, & Ugly: Blended Learning Effectiveness #SXSWedu


Q1: Is personalized learning a measurable framework? Personalized learning - Anything from personal development/interests (hobbies, individual pursuits) all the way through to traditional coursework which includes courses offered online when it isn't offered in person at the student's campus.

Bringing Literature to Life in Open Sim

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Mary Howard’s students build and learn in Open Sim , a virtual world like Second Life. Vicki: And, it’s a learning process. We gave (the students) (virtual) land, and we gave them an opportunity to learn about the architectural principles behind Frank Lloyd Wright.

How Can School Leaders Personalize Learning? New Book Offers a Guide.


Personalized learning has been an education buzzword for several years. A recent survey of by the state education technology directors association, or SETDA, put personalized learning at the top of the list of state priorities. But what does personalized learning actually mean, and how can school leaders do it? He designed the Highlander Institute’s “Fuse” program, which trains educators to lead personalized learning in schools and districts. So did they learn?

The Missing Literacies – Networking to Learn #iste2015

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The Missing Literacies – Networking to Learn. This is not how we learn in the real world. The extent of networking to learn, if we were lucky, was putting four desks together and working in groups. In college, some of my best learning experiences were working on group projects. Both those group learning experiences were constrained by proximity and time. Why then do we not move into an era of learning to network and networking to learn?

10 Must Read Books for Every Teacher

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October , 2015 As life-long learners, teachers are continuously learning to improve their teaching practice and expand their knowledge base. Thankfully, the Internet has levelled the ground and.read more. Books for Teachers

The History of the Future of the 'Learning Engineer'

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” Among its recommendations were to “support the expanding profession of the ‘learning engineer’” – a person who possesses “knowledge base in the learning sciences, familiarity with modern education technology, and an understanding of and practice with design principles,” but who also has a deep background in a specific academic discipline. The learning engineer would be a “new breed of professional.”

3 Learning Problems Bigger Than Teacher-Prep

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Some of the new requirements include steeper admission requirements for teacher-training programs and licensing based on performance of a specific set of skills. What about a program that targets parental and community involvement in what kids are learning?

Social-Emotional Learning May Be a Limited Solution for Reforming School Discipline


In social-emotional learning, similar to other frameworks that exist within our educational space, we have to consider where it sits within the conversations on how we are fixing and addressing issues like discipline. EdSurge: In your research, you and your colleague Anne Gregory worked with different school districts trying to implement social-emotional learning practices.

10 Must Read Books for Every Teacher

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

As life-long learners, teachers are continuously learning to improve their teaching practice and expand their knowledge base. Thankfully, the Internet has levelled the ground and provided.read more. Repost

“A small didactic surprise, a simple learning scenario, good mood, and imagination: these are the ingredients of a good lesson.” – Vassilis Economou, Greece

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I saw the joy of searching, discovering, and acquiring knowledge in their eyes. My pupils approach knowledge in an exploratory and often playful manner through interdisciplinary projects,” says Economou. uniformity (avoiding “typical” common teaching and learning practices).

The Journey to Becoming an Author

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Apparently, I was dead wrong on this assumption and quickly learned that Twitter in itself wasn’t a powerful tool, but instead, it was the conversations, ideas, resources, and passionate educators that connected with me. author books Digital Leadership Twitter Uncommon Learning writing

Computer literacy: The invisible skills gap?


At the time computer literacy was in fact added to the “3 Rs”, as a required basic subject, more or less defined as : “To communicate, to locate and manage information, and to use these tools effectively to support learning the content of “the other basics.”. Knowledge Constructor.

Connected Learning Certificate Program Launching

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Christina Cantrill , senior program associate who directs the Digital Is project at the National Writing Project , facilitated this connected learning workshop for teachers through Arcadia University’s School of Education as part of last summer’s Making Learning Connected MOOC (#clmooc). The Connected Learning Certificate, a 12-credit program being offered by the Arcadia University School of Education, is the first of its kind being offered at a College or University.


Messy Works: How to Apply Self-Organized Learning in the Classroom


When a group of kids from a Delhi slum figured out how to navigate the Internet in English simply by playing with a computer for a few days, it was the beginning of a movement to harness the power of self-organized learning. Plus, hopefully, they will have had a joyful experience of learning

Is a virtual education the future for K-12 students?

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Virtual education leverages these connections to provide everyone, regardless of geographic location, access to experts and high quality learning experiences. Exposure to hands-on, lab-based learning experiences will improve students’ ability to think critically.

Common Core and Service Learning PBL Professional Development


Yesterday I had the privilege of facilitating a Common Core and Project Based Learning professional development class for 7th-12th grade teachers. From here we bridged into many discussions about PBL, service learning, and Common Core.

How K–12 Classrooms Can Benefit from Robotics

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Cracking the K–12 connection code requires a new approach, one that combines active-learning pedagogy with robotics in the classroom to deliver an interactive, immersive learning experience. . MORE FROM EDTECH: See how education robotics companies are invigorating K–12 learning.

169 Tech Tip #151: 8 Popular Year-long Assessments

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Tech use— evaluate student self-directed use of the technology they have learned in class projects. Anecdotally verify that they are applying their learning. Effort —assess student tech knowledge based on process not product.

Scaffolding Questions to Develop Deeper Understanding

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Most of this work is focused on digital pedagogy so naturally, I am focused on observing and collecting evidence to get a handle on both the level of instruction and the learning that is taking place. Here is what I struggle with based on what I actually see in practice.

Four Ways You Can Use Data to Create a Personalized, Teacher-Driven PD Playbook


When at all possible, get your teachers out of familiar environments and give them opportunities to watch, engage with, and learn from other experts within their own district in locations like classrooms or schools that are unfamiliar to them. Learn how schools and districts are leveraging the data from Edmentum’s online solutions: Meeting the needs of individual students through blended learning in Pennsylvania.

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Teachers As Researchers: The Power of Mindset

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I used to make changes in my classroom based on intuition - I just know what my students need - but found that intuition alone wasn’t enough to truly spark student learning. I wanted to try it myself and see what I could learn. Who is learning?

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The Purpose of Content

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Day in and day out a repetitive cycle ensued in most classes where my classmates and I were given information and then tasked with demonstrating what we learned, or in a few cases, constructing new knowledge.

Lessons from a school without walls

The Hechinger Report

The school’s aim is to foster an environment in which student and teacher together are jointly responsible for learning. Although definitions vary broadly, personalized learning endeavors to design educational experiences that suit an individual student’s abilities and interests.

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5 reasons to integrate digital storytelling into your teaching

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How do we best bridge this divide and bring education into the digital learning space where students reside? But the bottom line is that digital storytelling is a critical bridge from an educators’ curricular knowledge-base to the digital learning sphere of the students.

This Company is Using AI to Change the World

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In fact, machine learning and speech recognition are very important parts of AI, but not the holy grail. In order to be real AI, artificial intelligence must communicate, grow, learn and in essence, think. Learning will be democratized, regardless of country or ability to pay.