Good, Bad, & Ugly: Blended Learning Effectiveness #SXSWedu


Good, Bad, & Ugly: Blended Learning Effectiveness SXSWedu 2017 Debate Julia Freeland Fisher, Director of Education Research, Christensen Institute Lisa Hansel, Advisor, Knowledge Matters Saro Mohammed (Moderator), Partner, The Learning Accelerator Personalized learning is one of true transformational opportunities in education. Q1: Is personalized learning a measurable framework? Critical thinking is grounded in knowledge bases.

Building critical thinking skills online

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With a competency-based model and asynchronous instruction, students at Laurel Springs must be able to think critically about their lessons and assignments, and the demonstration of concept and skill mastery is crucial to their success at our school.


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Take Student Collaboration to the Next Level – SULS0120

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The post Take Student Collaboration to the Next Level – SULS0120 appeared first on Shake Up Learning. Learning When to Make Changes. Vicki made changes to her original lesson based on her conversation with Kasey. But she also learned a lot from her students. .

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Bringing Literature to Life in Open Sim

The CoolCatTeacher

Mary Howard’s students build and learn in Open Sim , a virtual world like Second Life. Then of course, the curriculum is gamified, so they have different levels of challenges that they have to engage in — which are knowledge based — in order to learn the curriculum, but also succeed in the virtual world. Vicki: And, it’s a learning process. Mary is also a specialist in engagement, and uses digital tools to engage students and ignite their learning.

Four Ways You Can Use Data to Create a Personalized, Teacher-Driven PD Playbook


When at all possible, get your teachers out of familiar environments and give them opportunities to watch, engage with, and learn from other experts within their own district in locations like classrooms or schools that are unfamiliar to them. Learn how schools and districts are leveraging the data from Edmentum’s online solutions: Meeting the needs of individual students through blended learning in Pennsylvania.

8 Non-Digital Remote Learning Ideas

A Principal's Reflections

Before our eyes, we are watching districts and schools valiantly roll out remote learning plans to support all students during extended closures. Here are a few that I have been sharing with districts and schools where I have served as a coach throughout the year: Modeling through written explanations : Even though efforts should be made to avoid piling on new content, learning can only progress if new material is presented. Movement matters more than ever if learning is the goal.

How to Blend DoK into Lesson Plans without a Comprehensive Rewrite

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I recently got a question from a reader asking how the lessons in my K-8 curriculum supported Dr. Norman Webb’s Depth of Knowledge philosophy — an integral concept to her school’s mission. Now, exemplary teachers focus on blending learning into the student’s life knowledge base with the goal of building happy, productive adults. Rather, it itemizes ways students interact with knowledge.

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Latest in Games and Learning Research Reveals Need to Empower Educators

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Last month I attended the annual Digital Media and Learning (DML) Conference at University of California, Irvine. My schedule of sessions focused on what researchers have learned about games and learning. The continued importance of experiential learning. How the learning experience includes not just the game, but the content and conversions surrounding the game. The Importance of Failure in Learning. Designing for Experiential Learning.

What Should First Year Teachers Know About Tech Integration?

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At the end of the chat I shared the following tweet: "I know I'm biased but I think teacher prep students should be aware of blended learning, value of PLN and recent buzzwords to explore." As this week has progressed I find myself thinking on the subject a lot, and this blog post is a more thought out list of technology knowledge I think preservice teachers should be aware of before entering the workforce: Blended learning.

Teaching Vocabulary in the Service of Knowledge

Strengthening students’ grasp of language and knowledge takes more than merely learning a weekly list of core words, contended Dr. Elfrieda “Freddy” Hiebert, Author of Scholastic W.O.R.D., There are many words that students might learn. By Michele Israel.

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5 Favorite Activities to End the School Year

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For many, this means, during the last few weeks of school, learning limps to a grinding halt but increasingly, teachers use this time productively to introduce curricular- and standards-aligned activities that “color outside the lines” — step away from the textbook to blend learning with dynamic activities that remind students why they want to be life-long learners. For students who are learning the skills : Try programs that teach row-by-row in a fun way.

Lessons and Leadership During the Switch to Online Learning

Overall, the panelists are optimistic that the transition to online learning will hasten the adaptation of technologies and teaching methods that will better prepare students for 21 st century careers. edWeb Blog accessibility Digital equity and access district leadership Remote Learning

What does it mean to be a teacher in higher education for the next decade

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There are some major shifts happening in the way perceive education and the mechanisms we use for teaching and learning. We have written about some of these changes in our previous blog: “ 7 powerful shifts towards the future of learning that is changing education ”. So as a teacher, you at least need to have a working knowledge about technology, internet, social networking etc. Research mentality and continuous learning to stay updated. How do we learn.

Becoming an Anti-Racist Childhood Educator and Social Warrior

It requires educators to deeply understand how institutional racism comes to be and manifests in environments where young students learn. Such work requires recognizing the historical race-based context of current systems. By Michele Israel. WATCH THE EDWEBINAR RECORDING.

Looking Past COVID: Science Education Post Pandemic

But even during the crisis, they dug in, designing creative digital learning experiences, using technology for enhanced remote engagement, and leveraging local phenomena and investigations for students and their families to do at home. Professional Learning. By Michele Israel.

How Can School Leaders Personalize Learning? New Book Offers a Guide.


Personalized learning has been an education buzzword for several years. A recent survey of by the state education technology directors association, or SETDA, put personalized learning at the top of the list of state priorities. But what does personalized learning actually mean, and how can school leaders do it? He designed the Highlander Institute’s “Fuse” program, which trains educators to lead personalized learning in schools and districts. So did they learn?

Does the Word ‘Teacher’ Still Describe What Educators Do in the Classroom?


She says the teaching practice has changed and the expectations put on teachers are vast, noting that they are expected to pre-assess to gauge where students are beginning from, learn multiple technology tools, differentiate their instruction, finding out students’ interests and habits, personalize their instruction and ensure continued growth. We have to educate the public about what teachers have to do to capitalize on learning and what we know about learning rather than change the word.