Access to a Digital Reading Tool Empowers Students to Discover and Enjoy eBooks


Equity of access and the opportunity for deep personalization are founding principles of many 1:1 programs. This is especially true for ELL students or students with dyslexia, which is the most common language-based learning disability.

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Lessons from a school without walls

The Hechinger Report

It’s an idea that’s gaining traction as technology offers new tools for both tracking student learning and customizing classwork based on past performance. The 10 grades are each split into groups with a designated base (analogous to a homeroom) and teacher.

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THE HOW: Tricks for Digital Testing

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In today's constantly connected world it can be anything from a student taking a photo of a paper test and sending it to their friends to hacking a teachers account to get access to the test and answers prior to the test. Easy access is eliminated.

The Purpose of Content

A Principal's Reflections

Day in and day out a repetitive cycle ensued in most classes where my classmates and I were given information and then tasked with demonstrating what we learned, or in a few cases, constructing new knowledge.

The Purpose of Content

A Principal's Reflections

Day in and day out a repetitive cycle ensued in most classes where my classmates and I were given information and then tasked with demonstrating what we learned, or in a few cases, constructing new knowledge.

Is a virtual education the future for K-12 students?

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Virtual education leverages these connections to provide everyone, regardless of geographic location, access to experts and high quality learning experiences. I believe access to specialized programs will be transformative.

Teachers As Researchers: The Power of Mindset

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I used to make changes in my classroom based on intuition - I just know what my students need - but found that intuition alone wasn’t enough to truly spark student learning. Step Three – Fund Your Knowledge Base.

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The COPPA Rule, FERPA, and the Security of Student Data

Doug Levin

More than half of K-12 students have access to a school-issued personal computing device, and in many school districts, online curriculum is becoming the norm. In this comment, I make four assertions: There is an emerging knowledge base on cybersecurity incidents involving schools and student data that should be used to guide decisionmaking. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the U.S.

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OETC Partners with TeamDynamix


OETC has partnered with TeamDynamix to provide access to their products for OETC members. The solution is built for education and offers an online portal with an integrated knowledge base. [

Searching for the Ability to Think: Training our Kids to Go Past Google

The CoolCatTeacher

Next week, my tenth graders will have to invent a new way to access the Internet. ” According to the Center for Curriculum Redesign (CCR) “We must deeply redesign curriculum to be relevant to the knowledge skills, character qualities, and met-learning students need in their lives.”

Why Flipped Learning should be standard for Higher Education


Discipline, standardization, conformity — these are the values on which the traditional educational model was based. The problem is, these values won’t cut it in the knowledge-based economy we’re now living. Read more: What is competency-based learning?

What is the 21st Century Lesson Plan?

Ask a Tech Teacher

Technology and the connected world put a fork in the old model of teaching–instructor in front of the class, sage on the stage, students madly taking notes, textbooks opened to the chapter being reviewed, homework as worksheets based on the text, tests regurgitating important facts.

Friday 5 — 3.3.2017

Perry Hewitt

A wiki can be a terrific tool for collaboratively creating and updating an organization’s knowledge base, but not without challenges. aims to surface knowledge in wikis by making it accessible through Slack’s conversational interface. Having lived through 1990s website with visit counters tickertapes and dancing babies, and then the 2000s with endless moving carousels, I’m skeptical of movement for movement’s sake.

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OPINION: 7 in 10 students aren’t writing at grade level — we can do better

The Hechinger Report

A systematic approach to writing instruction is missing from the knowledge base. These strategies improve oral language, deepen students’ content knowledge, and fortify reading comprehension and writing all at the same time.

School Leadership in the Common Core Era

A Principal's Reflections

Second, we advocate for the development of an action plan for educating the not-so-common learners that is research-based, achievable, and reaches beyond any current educational reform initiative for school improvement. The following is a guest post by Dr. Andrea Honigsfeld, Dr. Maria G.

This Company is Using AI to Change the World

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Expanding the knowledge base for more conversation is problematic because you need to increase the static responses and link them to new requests and questions. So, if you have a student who needs responses on space, a space knowledge library is generated. By Charles Sosnik.

Technology’s Role in Putting Learning Science Research To Work

Digital Promise

It is well known that individuals construct new knowledge based on what they already know, that they learn differently from one another, and that they learn best when they are asked to perform appropriately challenging tasks. Given the variation in students’ knowledge, skills and learning strategies, it is difficult for educators to provide each unique student with the best opportunity to learn.

5 Favorite Activities to End the School Year

Ask a Tech Teacher

These are game-based learning where students strive to type fast so they can beat an opponent. For any level of student: Offer a variety of game-based typing practice and let students pick the one that works best for them. Preview all materials before giving students access.

The Future of MOOCs Must Be Decolonized


Knowledge Production The content on MOOCs is typically produced in universities from the U.S. Such a model assumes a deficit of knowledge in other parts of the world and a belief that non-Western parts of the world have less or even nothing to contribute to online learning. This excludes vast amounts of people, and the potential for a truly pluralistic global knowledge base vanishes to colonial and imperial languages and cultures.

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The Missing Literacies – Networking to Learn #iste2015

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These groups (or Personal Learning Networks) allow for just in time information requests, asynchronous collaboration and archived knowledge bases. If we do not teach children how to build online networks to access learning resources, then we are failing to empower them as learners. If we don’t embrace technology to build personal networks of our own for learning, then we risk being left behind in a world of ubiquitous access to information and just in time learning.

Now is the time to redefine readiness

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Their presence in the workplace will alter or eliminate many tasks that people carry out today, including tasks associated with knowledge-based work, creative work, and care-based professions. Today’s working adults have seen a lot of change in the employment landscape.

The Binder Planning Model

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Granting access to multiple people requires lots of manual intervention (copy and send the green pages, replace page 20 with green 20, etc…). What if instead of a binder, we had a live planning document, a shared google doc accessible to the entire staff.

The Binder Planning Model

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Granting access to multiple people requires lots of manual intervention (copy and send the green pages, replace page 20 with green 20, etc…). What if instead of a binder, we had a live planning document, a shared google doc accessible to the entire staff.

Julia Steiny: The Long Overdue Death of 19th-Century Education

K-12 Schools - Education News

Instead we see high school students in groups wrestling with design problems, and individuals riveted to the product they’re producing on the rich array of machinery the school makes accessible to them. So HTH is entirely “project-based.” By Julia Steiny.

Four Ways You Can Use Data to Create a Personalized, Teacher-Driven PD Playbook


By bringing together effective teaching practices and a variety of approaches from multiple SMEs within your school or district, you are collecting a powerful knowledge base of teaching experience that your new and experienced teachers can leverage for years to come. Compile and organize this knowledge so that it is readily accessible for your staff—whether it’s on an internal file sharing system like OneNote, saved to Google Drive, or hosted on a school or district website.

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Five Steps to Empowering Educators with Evidence

Congress passed ESSA in 2015, but one area still challenging schools is the tiers for evidence-based interventions and materials. Step 1 – Understand the value of evidence-based strategies for students and schools.


Learning with 'e's

The entire point about this post is that when we can do this, the world of knowledge opens up before us. The caveat is that we need to know where to click to access these interactions and knowledge bases.

5 ways music and tech are adding a little STEAM to our lessons

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Technology plus music is an easy, accessible way to put STEAM in lessons — and students love it. This means not just reaching all students with the content they must learn but making sure this information stays around in their heads to improve their school performance and knowledge base.

SMART, Samsung offer a boost for collaboration

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Under the new agreement, schools can purchase a classroom-wide package including several Samsung Chromebook 3 devices , associated licenses for SMART amp, and access to SMART’s online professional development. Access to a 10-module SMART professional development unit for one educator.

An Education ‘Intrapreneur’ on the Difficulties Innovating in a Conservative Industry


If we could integrate calculator-based activities into the curriculum, then it would improve the math. Now, everybody was talking about knowledge-based jobs. For me, this synergy between the new industry tools of IT being available in education and these new needs for knowledge-based jobs, and so education needed to change, just created an opportunity that hadn't been there in 20 years. And that finally, we do it in a way where equitable access is the key.

Novel Ideas for Writing Instruction


And writing students at every level who are inspired by engaging prompts and able to share, collaborate, and access support and informative texts are happier too. The district is seeing great results from its investment in technology-based tools and in training teachers to use them.

Considering OpenClass to Manage Your Classes? Check out these Resources (and the P.S.)

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Adrian Sannier - Photo by Ida von Hanno Bast If you''re ready to try OpenClass , check out these tutorials: Getting Started gives an overall view of the Help Knowledge Base. Get access to and integration with world class content from publishers and individuals alike.

The knowledge machine

Learning with 'e's

Image by Mike MacKenzie on Flickr In 1972 I was living in the Netherlands, near to the NATO military base on which my father worked. The man has no knowledge of how to read the symbols or understand the language.

Teaching: Have you found your life’s work?

Fractus Learning

Through my journey I have come to believe that to be a truly effective teacher in this fast paced, knowledge-based society, one must think of themselves as a knowledge worker.

Meet The Gates Foundation’s New Deputy Director in Higher Education


It’s those folks who have been falling between the cracks—who don’t get the credentials and certificates that they need to be in this knowledge-based economy—that we want to serve. It means that we have to make a lot of innovation and fund a lot of new ways of doing things in order to close that skills gap and that knowledge gap that’s in the market right now. Heather Hiles towers above most other edtech entrepreneurs. Truly.